Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung, and Andy Lau in “Cold War”

Best actor award winners, Aaron Kwok (郭富城), Tony Leung (梁家辉), and Andy Lau (刘德华) will pit their acting skills in new crime thriller film, Cold War <寒战>. Earlier, there were speculations as to the role that Andy will portray in Cold War, but film directors, Longman Leung (梁乐民) and Sunny Luk (陆剑青) remained tight-lipped about the news.

After the trailer for Cold War was released recently, it appears that Andy will make a guest appearance in the film. His role remains a mystery.   This will be the third collaboration between Andy and Aaron after Lee Rock 2 <五亿探长雷洛传II父子情仇> and Saviour of the Soul <九一神雕侠侣>.

Cold War features a star-studded cast, including Aarif Lee (李治廷), Eddie Yu (彭于晏), Charlie Yeung (杨采妮) and Terence Yin (尹子维). Dubbed as the new version of Internal affairs <无间道>, the film centers on how the police and thieves outwit each other in a hostage crisis. Aaron was so impressed with the plot that he postponed his concert rehearsal in order to act in the film.  

Synopsis of “Cold War”

An Emergency Unit (EU) van, which carries five police officers, were hijacked by a team of dangerous and intellectual criminals. The hijackers have openly challenged the police by selecting their kidnapping targets as the EU force. The hijackers possess good knowledge of the police operations and the law, and suspicions arise if the mastermind is within the police force.  

Andy Lau ends the trailer by saying, “Extreme times require extreme measures.” 

Andy Lau’s Role Kept a Mystery  

Tony Leung will play a senior ICAC inspector and Aaron Kwok will portray a detective in charge of investigating the hostage case. As Andy’s role is a mystery, it is unclear whether Andy will play a villain or a police officer. At an earlier media conference, both Tony and Aaron were also tight-lipped about Andy’s role.

When asked if the three veteran actors will have a chance to pit their acting skills in the film, Tony said, “I had not even seen Andy! I thought he was just an investor in the film!”

Aaron responded, “Andy will star opposite me.” Tony replied cheekily, “I think you should not believe Aaron too much. His words are like Wong Jing!”

The crime thriller film promises to deliver adrenaline action and an intense plot that is full of suspense.  Cold War will be released on October 18, 2012 in Hong Kong .

Watch the Trailer of “Cold War”

[vsw id=”fx2ADVOOC-g” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”] 

Sources: ifeng.com, 21CN.com 

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  1. Tony Leung as in Leung Ka Far right? Because I never thought the other Tony Leung can joke. This one looks interesting but I suppose Andy’s the villain? Intellectual criminals eh? Are they gonna quote Aristotle before killing the officers?

      1. Exoidus,
        You seem more updated on the movies that TVB dramas.

        “Cold War” looks to be good eye candy.

      2. Yeah, I have been very impressed by Aaron’s acting recently so I try to check out his new movies.

        TVB is a waste of time, LOL. Well King Maker is alright so far.

    1. Funn,
      Yes Tony Leung Ka Fai. This is primarily Aaron’s movie though, as the promotion stills feature mostly Aaron.

      Since “Cold War” is dubbed as second “Infernal Affairs,” there will be an imposter at the police officer, the mastermind behind the hostage situation. It’s our guess who it will be.

  2. “This will be the third collaboration between Andy and Aaron after Lee Rock 2 and Saviour of the Soul .”

    This is so not true. They also collaborated in ‘Gameboy Kids’ and ‘Future Cops’.

  3. Yay! Love Big Tony! He is such a versatile actor! Aaron and Andy makes this a bonus!

    And finally a film with big casts that is not in mandarin! Yippee!

  4. And i thought Tony Leung as in the cold expression one. Would be star studded if it were the other tony…

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