Thai Actress Poyd Receives 7-Figure Sum for Hong Kong Thriller

Transgender Thai actress, Treechada Petcharat, better known as Poyd, has been seeing her popularity soar as she builds her name in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Poyd is heavily promoted by Hong Kong’s Universe International. Recently, she accepted a seven-figure sum for an upcoming thriller film, starring alongside Patrick Tam (譚耀文).

After her successful Hong Kong film debut in The White Storm <掃毒> opposite Nick Cheung (張家輝), Poyd has been praised as a promising talent. Aside from Poyd’s mesmerizing beauty, director Benny Chan (陳木勝) said, “She’s great! Even though she’s not an actual actress, she has a talent for acting. She learns very quickly and when we speak Cantonese on set, she doesn’t really understand but she gets the general idea.”

Poyd has been the new favorite at Universe International, taking over Elanne Kong’s (江若琳) position at the company due to her fallout with boss, Daneil Lam (林小明). Poyd changed her name to Bo Yee (寶兒) recently in order to better adapt to the Hong Kong lifestyle. For her upcoming film Love in Thailand <泰戀> with , Poyd was paid a seven-figure sum. She does not mind filming risqué scenes, and tackles action scenes head on without hesitation.

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. Would you want to do her? Certainly not me, not by a thousand miles, no matter how ‘beautiful’ s/he is!

      1. I do her, just that I can’t since I am a woman, LOL!
        Poy is no longer a “male”
        She begin her transexual at early age of 17, that is why she looks that good. She no longer have the male bottom part, instead surgery have construct her a female part down there.
        The only difference between her and naturally born woman is she cannot bare kids, since she does not born with ovaries.

      2. Geez, that’s way too much info. Choy!!! haha 🙂

      3. LOL!! There is more than just genital difference.

        Even after surgical replacement of the male genital with a female one; she(he)still need continuous medical intervention (hormonal treatment) to function as a female because her (his) DNA make up is male coded.

      4. My question was referring to whether it’s transsexual and not transgender bc she did have surgery.

      5. its not about how beautiful you are or not, its about how you feels in your body.she was born in the wrong body,she feels like a woman imprisoned in her own body thats why she has changed her me not a big deal,all things in the nature are just components of chemistry.

      6. “I do her, just that I can’t since I am a woman, LOL!”

        You still can “do her”, LeilaFan. There are many creative and innovative ways for female to have sex with other females now. And there is not wrong with lesbian sex.


    2. @ Hannah
      Yes! The term is transsexual. Transgender is incorrectly used in this article. The latter term includes people who did not have sexual reassignment surgery. Good catch!

      1. Haha. Thanks! At least someone caught it, too.

      2. Transexual is someone who went under surgery to get their genitals remove. Poy is transexual.

        Transgender is someone who still have the male part but dress as female.

  1. seven-figure sum, eh? thats much more than most famous HK actress get per film.

    1. Not enough for the price of humiliation, but it will do.

  2. if one day she/he does get nominated in any of the awards, will she/he be classified under actor or actress? hmmm….

    1. She will be nominated under Actress category because she is a woman. Don’t see why people would hv all this confusion

      1. They’re not confused, they’re just rude.

    1. she does look like tracy chu in this pic.

  3. even though she had plastic surgery and everything, shes sooo beautiful. shes a lot prettier than those that have plastic surgeries from china and hong kong lol

  4. Just wonder…. is there no real women in HK movie industry can be cast than a transexual? Real…. world is going m end soon, and anyone wonder why HK movie industry quality lost to South Korea?

    1. It is sad but true that most actors/actresses have very narrow range of acting skills. If you look at at the same actor/actress thru their many tv series and movies, their acting are pretty much the same.

    2. Well, hollywood has tons of transexuals, black artists, disabled, asian artists, gay artists, lesbian artists, latino artists, etc, and hollywood is still doing fine and getting bigger audience.

      I guess it all depends on diversity and demography. While HK movie industry is losing a hater like you, HK movie industry is also gaining different types of markets. At the end of the day, creativity is developed, and more new ideas are shown.

  5. She was pretty good in White Storm. I am looking forward to her new HK movie! She is stunning!

  6. hi there

    1. me respect such individual.
    2. she is hot.

    1. 1. Ok..
      2. Real? Hot? My mum is hot, she/he defenitely not.

  7. She’s the most beautiful transgender which I agree.

  8. unbelievable that she was boy before,she is just more feminine than a real woman,lol.

    1. @Kolo. – if a woman act so feminine, its mean its a transexual, cause no women act so feminine in this world, just watch and pay attention to girls u saw in road.

  9. 7 figure sum?
    I hope to god they gave Patrick at least that much or more. If not that is a big slap in his face since he is an accomplished actor and has way more talent than she does.

    After watching her in White Storm, I didn’t think she was all that impressive as an actress. – Kinda bad actually.
    Yes she is pretty, but she doesn’t deserve 7 figures for just standing around being pretty.

    1. Curiosity kills!!! Many men/colleagues want to see saying “show me, show me”. haha 🙂

    2. I am her fan, and I also didn’t think she was that good in White Storm neither. But she being transexual, I guess that can boost up get more people to watch. In White Storm, Louis also introduce her as “male”, LOL!

  10. haha the world is full of surprises, sometimes talent doesnt bring u to the top, its about timing and luck i think, look at justin bieber, most ppl think hes not that talented but hes worth 500 million

    1. Justin Beaver was never talented. The biggest idiots are the one that’s doing the cheering, his fans. Whatever he’s worth doesn’t change the fact that he an idiot with idiots for parents.

  11. It’s sad that none of HK actress now is good enough to be a movie queen as successor to Sammi cheng and Anita Yuen, and now HK has to rely on imported transexual actress from Thailand.

  12. I have to admit that Poy has attractive screen presence

  13. Poyd may look good now but what about later in life when she and others are in their late 40’s, normal folks will generally look 40’s while in her quest to stay “pretty” or “young looking”, additional plastic surgeries will create the plastic appearance of 50s. Look at the many botched or malformed faces of those stars without makeup such as “Siu Yum Yum”, Sylvester Stallone”, “Joan Rivers”, etc…

  14. Poyd is going to join TVB?

    Would like to see him act in drama, I mean her, sorry.

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