Esther Kwan Mourns Brother’s Sudden Passing

Former actress Esther Kwan (關詠荷) is in grieve after her brother tragically perished after falling off a cliff. Heartbroken by the accident, Esther Kwan appears distressed as she travels around the city to take care of her brother’s affairs.

Last month, Esther’s younger brother was involved in an accident in Shing Mun Reservoir and fell 30 meters off the slope. Esther was shaken and arrived at the hospital with her middle-school aged nephew to learn of the bad news. Unable to cope with her brother’s passing, Esther collapsed and broke down crying.

Esther was seen in public for the first time since her brother’s passing and was approached by the media. When asked if she was busy with her brother’s funeral, Esther showed a surprised expression, retreated back to her car and drove home. 

In Esther’s darkest time, husband Nick Cheung (張家輝) is unfortunately tied to a work committment China and he is worried sick for Esther and their 16-years-old daughter’s wellbeing. While the couple has been in constant communication, Nick is trying to quickly wrap up his work and asks his Hong Kong friends to check in on Esther.

Source: HK On CC

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  1. I am so sorry for Esther. I am even more sorry that Nick cannot leave his job and go back to HK to be with Esther. What kind of people is this industry made of? Even government make exceptions for family deaths.

  2. What I hate most are Paz who invades into the personal space of anyone trying to grieve privately… She is in her car crying!!!! Just leave her alone!!!!

    1. This woman just lost her brother in the most tragic manner, she needs her space to grieve. Why are they up in her face, rudrly asking her questions. The media does not know when to back off. They are akin to vultures, hovering around for a story to pounce on.

    2. That’s my first thought and it is not even newsworthy for them to go into details. And did they even interview Nick to know he is worried sick for his wife and daughter?
      Just leave them alone.

  3. Nick Cheung has always put his career first. He admitted before career is his #1, and Esther respects it which is why she slowed down her career for him. I do hope if something was actually to happen to her or the kids that he’d actually drop everything to come be with them.

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