Three Celebrity Romances That’ll Make You Believe in Love

They say that a bamboo door is to a bamboo door, just as a wooden door is to a wooden door, but compatibility isn’t the only winning formula to love. Here are three celebrity romances that prove true love does exist, and that they’re meant to stay together for a life time.

Nick Cheung and Esther Kwan

When Nick Cheung (張家輝) and Esther Kwan (關詠荷) first dated in the early 90’s, Esther was ATV’s number one actress, while Nick was a former cop struggling with minor roles in unpopular TV dramas. No one supported their relationship, and after three years of dating, they decided to separate. Nick practically gave up the acting industry and moved to South Africa to help a friend with his restaurant. But Esther never gave up on Nick, and even helped him care for his older sister who was fighting cancer. Touched and grateful, Nick moved back home and reunited with her. In 1998, Nick shot to fame after starring as the main villain in TVB’s Secret of the Heart <天地豪情>. The couple married in 2003, and have one daughter, Brittany. While Esther has semi-retired from the industry to be a full-time mom, Nick stayed strong as an actor, and is now a two-time HKFA Best Actor winner.

Wong Cho-lam and Leanne Li

In 2005 Wong Cho-lam (王祖藍)—then still a television host for TVB’s children program—boldly pursued 2005 Miss Chinese International winner Leanne Li (李亞男). With Leanne being four inches taller than Cho-lam, their relationship wasn’t exactly met with positivity. But the couple overcame judgement and tied the knot in 2015. Their daughter Gabrielle was born in December 2018.

Jun Kung and Sandy Lam

After a collaboration, Jun Kung (恭碩良) and Sandy Lam (林憶蓮) started secretly dating in 2010. The couple are 11 years apart, and even after 9 years, they are still as loving as ever. Sandy once shared in an interview that Jun is the most important man in her life.


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  1. i think true love is reserved for ones with dignity. it based on one’s character, how strongly one holds onto a promise made to one another.
    i think the only true love for me are my kids b/c i love them no matter what they look like and am very generous with their faults (for the most part). i once thought i was in love w/ my husband until i met my kids.

    1. @m0m0

      The love you have for your children and the love that you have for your spouse are 2 different kinds of love. There are various types of love so I do not think they should be compared. Loving your children is one thing but that does not mean you should not love your spouse and other important people in your life. There are some that even prioritize their spouse over their kids in some cases. One of my former friends said that her sister in law loves her husband a lot and maybe even more than her kids. She said it was because her kids will grow up, have their own life and leave her. However, her husband will accompany her for life(assuming they do not divorce in this lifetime). Singer Stefanie Sun says she values her husband not any less than her kids. It is great to love your children but it does not mean we should completely disregard everyone else that is important in our lives. The love that you have for your spouse is special and is one of a kind too so it is in a category of its own.

      1. @hetieshou
        i admire ones who still love their spouse as much as their children. it’s a great thing to have more love than not. it makes your life more worthwhile if there are more people that you care about than not. i think, however, that there’s a real potential in all of us to cheat given the right moment and with the right person. but then of course, not many couple/people would go through that test to find out if it is love/self control that stops them from cheating on their other half. perhaps women may fare better than men, not for some of course, when it comes to a test of their love but i have very little to no trust in men. i think they would take off their pants any time regardless how much they love their gf/wives. bottom line is, all men are pigs.

  2. While I applaud the longevity and faithfulness (to our knowledge) of Nick & Esther’s relationship, there were several interviews in the past where Nick admitted that he prioritizes work over his family. While I’m sure Esther is okay with it (hence why they have been together for so long) and may even admire his ambitions, I personally would not want to be in a marriage where the kids and I are not my husband’s priority! But, to each their own 🙂

    I find Amy Kwok & Sean Lau to be an adorable couple as well! On a “younger” note, I think Cherie Ying & Jordan Chan are also very sweet together.

    1. @huynh The first couple I thought about is Sean and Amy. Love them as a couple. They have also fought against the odds when they first started dating.

      As for Nick and Esther, I saw some of his interviews as well and back then I thought he was lucky to find a suitable spouse in Esther. Not every female would appreciate her partner putting her and their family below his passion for film making and him spending more time and energy on it. However, even though this may not be the ideal marriage and family life for some females, Esther is the one in this marriage hence only her views matter.

  3. Didn’t know about Jun Kung and Sandy Lam. Jun Kung is a pretty good actor in his gangster roles.

  4. What about the rest like Michael Miu, and Jamie? Hugo Ng Lily Chung, Frankie and Kenix? Paisley Wu and her husband, Hacken Lee and his wife, Sean and Amy, Moses and Aimee, Ekin and Yoyo, Eason and Hilary, Myolie and Philip, Chris Lai and Nicole, Roger and Cindy, Wayne and his wife, and Jordan and Cherrie.

  5. Sorry, but I don’t agree with any of the couples on this list (the author must not have much experience following the HK entertainment industry if those are the couples he/she chose). When I read the headline, the first couple that came to mind for me was Samuel Kwok and his late wife Susanna AuYeung. It’s rare to come across a celebrity couple married for 40 years whose love for each other continued to be strong throughout, transcending even death. Samuel and Susanna were each other’s soulmates and the relationship they shared is one that others can only hope to emulate. In my book, all other celebrity couples pale in comparisons!

    1. Agree with Nick and Esther but the other 2 couples haven’t even made it a decade together or married long enough. Seems writer is plucking couples randomly as she pleases………

      1. @jimmyszeto Yup! I love Nick and Esther, but even the two of them don’t fit the bill if we go based on the title (“celebrity romances that will make us believe in love”). To me, it’s not just about the longevity — the type of relationship matters as well and none of the couples on the list give me that vibe…

      2. @llwy12 Yra, agree. These 3 couples do not scream weathering through thick and thin. I applaud them for making it work despite artificial differences, i.e. Esther was more popular than Nick, and Leanne/WCL height difference (idk about the last couple), but they’re far from “poster, ever lasting marriage.”

        These 3 couples are random af; wonder how they were chosen lol.

      3. @jjwong Yeah, if they had to pick how can they forget Michael Miu and the wife? Now I heard that one was a really long time. Not sure why the height difference couple were chosen and I have no clue who the last couple were. I guess JS’s writer just picked whoever out of a secret santa cookie jar. haha lol

  6. What about Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo? They were friends for over a decade, dated other people in-between and finally found each other.

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