“The Four” Earns $82 Million in its Opening Box Office Sales

Gordon Chan’s (陈嘉上) new movie, The Four <四大名捕> spins up impressive results in its opening weekend box office results. Despite contending with  Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection’s <画皮 2>, The Four fights its way and raked in nearly $82 million RMB in its opening weekend! Interestingly, The Four is promoted as the martial arts version of X-men and Fantastic Four. Hence, the theme naturally appeals to a wide range of audience.

The Four stars a strong cast of Crystal Liu (刘亦菲), Deng Chao (邓超), Colin Chou (邹兆龙), Ronald Cheng (郑中基), Anthony Wong (黄秋生), Wu Xiu Bo (吴秀波), Jiang Yi Yan (江一燕), Cheng Tai Sheng (成泰燊) and Sheren Tang (邓萃雯).

Painted Skin 2 has earned $600 billion RMB in box office sales to-date. Currently, The Four already exceeds Painted Skin 2’s screening numbers in theaters, screening as much as twenty times in a single theater! After the Painted Skin 2, there is no strong contender in the China’s box office. The next contender is Ice Age 4, but it is only screening end July. It is not surprising that The Four raked in strong box office results in its opening week.  

Despite Strong Box Office, The Four is Bashed 

The Four has come under fire for deviating from Wen Ruian’s original novel involving the four constables. Hard core fans call the film absurd and messy. The four constables in the original novel use their intelligence and perseverance to solve difficult crimes, but the constables in the film only tap on their super powers. Audience also criticize Gordon Chan for packing the film with various super-power characters, ranging from invisible man, western zombies, sorcerers, and even the Hulk! 

Although The Four is widely criticized by audience, it continues to reign at the box office. The leading actors especially Deng Chao and Wu Xiu Bo are charming female audience with their suave looks, stirring a debate over who is better looking.  

Gordon Chan Filming a Sequel

Gordon Chan is currently filming a sequel to The Four in Hengdian. When asked if he would include any steamy bath scenes as in his previous films, he replied, “I feel that a woman will reveal her secrets during her bath! Yes, I will include a bath scene in the sequel!”

Anthony Wong will also be cast in the sequel and will develop a romance with Sheren Tang. He lamented that his earnings dropped in the The Four 2, “I have more fighting scenes but my earnings are even lower!” Gordon Chan replied to Anthony, “But you are going to have more romance!”

When asked about the audience’s criticisms on The Four, Gordon Chan expressed that the style of the film is entirely different from the novel. He will improve on the visual effects, costumes and include more romance in the sequel. 

Source: Sohu.com, Netease.com, e23.cn

This article is written by Stella for JayneStars.com.

This article was revised on July 23, 2012 to correct earlier statements that “The Four” had surpassed “Painted Skin 2” in opening box office performance. “The Four” had surpassed “Painted Skin 2” only in the number of movie screenings after its first week of release.

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  1. True. Fans of the novel will be disappointed, but this adaptation does seem to appeal to a wider audience. Besides, each member of The Four Constables arguably have their own “superpowers” anyways.

    But the Hulk, seriously? Can’t they come up with their own superheroes and superpowers?

    I’m really curious if this movie will do well in HK. I doubt it. HK seems to be more into Hollywood movies lately.

    1. Addy,
      It appears that “The Four” performed poorly in Hong Kong box office. Period dramas, with special effects galore, seem to do well in mainland China.

      The number of foreign films are also limited by quota to be shown in China, but allegedly 3D films do not have such a quota. Thus Hollywood films are trying to get around this by making more 3D films, not to mention the higher ticket sales, to reach out to China, the world’s second largest box office.

      Box office records continue to be shattered in China. The audience’s thirst for big movies seem unquenchable, despite the proliferation of street pirated copies that are bound to exist.

  2. The poster look impressive, but, I won’t watch it. I don’t like the change of Wu Qing to female. (>.<).

    1. Me either!

      I actually think LYF is pretty attractive. But she always looks so bland in her period movies. I am not pleased that she seems to have an affinity with animals either…good lord she is Wu Qing, after all.

  3. I wonder how accurate this news is because Painted Skin drawn in 2 billion in a week while The Four only 80 million in a week.

    1. I also doubt the accuracy of this piece of report. At present, the Four has yet to break the 1 billion mark. Painted Skin 2 already earned 6.3billion.

    2. Yeah, the weekly box office figures I saw had Painted Skin 2 continuing to hold at #1 (despite being in its third week of release) and The Four coming in at #2.

  4. Painted skin 11 managed to gain 80million in days.

  5. not really looking forward to ths movie.. nt sure why.. doesnt seem appeal to me

  6. I watched a part of this one ytd (not full because my friend was sent me just a part.

    Lolz, it’s kinda funny when Lang Huet turns into a wolf :P. The CGI is good, but it looks kind of funny.

    My friend said this: “It’s a good movie, but miscast. Crystal is no doubt a beautiful girl, but require her to act Wu Qing is out of her level. She is the best at beautiful lady”. And he also compares this one to Snow White and Huntsman – good movie, good scenery, just bad acting of main lead.

    I’ll wait until I watch it to compare.

  7. Ok, finished it. Not bad but kind of comedy than a serious one.

    I love Deng Chao but he looks so weak for the role. Not cool enough, not wolf like enough. His small body makes a factor. His cutie pie face also contributes. He has good acting but it cant cover these factors. He simply dun suit the role. I find Ron as a suitable actor.

    Zui Ming of Ronald Cheng is the most funny guy. He provides a good acting. Since Zhui Ming is the oldest among the four, Ronald suits it. He reminds me of the look of the chac I imagined from the novel, but less deep.

    The other guy among 4 (Zhao Chow?) did a good job. He isnt like how the novel described – a gentleman but strong. But he has the inner character showed by his acting. Happy that this iron hand isnt a slow dumb guy :).

    LYF is bland. Not as beautiful as she used to be. Maybe for her role. But her acting is really a problem. Not used with a lady Wu Qing. Her face is really emotionless, but it’s woody more than cold and arrogant. She is the weakest among 4, at least Deng Chao can act.

    However, I dunno but I really see some smell of Txb’s version in the movie. Lolz, the director said that he was inspired by a HK version, now I can assume :p. Even the idea Wu Qing is a woman and love Lang Huet comes from it – said by him. Haha, my BL imagination.

    Uhm, the supernatural the four is kinda weird but not a bad idea. If you want a movie for entertainment, maybe can choose this one. I had some good laughs.

    But still dun feel of either Deng Chao nor Crystal Liu. They are miscast in my opinion.

    The villain team makes good job in my opinion, especially the guy An something. He has really good acting. The way he smirks is so evil! Yiu Wah is also a good portrayal but I find she isnt sexy enough. However I did wish she will ne with Lang Huet more than Miss Wu Qing.

  8. Is the four here the same the four as the TVB version except this one is superheroes?

    1. Funn,
      Yes this is Gordon Chan’s adaptation of the four constables. To add in more excitement, they make the four constables have superhuman powers.

      1. Do they need superhuman powers when they have light kung fu (Heng gung)?

  9. The opening week box office gross for Painted Skin 2 was US$47.4M or 322 M rmb.

    The opening week box office gross for The FOur was US$13 M or 88 M rmb.

    And The Four is “ferociously” catching up to Painted Skine 2 in the box office? Right! What kind of drugs did the writer/translator of the article take?

    1. Terminator,
      We acknowledge that we made a reporting error regarding the statement that “The Four” had surpassed “Painted Skin 2.” The correction has been made.

      It would have sufficed for you to point out the box office results. There is no need to insult our writers.

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