“The Oath of Love” starring Andy Yang, Sean Xiao Releases First Trailer

Mainland Chinese romantic drama The Oath of Love <余生,请多指教> has dropped its first teaser, and the fans are ecstatic!

Starring “lucky wife” Andy Yang (杨紫) and The Untamed <陈情> star Sean Xiao (肖战), The Oath of Love follows a whirlwind romance between a musician and a medical physician.

The two-minute teaser has been read and commented over 250 million times since its release. Despite the short previews, fans expressed their anticipation for Sean’s performance, as his role is much more complicated and versatile than his previous characters.

TV critics and netizens are expecting The Oath of Love to be a big hit. Known for boosting the popularity of her male costars, TV dramas that star Andy would consistently make it on the top 10 most popular rankings, and her costars, such as Go Go Squid’s <亲爱的,热爱的> Li Xian (李现) and Ashes of Love’s <香蜜沉沉烬如霜> Deng Lun (邓伦) would receive a large boost in popularity. Likewise, Sean is expected to hit the next big wave of his career after the broadcast of The Oath of Love.

Check the trailer out below:

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I think it’s not fair to say that Andy Yang (杨紫) boosted
    Li Xian (李现) and Deng Lun (邓伦)’s populariry. Especially Deng Lun is already popular before their drama came out last year. They can also say they boosted her popularity. I think it’s a teamwork thing. They helped each other it is more like it.

    Certainly i hope overall they dressed her better in this drama. They should have fired her stylist in the “Go Go Squid’s” Her outfits were the worst in that drama.

    1. @dramas4me I don’t know about DL but LX was relatively unknown even thou he did have some nice works and always just the supporting so for LX probably a bit due to her popularity but I think mainly of the role itself is good in GGS. His character is interestingly patriotic and an innocent 30 yo. It’s so out of reality but nonetheless a nice admirable character that women love whether he’s real or fiction. lol…I totally agree on the teamwork and not just b/c of one certain character. There was this really funny Mandarin guy reviewer on utube that he totally get why LX became so popular was he indeed was an interesting character onscreen and that even him as a male find it the best so called idol drama of 2019 and he was binged watching 12 episodes and didn’t stop like he did w/every other idol drama. lol….He also mentioned like you it’s not just about character’s alone it’s a teamwork of all the acting skills that made it interesting. Totally on point. I among millions of viewers I am sure did not u/s how this Go Go Squid female lead got to the final works of production thru-out the whole drama looking so tacky. Tasteless is an understatement. haha….lol…You just don’t have any idea how any lead could have dressed like that. Who and how did they let her get away w/dressing like that during the whole drama. She literally did not have one decent set of clothes thru out the whole 40 something episodes. They can showcase her as a super smart brainiac with zero fashion sense but there is no need for the whole show to be all bagging clothes/hoodies and god knows where they found those weird looking dresses/pants. They can just dress her in tights and normal sneakers and no one would care. haha LOL..

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