The Reasons Behind Nicholas Tse’s Divorce Decision

After Cecilia Cheung’s (張栢芝)lawyer issued a divorce request on May 24thNicholas Tse (謝霆鋒)made a painful decision to agree to divorce last week. Nic’s lawyer flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to provide legal counsel in the divorce proceedings. To avoid Cecilia suffering an emotional breakdown after receiving Nic’s divorce request and attempt to visit the set of The Viral Factor <逆戰>, Nic asked his EEG manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希), to arrive on location and control the situation.

Nic’s divorce decision was not solely instigated by Cecilia’s friendly photo collaboration with ex-flame, Edison Chen (陳冠希), in May. He could no longer withstand her rash personality and her “threats” in their marriage. Since the incident with Edison, Nic felt that Cecilia did not consider his feelings and was deeply angered. He refused to celebrate Cecilia’s birthday with her and did not return her phone calls and text messages. This did not make Cecilia reflect on her actions but rather incited her to ask her lawyer to send a letter asking for divorce. She sent threatening text messages that she will commit suicide as well.

Filming The Viral Factor in Malaysia, Nic finally reached a clear-minded decision. He felt that sacrificing unconditionally in the marriage will not lead to happiness and that divorce was his only choice. As a result, he invited his lawyer to Malaysia to discuss divorce proceedings. Nic’s lawyer will stay at least one week to discuss obtaining custody rights for Nic’s sons, Lucas and Quintus, as well as the settlement of the couple’s assets. Nic’s lawyer will prepare a separation agreement to officiate the divorce proceedings.

Nic’s younger sister, Jennifer Tse (谢婷婷), flew to Malaysia to support her brother during this difficult time period. Nic’s mother, Deborah Dik (狄波拉), will fly from Singapore to meet with Nic in Malaysia. Deborah will meet with the lawyer and offer her advice in the preparation of divorce documents.

Nicholas Tse’s Current Emotional State

An inside source revealed, “Nic is currently deeply grieved. He is very professional and the situation will not affect the filming progress or his performance [in The Viral Factor]. We know that he is extremely sad. Normally he loves to play video games. However, he would rather sleep in his spare time now. This is very unusual! During this time period, he thought about matters clearly. He knew that there was no need to struggle with a marriage where he was living under ‘threats’ and being ‘controlled.’ Living this way for so many years was enough.  Nic is very clear-headed and knew that divorce was the only solution.”

Earlier, there were speculations that Nic would forfeit the custody rights of Lucas and Quintus. However he hoped to have his two sons by his side. An inside source noted, “Due to Lucas and Quintus, there is a need to sign a separate custody rights agreement. Nic is currently very troubled. He did not want to give up the custody rights to his sons. If he lost money, he can earn it back again. However, his two sons meant the world to him. He wants custody over both his sons, especially since he witnessed Cecilia bringing Lucas to a filming set and missing school. Nic was heartbroken and felt that Lucas was living through his own childhood experiences.

“Nic realized that if he pushed for sole custody of Lucas and Quintus, Cecilia would go crazy. Nic’s lawyer recommended splitting the custody rights, such as allowing the children to stay with each parent for a one or two week period or perhaps one month at a time. This will allow Lucas and Quintus to stay together. Nic had to discuss the issue with Deborah. If Deborah felt that it was better for Quintus to stay with Nic while Lucas stayed with Cecilia, he will follow her suggestion.”

Cecilia Cheung Asks for Forgiveness

Allegedly, Cecilia started asking Nic for a reconciliation approximately one week ago. When Nic disregarded her communication attempts, Cecilia started contacting Nic’s assistant to seek his help in reconciling their marriage. An inside source revealed, “Cecilia sent numerous text messages to Nic’s assistant, hoping to soften his heart and help with the reconciliation. However, it is difficult for an outside party to offer too much input. Nic does not like nagging, thus his assistant did not say too much. She asked whether Nic had misunderstood her, noting that she gained financial control of their savings in order to invest for their mutual fund account. Nic’s assistant was in Malaysia and did not follow the latest news, thus he was unaware of what Cecilia was talking about.

“We are afraid to think of how Cecilia will react when she learns Nic wants to divorce. She will definitely be very emotional. She may fly to Malaysia in an attempt to save the marriage. Everyone is very concerned about the matter. The filming set and hotel will have extra security arrangements to prevent disturbance.

“Nic does not want to see Cecilia have an emotional outburst [on the filming set]. He was concerned this will disrupt other cast and crew members. He especially requested EEG manager, Mani Fok, to handle the crisis if Cecilia were to arrive in Malaysia. However, Mani did not want to be put in such a difficult situation. She said it was fine to reconcile the pair, however she did not want to manage the divorce situation. If Mani will not come, Deborah Dik and Nic’s assistant will handle the situation.”

Deborah Dik put in her best efforts to support Nic through the divorce proceedings. An inside source said, “The media speculated that while Lucas stayed with Cecilia in Shenzhen during the filming of her movie, Quintus was being cared for by Deborah. However, Cecilia only instructed her maid to take care of Quintus and did not ask Deborah for help. Cecilia kept Quintus, her ‘Ace Card,’ by her side to threaten Nic.

“Actually, Deborah treated Cecilia just like her own daughter. Although she realized Cecilia did not treat her son well, she tolerated the situation. Deborah respected Nic’s decision. If it were another mother-in-law, she may have turned the tables long ago!” (Did Cecilia curse at Deborah?) “I don’t think so! Deborah treated Cecilia so well. If Cecilia did curse at her, she should be careful in being struck by thunder!

“Nic is very clear-minded now. He will not struggle to keep the family together. Deborah agreed with Nic’s decision. If a married couple lost mutual trust and love, it is impossible to live together anymore. Deborah felt that money was unimportant. The most important was that Nic and her grandsons have better lives ahead of them.”

Excerpt from Ming Pao Magazine # 2222

Jayne: Ming Pao Magazine is usually quite accurate and does not publish unsubstantiated sources. From all accounts, with Jennifer Tse and Deborah Dik in Malaysia to offer input on the divorce proceedings, it is likely that Nic has indeed decided to divorce.



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  1. You know what I think? I think they will reconcile. My gut feeling. If not Nic will be the most eligible bachelor in HK.

    1. Funn,
      Nic’s mother and sister are in Malaysia to advise him through the divorce process. Sounds like everyone has moved onto the next stage in thinking, which is not whether he should or should not get a divorce. The Tse family seems united to do what is “best” for the children in terms of custody rights.

      If Ming Pao article is true, Nic sounds convinced that he will be happier living without Cecilia, who constantly attempts to threat and control her husband.

      That’s why I said earlier, too much alone time is not necessarily good for a couple in an argument. It allows too much time to cope with emotions on your own and make up your own mind, rather than trying to salvage the marital problems together.

      Honestly, it is so much easier to divorce than to reconcile the marriage. Sounds like some long-standing differences have been there for a long time.

      I didn’t have time to translate the entire article, but there was one paragraph that claimed Cecilia made her comeback to the film industry AFTER she starting having marital problems. So this was about 6 months ago, when little Quintus was only 6 months old.

      1. I am glad that Nic’s family is supporting him and are by his side when he needs them the most. I think that divorcing may be Nic’s best option if Cecilia continues the act the way that she does. Based on all of the articles(if they have some truth to them), Cecilia seems too controlling and rash. I don’t think any guy will be able to put up with that type of behavior for too long. I felt that Cecilia is so lucky to be forgiven by Nic after the photo scandal, but sadly she seemed to have taken that for granted and continues her rash behavior which has hurt their marriage.

        I hope that their kids will stay together and all of this will not have a long term negative effect on them since they are innocent. I feel so bad for them that they are still so young but yet their parents are already divorcing. It is nice to reconcile and all, but if a marriage is beyond repair, then divorcing is the only option left.

      1. I hope not either, I feel bad for the children but seriously, having a divorce is probably the better choice. As a audience, I already find Cecilia as those b**** type with the “princess” syndrome.. I just can’t imagine living with her. I support Nic, and I hope he gets custody of the children. He would be a better parent than Cecilia. Cecilia seems really immature.

    2. i hope not, he needs to get away from that gold digger.

      I would not want to be in any relationship where my spouse demands total financial control over me and making demands.

      It’s the aftermath that I wanna see – ladies the line start on the left…..

      1. I read that Cecilia is the director of a company called ‘Easy Jet Corporation’. If she’s so rich and have her own company, I can’t see why she still need to dig gold.

      2. Could be a 2 dollar company. Anybody can open a company. What does easy jet do? Even the name is terrible.

      3. Whoever said that money is too much??? No one can ever complain about having too much money.

  2. Its odd how back in the days when both Nic and Cecilia started in showbiz both were considered wild-childs. But it nearly appears as if Nic has grown up and become an adult whilst Cecilia is still a very temperamental type of person. Or at least that’s how the media has shown the two.

    1. SDS,
      That’s what I was saying about relationships evolving over time. Not that the past doesn’t mean anything, but people tend to forget so quickly and it takes a lot of effort to stay emotionally connected. The couple spent a lot of time apart over due mainly to Nic’s filming schedule, which caused the drift emotionally as well as the different mental wavelengths.

      1. I thought they were well connected until all this ‘divorce’ stuff happened. I mean it was only like 2 months or so that Nic went to the HK Film Awards with Cecilia there and they seemed genuinely ‘in love’ still. Quite a dramatic change. Oh well. Guess I should’ve known better than to make early judgments.

      2. Agree you Jayne! A relationship,friendship or marriage always requires constant work, emotional connection, communication,etc.. to keep up. It’s not like once you are married that it is a done deal for life like some people think. I used to think that way when I was a lot younger, but learned through the years that you always have to keep that bond strong or else it really easy grow apart from anyone. Even if you are related by blood and you don’t talk or communicate with someone for many years, you sort of lose that bond that you are supposed to share. I think that may be one of the main reasons why many artists and others divorce, which is because they spend way too much time apart due to their work schedules and the amount of traveling involved. That may be one of the many reasons what Nic and Cecilia just can’t be together anymore. But of course there are many other reasons that we can all only speculate and guess…

      3. Jayne, I agree that distance will make a couple grow apart. It will take extra effort than a normal marriage to keep it together, thus I believe that perhaps Cecilia is still very immature with her demand but Nic also needs to consider her needs as a wife. But then again, he is working to support the family, so you see, there is no winning, it’s a vicious circle. At the end of the day, you just have to decide what is more important.

      4. Jayzemine,
        If Cecilia and Nic already had rocky marriage earlier in the year, why did she make a comeback to industry, further lessening time with Nic. Especially since her two little boys need her care.

        There are sacrifices that must be made…either Nic had to reject some film offers, which is likely impossible since EEG works their stars like horses, or Cecilia needs to find some less demanding job other than acting, such as nonprofit ventures. She could even start her own nonprofit, foundation, to have her own meaningful venture. Money is already no problem…

      5. It seems like they need to take some lessens from brad pitt & angelina jolie… one parent is always w/the child b/c they take turns working. Children should always come first.

      6. @ Jayne

        “There are sacrifices that must be made…either Nic had to reject some film offers, which is likely impossible since EEG works their stars like horses, or Cecilia needs to find some less demanding job other than acting, such as nonprofit ventures. She could even start her own nonprofit, foundation, to have her own meaningful venture. Money is already no problem…”

        I read in another report that Cecilia’s family depend on her money too.

  3. My heart goes to the kids who are stuck in this difficult situation. I can’t help to think it’s a blessing that they’re still too small to understand, otherwise they will be hurt more.

    1. Indeed. But my gut feeling says maybe he will give her another chance if she played her cards right

      1. Yea, luckily they are still very young…

        I agree with you Funn that IF Cecilia did the right things, then maybe Nic might give her another chance. However, judging by how she is, I highly doubt that happening…

  4. my heart is deeply sadden by the outrage this has caused on the two kids. nicholas allowed history to repeat itself on his kids …. why??????

    1. I think Nic already did all that he can to keep the marriage but it did not work out. I guess you can’t blame him for it. Sometimes you just don’t have a choice but let history repeat itself.

      1. “Sometimes you just don’t have a choice but let history repeat itself”

        Nick indeed doesn’t have a choice in this case when Cecilia has been manipulating, calculating and conniving throughout their marriage. It is probably for the best that he divorces her. It’s hard to live with someone who is constantly threatening and undermining the relationship. It’s surprising that this marriage lasts so long when one partner finally grows up and the other still not able to mature. Nick can only give in so long before he comes to a point where he cannot take it any more and now is the time for him to get on with his life. Sure, it is painful for him but time will erase the pain gradually. Also, he has his whole family supporting him which will help.

  5. @Pandamao @Masaharu
    Various media sources noted that it was not the first time Nic and Cecilia spoke about divorce. Allegedly, 6 months ago was when they had a lot of marital strife and this motivated Cecilia to make a comeback to the industry. Since they, the couple were separated a lot and didn’t have time together.

    I suspect Cecilia may have picked a lot of fights and her method of fighting with Nic drove him further away to distance himself. Women tend to be more confrontational in fighting, while men just withdraw. I could see Cecilia using increasingly bold tactics, from the property ownership, money control, to whisking the kids away from the Tse family.

    According to Ming Pao, Cecilia had Lucas with her while she was filming in Shenzhen, removing him from school. Quintus was in Hong Kong taken care of by her maid. Earlier, the Sun reported that Deborah Dik did not know the location of her grandsons. All this happened amidst divorce threats and suicide threats. Meanwhile, Cecilia did not take into consideration the best care of her two young sons in this critical stage when Nic was still deciding on the divorce issue. I think Cecilia sealed her own fate with her rash behavior.

    Nic understands Cecilia all too well. Last week, he was already prepared that Cecilia will make an appearance in Malaysia. Up to a certain point, a couple may be fighting too much, hurting each other and causing pain to the children witnessing the fights. The unhappiness outweighs the joy of being married. Since Nic and Cecilia are often separated due to work, it is so difficult to even have enough time to repair their relationship emotionally.

    If they reconcile, which may be slim at this point, it is probably that Nic still feels love for Cecilia and willing to give her one more chance. But he felt that she never changed her behavior in the past and likely not taking into consideration of best welfare of her kids angered him.

  6. My question is, did Cecilia cheat on Nicholas with Edison when the adult pictures were taken? If she wasn’t, I do not see why Nicholas would feel betrayed when the pictures were leaked. Embarrassed, yes. Angry/ betrayed, no. I am sure neither of them pretended to be innocent young-things when they got into their relationship and they would have known about the other’s former partners. Celebrity biz is a small world after all.

    Furthermore, I do not see the fuss with her taking a photo with Edison. And if Nic is as grown up and as rational as people say he is, I don’t believe that that would be the catalyst of this divorce to be. After all, it wasn’t as if Edison (who although was stupid to leave the pictures in his comp) leaked the pictures for publicity or as revenge. They probably parted on good terms. Does this mean that Nic should avoid all his past lovers like a plague as well? Just because there wasn’t a sex scandal doesn’t mean he wasn’t in a sexual relationship! Just saying..

    1. I hope he doesn’t use those pictures when in custody hearing. I would be very disappointed in him if he does.

      1. He may not use those photos, but he may use those alleged text messages of her suicidal threats. I think if she does lose custody of her 2 children, there’s a high chance that she will do exactly just that.

      2. I don’t think Nic would do such a thing because I felt that he has already forgiven Cecilia for it. Otherwise, why did he even stay with her in the first place??? He could have left her back then when the scandal broke out and no one would have blamed him if he did.

      3. @Funn

        “Maybe one take one child”

        I don’t think that it is right to split up the children.
        They are brothers and should have a chance to grow up together. It creates a great bond where they will learn about sibling values. I think that it would be selfish of the parents to take one each and the boys will ultimately feel as if the one parent loves the other more.
        I understand it if the parents have financial difficulty and can only take care of one child, but in this case….both parents have the means to tkae care of them both as single parents.

      4. I also don’t think that is a good thing to split the kids up. It is already bad enough that the parents are spliting, but to split the kids up too?? THe kids are already suffering a lot due to this whole ordeal, therefore, they should be kept together so that they can know that they are brothers and have the joy of growing up together just like all normal siblings do. They would be like total strangers to each other if they grew up apart even if they are related by blood.

      5. @HTS, Agree. I can’t imagine and don’t want the kids to be strangers to each other when they grow up. Especially since they are so adorable.

        Btw, when Nic’s parents divorced, did Nic and Jennifer live with Patrick or Deborah?

    2. In the CNN interview, Edison clearly stated that all those nude photos were taken before 2004. So, Cecilia took those photos right after her breakup with Nic. I think Nic never forgave Cecilia. He just stuck by her because of sympathy.

    3. Since those photos were taken after Nic and Ceci broke up and before their marriage, Ceci technically did not cheat on Nic. However, I wouldn’t blame Nic if he experienced feelings of betrayal and anger since Ceci is after all his wife. Sometimes, if the couple still loves each other, it doesn’t matter if those photos were taken before or after marriage, but the fact that Ceci did sleep with another man. Technically, it’s not cheating. But emotionally, it may be hard to forgive.

      1. But during that period, Nic was with Faye, and possibly be sleeping with her. He probably takes it harder because Edison was his friend. I don’t blame Nic at all for those hard feelings. I would absolutely feel the same.

      2. Nic has also slept with other woman other than Cecilia. Should Cecilia also hold a grudge against him and not forgive him?

        Cecilia has dated so many men before and Nic knew it. Why marry her if he cannot stand her having slept with other men?

        Don’t tell me they only hold hands when Nic and Ceci were dating and so, Nic expect Ceci also only hold hands with her other boyfriends.

      3. I agree with Kidd! I don’t think there is an ounce of chance that Nic didn’t know that Cecilia and Edison had a sexual relationship. After all, there were all “wildchilds”. I would put money that Nic himself was sexually active. The only unfortunate thing was that Cecelia had photos leaked! I’m not protecting her in this situation, i just feel that its a little unfair for people to praise Nic unconditionally for staying by her when those photos were leaked and portraying her as the party to blame since then. If Nic didn’t stand by her, I would definitely say he shouldn’t have married her as I don’t think their past is a secret. If Nic had photos leaked of him and Faye from back then, would people still make the same fuss?

  7. What is wrong with Cecilia? Why is her personality so rash? My God, If my husband was stand by me through a embarrassing scandal then I would definitely be on my best behavior. He wouldn’t have any problems with me whatsoever. As for properties, I’ll get my own damn properties. I’m trying to give Cecilia the benefit of doubt but these reports releasing everyday is making it difficult. I also feel for the kids but sometimes divorce is the best option for all involved.

    1. I agree but you know if people just naturally have a type of personality, then it will hard if not impossible in some cases to completely change it. I guess Cecilia just cannot change her rash personality and behavior so she has to face the consequences of it now. Yea, I hope that whatever happens that they will care for and protect their kids.

    2. She just lacks humility and empathy. That’s the real reason for people to be arrogant, narcisstic and ignorant ****************

    3. I am not sure if the media’s portrayal of her is true but I do believe some elements. She has always been quite rash, arrogant, even before she got married. So when the scandal happened, it really humbled her. But sense of security has nothing to do with humility. I can understand in an argument many things can be said, perhaps she just didn’t realise some things said too often will only annoy the others, like what I am doing in this forum. But since I don’t appreciate how annoyed others are, I continue to do so. Same like Cecilia. I am sure many of you when you have arguments you may say hurtful things. Some you can apologise, some you can just brush it off like it was nothing but some are just too much for the other to take. You never expect the other to take to your threat so when they did, you are caught by surprised

    4. The sad thing about Cecelia is that she was humbled for a very short time when the scandal broke out. I think she was very glad that Nic stood by her, but her insecurities in life caused her to hold on tighter to Nic. Instead of working together and appreciating their relationship, she sought to control him through his finances and threaten him with divorce.
      It was really public when Patrick Tse and Deborah chose to divorce and both Nic and Jennifer suffered. So choosing to threaten him by breaking up his family is in really poor taste. At first, he will forgive her for being rash (a few months back), but to consistently do so will force him to relive all those painful memories will eventually cause him to accept that and move on. He wouldn’t want to drag this out and keep quiet till both his boys are old enough to really become aware and understand everything that is being said in public. He knows the pain that can be caused to the children and he is right to choose to stop this now.

      1. Totally agree and I don’t think Nic wants his sons to suffer the same fate that he and his sister did. When his parents divorced, he and his sister were already old enough to understand everything it has scarred them ever since. I think it is a good option for him to try to stop everything now before his children are old enough to understand everything and suffer what he and his sister did in the past. I think Nic is trying everything that he can to stop history from repeating itself.

  8. “Cecilia sent numerous text messages to Nic’s assistant, hoping to soften his heart and help with the reconciliation”

    Insider source ? who ? must the the assistant himself. Nic should sack the assistant for revealing to others things that she shouldn’t reveal

  9. I’m not really taking sides here but it seems everything the media has said up until now is going against Cecilia. There were also reports earlier that she was suffering because she suspects that Nic had another woman. It’s kinda understandable that she would start to act rashly cause she doesn’t know what to do. We really don’t know enough to judge anyone.

    If divorce is the action they want to take then I just hope everything they do after is for the sake of the kids.

    1. It is true that most articles all seem to be against Cecilia. However, IF everything was untrue then Cecilia should have spoken up and defended herself. But she remained silent, therefore, you really question if all of the stuff is really true or not??

      1. Maybe her priority is to first get Nic back.

        I really hope that not everything that’s been negative about her going around is true. Again, the media reports have been favoring Nic too much and although I like Nic, I don’t believe he’s an innocent saint.

        Someone was mentioning in another thread that they didn’t believe that Nic was ignorant about Edison and Ceci sleeping together. He was just unlucky that her photos got publicized. I think there is a highly likely chance of this since Nic seems to know Ceci and vice versa.

  10. I was just looking at the pictures and skimming the Chinese version of the article and feel really sad since it just seems like yesterday that they were together and had a happy family. Don’t tell me that from now on all they have left are fond memories of the past to lament over?? I feel so sad about that…I wonder if Cecilia can go back in time, would she have done things differently? WOuld Nic have taken his chances and married her back then??? I guess we all pick our own path and now we have to face the consequences of it whether it be good or bad….

  11. It was only 2 months ago when Nic proclaimed that he loved his wife more than his children. So, if they were having marital problems 6 months ago, why did Nic make such a huge statement? Sometimes I feel that Nic has been using the scandal incident to build up a good husband image for himself. He has since gained so many fans and supporters of many artists, like Yang Mi, Tang Yan, and many other female celebs.

    1. Agree!. it is possible. Remember saw the article about his statement.

    2. “It was only 2 months ago when Nic proclaimed that he loved his wife more than his children.”

      I know, right?!!

      1. For some odd reason when he proclaimed his love for his wife, I felt something not right about that… I think that I have mentioned that your wife or husband, you can always divorce them down the road. But your parents, siblings and kids will always be connected to you since you are related by blood, while with husband and wife you are not.

      2. @ HTS

        Like Nic said, his wife is the one he will spend the rest of his life with, not his children. What he says is true. It’s sad if a marriage ends in divorce. But, in an ideal situation were the marriage last, it’s true that your wife/husband will be the one you spend the rest of you life with.

      3. @HTS, It’s true that we can’t change who our parents, siblings, and kids are as they are related to us by blood. Therefore, we tend to forgive these people easily and more often since we can’t just walk off away from our parents and kids if we don’t like them.

        It’s a little different for a marriage partner. We tend to find someone whom we like, have an emotional connection with, and whom we enjoy spending time with. That’s why it’s important to actually choose someone whom we can connect with and whom understands us even though there may be small arguments and disagreements along the way.

        Most of the time, I don’t feel like my parents are my friends even though they provide us housing, food, etc. If I had problems, they aren’t the first people I seek though it depends on what type of issue it is. Same with my siblings, since they are younger. However, I would consult my best friend and close friends if I had an issue because we can relate to each other on a certain level.

        Like someone said before, we usually love our family, but do we always “like” them? I like the idea of a soulmate or a true companion who can truly understand.

      4. Chriselle,
        “It’s true that we can’t change who our parents, siblings, and kids are as they are related to us by blood. Therefore, we tend to forgive these people easily and more often since we can’t just walk off away from our parents and kids if we don’t like them.”

        I think the reason we settle problems with family members in such a way is simply because ever since we were a baby, we grew up with our family members. Our parents molded the way we grew up and our living habits. Living together with family members for over two decades gave us a lot of opportunities to fight, forgive, and settle manners in a completely different way. I don’t think this has to do with blood ties as adopted kids would fit in the same way if treated equally among family members.

        Each family has a different “socialization” and lifestyle habits. Our home is our sanctuary where we drop the facade we display to the outside world, lose our inhibitions and be our true selves.

        That’s why most people have issues in sharing a room with a college roommate because each household has their own rules. This is similar to a couple living together and fighting over the petty, mundane aspects of cohabitation: chores, cleaning, cooking, etc. Suddenly, we are thrown away from the previous household dynamics of our parents’ home and have to relearn everything and set up a new system of doing things.

        Actually, I spoke about being on a different mental wavelength as my family members earlier. 🙂 Love exists on many levels where we may love our parents primarily due to the way they taught us how to love. It may be a form of obligatory love due to their parental sacrifices. Sibling love is more equal since we usually relate better to siblings due to lack of generational gap.

        “I like the idea of a soulmate or a true companion who can truly understand.”

        I used to believe in soul mates. Growing up reading fairy tale romances where love seems predetermined, the common depiction of destined love in popular media, reading romance novels, the common hopeful and dreamy attitude women have that weddings implicit bring a “forever, happy ever after” feeling.

        We are surrounded by such romantic influences, although we may look at our parents’ love story and marriage in old age which may negate our idea of soul mates, but it doesn’t deter us from thinking our destinies may be different. 🙂

        Has anyone read Plato’s “Symposium?” It explores the nature and purpose of love. One of the stories mentioned in the text is about androgynous creatures, who were half man and half woman, who possessed four legs and four arms. Fearing these creatures would become too powerful, Zeus split them apart and afterwards, men and women were constantly in the search to find their other half or soul mate, someone to make us complete.

        Sometimes the higher ideals we hold in romantic love, the more disappointment we set ourselves up for. It is of course best that we find someone compatible, likeable, and someone we find passionate about. But difficult to also expect your significant other to play multiple roles of best friend, husband, father, etc. etc.

        I think it’s best to surround ourselves with a rich circle of people and go to them for different needs. It’s not really a good idea to mix up boyfriend with father figure, or boyfriend as best friend. Sometimes a certain level of independence is best. I think men don’t see romantic love on such a philosophical level as women do and sometimes our emotional needs may overwhelm them.

      5. “Sibling love is more equal since we usually relate better to siblings due to lack of generational gap.”

        This is true. I get along with my siblings more than with my parents, but when it comes to responsibility and maturity, they can still drive me nuts sometimes, lol. They are people I can fool around with and spend my free time with, but not necessarily someone I would go to for advice or if I had an issue.

        “I used to believe in soul mates. Growing up reading fairy tale romances where love seems predetermined, the common depiction of destined love in popular media, reading romance novels, the common hopeful and dreamy attitude women have that weddings implicit bring a “forever, happy ever after” feeling.”

        I never liked watching fairy-tales and never believed in that type of romance. Never liked watching Disney movies nor admired any of the princesses. MSOEF was an exception because I was curious of how Charmaine would act as a mentally challenged girl and because of the numerous criticisms about her acting. I don’t know if the idea of soulmates is used by romantics, but I want someone who I share more in common with, especially on the big things. That way, there would be less arguments. Compatibility is very important too.

        When I was referring to soulmate, I was thinking about my best friend too. It’s amusing, but we share so much in common that we can complete each other’s sentences and sometimes read each others mind. We’re both opinionated, but our views on most matters are quite similar. She’s understanding, caring, and a great listener, but not necessarily the first and only person I go to for advice. For the most part, she has everything I’m looking for in a partner except for the gender, of course, lol.

        “I think it’s best to surround ourselves with a rich circle of people and go to them for different needs.”

        Thanks for pointing this out. I generally don’t like to let the whole world know about my issues and especially if we have mutual friends. I find it difficult to trust people other than my close friends and don’t want anything to come back to haunt me. I like reading celebrity gossip and all, but don’t quite like it when people spread what I tell them around.

        ” It’s not really a good idea to mix up boyfriend with father figure, or boyfriend as best friend.”

        I never thought that my boyfriend will play a fatherly role and I hope he doesn’t because I don’t want to be told what to do. I suppose I want a more equal relationship. However, I have imagined and do wish a boyfriend who is my best friend. I find it a bit sad if he’s not. I suppose it’s okay if he’s not my best friend, but I certainly don’t want another guy to be my best friend and knows more about me than he does. However, if they are female best friends, then I wouldn’t mind.

      6. @Jayne,

        From reading your piece, it made me wonder, what is the most important factor for you in finding a significant other?

      7. Chriselle,
        The most important factor is kindness, a kind heart that extends not just towards myself but towards my family, his family, kids, friends, animals, strangers, etc. I think kindness manifests so much towards other complementary traits such as patience, understanding, tolerance, and respect for self and others. Desirable secondary traits are compatibility, intelligence, dedication, fortitude, responsibility, and perservance. I admire people with virtue and substance.

        Although the above may sound like a long list, they are really complimentary traits which also happen to describe my mother. Since parents have such a significant impact in establishing our values, I believe that people do have a tendency to marry people that reflect our parent’s traits.

        It’s hard to find someone who is so wholly compatible with you on a “soul mate” level. Furthermore, relationships evolve over time, as well as your views and needs. You may evolve on a slightly different plane than your partner, but it’s always good to start off on more complementary and equal ground. Although I think it’s okay to have a “list” of parameters to look for, don’t make it too long otherwise you may pass over on some good people. You’re part of a selection pool too.

        What about yourself? It sounds like you have been doing a lot of soul searching and examining your own needs.

      8. “The most important factor is kindness, a kind heart that extends not just towards myself but towards my family, his family, kids, friends, animals, strangers, etc.”

        My mother will tell me this. 🙂

        Being kind, respectful, honest, and faithful are all important to me, but it still doesn’t beat someone whose intelligent, witty, and with a great sense of humor. I tend to take the first set of qualities as a given. After all, it’s hard to become friends and have a conversation with someone whom doesn’t respect you. And yes, they have to have a certain degree of kindness otherwise it’s difficult to be friends. Despite many times trying to reconcile myself, intelligence is still at the top of my list. However, it’s the second set of qualities that I truly find attractive in a person and without them, the person would seem boring regardless of how kind he is. I’m not saying kind people are boring, but just the act of kindess itself does not turn me on. They would be missing that ‘wow’ factor.

        Haha… what do you think? 🙂

      9. A guy who says “I like a girl who is kind hearted” is either lying or haven;t completed the sentence yet. How many are truly ever really kind hearted? But yes, I judge people on not how they treat others, or even his family, which must be good but those lesser than him. What’s the point of a guy screaming his love for you, treats you and your family like deities, his family like gods, but treats his servants like they’re worse than the toilet bowl. Compassionate heart, that’s what I am looking far, and to complete the sentence, compassionate heart with money, status and good looks. Nice car is optional, because that can be upgraded.

  12. I don’t think Ming Pao is always accurate. Might Pao doesn’t make up stuff like other magazines. But, are their source always correct.

    To me, Ming Pao seem like a neutral magazine. It will published whatever the stars tell it without adding salt and vinegar, but, won’t go out of their way to verify it.

    This makes Ming Pao more reputable than other magazines, but, I still won’t believe everything it wrote. It’s like Cha Siu Yan. She’s usually reputable, but, she still get things wrong sometimes.

    Lastly, I still see a report that is very skewed towards Nic. I don’t like Cecilia very much. But, I don’t believe that when a marriage has problem, it’s solely the fault of one side.

    This article, like all the others, is still depicting Nic as the saint and Cecilia as the monster.

    1. Kidd, perhaps as in Cha Siu Yan’s statement, Ming Pao’s source also came from Nicholas’ side. Big possibility, isn’t it.

    2. I don’t think we should put 100% trust into any magazine or article even if it is MingPao…

      1. But, you seem to trust all the bad things they wrote about Cecilia.

      2. @Kidd,
        Not really… I don’t and do have some questions lingering in my mind that she must have some problems as well(but I just did not post it here since this is ONLY an entertainment site that I do NOT want to pour my heart and soul into)… I knew you poke at anything that I say…

      3. @ HTS

        I knew you poke at anything that I say…

        Ask any casual readers of your comments and see if they don’t think the same (that you believe in all the bad reports about Cecilia).

  13. In marriage, there are always 2 sides problem. This whole thing is very shocking. Always see their pictures hold hand together and so loving, suddenly kaboom divorce on the way?. Media could make you look like an angel in one day and devil the next day. Still remember not long ago the media reported cecilia as loving mother bla bla and now keep bashing her..

  14. I feel very sorry for the kids – what must they be feeling and also so young too. Why are there so many marriage break-ups nowadays (especially in the entertainment business).??? Maybe there are too many temptations, too many good-looking people around and therefore it is too easy to just say “forget it, I’ve had enough of this” and then walk away with someone else. If Cecilia had changed her ways then I think the marriage would have worked but now, things have come to a head and the best thing would be to call it a day.

    I just do not believe that she would commit suicide – ha, I’d like to see that happen. I’d bet a million dollars that she wouldn’t even attempt it. Why should she? She’s famous, have lots of money, quite attractive and sexy and as soon as Nic is out of the way, there’ll be other poor mugs lining up to step into his shoes. Yes, there are still stupid men about. If I was a man, no way would I go near her!!

    1. Cecilia’s action by taking pic with Edison is simply called daring and disrespect to her husband and family. A person with dignity will simply avoid being in contact with Edison and will probably feel ackward for having a same flight with him after some naughty affairs.

      If Nic has make up his mind to divorce Cecilia and fight custody of his 2 children, I’d say Cecilia deserves it. Yeah it may sound harsh, but look at who started the whole mess first? If the whole taking pic with Edison was just to make Nic jealous, then Cecilia has make a stupid move by using Edison. A decent wife will never instigate her husband using another man…..that’s a stupid and deadly move. I’m a wife of someone and everytime my husband and I argue, we never drag or get any 3rd party involve because that would make our relationship got even worse.

      the tabloid may be one sided and probably painting a bad image of Cecilia to the world but it was Cecilia who created the mess first so don’t blame Nic for being cold towards her.

      1. Well I don’t think it was only the Edison issue that has caused this whole mess. It seems as if they already had problems beforehand. I do agree that Cecilia taking pictures with Edison and associating with him did not help out the situation at all… Cecilia really has a lot to learn and sadly she is now facing the consequences of her actions.

    2. Agree with u. I have a feeling that this marriage is over because Nick is quite firm this time by sending a strong message to her that he doesn’t want to cater to her whims any more. Cecilia will never committ suicide because she is so in love with herself that she doesn’t care about the others’ feelings. Now with the rumour that Edison is the middleman to help her to sign up with the same entertainment company that he is in, it certainly adds more fuel to the fire.

  15. I totally agree with you Veejay – every single word. I just wonder how she feels now with a lot of people taking Nic’s side. Wonder if her career will suffer but no, don’t think so as she’s just finished making another movie.

  16. My gut feeling is the same as Funn’s – I believe they’ll reconcile. They may still go through with the divorce, but I think they will eventually reconcile.

    1) Deep down, I think they truly care for and love each other. Nic has said before his philosophy on love is “passion, love, family member love, and companionship”. He has said before he understands that a wife is someone who is a companion, especially after the children have grown up.

    2) I get the impression that likewise, Ceci truly loves Nic. Her methods of expressing it recently have probably been problematic (if the threats / control / financial things are true), but I believe she really cares for him. Deborah and Patrick see this in her which is why I think they support her so much.

    Nic has said before that when he proposed, he knew exactly what Ceci was like as a person and about her past (esp when the photo scandal broke out). Perhaps he had expectations that she would mature / change / etc. but I don’t think so. Fundamentally he knows she has some issues re: insecurity, being rash, etc. I honestly think it was the distance that magnified these personality flaws for him and probably they were indeed magnified when Ceci didn’t feel like he was there all the time.

    I view this as a tough time in their marriage, they are a young family under so much scrutiny and I don’t think the distance helped much. I don’t think either party is 100% right or wrong, but they really should take a chance at working things out rather than going to divorce.

    1. Bridget, our gut feelings may be wrong but I shall give Cecilia and Nic the benefit of doubt. Maybe one look at the children he may falter. Maybe one look at her crying, begging, he may falter.

    2. It is true that they can still reconcile even if they do eventually divorce. However, who knows if that is possible or not? I don’t know if Nic wants to go through the same old cycle over and over again since it is less likely that Cecilia will change for the better. If she was determined to change, she would have already done so… But she is still her same old self.

    3. “Nic has said before his philosophy on love is “passion, love, family member love, and companionship”. He has said before he understands that a wife is someone who is a companion, especially after the children have grown up.”

      I like Nic’s philosophy on love. 😀

      “Nic has said before that when he proposed, he knew exactly what Ceci was like as a person and about her past (esp when the photo scandal broke out). Perhaps he had expectations that she would mature / change / etc. but I don’t think so.”

      Ceci’s immaturity contradicts Nic’s philosophy of a good companion. There should be a balance between the two and some equality. Why did Nic marry her in the first place if he already knew her true colors?

    1. That can be a possibility. If that was the case, then she really should have seeked help instead of act the way that she did. I think they have a communication problem. If she was suffering from postpartum stress then she should have told Nic and try to do something about it instead of putting more stress on herself by returning to showbiz so quickly. Was it because she was money hungry and wanted to make her own money. Even if you marry someone rich or well off, it is still always better to have your own income.

      1. I think she wanted to return to the showbiz to help ease the workload off from Nic. She has insinuated several times that he’s always too busy for the family. They definitely have a communication problem, and it’s not always easy to tell people that you’re depressed, especially when you are in denial of having such condition. From the article, I don’t think Nic has been supportive of her returning to the showbiz.

      2. I know that she wanted to help make more money for the family. However, what I find strange is that IF she wanted to make her own money then why was she draining Nic’s money then?? Don’t tell me that she only wanted to tie him down by doing that. They had major communication problems which I think is one of the biggest factors in breaking down their marriage and bond. I believe that if she cared that much about saving the marriage and being with Nic, then she should have just admitted that she had a problem so that they can deal with it together. However, I guess she choose to be all rash and arrogant and now is facing the consequences of her actions.

      3. I don’t know why she tries to drain all his money away, and only she would know. This entire ordeal has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, and quite interesting (*feels guilty*). Exploring one’s character is surely entertaining, but it’s the challenge and mystery that have made it worthwhile for me. I’ll just wait for the conclusion.

      4. “Exploring one’s character is surely entertaining, but it’s the challenge and mystery that have made it worthwhile for me.”

        Haha… I like this. 🙂

      5. Uh, people usually don’t know (or in denial) they have depression until doctor diagnose it. People suffering from depression don’t go to the doctor by themselves. It’s usually their family who bring them there.

        You expect a sufferer of postpartum depression to be aware she is suffering from depression and seek help by herself? If she’s so clear-minded, she’s not suffering from depression anymore.

      6. If she herself doesn’t even know then how will others know?? But regardless of what her reason is, I don’t think it justifies for her to do all of the things that she does…But then again, who really knows except for her anyways??

      7. @ HTS

        Others will know because others can see things more clearly, being not the one suffering from the ailment.

        But, for mild case, I agree it’s hard to detect.

        ” But regardless of what her reason is, I don’t think it justifies for her to do all of the things that she does…”

        You clearly don’t understand illness such as depression.

      8. @Kidd,
        You don’t understand depression either. I do admit that I don’t understand it 100% either, but I still feel that the person suffering would sort of sense it as well. However, the problem is if they want to admit it to themselves or not?? Who knows you better than yourself???

      9. @ HTS

        You don’t understand depression either.


        I do admit that I don’t understand it 100% either, but I still feel that the person suffering would sort of sense it as well. However, the problem is if they want to admit it to themselves or not?? Who knows you better than yourself???

        A lot of people are unaware that they have depression.

      10. Cecilia has depression? I don’t think so. I just think she is incredibly insecure and played dare with Nic, not thinking he will take up on her dare.

        Yes, depression is hard to diagnose. Some are just sad, others may be truly depressed. Either way depression is like an alien term in Asia isn’t it? Maybe we just don’t get what’s so sad and why can’t you just pick yourself up, sort of attitude. In America especially, they have a term for every medical term, and medicine as well. I think even doctors misdiagnose depression sometimes.

    2. @Cloud: you may have a point because signs of postpartum depression include the following: cigarette smoking, low self-esteem, and mood swings (history of depression). There are many more symptoms that are linked to PPD but these 3 symptoms come to mind because Cecilia is a long term smoker, has extremely low self-esteem despite of her fame and a history of depression (for example: she lost it back in the early 2000s). She also might experience identity crisis because for a child-like woman being thrust into the role of a mother can be a difficult transitional phase for her.

  17. I find all of them are liars. Didn’t Nic declared his love for Cecilia when he won his award this year? Patrick was still claiming that Cecilia was a good daughter-in-laws at the begining when the couple’s marriage problem got out in the media. I was never too optometist on their marriage, as they are so pretentious. If it’s true, I would believe Cecilia to be the villain and Nic is the victim in the marriage.

    1. Well you have to try to not believe everything that you read in articles all the time. You never know when they add in or take things out as well as exaggerate things.No one knows the real story behind all this except for those that are involved.

    2. That is why they all are in the “entertainment” profession.

    3. Being in the entertainment industry there are certain images you have to uphold regardless of who you are and what your philosophies are.

      If they’d let slip that there was something wrong with the marriage before this the media would be all over it like they are now.

  18. I also wanted to add that I hope that this all ends soon so that everything can be finalized and that everyone involved can move on. I hope that the decisions will be made will not separate or hurt the kids and that things will be fair. Time will heal all pain…

  19. If they are in an unhappy marriage and they cannot work things out, isn’t it better for them to divorce? Forcing themselves to stay together isn’t always the answer, the children will still suffer if their parents are unhappy regardless of whether they are still married or not. They will be constantly fighting/arguing, this is not the best environment/atmosphere to bring up your children.

    The media paints Cecilia as a very rash person, perhaps this behaviour stems from her insecurities. I think when a person is insecure and feels vulnerable, it can drive them to do illogical things and cause them to hold on to things like her husband ever more tightly. But these are the very things that will drive him away.

    If the reports are true, perhaps Nic was loosing patience with Cecilia threatening divorce. I can imagine it can be tiring and frustrating when your other half is constantly threatening divorce instead of actually solving it in a calm manner, whenever a problem arises. Maybe he is just trying to make Cecilia realise that there are consequences to her actions.
    By actually having the idea of divorce as a real possibility and not as an empty threat and facing the fact that she will loose her husband/family, then it might put things in to perspective and make her cherish the people around her more. As the saying goes, we won’t cherish something until we loose it. So Nic might just be try to save his marriage in a round about way…If she understands this there might be a glimmer of hope for her and their marriage.

  20. Cecilia seems rather simplistic. It’s kind of a nice trait. Whatever she thinks Nic can see it through like a glass wall. It’s better than having a manipulative wife. He’ll never know what she thinks of him.

    1. Simplistic she is definitely not! If she is so simplsitic why then did she take his money? Threatening him with a divoice time after time? Using her children as bargaining chips? This woman is a complicated human being to the point of scary.

  21. Awww poor Nic. I hope he’ll get the custody of his 2 sons

  22. I heard somewhere that the divorce decision came out after the DNA test is sent to Nic. DNA test of who? Lucas or Quintus?

    1. I bet Edison got something to do with this lol….. Edison is the man!

    2. The articles were saying that Patrick secretly had Lucas’ DNA tested, and the result was that Lucas and Nic’s DNA matched by only 0.03%. This makes me wonder how did they even obtain the result? Patrick shared it?

    3. Lucas look exactly like Nicolas so it is hard to believe that he doesn’t have Nick’s DNA.

      1. Lucas also looks like EDC. Before seeing Nic’s kid pix, I actually think Lucas totally looks like EDC. With Nic’s kid pix, they look like father-son more.

      2. LOL pretty sure a DNA test was done to make sure the Nic is indeed the real father.

      3. But didn’t Nic do the DNA test to Lucas and it said 90% Nic is Lucas’ dad?

      4. only 90% i thought i was suppose to be 99.7% or something hehe. Maybe if you do the DNA test on EDC if will say 91% LOL

    4. How else did the media get hold of the supposed result if Patrick didn’t share it? EDC’s baby pic does indeed look like Lucas, except for the eyes. Lucas has monolids wehreas EDC has large, double eyelids.

      1. Thank you.

        I think Lucas looks like adult EDC and kid Nic.

      2. Just check out young Edison. Lucas does not look like him at all. Lucas look like his papa.

      3. @ Fox

        Uh. All babies look like this when they are fat.

      4. Which part of him looks like Edison? Edison looks like a drug addict. Come on! Both are Nic’s.

    5. Fox, that is a hot news!! So the true reason behind their divorce is after Nic received the DNA result? Wow, if that’s true, Nic will have all reason to divorce Cecilia…but Poor Lucas though

      1. Fox, the DNA test was of Lucas. I would be so disappointed in Cecilia if Lucas turned out to be Edison’s son. I can’t deny that Lucas does look very similar to Edison, but also similar to Nic. I guess once Lucas grows older, we’ll be able to see who his father is.

      2. Second DNA test? There is one after the scandal, right?

  23. Not sure why most people (not saying you guys) are defending Nic. I am neutral on the both of them, to me I think it’s kinda karma on Nic assuming that Cecilia really did suck his money etc etc, is a user blah blah..he did the same thing to Faye Wong….guess karma’s really a b****

    1. “The five-year marriage between Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung is officially over.”

      Hardly. He just filed. She will contest and it will take a long time unless both settles.

      I still think reconciliation is a possibility. And so it is true; there was DNA test

      1. If there really is a DNA test (I don’t believe it), I feel so sad for poor Lucas.

      2. But after all, he filed it. It’s the start of an end.

      3. I still think reconciliation is a possibility.

        When they retired showbiz in their 80s.

      4. What’s so sad for Lucas? At least he is sure that is his son, which would explain the lack of doubt and the love he has. I encourage all doubtful men to have DNA test. Reason is simple. You don’t want to feel resentment and you certainly don’t want to be hoodwinked into paying for a child that isn’t yours. It is practical, as long as with the mother’s consent.

        Divorce is a long process, if she is ready to fight it.

  24. I have to say Cecilia’s facial features are quite pretty. Was there any rumours beside her plastic implant, that her face had plastic surgery also?

    1. Cecilia is mixed with British blood if I remember correctly, so I think that is why she may have naturally good looking facial features. I don’t think she had anything done to her facial features but I can be wrong. Can someone confirm??

      1. @HTS, Cecilia’s mother is 1/2 British, so that makes Cecilia 1/4 British. You can kinda tell by her skin.

        Jayne said Ceci got something in her teeth done before, but I can’t remember the exact name for the procedure. Other than her breasts, I believe her facial features are real.

      2. @Chriselle,
        THanks and I knew that already, but thanks for confirming. My memory isn’t that great these days and I did not want some people to constantly correct everything I say. I saw her way back in the days and her features all still look the same so her facial features should be real.

    2. le, I believe she is a natural beauty, as they call those Korean stars who never had major comestic surgery. Yes, her chess is true, but looks wise, she looked the same as when she debuted.

  25. dont quote me on this but the sex” scandal pics thingy isn’t it before nic and ceci got married? so if he’s ok with the sex scandal thing i dont see why he cant accept that she take pics with the asshole”.

  26. Even though he stuck by her during the scandle I’m sure he was mad as hell about those pictures. Most men can’t even stand to hear that their wives have had other sexual partners before him , no matter how long ago it was. I think he probably has never gotten over the whole thing and her taking a picture with Edison just sent him over the edge. Added to the fact that there have prob been problems that have been ongoing.

    It wasn’t very smart of her to take a pics with Edison but I also don’t trust the press in this. I don’t think she’s a demon and I don’t think he’s a saint. No one really knows the truth but them. As others have said I’m sure he was out there screwing around just like her when they broke up. She just had the misfortune to have those pics come out.

    I don’t really know anything about them other than what’s on this blog but I’m shocked. This is the last thing I expected to hear.

  27. So what is this I hear about Cecilia being 2 months pregnant and there won’t be a divorce?

  28. cecilliaaa preggie again?? then they wont be divorcing? poor thing this nic..

    1. Neither of them responded to anything. It’s just the HK media writing whatever they want. Maybe a divorce was never considered?

  29. LOL. Their legions of fans are having a field day arguing with each other on weibo and the forums.

    Ceci’s strategy is to speak up before Nic does this weekend?

      1. Nic is Eileen Cha’s source? Such a surprised! All of us thought his mom is, but actually him?

      2. This marriage can’t really be saved then I guess…

      3. @ Fox

        “Nic is Eileen Cha’s source? Such a surprised! All of us thought his mom is, but actually him?”

        Cecilia thinks so. But what is the truth we don’t know. I’m waiting for Nic’s response if he ever will.

        So, it’s reverse smear campaign now? 😛

      4. But what she said is quite true. There are info that only 2 person can know – the rend fee.

      5. @ Fox

        Rent fee is easy to find out. How do you know Nic didn’t tell his mom, dad, sister, friend about the rent?

      6. Rent fee is not something very secretive that one cannot talk about it.

        Secondly the part about Nic shouting on the phone saying he make Ceci’s image bad sounds like a movie.

        Honestly, I find this interview as OTT as all the negative rumour about Ceci.

      7. But normally when hang out with friends, ppl won’t say: Hey my wife’s rent fee is this and that.
        The telephone part is dramatic. But who noe. They all actors, can live with drama even in real life.

      8. At the point, the best way to go about things is to just divorce. She should not have brought the kids into the interview… imagine growing up and reading that about your parents. If she wants to salvage her image… just divorce w/ dignity.

  30. I read the speech of Ceci’s manager today. Now Nic is revealed by this person as the unresponsibility, hypocrite and fake husband, father. He never cared for the kids, give all everything on Ceci’s hands (to raise the 2 sons). Most of time at home, he sticks on the computer and even dunno whenever the sons are sick. He left Ceci to receive all the blames, acts like he loves her so much but in fact, doesn’t care if she and the sons live, or die. Ceci is like a nanny in the house, do everything.

    Well, I somehow blv that. I hardly saw Nic with the 2 sons. Most of the time I saw the kids, I saw Ceci with them. She seems to be a good mother, especially to Lucas.

    1. Yeah… Ceci’s version is more believable to me too

      Guess their marriage is over

      1. If they are together again, I’ll say: “Such a childish couple”.

    2. Fox, I disagreed with you. When a women complained about their spouse. People thinks it is OK. However when husband complained about their wife, people think he is whining. Cecilia has her ace card bcs she is a women. It is OK for her to bad mouth her husband. But if Nic is bad mouth Cecilia, even it is 100% true, he would be mark as “not a man”. Most of men chose to keep quiet when they had fight with wife. That is a nature of men.

      It is Cecilia choice. Would Cecilia willing to let Nic to stay home, not making money.. An answer will be NO. In marriage life especial in show-biz, everything is about making money..

      I am not saying Cecilia does not love her kids. However, threating to kill her kids to get whatever she wants.. it is totally unacceptable.. I am a mother.. I would never put my kids in that situation at all.

      Cecilia did not live like nany at home. She had 2 nanny to taking care her kids.

      Did you ever think Cecilia loves Lucas bcs Lucas could make money for her ?

      I am not saying she does not love Lucas.. But it is appeared that Lucas is her money machine for her. Now, Nic divorced her, her main moeny making machine is no longer exist, she needs Lucas.

      I am not Nic’s fan. I just happened to read their story since June 2011. I don’t even know about her x-rate pictures. But it took me less than 15 minutes to find her x-rate pictures.

      To me, she should told Nic about her pictures when she decided to say “yes” to him. Also, marriage is about respect and care feeling to each other. She knew it would bring unhappy to her husband if she had contacted with Edision. She should never done it in 1st place. Instead she asked to seat next to Edision. It is totally unacceptable.

      1. I don’t think Ceci is 100% right as well as Nic is 100% right. I think both of them are lying in some aspects and say truth in some aspect.

        Before the dirvoce, Ceci still showed her love to Lucas, so I doubt she is fake with.

      2. Fox,

        My previous email is very clear. I did not say that Cecilia does not love Lucas. I did not say Cecilia is fake with her love to Lucas. But her love of Lucas is more than a 2nd son bcs Lucas is her money machine. Show-biz is all about making money. Mother’s love is unconditionally.

        I am more beleive in Nic’s statement than Cecilia’s statement. Of course, it is my opinion. I am agreed that divorce is a good decision.

        A latest news. Cecilia refused to sign divorce paper three times. It could proved my point:
        – Cecilia is unstable and inmature.
        – I do beleived she threated to kill Lucas and herself in 2008. However, it was only a threat. She would never kill herself at all.

        I am going to stop to read any articles that relate to Nic and Cecilia :-).

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