These Warehoused TVB Dramas All Have Some Things in Common

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These Warehoused TVB Dramas All Have Some Things in Common

As one of the world’s most prolific Chinese-language stations, it isn’t uncommon to see TVB dramas getting the cut from broadcast. In the past, “warehouse” was a term to describe TVB dramas that did not get airtime in Hong Kong. Instead, these dramas were broadcasted overseas, or released straight to DVD. Sometimes, “warehoused” dramas would be revived for a Hong Kong broadcast years later, such as 2009’s The Greatness of a Hero <盛世仁傑>, which didn’t air in Hong Kong until 2012.

But just as how languages and words change overtime, the term “warehouse” also appears to be changing. As of February 2019, TVB still has a handful of TVB dramas that still hasn’t gotten any airtime. The broadcast dates for these “warehoused dramas” are currently unknown.

1. Our Unwinding Ethos <十二傳說>

The first on the list is Wong Wai-sing’s (黃偉聲) Our Unwinding Ethos, which stars Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Rosina Lam (林夏薇), Jonathan Cheung (張頴康), and Moon Lau (劉佩玥). The series centers on an unlikely team of investigators who set off to solve strange, almost supernatural-like crimes that had been rocking Hong Kong society

Produced in 2017, Our Unwinding Ethos was originally slated for an August 2018 release for the Amazing Summer lineup, and was one of the 17 television dramas introduced at the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market. However, its August 2018 time slot was eventually taken over by Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略>.

As for why Our Unwinding Ethos still has no confirmed broadcast date, Producer Wong said, “Last year, the show was cut from 12 two-hour episodes to 25 one-hour episodes. There are also plans to air it in China at the same time, so we need to wait for results from China’s broadcasting authorities.”

Interestingly, both Rosina Lam and Raymond Chiu (趙永洪) are no longer part of TVB. Their status may be the reason why Our Unwinding Ethos is no longer a priority project to air.

2. The Offliners <堅離地愛堅離地>

Starring Owen Cheung (張振朗), Katy Kung (龔嘉欣), Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), Jason Chan (陳智燊), and Moon Lau, The Offliners is a romantic comedy that explores how the speed and improvement of technology has changed the way how society interacts and communicates. The Offliners made its first appearance as one of the 17 television dramas introduced at the 2018 Hong Kong International Film and TV Market.

However, like Our Unwinding Ethos, The Offliners has a few cast members that are no longer with TVB, such as male lead Jason Chan and Hiromi Wada (裕美).

3. Maid Alliance <丫鬟大聯盟>

The period comedy stars Tony Hung (洪永城), Jacqueline Wong, and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯). Originally slated for a 2019 Lunar New Year release, Maid Alliance has since been replaced by the mainland Chinese drama The Legend of Hao Lan (皓鑭傳).

Although Maid Alliance’s star cast is still with TVB, its producer Au Yiu-hing (歐耀興) was demoted to director in October 2018.

4. Good Days <好日子>

Starring Alice Chan (陳煒) and Ben Wong (黃智賢), Good Days is a romantic drama that follows a group of friends living in a Hong Kong village. These character realize that secrets are never kept secret, and that its repercussions can still be felt many years later. Good Days was Gigi Wong’s (黃淑儀) last drama before leaving the station, as well as producer Poon Ka-tak’s (潘嘉德) last drama with TVB.

5. Marriage Associate <婚姻合伙人>

Mat Yeung (楊明) may be a leading TVB star now, but his first TVB drama as lead, Marriage Associate, still has no airdate. Filmed nearly two years ago, Marriage Associate also stars Samantha Ko (高海寧) and Roxanne Tong. TVB had plans to premiere it in July 2018, but Who Wants a Baby? <BB來了> ended up taking its place. Marriage Associate was also produced by Poon Ka-tak, and was Kenny Wong’s (黃德斌) last TVB drama in his contract.


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