Tiffany Lau Challenges Herself in Another Fighter Role

Willing to go above and beyond in her action scenes, Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇) stars in another fighter role that seems customized for the athletic Miss Hong Kong Kong 2016 runner-up in TVB superhero drama I’ve Got the Power <超能使者>.

Making her appearance in a shower scene, Tiffany only wore a towel and flashed her bare back. was Although she was worried as the towel was not very secure at first, the wardrobe designer helped sew it together. Tiffany confidently expressed that her physique was even better than during her pageant days by controlling her diet and doing frequent exercise to prepare for the scene. Tiffany will have more sexy looks coming up in the drama, including wearing a bikini at the beach.

Since Tiffany impressed producer Jazz Boon (文偉鴻) on the set of 2019’s The Righteous Fists <鐵拳英雄>, he gave Tiffany’s new performance a rating of 8.5 and said, “I can see the fire in her eyes and her willingness to give it her all, so I decided to use her again” in I’ve Got the Power.

Tiffany had to learn how to take and block punches and kicks as martial arts choreographer Philip Kwok (郭追) designed the scenes to resemble street fighting with a mix of different styles. “The hardest thing was learning how to kick. For the scene to look authentic, the leg should be straight but I’m not flexible enough. I put in a lot of hard work to be able to do my own stunts, and I felt a sense of success afterward,” Tiffany shared.

As her character is always dressed in a tight tank top and  micro shorts, it is hard to hide protective padding to cushion her falls. Although she ending up with bruises all over her body, Tiffany remains professional and brushed it off.

Source: HK01

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