Tiffany Lau Knows She’s Growing Up Fast

At only 22 years old, Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇) has a bright future ahead. The 2016 Miss Hong Kong runner-up has dabbled into hosting, acting, and travel variety since her debut, and she is grateful for all the opportunities that she’s given.

The Los Angeles native knows that she’s growing up fast. Many of her friends back home have all pointed this out to her, and Tiffany said the industry is changing her — she’s just not sure if it’s a good thing or bad thing.

“I was 19 years old when I tried out for Miss Hong Kong,” she said. “I was confused all the time. I was very simple and straightforward. I only knew how to hang out with people and play basketball. After going through a year of doing activities as Miss Hong Kong, I felt that I grew up a lot. I’ve also learned a lot from the acting opportunities. Even my friends are saying that I don’t act or think my age. I think like I am at least 26 years old. I think the experience that I’ve been getting in this industry has really gotten me to think more critically and deeply.”

Tiffany Lau in “Fist Fight” (2018)

Prior to her acting debut, Tiffany hosted informative programs and travel shows. Out of the three trades, Tiffany finds acting to be the most rewarding.

“They’re all very different and I’m learning something different from all of them,” she said. “As an MC I get to train my eloquence in speaking and improve my Chinese. I’m also learning how to get used to the camera. I’m always excited for travel shows because I get to go to countries where I normally couldn’t go. It’s an entirely different experience. I feel most rewarded as an actor. I get to become a different person and train my Chinese. I have to practice my dialogue beforehand so my speech is clearer.”

Tiffany’s acting debut was in the 2018 drama Fist Fight <兄弟>, in which she played Zero, a boxer. TVB has intentions to promote and train Tiffany to be an action star, and the hard work did pay off — Tiffany’s performance in Fist Fight was well-received.

However, in the upcoming action drama Chinatown <唐人街>, Tiffany is taking a step back, playing a character who does not know martial arts. Tiffany actually finds the role even more challenging.

“She’s very different from the roles I’ve played before,” she said. “She needs protection, so the way how I approached her character was different. I’m allowed to reveal that this character is very sad. She has a lot of crying scenes, and it’s really challenging to play.”

Trendy Casual

Despite her athletic image, Tiffany is quite popular with fashion endorsers. True to the LA street style, Tiffany’s outfit preferences include skinny jeans, shorts, and comfortable tops. “I also like to wear jumpsuits because they are comfortable. I’d dress more elegantly in a dress if I’m going to a fancier place.”

As for handbags, Tiffany prefers simplicity with a staple design. “Necessities in the bag include keys, wallet, and lip balm,” she shared. “I don’t like to carry a big bag. It’s inconvenient for me.”


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  1. She is very pretty! She was my top pick for miss hk 2016. Considering she is new to acting, her role in fist fight wasn’t bad!

  2. “The 2016 Miss Hong Kong runner-up has dabbed into hosting…”

    she “dabbled in” hosting.

  3. She is very cute!! TVB needs new blood and she’s not annoying as the other tvb Ms. HK’s. haha

  4. She’s my favorite!! I really anticipated her first drama. Can’t believe she’s so young!! She does remind me of Bernice Liu a bit. Elegant, and not annoying like those other Hong Kong actresses.

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