Toby Chan Sees Marriage in Future with Millionaire Benny Yeung

2010 Miss Hong Kong winner Toby Chan (陳庭欣) has been dating millionaire Benny Yeung (楊振源) for over a year now. Known as the “Shower Gel King”, Benny is the owner of the Hong Kong beauty retail store franchise Choi Fung Hong which also produces local favorite brand Joseristine. Rumors of their tying the knot had circulated last year, and it will likely become a reality soon as Toby is already acting like his fiancée around his friends and family.

With her beautiful looks, physique and notable academic background, the 31-year-old actress is known to have many pursuers. She had dated actor William Chak (翟威廉) and lawyer Warren Tong (唐偉倫) perviously, but Toby seemed to openly flaunt her relationship with Benny the most perhaps due to their stability.

Aside from their vacations together, Benny frequently brings Toby to events as his partner. She also accompanies him when he visits his stores and participates in his family events such as  his parent’s 40th wedding anniversary last year. Lately, she also became an ambassador of Benny’s newly opened gym and promoted it among her celebrity friends.

Immersing into his personal life and social circle, Toby is ready for married life with Benny. Although Benny is a divorced father with two children, Toby expressed she doesn’t mind being a stepmother. She sees his sons often and gets along with them like friends.

Benny has yet to propose, but Toby said, “He had asked what kind of wedding I want to have, but it was only a brief discussion. I’m a very traditional person who thinks a man should be the one to propose, and I definitely want him to kneel down to ask!” Toby has already envisioned her beloved parrot as part of her bridesmaid team.

Source: East Week

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