TVB Hired 6 Bodyguards to Ensure Toby Chan’s Safety in East Africa

Toby Chan (陳庭欣) recently flew to Mozambique in southeast Africa for the TVB travel program, A World of Two Million People <二億人的世界> (tentative). Due to the high crime rates, TVB spent six figures to hire six bodyguards to protect Toby and the film crew of six people. The 32-year-old actress revealed the bodyguards had real guns on them because of the poor security in the area.

“The company didn’t want anything to happen to us, and I also heard some people who filmed there before were robbed,” Toby shared. “The bodyguards asked us to listen to them and warned us not to sneak out for a midnight snack. Maybe they think Hong Kong people like to go out for midnight snacks.”

She also said she cried a few times during this eye-opening journey,. In fact, her eyes became red and teary while recounting her experience. Toby explained Mozambique’s local hospital environment is really bad because it’s not like Hong Kong, where it gets disinfected every hour. The people are just happy that they even have a hospital.

“I felt really disheartened when I was filming there,” Toby expressed. “I saw people with bent, fractured fingers and legs struggling to get onto the bed. I wanted to help them, but the bodyguards stopped me. Also, there are really too many people, I don’t know how many I could help. I can’t help but cry every time I talk about it.”

Afraid to Make Eye Contact

Toby truly learned to be content with what she has during this trip. She said Hong Kong children are more fortunate compared to the local Mozambique children, who not only lack entertainment but food. One morning, she was eating a cookie in the car when someone knocked on the car to ask for food.

The actress explained, “I didn’t dare open the window. The bodyguard was afraid it’d be unsafe, and secondly, I would only be able to give food to one person but not everyone. I was afraid to make eye contact with them because the cookie is something really simple to me, but they really wanted to eat it. I felt really out of touch with reality.”

She continued, “Everyone knows that I film a lot of travel shows, but I might not be able to experience such things in other countries. This was a really good experience.”

Source: HK01

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  1. TVB is really taking such big risk to send Toby and 6 crews there, not sure how long they are there and is 6 bodyguards really enough?

  2. I thought she’s dating a millionaire? I can’t believe it that her millionaire boyfriend don’t even send some bodyguard for her?

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