[STYLE] 2017 TVB Anniversary Awards Red Carpet Fashions

There were few gems at the 2017 TVB Anniversary Awards. Many outfits seem to be safe choices in white or last-minute, unflattering picks.

BEST DRESSED: Tavia Yeung and Niki Chow

As guest presenters at the 50th TVB Anniversary Awards, Tavia Yeung and Niki Chow outshone the station’s leading ladies. Tavia’s glittering princess dress suits her petite frame. Niki’s feather and lace outfit looks fabulous! Accessories, hair, and makeup look great too.


When you have such a handsomely dressed Kenneth Ma as arm candy, it’s a given that Jacqueline Wong would shine in whatever she chose to wear. Jacqueline shows off her flirty side with a blue floral dress and the hint of a lacy bra. Ruco Chan looks sharp in his cobalt suit and would have benefited without his necklace. Mandy Wong makes an elegant statement in a classic style and carefully applied makeup.

MOST DARING: Rebecca Zhu

Rebecca Zhu has the body to pull off this barely-there gown. A little too sheer to be classy; can pass for bridal lingerie. Hairstyle was too messy. Rebecca left viewers with two questions in mind after tonight: (1) Why did she win Best Supporting Actress? (2) What type of bra did she wear under her dress?


Elena Kong‘s dress doesn’t leave too much to the imagination, while Katy Kung offers a tantalizing side view.


With many ladies dressed in white at the TVB Anniversary Awards, Best Actress Natalie Tong didn’t stand out. The bodice of her dress was ill-fitting and the makeup was too washed out. Sharon Chan and Priscilla Wong‘s dresses had more flattering fits, but did they come from the same bridal studio sponsors?

Alice Chan and Mayanne Mak wore nice accessorizes to complete their looks. Mayanne especially made an elegant statement in her glittering dress.


Both in red, Crystal Fung outshone Sisley Choi in an artfully-draped dress. Why is Sisley hiding her normal vibrancy in a stiff and heavy dress that does nothing for her thin frame?


Ali Lee looks short and stout in an unflattering gown that she didn’t try on carefully. The puffy sleeves add width to her normally slim body, while the ankle straps shorten her legs. Printed stars on Tracy Chu‘s dress? Does she still have secret Disney princess fantasies?

Aside from its cut, Elaine Yiu‘s dress is boring. Nancy Wu’s pants set looks like a busy Christmas tree: four colors, a leopard print, and too much tinsel! Carol Cheng‘s pink floral dress actually suits her, but could benefit from a more subdued skirt. Was Kristal Tin‘s choice a last minute decision? Why such a poor choice?

Samantha Ko‘s dress is like a blank canvas that doesn’t leave much of an impression, but her earrings are a nice touch.


A few more glimpses in the mirror would have shown Vivien Yeo how flattering the front of her dress is. Rosina Lam‘s dress looks like it’s a few seasons behind.

Grace Wong is known for her alternative fashions, but this ruffled black dress is a big disappointment. Moon Lau‘s black-and-white dress looks awkward as well.

Koni Lui‘s vintage-inspired lace dress ages her tremendously. Kaki Leung‘s dress should be banned from the red carpet. It’s easy for Tiffany Lau to look like a superstar by just dressing normally. Bowie Cheung is a walking pink ribbon.


Did Toby Chan want to make a tribute to Captain America in her red-white-and-blue dress that is more suitable for a cosplay party than red carpet event? The rhinestone trimming and fabric of the dress scream cheap. Ghostly lips and matted hair complete this frightening ensemble.

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. So glad Tavia Yeung and Niki Chow made their appearances at an otherwise underwhelming fashion presentation at the 2017 TVB Anniversary Awards. I favor Niki’s look slightly more. She looks very elegant, suitable for even the most prestigious awards event.

    What are some memorable looks for you? Please share your fashion picks with us!

  2. I agree ? Niki and Tavia looked like a mullion bucks. All the others, especially the winners looks were all too bridal like.

    I think Priscilla’s dress is from kevolie. She generally plays it safe.

    I am quite disappointed at Ali’s looo especially since she was a hot favourite to won. Her dresses from Singapore and Malaysia were much prettier.

  3. Liked none of the dresses except for the 2 male hosts who looked good. Memo should be sent to all nominees to show up in a tux or suit.

    As for the ladies, a lot of attempt to show non existing cleavage. The dresses look terrible but what irks me more is NO SOCKS!! HK Men are allergic to socks.

    Oh is Ruco’s fashion consultant his girlfriend? He needs to sack whoever dresses him. I mean Joel looks silly with his flower jacket but at least that’s fashion forward in a quirky sense. Ruco looked terrible. And he looked bored standing behind there. Got a feeling he wasn’t feeling well.

  4. Can anyone please explain why the men dress as they do at these kinds of events? I’ve not seen similar fashion worn by male celebrities in other countries.

  5. Cropped (as it was known as flooded) pants are popular in Korea. It’s the trend to show off the quirky socks and/or emphasize on the shoes. I would guess HK is going after that but they failed since 1) no socks and 2) boring shoes. Typical HK/TVB though. They’re half-arsed in everything, even in copycat lol.

    @funnlim Owen Chueng did have socks on. They’re red and blended in with the carpet lol.

    1. @jjwong at least 1.and what’s up with those jacket with no sleeves? Tavia was right about kenneth and how harry potter look. Love how they say after all these time he’s still zoned out type aka dimwitted! They really teased him.

      1. @funnlim Oh right, I meant to comment about Kenneth. He looked like a floating head. Either that or he burrowed a lawyer costume from prop department.

        I like Nancy’s top if it was paired with a pencil skirt or a solid color pants. The whole glittery from head to toes was way too much.

        Sharon needs to retire her wedding dress! This isn’t the first time she wore something that resembled a bride after she had already married lol. Everyone really needs to stay away from white dress. 99% just looks like a wedding dress which makes it cheesy, cliche and OTT.

  6. Maybe I’m just getting too old, but IMO, a well fitted normal tux would have outshone anything the guys tried pulling. Their fashion sense is just terrible.

  7. I agree with most people. Tavia and Niki were definitely the best dressed by a huge margin. I really liked Priscilla today though. It was a simple and typical look for her and didn’t really stand out but I think she looked really pretty. I absolutely loved the part of her dress.

  8. Tavia definitely looked the most elegant and Priscilla actually looks nice it’s simple but suits her very well. The others looked like they were in a rush and had a kid picked the outfit.

  9. Tavia and Niki were very elegant and definitely the best dressed among the crazy wardrobe by the current artistes.

    I mean seriously — Nancy? Really looks like Christmas Tree!

    And Kenneth Ma looked like Count Dracula! LOL!

    And what’s with a lot of deep plunge V trend too?

  10. Best Dress: Elena Kong, Prescilla Wong, Tavia Yeung and Rebecca Zhu.
    Worst Dress: Toby Chan, Kristal Tin, Grace Wong, Sharon Chan and Nancy Wu.

  11. Disappointed that Nancy Wu didn’t dress up as expected, probably she knew that she is not getting an award. Kristal Tin dress look back fashion. Sharon Chan dress will look better without the lacy cape. Grace Wong messy ruffles made her look older and wider. Toby Chan! Oh her make up is bad as if she has gone for a plastic surgery, her captain america theme dress Is she attending Disneyland red carpet.

    Definitely, have to agree to @Jayne that Tavia & Niki wore the best dress.

  12. I only like Tavia Y & Priscilla’s dress. They both look great. Perhaps I love Xmas trees, I didn’t find Nancy Wu’s outfit that bad but actually interesting? haha…Perhaps the color coordinating is a bit too much but I didn’t give it a thumbs down the min i saw it. Lol..Again, perhaps I LOVE Xmas trees? hahaha

    1. @wm2017 “perhaps I LOVE Xmas trees?” Cute haha… Nancy usually has very good fashion sense. I like her hairstyle here and her pants set actually has an interesting cut, along with the scarf detail hanging towards the back. But her outfit looks more fit for an older lady. So considering Nancy could shine a lot more in something more vibrant and suitable for her age, I think this was only a mediocre choice for her.

      Can’t blame the artistes too much for their wardrobe choices as they are limited with the sponsors they get for the event. Obviously artistes who are more inclined to win awards get better wardrobe and jewelry sponsors. Even rising stars like Grace Wong looked like she dressed on a budget, so less known actresses really have very little choice.

      Tavia and Niki’s dresses look like they came from bridal shops, but their outfits are much higher quality than other actresses who sourced their dresses from bridal studios too, such as Alice Chan and Vivien Yeo.

      Also I noticed the makeup quality ranged vastly among the actresses too. Mandy Wong, Priscilla Wong, and Nancy Wu may have gotten help from the same makeup artist—their makeup style look similar and look fabulous. While Toby Chan was definitely neglected, worst makeup for the night.

      1. @jayne i believe a lot of the dress or all are from Myloe and Kevin’s bridal shop called Kvolie?? or soemthng. cause i noticed on IG, they sponsor a lot of the TVB events. When i clicked on their IG page…it seems to be the similar styles, not really a fan of most of their dresses

    2. @wm2017 only tavia looks gorgeous. sharon’s dress is horrible…it looks like a gigantic bib.
      this awards event is way PAST 2017 and christmas…but nancy wu still dressed like a christmas tree. rosina’s hair should have been done up…she looks like a cardboard stand.

  13. For the male, Vincent should get the best dressed award. His tux can change colour! From black to deep blue under different lighting. Very cool!

    Luk Wing and Owen’s Tux also very smart looking and nice. Oh I wish Ruco could take a hint from these 3 ppl to improve his fashion sense…

    Anyway, this Tvb 50th Anniversary Award is a huge let down. Very few artiste wear expensive jewelries or dress appropriately for the ceremony, especially Liza Wang. She was accepting a very significant award on behalf of every Tvb artiste and she chose to wear a dress like some cheap knockoff…

  14. i agree with this article a lot, i think tavia dressed really nicely, niki also pretty. i feel like a lot of tvb artistes did last minute outfits and many that normally dress really nicely looked disastrous. i think rebecca, natalie and jacqueline actually dressed the best. but the fashion in this year’s awards have definitely degraded.

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