Toby Leung: “My Divorce Has Nothing to Do with Ron Ng!”

After announcing her divorce with former husband Aaron Wong (黃敏豪) in early February, TVB actress Toby Leung (梁靖琪) made her first public appearance at a fashion event on March 6. Toby’s good friend Ron Ng (吳卓羲), who was rumored to be the cause of Toby’s failed marriage, also made an appearance at the same event. The pair did not show any awkwardness with each other and even happily complied to the press’ request for a photo together, and Ron comfortably wrapped his arm around Toby’s waist. “Why would we be awkward with each other? We’re good friends!” exclaimed Toby.

Ron added, “It was the audience who said we were awkward with each other, but I never thought so. You shouldn’t use ‘awkward’ to describe my relationship with Toby.”

Toby and Ron Went Too Far in Swimming Pool Games?

Ron and Toby’s dating rumors can be traced all the way back to 2006, when the pair starred in the TVB drama Men in Pain <男人之苦> as a young married couple. Ron also stole Toby’s first onscreen kiss. In 2011, Toby suddenly announced that she would marry businessmen Aaron Wong, whom she only dated for a few months. Their large and expensive 53-table wedding banquet garnered extensive media exposure, and Toby was also vocal about wanting to eventually start a family with Aaron.

However, her reputation suffered a blow in 2012 when Toby was spotted playing drunken poolside games with Ron while dressed in a scanty bikini. Ron and Toby’s interactions were intimate, and Toby was accused for cheating on her husband. Although Aaron defended Toby at the time, insisting that their relationship was not affected by the scandal, Aaron and Toby ultimately ended in divorce, six months after their marriage.

Not Ron Ng’s Fault

“I’ve already said that [the divorce] had nothing to do with [Ron],” Toby said when asked about her divorce with Aaron. “[Ron and I] are really just good friends. We will meet up when we have time. Recently we met up at my father’s [TVB] farewell party.”

Toby admitted that the divorce with Aaron had affected her greatly, confessing that that it did leave a dark mark on her memory, “I had to slowly readjust again. Right now I will focus on my career and work out. I am not ready for a new romance.” Asked if she would consider Ron, she immediately said, “Friends will always be friends.”

Claimed to be the reason behind Toby’s divorce with Aaron, Ron immediately clarified that he never pursued Toby before. “We’ve known each other for many years; practically grew up together and we are really good friends. She calls me gor gor. We see each other all the time for work.”

Suggesting that her close relationship with Toby probably made Aaron jealous, Ron defended, “We are not children anymore and it’s not like something happened between us.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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  1. geez, she’s ugly and dont’ like her. her acting also sucks.

    1. She already looks quite decent in above pic. Some other pics of her are even uglier.

  2. She looks better with long hair.

    Anyway, I guess we won’t be seeing Toby much since Tommy left.

  3. I don’t think the divorce had anything to do with a third party…they just married too quickly and too young. They’ve only dated for about a year or less and then tied the knot, my opinion like a majority of divorces that happens when you get married dating under a year; not right for each other. Usually for relationships the first year is always the most exciting one you’re infatuated with one another but after that infatuation ends so does your relationship just like this one.

    1. Agreed! They married too fast, I doubt it has anything to do with Ron.

    2. Guess it depends on the individual. The next article says Joey Meng married her husband after dating only for seven days. They have been married for 13 years.

      1. However, they already know each other for a long time with dramas and he was directing the Vampire dramas too. So actually, they known each other for a while and when the actually official date and tell others, they have mutual feeling and etc…

  4. she looks nice in that photo, long hair looks better on her, other time she looks like too masculine with shorter hair.

  5. I believe her! Her divorce has nothing to do with Ron. Her divorce has everything to do with her behaviour, which involves Ron amongst other things.

    1. You got that right!

      Ron was just playing the part of a director in a porno shoot. LOL!

  6. Now Toby and Ron can be together as platonic friends or even more now…She looks like the type who strives to get attention and willing to smooze to get it one way or the other. With Toby’s current makeover, she can wear more captivating clothes and look decent enough to attract more attention.

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