Toby Leung Regrets Wild Behavior With Ron Ng

Since the beginning of her career, Toby Leung (梁靖琪) was always known to have a party girl personality. Before her marriage, she was photographed to be holding hands and strolling with married man, Michael Mui (苗僑偉), while filming The Drive of Life <歲月風雲>. Following this incident, rumors spread that her kissing scene with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) kissing scene turned out to be the real deal. Since the onset of her career, Toby’s scandals have out-shined her onscreen performances.

Last November, Toby married the wealthy Aaron Wong. Many would have believed she had settled down, reining in her wild and playful spirit. However on September 16, during the filming of Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲宵II> in Sanya, Hainan, several tabloids captured pictures of Toby and costar, Ron Ng (吳卓羲), playing intimately in a swimming pool at night.

After the latest scandals hit various magazines and newspapers, Toby’s husband was reportedly very upset. A source close to the couple said Toby was smart enough to alert her husband before the photos hit the street, and Aaron expressed that she has his full support.  Aaron said Toby is being playful, and he mentioned that he knows Ron quite well.

However, a slew of magazines revealed Toby’s party pictures, with each picture progressively more explicit. Of course, Aaron, being a husband, was naturally furious. Although he said he trusts his wife, it was rumored that he did not speak to Toby for several days, and decided to sleep in the guest room. Toby spent days convincing Aaron she will never do it again and begged for forgiveness.

Father-in-Law Shows Upset Too

Allthough Toby’s hard work to convince her husband to forgive her paid off, her over-the-top behavior infuriated her in-laws as well. Last Thursday, a neighbor who lived in the same complex as the couple in Clearwater Bay revealed that a man about 60 years old in a black suit, with a tabloid magazine in hand showed up outside of Toby and Aaron’s apartment. The neighbor continued, “Once they opened the door, Toby and Aaron immediately said, ‘Daddy’ together. I recognize Tommy Leung (梁家樹) on television, so I know that this man is not Toby’s father but her father in-law.”

After Toby’s father in-law entered the apartment, the neighbor recollected hearing a loud thump sound, similar to a magazine hitting the floor. The neighbor overheard the man asking Toby how she can be in such scandalous photos, and whether she knows that she’s already someone’s wife. Furthermore, he questioned his son Aaron whether she behaved like the how she was portrayed around other guys. Aaron responded that she usually plays that way, and Toby added that Ron Ng is only her colleague, and they were only playing at that time.  After her explanation, Aaron’s father was still furious, said a few words, and left.

Change of Heart on Having a Baby

Toby’s usual playful manner made her father-in-law wary about the marriage. Before the marriage, Toby played her part to accompany Aaron at family gatherings. Knowing her in-laws would like to have grandchildren soon, Toby promised she would make that her first priority after getting married.  With that promise, she was well liked by her future in-laws. However, once married, Toby pulled a change of heart and told them her work schedule is fully booked and that she will have to wait until the next year or year after to become pregnant. Her father-in-law was naturally disappointed.

While he can accept her career-minded excuse, seeing his new daughter in-law’s scandalous photos repeatedly is another story. No wonder Toby’s father-in-law was furious!

Toby Promises to Change

A few days ago, Toby was a guest on a TVB game show. Gone are her loose and revealing clothes. Toby showed up in a long sleeve black shirt without revealing much skin. As to the rumor of her father-in-law causing a scene in her apartment, Toby said no such incident happened, as he spent most of his time working in China. When asked whether her in-laws and husband were upset with the photos, she said everyone knows how playful she is and blamed the “kissing photos” on the camera angle, which gave such an illusion.

Toby did admit she was wearing skimpy clothing and her family was uncomfortable with the report. She said, “I regret being too wild that night.”

Finally, when asked about changing her habits, Toby said she will change her playful attitude.  She will try to avoid being a tomboy and not have so much body contact with other men. Toby said, “I don’t want people to have the wrong idea anymore.”

Source: Sudden Weekly #896 via

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  1. Made up story? Or did Toby’s neighbour sold her story to the media?

    1. Honestly i dont think that’s important, i’m glad she got busted for her inapproriate actions.

  2. I dont think she was being “tomboy” at that time playing with those guys in the pool and also hand strolling & holding with Michael Miu…doesn’t seems so simple as it.

    Btw, why Michael miu again? haha I always knew this guy is big flirt too..he was seen flirting with some porn star last time right?? I guess all men are alike..h0rny in nature.

    1. Yes last time Michael Miu was caught flirting with the porn star. This old father really has confidence in his looks.

      1. what’s the name of that porn star ^^ i like to investigation this thing a lil farer ekekke

    2. What’s more important is her wild wife behaviour is caught and can make her change to the better.

    3. Gross. I think Michael Miu is pretty good looking on screen but I’m sure he looks really old in real life… like old skin.. yikes!!

      1. well i agree w/Hannahh that he is the Hottest among those 5 in his days. i mean come on, at least MM still looks good onscreen where as some awwwww yikes…even makeup couldnt help them.

      2. There’s something called makeup onscreen. Him Law wear a lot of it in DID

      3. Well Miu is in his 50s so how can you expect him to still look really young?? My aunt met some artists in real life and was disappointed and said they had bad skin and looked old but looked great on screen. I guess all of that make up and lighting really makes a big difference.

    4. lol I rmb a Jaynestar visitor mentioned how she admired Michael and Jamie marriage. I didnt know he’s a flirt.

  3. Who cares? I can’t stand her acting. If it weren’t for her father, she wouldn’t qualify to be a keah lea fea.

    1. “Since the onset of her career, Toby’s scandals have out-shined her onscreen performances.”

      LOLOL so true. She’s definitely not that pretty, charismatic or talented IMO

    1. Yeah, I would bet money on that outcome.

      How can he tolerate a “green hat” as anniversary present? I initially thought this guy was a soft rice eater for not turning the table on her, LOL.

      Unless their marriage is an open or political one I see no other reason. Maybe it’s love? haha

      1. Maybe their marriage was just to help covering Leon’s same gender sexual preference? U know what i mean…..

      2. GOSH!!!!!!!!!!

        i tot this was Leon’s thread.. cuz I posted something about him here.. lol

      3. LOL, if he is gay that would make sense but it think it’s more a open marriage with political influence.

      4. From the way her husband and father-in-law reacted, I don’t think the marriage is an open one, haha.

      5. I’d say give them a year and we’ll hear divorce rumours.

  4. Never liked her, good to see that she got busted. Feel so sorry for her husband.

  5. I never knew that tomboys usually wear skimpy clothing and touch men. HAHA!

    1. Exactly….tomboys usually dress like guys and do not dress in revealing clothing.

      1. She’s obviously using tomboy to cover her flirtatious attitude.

  6. she’s always given me the impression she was a huge flirt. it’s only that she doesn’t look the part with her plain face.

  7. Never liked her. Not a good actress and plain looking anyway

  8. She is busted…it is really difficult to change someone’s personality when they are still young. Marriage guarantees nothing (sic Kim Kardashian). Maturity comes with age and experience sometimes with hard knocks…

  9. Ron ng’s bad press are never ending. And Toby pls behave like a married woman, how would u feel if your husband is caught behaving like this with another gal in the swimming pool?

  10. Never a fan of her as she can’t act and I can’t stand her voice. She’s not pretty at all. Good luck to her hubby for sure. Feel bad for him.

  11. I’ve seen the reference to “green hat” a couple time today… can someone explain the idiom to me?

    1. When a wife cheats on the husband, it is referred to as “giving the husband a green hat to wear”. It’s a Cantonese indiom.

  12. Can anyone tell me why she change from Gigi to Toby? Toby do sound like s boy’s name.

  13. “she blamed the “kissing photos” on the camera angle, which gave such an illusion.”

    Come on….does she think we’re idiots??? Camera angles to create illusions? Those photos vividly show her draped all over Ron while her assets are literally falling out from her bathing suit.

    1. Another good example of celebs lying through their teeth…

  14. Her comment on the skimpy clothing reminded me of the TVB awards ceremony a few years back where she was also wearing a very low-cut dress. I still remember her calling Ron out (when the MCs questioned her) who apparently commented on her dress and saying she was very “well-fed” (as in well-endowed) and how they laughed together pretending to be embarrassed. Now that I’ve seen these photos I’m a bit disgusted at how openly the two flirt with each other, especially considering Toby is now married.

    1. Oh yeah.. bridget since you say this now.. I remember that too.. that Ron called out to Toby and said something flirty to her.. I couldn’t what was it but its something about her full chest etc.

      Yeah they r disgusted, one a big flirt with no shame and the other is a big hungry wolf.

      1. Veejay, I remember it being awkward for the other artists who were listening to their very open flirting and even the MC (I think it was Dodo) didn’t quite know how to handle the / close the conversation topic.

      2. Don’t watch variety shows/award giving ceremonies, so I’ve missed this juicy bit 🙁

  15. Why Him Law and Tavia scandal get press conference and him hitting Teresa Fu. But Ron and Toby did not?

    1. Because they aren’t important enough. Besides, hitting a woman is far worst than flirting with a married woman.

    2. Because Txb dun want and Ron is no more in the favourite list of Txb.

      1. He was definitely given the opportunity. It’s his own fault that he is not as popular as Raymond Lam. His acting is stale and he has one scandal after another. He was so much more promoted than Kenneth Ma and look where they are now.

    3. Because its not a big deal. Actors don’t need to hold press conferences for every little thing.

      1. It’s because TVB is salvaging Tavia and Him. Other artistes only make press conference for important things. It will be tiring if they have to make press conference for every single rumour.

      2. That’s a hint of TY will be getting a big award by end of the year.. hence the salvationn LOL.

  16. don’t even know whats wrong with her husband marrying her to begin with. rich people just love to marry rich people. they think its an embarassment and disgrace to marry the poor which the poor will stay with them for life. you marry antoher rich person then either one goes whoring outside. i have tomboy friends and those girls DO NOT like to wear dresses or skirts already. n talking about bikini, they rather eat poop. toby reminds me of my bf’s sister’s friend. that girl is wild, clubbing all the time, flirting with other guys, trying to get my boyfriends attention, hugging another guy and picking him up on sunday night past 10. while she has a boyfriend for a few years already. ren’t these girls afraid of getting busted?

    1. Shows that all the money in the world can’t buy her class and dignity. Toby is an utter disgrace.

    2. @shoshotah,

      I agree with you that rich ppl prefers to marry rich ppl, I think that’s because either party can help to strengthen financial issues. like business for example and contact.

  17. If real life is like reel life, then I hope the power and $$$ of Toby’s in- laws will make it the end for Ron’s career. Price for messing with someone’s wife.

    1. Well to be fair, it takes 2 to tango so I don’t think it is fair to blame it all on Ron. Toby has responsibility since she is a married woman, therefore, she should behave more like one…

      1. Ron is fault as well but so is Toby… They both should have behaved the way that they did.

      2. Ok point taken. Hope end of the road for both then 🙂

  18. Actually Toby is not that really pretty, maybe this is the reason that she is flirty. She only wants to get the attention of the males. I just happen to be curious how this husband had fallen on her when she is not that specially pretty like the other actresses brigitte lin or joan lin in their prime. She is only an ordinary looking girl. Not even for a Chinese superstar girl. HMMM I dont know why the husband Aaron chose to marry her. Maybe this girl has a way to catch a man. Using her body charm and as if giving her self away for free. Naturally any man will catch the opportunity for free….HMMMM

  19. This accident show us why we have the quote “drink with style” You never know what happens when you drink to much.

  20. If i remember correctly, actress christine ng being a married woman flirted with guys either, with grasshopper guys and other guys and at times did it in front of her husband. But she did not receive any negative perception?

    1. Christine is different because she own up to her action & who she is…she’s not pretending to be something/someone she’s not. What you see is what you get, she doesn’t lie or hide behind excuses & she does it in a harmless, all talk no action kind of way. Where as Toby on the other hand is less talk but more action, actual physical contact with another man in a pool in a skimpy tiny, things falling out bikini…then blame it on the fact that she’s a tomboy…which made absolutely no sense at all.

  21. This is an ugly actress of TVB ^_^ and her life is so f*ked up because she is daughter of a rich family

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