Toby Leung Secretly Splits From Husband Aaron Wong

TVB actress Toby Leung (梁靖琪) confessed that she and husband Aaron Wong (黃敏豪) have divorced and that the couple has kept their split a secret for eight months.

Meeting in 2011, Toby and Aaron quickly became engaged and married within the same year. As TVB producer Tommy Leung’s (梁家树) daughter, Toby’s fifty-three-table wedding banquet was the talk of the town and many thought Toby has finally given up on her partying lifestyle to raise a family. Although she had promised her in-laws to have children as soon as possible, Toby spent most of her time instead on her acting career and her wedding planning business, a decision she now regrets.

While her delay in fulfilling her promise may have caused some tension with her family, her flirty personality may also have played a part in their split. Known to get along well with her male co-stars, Toby’s reputation suffered in 2012 when she was seen playing drunken poolside games with Ron Ng (吳卓羲) while dressed in a skimpy bikini in Hainan. She received public criticism for her loose behavior and had reportedly angered her husband and her in-laws. Even though Aaron stood by Toby during this ordeal, the incident had surely left a nasty mark in their relationship. Some even saw it as an early sign to their marriage’s demise.

Although Toby has been on her best behavior since then, the couple’s busy schedules and different lifestyles became too overwhelming. Despite multiple attempts to save their marriage, they ultimately decided to split and have lived separately for the past eight months. Reflecting on her brief marriage, Toby thinks that they may have been too impulsive. “Now that I think back, we were too quick to decide on marriage. We became engaged and married even though we had known each other for less than a year. We got together before knowing each other well, and are now separated because we know each other too well.”

Toby and Aaron remain good friends even though their marriage did not work out. The former couple was seen on February 3 celebrating Lunar New Year over hot pot with Toby’s parents. Surrounded by reporters, Aaron graciously posed for photos with his ex-wife without any hint of awkwardness. Adapted to their newly single status, they seem content with their current friendship and are not looking to give marriage another try. When asked if there is any chance of reconciliation, Toby replied simply, “Let’s not talk about what may happen in the future!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. Same here. If not for her father, she is probably unknown. Never like her as a celebrity/idol either, especially on game shows, she’s annoying

  1. her voice, omg, that chicken voice is so piercing to my poor ears!

  2. Wow, that was quick! I still remember reading about her wedding not too long ago.

  3. Sorry to hear such a short-lived marriage. I still remember seeing Toby’s beautiful and gorgeous wedding photos with so many pretty bridesmaids not that long ago.

  4. After that scandal, I would have been surprised if her husband didn’t feel like he needed a split from her.

    1. Um, what scandal? Can you elaborate more? I don’t follow Toby news so I don’t know about any scandal she have post-marriage.

    2. Oh, I just re-read the article. It is the poll scandal photos of her and Ron?

      1. Just a pool party… such a small thing…
        Or perhaps because I grew up with a Western upbringing it isn’t considered such a huge sensation???

      2. I think it fine too. Toby and Ron did NOT have sex, just flirting and being touching in the pool party.
        I rather have my woman flirt with men at a pool party than knowing my woman be “ernai” 二奶 for some rich old man that already married.
        Chinese don’t have a problem with their daughter being “ernai” as long as their daughter is “ernai” for a rich old married man as long as he give her money and feed her family.
        But then they have a problem with their daughter flirt with men at pool party. Hahaha!
        What ever, to each of it own. Is their marriage, if they find each other no longer suitable for marriage, then best part their own way.

    3. If the husband needs to split from her because of that silly pool ‘scandal’, then he’s got some serious insecurity and trust issues. NOTHING happened! So she was having fun with some male coworkers, big deal. There were probably other women around but the photographer probably cut them out to make for a better and more ‘scandalous’ story. Perhaps they just got married too hastily and realized afterward that they weren’t as compatible as they originally thought. Please don’t make it out like one of them did something wrong and caused the marriage to fall apart. Married women are allows to have and have fun with male friends, too. As long as a line isn’t crossed and no one is hurt, there shouldn’t be a problem.

      1. Agreed, compared to men (think Jackie Chan, Alan Tam, etc.), this is nothing and uncommon. Maybe Aaron Wong does the same thing or provoked her? haha 🙂

        “What’s sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose.”

        Crush those double standards. About that “green” cap, it applies both ways (unlike what Bounty Lady is implying).

      2. Disagree. If that was your wife, or your husband in a pool with a bunch of scantily clad women playing splash and “wrestling” you would be fuming. If you feel nothing perhaps you never really loved your spouse? I do believe it fell apart starting from that incident.

      3. MT – I’m sure your future husband/wife will be glad to know that you condone them getting drunk and having fun in a pool with scantily clad members of the opposite sex.

      4. I grew up with a Western upbringing too (this is in reply to Dr M’s comment). And I attended wild parties when I was young. But once I got married, I stopped. It is basic human decency to respect your spouse, and more importantly carry oneself in a fitting manner. And I have friends who are true blue Americans and Canadians who changed their lifestyle after settling down.

        What Toby did – she not only made a mockery of her husband, but she disgraced herself. And as a few others pointed out on this forum – think of how you would feel if you spouse did the same thing. If you feel it’s ok for her to do it, and by the same token you can also fool around, then marriage, which is about devoting yourself to one person in sickness and in health … … , is not for you.

  5. Marriages come and go. That is a fact of life so I guess we should not all be shocked.

  6. I actually admire her acting style… just not her personality.

  7. Ya Toby, Aaron got to know the worse side of you after marriage.

  8. Is this even a surprise? I’m more surprised he didn’t divorce her right away after the pool scandal with Ron Ng.

  9. Was her wedding even real in the first place, or was it a promotional event staged for her wedding planning company?

  10. Beware Bosco and Ron, she will be coming after you guys in full force now that she is single!

  11. Toby is just too flirtatious in my opinion. She shouldn’t have married in the first place.

  12. Never like her acting..d pool-party-scandal is rather disgusting for a married woman. Well, good for her ex-husband.

  13. This is a plain looking girl with a wild party girl character. Shame on her and Ron in that pool episode.

  14. she’s ugly and can’t act. if it wasn’t for her dad, she wouldn’t have gotten all the roles she played. flirty, yeah, i can see that in her. she’s just lucky.

  15. All I know is this girl had ruined Ron Ng’s directorial debut: Poolside Orgy.

    1. It did Ruin Rons career a lot. And Ron was alot fatter when they were parting together.

  16. in other words…nobody care about her personal life b/c she’s not famous enough.

  17. People this day take marriage so lightly. They get married and divorce within a heartbeat. It is so simple to get a divorce nowadays that they don’t care about their marriage and just go with the mood without thinking it through.

  18. What a shame, to want to be married hurriedly and have regrets soon after. I think that’s a little irresponsible on her part.

  19. a very terrible actress who used her parents to get any script she wanted… would you piss off your boss by not casting his/her daughter… NEPOTISM!!!

    1. First, his dad is leaving Txb (within this month). If she still can get roles, it won’t be for his dad. Second, any executive has relatives do something for Txb, for example Catherine Tsang’s cousin is a director (who beat an actress but tks to Catherine Tsang, got no punishment while the girl was fired not so long after that) and Herman Ho (Sandy Yu’s husband) is in charge of Txb’s Dream Star music company. Toby with some supports of Tommy Leung isn’t a rare case.

      1. Agree. Compared with other executives’ relatives, Toby Leung got very little from her father. She usually just got some small roles in a drama series, not those top lead roles.

        Personally I think Toby looks a lot better if she can hide her ears with her hair. She does not look good showing off her ears.

      2. Even Priscilla Wong got big lead roles by being Sandy Yu’s favourite.

  20. It’s her private life but nice to see them still friends after divorce. Not all couple can keep that positive relationship.

  21. She isn’t even close a celebrity. She forced her way into tvb dramas because she has connections. who cares about her getting divorced.

  22. no surprise with Toby’s personality. I sometime like her sometime not lol

  23. even I never like her acting, don’t find her pretty, still, feel very sad to know her divorced! wish they both have good life!

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