Tony Hung Admits Pursuing Natalie Tong

Caught going on a dinner date with Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) last week, Tony Hung (洪永城) openly admitted that he is currently in the midst of getting to know Natalie better. Publicly announcing his interest in Natalie, Tony hopes that he would get the opportunity to have dinner with her again on Valentine’s Day.

Admitting to pursuing Natalie, Tony expressed, “I do like her – 200 or 300 likes. I’ll wait until I save up 2,000 to 3,000 likes first [before announcing the relationship]. We’ve been out a couple of times – both with other friends and by ourselves. We haven’t held hands yet; we just had dinner. We’re in the developing stages.”

Stating that he has not been in a relationship in the last two years, Tony hopes to invite Natalie out to a Valentine’s Day dinner date. Since Natalie previously mentioned her love for home-cooked meals, Tony admitted that he would need to improve his cooking skills.

Natalie Will Wait for Formal Invitation

Portraying a couple in Rear Mirror <載得有情人>, Natalie and Tony generated sparks immediately. Although the pair was initially attracted to each other, it was speculated Natalie turned her attention to co-star Kenneth Ma (馬國明) during their work together in Lord of Shanghai <梟雄>.

Revisiting her budding relationship with Tony again, Natalie asked her fans to give her a little space. Natalie responded, “These types of things need a lot of space! But there are a lot of things that I need to get to know first!”

Natalie added, “I haven’t received the invitation [for the Valentine’s Day dinner]. Let’s wait until he actually asks me out!”


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    1. i don’t think they ever properly reconciled although she supported him during his low times.

      it’s nice to see tony and priscilla in happy or budding relationships even though i’ve been rooting for them to be a couple for so long.

      1. I am rooting for Tony and Priscilla too 🙂 they have such great chemistry during their travel shows. Oh well …

      2. who’s priscilla? There is no mention of Priscilla in this article. U got mixed up w/ the other couple – Priscilla & Edwin.

      3. U got mixed up with another couple – Priscilla & Edwin. This article is Natalie & Tony.

    2. I thought that relationship is over.
      since the reporters want to know more about their romance, tony entertained them.

    3. She just consider Chui her amigo…that’s all. Nothing romantic.

  1. is he not too open for publicaly declare his love for natalie? i mean a relationship is between two ppl,and he hopes for a dinner on valentines day with her,lol did he already asked natalie for that? because it is so stupid that we already knew this before she know.

  2. Been rooting for them to get together since watching them in “Rear Mirror.” Natalie deserves someone better than Amigo and their tumultuous relationship and from what I’ve seen, Tony is a really nice and funny guy. Plus I’ll be happy when both Priscilla and Tony have found love. 🙂

  3. Fan of both actors…this is a really good match. Good luck to them!

  4. Natalie is always unlucky in love. Hope she’ll find someone who treasure her. Tony seems like a nice guy, hope the rumor is true! 🙂

  5. OK maybe it’s just me but…tony kinda resembles amigo. Like physically. Maybe Natalie is giving this a go cus he reminds her of amigo.

  6. Natalie Tong desrves to be promoted more. She’s got the face and the acting chops.

  7. That’s a good picture of them. They look like a couple already!

  8. hope the rumor is true! they’re cute together! Amigo is a jerk.

  9. No matter who Natalie dates, I think she’ll still goes back to Amigo whenever he approaches her. I think they do love each other but Amigo is not the kind of guy who would just settled for only one woman

  10. I like both othem and am glad they are together now. I do hope their relationship develops and lasts!

  11. Wish and glad to see Natalie and Tony together. Looks to me this a good match.

  12. Natalie, u r a nice woman. All women deserve a faithful and loyal man in her life. Good luck 2 u in finding ur Mr. Right.

    Too bad that the once upon a time alleged sparks Ruco and Natalie generated weren’t enough to ignite the engine; perhaps due to inopportune moment.

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