Tracy Chu Running On Only 2 Hours of Sleep

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Tracy Chu Running On Only 2 Hours of Sleep

Being a leading lady is definitely not easy. Tracy Chu (朱千雪), star of the upcoming TVB action drama EU: Overtime Mission <EU超時任務>, has been shooting nonstop since last April. Not only is she running on only 2 hours of sleep every day, the 26-year-old rookie actress is also getting multiple bruises and scratches from her action-packed scenes.

Yesterday, the cast of EU: Overtime Mission filmed a trailer and promoted the series. After the shoot, Tracy and her costar, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), accepted a mini interview. Benjamin shared, “Tracy has not slept since we started filming. She is the one who is suffering and working the most. I have to give her a like.”

Tracy said, “Getting 2 hours of sleep is already really good, but the crew has been good to me. They take care of me when I’m not working. When they know it’s not my time [to film], they would tell me to take a rest.”

Tracy revealed that she sustained a minor injury while filming an action scene a few days ago. “While I was falling off a cliff, the rocks and twigs scratched my belly. It was pretty bad.”

“The wounds started bleeding immediately,” said Benjamin.

Benjamin praised Tracy for having great perseverance. “She’s so tired, but she still carries a good spirit. She really pays attention to the director and the action choreographers and do whatever they say. I find that really endearing.”

“But I also don’t know how to control my strength, so when I do fight scenes, I really do them. There was one scene where I had to slap [Benjamin] in the face, and I really did it. It worried me a bit, but he said he was fine.”

“I’m okay,” Benjamin said with a smile. “It’s just acting. It’s not like it’s real.”

EU: Overtime Mission, an action-packed time-traveling series about a team of police officers, also stars Vincent Wong (王浩信), Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), Pal Sinn (單立文), and Christine Kuo (苟芸慧).

Source:, Mingpao

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Tracy Chu Running On Only 2 Hours of Sleep

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  • 8 comments to Tracy Chu Running On Only 2 Hours of Sleep

    1. funnlim says:

      Since last April?Since 2014? Is this like the longer shoot ever?

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      • alien replied:

        @funnlim I think it should be April 2015.

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    2. mrvui says:

      “Getting 2 hours of sleep is already really good” o_e

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      • alien replied:

        @mrvui Haha, do you expect her to bad mouth things?If she does,her career is gone…

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        • mrvui replied:

          @alien Haha I know. Just thought this response was bizarre

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    3. hetieshou says:

      How do you function on only 2 hours of sleep? If it were me, I would fall to the floor. I wonder if she smokes or uses any kind of drugs to stay awake like caffeine pills? I hope not because those are bad for your health. It is no wonder many go to China not only for more money but also more sufficient rest,career expansion,etc….

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      • funnlim replied:

        @hetieshou Good question. If not drugs or wonder tonic or she is insomniac, I will say contractual obligation, her drive to succeed and the fact if she doesn’t do it someone else will.Money,ambition, success and fear are all great motivators, especially in the entertainment business.Like why some sleeps with the producer?Why some take lower pay for a better role? Why do your own stunts? Why kiss you co star when you hate it? Why you bear the annoyance of paps following you and also sit through hours of the same questions again and again?

        Because it is part of the job description.

        China isn’t better mind you, just less hectic BUT still as hectic AND they pay much better which lessen the impact.

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    4. alien says:

      When I saw EU I immediatly thought of Laugher Gor Micheal Tse, such a dissapointment he left the station…Really miss his drama! But with only 2 hours of sleep? I guess this must be the reason why many left…And wow, Benjamin and Tracy as the lead,I guess this is really a new generation of dramas where the good old days with Ron,Samuel,Bosco,Steven and Raymond as police cadet or officers are gone…I wonder would this series turn out to be eye catching or just another series to keep drama going?

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