Tracy Ip Dismisses Plastic Surgery Rumors

Model Jacqueline Chong Si Man’s recent admission of receiving breast implants was courageous. However, there are still a large number of artists who deny receiving plastic surgery procedures and insist that their features are natural-born, deceiving other people and themselves.

Miss Hong Kong 2005, Tracy Ip Chui Chui, has been playing “face-changing tricks” for several years. Since entering the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 2005, rumors accused Tracy of eyelid surgery and breast augmentation. Appearing at a function earlier, Tracy ’s features once again appear enhanced. Her nose bridge appeared straighter and higher, while her chin was more refined. All the wrinkles disappeared on the twenty-nine-year-old’s face. Her skin was creamy white and tender, similar to the texture of a baby’s skin.

Although the current Tracy is even more beautiful than this year’s Miss Hong Kong winner, Toby Chan Ting Yan, she continued to dismiss plastic surgery rumors. “It’s boring that the media always say I got plastic surgery!”

Source: Tom

Jayne: Aside from her nose bridge straighter and more refined, Tracy ’s jaw line also slimmed down significantly. She already had double eyelids in the Miss Hong Kong 2005 pageant, but her eyes do seem more vivid in recent photos. That could be due to better make-up application techniques though.

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  1. Yes definitely something done to the nose and a bit on the jaw or cheekbones. Eyes no so since good eye makeup and fake eyelashes can do wonders. But the rest is also losing those baby fat on the face. As far as surgery goes, I think hers is subtle and very well done. For the not so subtle one just look at Joey Yung and Kenix Kwok, both examples on when you should just stop messing with your looks.

  2. agree with the subtle look. it was her old pics that gave it away.

    another plastic surgery failure – dodo cheng.

  3. Botox can reduce the jaw muscle to slim down the face.

    Kenix kwok definitely had stuff done to her face but the media never seemed to talk about her plastic surgeries

  4. One thing that can be sure is that she done something to her nose…

  5. Pandamao, Dodo Cheng had pretty good plastic surgery done in the 1980s. She looked good even in War of the Genders back in 2000. Perhaps plastic surgery requires additional maintence surgeries due to the changes induced by aging? Recently, her age has really shown. Also her excessive thinness makes the wrinkles more apparent.

  6. Did Dodo have her eyes done or did it naturally turned like that? It just looks weird to me. She has that look that looks like she not looking at you but she really is…get what I mean?

  7. Oops…wasn’t done with my post. I don’t remember her eyes looking like that when she was much younger.

  8. Dodo had mainly plastic surgery done on her nose bridge and tip to make it higher. I think she had some minor work done on her eyes to give them more intensity.

    I posted photos of Dodo’s before and after surgery in 2006, but have not transferred the item after the website relaunch…maybe I’ll try to do it this weekend. Keep an eye out under the Plastic Surgery section of JayneStars.

  9. Plastic surgery is so common among Hong Kong celebrities. Eyelid surgery will always be popular, but nose surgery is in big demand nowadays.

  10. oh my gosh, again, what happen to natural beauty! No wonder they all look so beautiful but Tracy Ip was never pretty in the first place. Who do you think were born naturally beautiful? Fala Chen, Linda Chung, Bernice Liu, Tavia Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Cecilia Cheung?

  11. Jayzemine, I think all the actresses you named are natural, with possibly the exception of Cecilia Cheung. I still can not decide if she ever had breast augmentation. Back in 2002, she got very skinny (looking very anorexic), but her chest suddenly jumped in size. Check out the photos I posted under my Plastic Surgery feature (found under Inside Edition on my menu tab).

    I always found Michelle Reis to be extremely beautiful and didn’t feel that she needed work done, but she also had some enhancements on her nose and chin.

    To be honest, I find all these very straight noses to be very boring. There is no differentiation from one nose to the other.

    I find Crystal Liu’s features to be quite refreshing. If you examine each of her facial features, they are actually quite imperfect. But the total combined effect may be what you can call “flawed beauty” and her face is remarkably memorable.

    Some artists such as Tracy Ip do look better after plastic surgery, but for the most part, I still prefer natural “flawed” features in some cases. Beauty doesn’t have to always fit a pre-defined norm.

  12. Cecilia’s boobs are fake. From her nudity pics, you can tell they were perky even when laying down.

    I hope Rosemond Kwan is a natural beauty, she’s simply gorgeous!

  13. Rosamund Kwan is a natural beauty. She has looked that way since she was a baby. Her father was rather handsome in his younger days right?

    Cecilia’s breasts I believe is fake, yes. But at least it is reasonable size fake.

  14. thanks Jayne, agree, Michelle Reis is a beauty but I didn’t realize she had some adjustment done.
    I think Cecilia had a breast augmentation, now that you mention it. Rosamund is beautiful.

  15. I didn’t think Michele Reis needed a lot of work done since she got good features from her dad. I have seen her mom and she looks nothing like her mom. But hey, if she has the money and wants to look even better of course she would go for it.

  16. I don’t get why women who are already beautiful want to get plastic surgery to get everything into ‘perfection’. Like Jayne said, everyone having the same straight nose is boring.

    I also don’t get why women who has decent size breasts want to add a foreign objects into her chest to make them bigger. Is the health risk worth it?

    Lastly, is the Moonlight Resonance Tracy Ip pre or post surgery? I find her beautiful in the series.

  17. @ jayzemine I think fala was never pretty. I love lindas look. She obviously has flaws, yet shes still so beautiful. And doesnt need b revealing. & i heard a lot of people say bernice has done something to her jaw ? Tavia has a really pretty look as well .

  18. I think Fala, Tavia and Bernice are natural beauties. They are very pretty without pastic surgeries.

    Some people are getting unnecessary plastic surgeries.

  19. Kidd, I think Tracy Ip already had plastic surgery during Moonlight Resonance, which was filmed in 2008. Around 2007, she started looking more beautiful and got more modeling/ catwalk shows.

    Tabloids claim she actually had 3 sets of surgeries over time…which I do see her getting more and more beautiful. But the last surgery (if there was one), was probably very subtle and visually difficult to spot.

  20. Tavia has definitely had a nose job. I used to think she was natural but her nose was crooked in Mysteries of love!!!! If you compare her looks in Vigilant Force to Mysteries of Love, her nose has definitely thinned out and gone higher.

  21. I was wondering about Tavia’s nose too. It used to look bigger and more crooked but it now looks smaller, straighter and higher. Therefore, I think she did have a nose job. Hey, she has the money to so I knew that she would sooner or later.

  22. I don’t know…sometimes I really think that Tavia did something to her nose as it seems to be pointier and longer than before. Yet once in a while, new pictures of Tavia come out, and I still see the same nose as before, proving otherwise. And then other pictures come out, and I see the current nose again…I find Tavia’s features to fluctuate.

    I think Fala is pretty. She has a very unique face, oozing of charimsa. Also think Selena Li is pretty too, very easy on the eyes.

  23. @ pearl. i think Tavia’s different look is due to her becoming more feminine and wearing more make up. i remember back in the days i used to hate tavia cuz i thought she was ugly. that was also bcuz she didn’t wear much make up and was tom boyish. these days i notice that she has started to wear more make up thus making her prettier

    Tracy .. this girl cannot act for her life.

  24. To Pearl,
    Well pictures can be retouched and all so I guess that is not a surprise. Of course a lot of celebs don’t want to admit that they had plastic surgery done because they think that it is shameful that they were not “naturally” born beauties but need to have work done.

    To Nikki,
    Tomboyish girls can be cute too so don’t think that tomboyish girls are not attractive. Wearing more make up does not always equate to being more beautiful. There are a number of people that look better without a lot of make up or any at all. I think natural beauty is best for some people, but hey it may be different for Tavia who knows??

  25. @Pearl and Nikki

    I agree that Tavia’s looks fluctuate.. Looking at her now and when she just started out, she certainly looks much prettier now, but then again, she hardly used make up when she just started out but she does now, so i guess that maked a big difference for her.. and if you see some pics of her off camera without make up (candid), she looks very much like how she did when she first started out.. so i really can’t tell..

  26. A different topic on plastic surgery ar ? Anyone who wore cosmetics are not natural beauties ar . Every stars wore cosmetics then they are not natural .
    Hou , I think Yang Yi she was a good looking girl , now she doesn’t look natural .
    The girl Yip Cui Cui is pretty ar .

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