Plastic Surgery: The Maturation Of Angelababy

Angelababy started modeling when she was only 17 years old. Over the last 6 years, Angelababy’s physical transformation has been remarkable! It was widely speculated that the 23-year-old underwent different phases of plastic surgery to completely transform her face: double eyelid surgery to widen the eyes, rhinoplasty to increase the height of her nose bridge, jaw surgery to slim the face and reduce jaw protrusion, and chin surgery to elongate the chin!

In her early modeling days, Angelababy was a waif-like teen with a slim figure. The above photos featured Angelababy prior to getting braces.

The difference of before and after braces? Angelababy’s nice smile begins to take form….

The above left photo of Angelababy was taken in 2008, showing a markedly higher nose than found in her early modeling career. In the right photo, Angelababy’s eyes appear to have  a much more pronounced double eyelid than in her early modeling career.

The left photo was taken circa 2009, featuring a cute Angelababy with full cheeks. In my opinion, Angelababy was the most beautiful around 2009, in which she appeared bubbly and fresh in modeling shoots. The right photo was taken in late 2011, in which Angelababy’s face elongated quite dramatically. It appears that her jaw may have been artificially slimmed down and additional chin work was done.

Taken in late 2011, the above left photo reveals Angelababy’s unnatural jawline shape, as if the jaw had been sloughed away too dramatically. The above right photo, taken in early 2012, sparked online discussions that Angelababy’s plastic surgery on her chin may have gone awry, due to the unnatural chin protrusion.

It is sometimes difficult to believe that Angelababy is only 23 years old, yet she appears much older. Her looks underwent a dramatic transformation over the last 6 years, suggesting multiple plastic surgeries that were performed in several stages to achieve her current look. Despite Angelababy’s before and after photos appearing frequently in gossip magazines, she burst into tears when asked about plastic surgery rumors and insisted that her looks were natural.

What will hold in the future for Angelabably? Will she give us additional surprises with a “face in transition” or have her looks settled? The things that remain certain are Angelababy’s beautiful hair and wonderful sense of style!

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  1. In the last photo her head & neck reminds me of ET.

    She can deny all she wants but one day when her chin falls off like Michael Jackson’s nose, we’ll all know it’s fake.

    1. That comment is funny but also true… I think that is when they will become really embarassed…

      1. sarcasm or really don’t know? Spielberg will roll in his grave, if he is dead and since he is not, I see him throwing the oscars in disgust

    2. hahahhahahah … that comment should win prize as “critique of the year”

      1. @jayne,

        I think guys think differently compare to girls. They don’t care whether the girl is artificial or not, they would just bang them just for SEX.

        SO IMO, it doens’t matter whether Angelababy is a plastic or not, as long as she’s a “pretty” barbie doll now it’s already ok for them.

      2. Correction Veejay.

        They don’t care whether the girl is artificial or not, they would just bang them just for SEX IF she has a hot body.

      3. And some men do “bang” a girl who is actual plastic doll, as in made of silicone. I read some men even prefer that because they’re cheaper, they never say no and they never talk back.

      4. @fUNN,

        Thanks for the correction lol, I agree that that some men still bang girls knowing them were made of artificial. But these type of girls are only good for being GF material not Wife material type. Some of male friends told me, they wanted sexy girls as gf and decent girls as wife.

      5. With the contraction in the world economy its much more efficient and superior with regards to maintenance costs.

        Maybe some men don’t like the constant pressure of getting committed, LOL

      6. Well, would artificial plastic become harder to have sex with since you would have to be extra careful just in case something falls off???

    1. ….with a bat, that chin scares me. Don’t know if it will come off if I pinch it.

    2. Just make sure u dun hit her too hard or her face might fall apart halfway into it. And then you will forever be haunted by that image whenever you hit on others.

  2. Plastic surgery will cost the demise of beauty.

    In the past, if you had a nice smile, or a pair of twinkling eyes, others would remark that yeah, you are pretty/ attractive.

    Now with plastic surgery, these girls/ men are setting impossible standards of beauty.

    What does true beauty even mean anything anymore? Yes, you have beautiful eyes but your natural eyes can easily be supplanted by someone else cutting bigger eyes than you.

    Beauty won’t mean a thing now. Artificial beauty can be purchased with money and yet they all claim, yeah, I am natural!

    Natural beauty is much more than that. Natural beauty is living with imperfections because imperfections are what makes us human.

    But yes, we are turning into a body of genetically altered so called perfect but really horror beauty. Large glassy eyes and silicon leaking breasts, sharp nose bridge and small squirrel jaws.

    1. @Canto,

      I could understand your point of view on Articifial beauty. I could accept PS (Plastic surgery) but if you really have them, I think it’s no harm admitting it but when ppl keep denying about it even others could tell easily the changes on your face were made thru PS then that’s stupid imo.

      1. i guess both of them were twins..n another is actually quite the same face with the two lady as well…hahaha..

      2. They all look the same! If you didn’t tell me I would have though Photoshopped!

      3. Nicole,

        I can’t see those photos due to some security reasons in my company 🙁

        is there other site where I can view them?

      4. nicole,

        thanks for the link.. and guess what? the pic is really SCARY..yeah scary and why scary? because those girls look lifeless like a soul inside a plastic doll. They do look alike but Janelle could be right, both of them might be twins but their looks have definitely got altered, I doubt they would have these distinguish feature during born.

        Gosh, how scary it’s to look like each other with that plastic looks.. Imagine the whole world look this? I bet no one can identify who is who anymore lol.

      5. @Veejay
        You know how non-Asians can’t tell asians apart? Well, now even Asians can’t tell Asians apart with this advance plastic surgery. LOL

      6. Yeah, now I know why the non-asians can’t tell us apart..and i often get offended when they say that to me haha… I always tell them I can’t tell them apart too due to their size! in a joking way of course

      7. Their looks are similar to Dawn Yang (popular Singaporean blogger) and Tia Li (Taiwanese actress and model)… I wonder if they had the same surgeon…

      8. Annie,

        After looking up for some pics of Dawn Yang the famous blogger in Singapore, she looks pretty much the same like Angelababy, Viann and PSS. Gosh, these kind of alteration barbies sure look alike and pretty freaky too cuz they have the same eyes, nose and mouth! I think I’m getting used to this plastic dolls now and i can even tell them apart easily by just one look at their face!.

    2. “Now with plastic surgery, these girls/ men are setting impossible standards of beauty.”

      Rather there will be more men or women cuckolded into thinking they married the real thing, wanting to advance their own genetic genepool only to have found they have probably polluted it, if beauty is what you seek.

      Look, it isn’t plastic surgery that is causing the demise of beauty but people themselves. We see someone naturally beautiful and everybody heaped praise on that person that we want to be like him or her. That beautiful girl, that abs body of the adonis, etc. We see these standards and we want to emulate. It is not wrong to want to enhance yourself, but the problem is now people can’t or refuses to differentiate between those that are natural and those that goes all out to change if they don’t have that natural aspect. And we praise both. We say they’re so beautiful and those born usually pretty will want to say I want to look like her and so further we go spiralling into our dependence of surgery or even make up, hair extension, eyelash extension, beauty products, etc. Who to blame? Our own illogical expectations and the standard set by beautiful people. Blame the men wanting trophy wives. Blame the women wanting to look like those other women. But I suppose in the the blame is oneself. The cause of demise of beauty, which is subjective but we can all generally agree for most society, slim, fair, big eyes, lucious lips and big beautiful hair is the standard of beauty, and there lies the problem; already the standard expectation is hard to achieve. Anyway the cause of demise of beauty is ourselves. We wish to conform so we did what we have to do. In the end we dare not show our real face and say take it or leave it. So who to blame? Look in the mirror.

    3. “Plastic surgery will cost the demise of beauty.”

      Physical beauty, yes. But hopefully as we all grow older (both men and women), the emphasis on developing an inner beauty becomes more important. Especially since physical beauty is becoming easier and easier to achieve if you are famous and have money.

      If a man or woman develops unrealistic expectations on how their mate should look because of magazine covers, then it’s their loss. I agree that the media is awfully persuasive in pushing to us what is beautiful, but people as a whole are so much more than that.

      Intelligence, kindness, a sense of humor, a curiosity for life, a love for knowledge… in the end, that is what endures and is beautiful in my eyes.

      1. Bonnie,
        “Intelligence, kindness, a sense of humor, a curiosity for life, a love for knowledge… in the end, that is what endures and is beautiful in my eyes.”

        Very elegantly put and I agree with your ideal form of beauty. However, men may be programmed biologically to react physically to young, beautiful women. While women may be more prone to value inner beauty in their partners more highly.

    4. I actually think that many that get plastic surgery actually did not look that bad before they had it. IN some cases, they actually end up looking worser than they did before. I think it just varies. ALso, since it is artificial, you have to keep on maintaining it which will cost a lot more in the long term. But I guess I can understand that artists want to look better than the average person. However, what I hate most is that they have to keep on lying through their teeth about it even when it is soooo obvious that they are not natural. If they are so ashamed of getting plastic surgery, then why get it in the first place and then not have the guts to admit it?? I find that so shameful and pathetic…

    5. I agree with you Canto on your perception of beauty since I believe that natural is always best. However, I guess we have to understand the they are celebs and they make a living on their looks so in many cases, they need to get plastic surgery if they want to stand out. Sadly, even people with actual talent and no looks don’t go very far…People are shallow and that’s reality…

  3. Haha… can’t help but think that Edison got w/ Baby even before William did.

  4. She really need to thanks her surgeons for this flawless transformation. And she shoudl really stop denying and admit it gracefully since her previous pics before her PS have been circulating like crazy

  5. She denied plastic surgery? Um… LOL. I don’t get it why people are still denying it. I don’t think people really care anymore. But psychologically speaking, Angelababy isn’t a really “healthy” candidate for having babies lol so she should stick to Huang Xiaoming while she can.

  6. Looks like shes also had her lips done too

    Agrees shes prettiest in her 2009 pic. She should have left it at that.
    The latter her chin is a bit… scary :S

    Her 2011 pic (with lipstick) she looks quite “plastic” their =S

    1. @hikaru,

      The lips were obviously the first thing she changed, then the double eyelids, nose bridge, chin and lastly sharpen her jaw.

      She’s truly a 100% plastic.

  7. As I mentioned in another article… the old adage “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” no longer applies with modern technology today.

  8. He looks is less severe (caused by that teeth and mouth of hers) but somehow now she looks… forgettable. I can never remember her face. And to me for an artist that is bad but for a model, who is supposed to blend in, that is good.

    1. But it depends what kind of model she is. Angelababy is a leng mo, who is supposed to capture the hearts of all guys, I don’t think blending in is good. Whereas, if she’s a run way model, maybe, but most of them also look quite distinctive.

  9. omg..never knw that she transform to so pretty..her past face was so ‘not pretty’..haha..

  10. “Despite Angelababy’s before and after photos appearing frequently in gossip magazines, she burst into tears when asked about plastic surgery rumors and insisted that her looks were natural.”

    And after a while we dupe ourselves into thinking we looked like this all along. Maybe she is convinced of that herself. Delusional? Lying through her newly installed screwed in teeth? But then all these money to look like now she is, clearly she wants her money’s worth and that includes a spanking new reputation of natural beauty, a term which is sorta derogotary on those plastic beauty but it is what it is. Even so called natural beauty did things to enhance.

    For me it is her lack of personality that is more worrying than her insistence that she is a natural beauty, tears or no tears. Let her lie to herself. She has spent enough to justify a bit of lying. Why break her bubble?

    1. I find that pathetic and I really wonder if her teeth have all fallen off due to all of the lying?? I guess if she can’t even be honest with herself then how can she be honest with anyone??

  11. A very interesting read. PS will always be a controversial topic with its fair share of supporters and detractors. Why do celebrities deny they are plastic beauties? Simply because they have started with ‘white lies’ in the beginning and you can’t expect them to literally ‘chin up’ now that they have become famous. Else, they’ll be branded as liars and that’s more detrimental to their image than simply being fake. Do you guys know Malaysian Leng Yein? She’s one of those rare ones who admitted to constantly having work done. A fairy tale of poor girl became model, got married to super rich dude and now she’s an entrepreneur. Hubby knows she’s a top to toe plastic but has love her for years 🙂 Like tattoo, PS is addictive and I’m really keen on having my 3rd procedure, to have larger eyes. I still look like me, just more refined and enhanced. None of my exes know that I’ve got my nose done but if one day someone ask me about it, I’ll admit that I’m not that naturally beautiful! Haha..

  12. Her surgeons must be good. Her after looks indeed is much prettier and her face still have expressions. Some unlucky others might’ve ended up with pinnochio nose or expressionless doll face.

  13. Let us wait for when she starts popping out babies to see what they look like.

    Genes don’t lie.

  14. I still can’t figure out what HXM sees in her!

    In the beauty department she is totally fake and it will be costly due to the maintenance work needed in the future (sure money won’t be a problem here). More importantly there will always be potential risk involved i.e. she ends up being like the “cat woman” (ok he can dump her then).

    Moreover, I don’t think she can be that intelligent, when she thinks that the public can’t see the difference (ok perhaps he isn’t smart either, haha)

    Well I suppose there must be some other factors involved that I haven’t taken into account, LOL

    1. Hxm might probably trying to get her to tell her surgeon so he can enhance his plastic chin too.

    2. LOL Well his plastic too so… eh

      If Angela stops now she can be saved lets hope she doesnt turn into a ‘Heidi Montag’

    3. I agree with you exiodus, but I think those that get so much plastic surgery think that their artificial beauty will bring them many things that they did not have before. Sadly, many of those things may be short term. However, I hate it when people continue to deny it even when it is sooo obvious. Wait until one day when something falls off or they have an accident… When you have had a plastic surgery and then have an accident, the injuries are a lot more serious than if you are natural. I have seen some cases of that and it wasn’t pretty at all..

  15. It’s obvious that the changes to her face over the years aren’t natural. It would be nice if she talks openly about it b/c people are the most attractive when they’re confident and honest. As for not admitting it even though it’s kinda obvius, I doubt that it’s because she’s stupid. I just hope it doesn’t mean that there is deep, psychological reason behind. That would be unfortunate, particularly in the likes of the modeling industry.

    She hasn’t done anything to indicate that she’s a bad person or someone difficult to deal with.

    Overall, she’s alright in my book.

  16. agree with jayne, she look the best at 2009, more natural w/ plummer face. It’s creepy now when you look at most asian actress now, all of them have almond shape eyes, and very pointy chin, sometimes i can’t even tell who is who anymore. My favourite actress will be tang wei, she look very natural w/ small eyes. Don’t know why everybody obsess with big eyes while small and slant eyes, also have its own beauty and unique.

  17. I saw her in “Hot Summer Days”, a totally different person from her body.

    Just a curious question, will strong sexual actions (large force) cause these fake stuff problem?

  18. Angelababy really knows how to be a crybaby whenever they mentioned her plastic surgery. If you get anything done on the chin, it’s sometimes very obvious because they look very unnatural.

  19. It’s so sad, when she is older and has children they won’t look anything like her because her current face is all achieved by plastic surgery

  20. Agreed with Jayne, she looks prettiest around 2009 years. Now look at the chin, it is look scary and not natural at all.

    1. Yea, I really wonder if she will make all of her kids get plastic surgery to look like the fake her???

  21. I think she’s pretty without PS, just with PS made her more beautiful and standout. Agree in 2009 she has the best look. She is addicted to PS n i don’t think she will stop. Once some people start PS will keep getting it done because they always feel that they’re not perfect and need something else done.

    1. That is true that once you have start to have plastic surgery, you will get addicted to it… Plus, you have to keep on maintaining everything since it is not natural. They are lucky that they have the money to do so.

      1. either she’s addicted to PS or she has no choice but to keep her “artificial parts’ maintained hence the faces keep changing from time to time.

        I heard ppl who has major PS needs to seek the surgeon often to maintain their looks (like to adjust the unbalance nose or re-adjust the broken chin caused by bf’s pinch etc).

      2. I think it is a bit of both… Once you get plastic surgery, you need to constantly maintain it or else things will get bent out of shape. No wonder she and others that have had it constantly look a bit different each time we see them…

  22. I think her eyes were pretty even before doing the eyelid PS (this one is a minor PS and dun have much harm, only 2%). Her nose are basically the same. Only low part of the face seems to be changed.

  23. It look Fan Bing Bing and her have the same chin surgery shaver! I agree that she looked better in 2009. It don’t matter how she looks because she is making the money, people that sponsor/support her think she is beautiful! I wonder what else is next? Maybe turn latina/black style and get some cement ejected in the buttock?

  24. Just curious, does any of you other Asians have transient eyelids?? I have double eyelids, but depending on sleep and i guess hydration intake, my eyelid crease size changes. Does any of you have that? It annoys the crap out of me! Most of the time it is fine, which is when I look the best. But sometimes the crease is lower (not as prominent, though still double lidded, but makes me look lazy eyed and small) or sometimes its extremely prominent, almost puffy and a bit fake looking.

    Does that happen to anyone else???

    1. I think if I were to become famous, people would think i got plastic surgery, if they looked at my high school photos…those were my bad puberty days!

    2. peary,

      Don’t drink water when you’re about to sleep, if you’re really thirsty, drink little as possible.

      Or you really want to have big eyes, wear BIG EYE contacts, it helps to make your eyes big, wear thick eyelashes, stick double eyelid’s sticker beneath the crease

      or go get a double eyes lid surgery done.

      I used to be a single eyelid girl but when I grew older my double eyelid just came out by itself and I don’t think i need any now.. people thought I had PS but its ok since I knew I didnt have it to get what i want now..

    3. i think my cousin has the same problem as u do. it is weird.

  25. I bet she was with Edison. Lucky if there were any pics, they weren’t leaked.

    1. @sushiroll,

      Hard to tell, maybe Edison doesn’t like her “previous” looks before the PS….

      maybe Edison didnt like plastic?

      1. I wonder if Edison ever got plastic surgery himself? Just a thought. Angelababy changed her lips; they look different now.

      2. @cloud,

        So far, there were no rumours of Edison has received any PS. And even the photos of him during childhood was already a pretty boy himself.

        although Edison has this weird sexual fetish, he’s still considered pretty handsome imo.

      3. I also think Edison did not get any plastic surgery. He already look like this in his first movie ‘Gen Y Cops’.

      4. I think EDC looks the same through years. But I don’t like his look. Even before the scandal, he looks like a hungry wolf all the time.

  26. I wonder if Angelababy has done any plastic surgery on her pubic and buttock area…..If so, that must be very fake, rusty and if press and grope that hard during sex, it may drop off………hahaha

    1. Pin,
      I heard the new thing is to get decorative crystals glued to a woman’s genitals.

      Angelababy is also rumored to have received breast implants, but her current size seems somewhat similar to before. Since she appears to be a fan of plastic surgery, I doubt that it will stop at the face. Likely, her former success would prompt her to get plastic surgery for any portions of her body considered unideal.

      Liposuction for butt and thighs is always a popular procedure. As well as tummy tucks.

      1. Jayne,

        is tummy tuck safe? I heard tummy tuck can actually help you to get “RID” the extra layer of fats due to Post pregnancy.

      2. Jayne,

        I read about tummy tuck procedures online, it sounds pretty risking and dangerous. I bet it’s painful like hell since I had my bb thru c-section and it pains like crazy after my anesthetic wear off.

      3. Veejay,
        All surgical procedures have their risks, including facial plastic surgery. Even if you find a plastic surgeon with good skill, some procedures such as breast implants require maintenance every few years.

        I read that rhinoplasty where the nose is reconstructed (not talking about the acid injections to refine the nose and reshape) is one of the most difficult procedures to administer as well, due to the need to put all nose cartilage back and if not done properly, the nose can literally get warped in shape or worst, risk of collapsing. Perhaps that’s why Dodo Cheng’s nose shape looks a bit off.

      4. Thanks Jayne for the info, I thought the jaw or face reshaping is the most dangerous PS of all, didn’t know about the nose but I guess you’re right that all PS has their own risks and double eyelid procedure may have the lowest risky rate of all.

      5. Jayne,
        I know that the nose should be one of the most difficult procedures to perform. What about the shape of the face? Is that just as difficult??

      6. HeTieShou,
        I would imagine that any plastic procedure that involves bone reconstruction and contouring would be difficult to do. This would include rhinoplasty (not through injections) and jaw contouring. Of course minor contouring (slimming) of the jaw can be achieved through botox injections. The bridge and tip of the nose can be heightened and sculpted through acid injections. I would suppose chin contouring (elongated chin) and fuller, higher “cheekbones” can be achieved through derma filler injections. “Pinching” of the nostrils and reduction in lip size can be achieved easier than procedures involving bone and muscle.

        The above is based on my visualization of possible procedures involved. I never followed Nip/Tuck and didn’t read online thoroughly about the above procedures.

  27. Jayne, word. Her fresh face in 2009, I like it too…but perhaps “plasticism” is indeed an addictive process..sigh. Oh Angela-baby 🙁

  28. This is also good news to all The Miss.HK that are not so pretty to the eyes of the public, there is hope! Not so cute for their acting 😀

  29. Oh goodness, what happened to her chin the last picture??? She looked better before…

  30. whats the point denying when there’s proof that she went under the knife? … so fake.

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