Plastic Surgery: Chiling Lin Issues Doctor Statement Claiming All-Natural Beauty

“Taiwan’s #1 Beauty,” Chiling Lin (林志玲) has been rumored to have received plastic surgery for years. With the rumors becoming increasingly frequent in recent months, accusing the actress’ various procedures rendered her facial muscles to become immobile, Chiling finally became fed up with the speculations and produced doctor papers to prove that she is an all-natural beauty.

“I’m really upset now! I am me, with my real nose, real eyes, real breasts and real heart. I do not feel the need to nor will I ever get plastic surgery!” Chiling wrote angrily on her Weibo blog. Accompanying her blog post was a certificate from her dermatologist, confirming that Chiling is indeed a “natural beauty”.

In fact, the dermatologist was willing to risk his 30-year reputation to guarantee that Chi Lin has never gone under the knife for any cosmetic procedures. The letter stated that although Chiling’s skin experiences fatigue and allergies from her constant application of makeup due to the nature of her career, but she has never received plastic surgery.

With Chiling’s success in mainland China and Japan recently, naturally she felt the need to protect her reputation. When the film poster for Switch <富春山居圖 > was released in late July, Chilin impressed audiences with her sexy low-cut attire and her mile-long legs. However, many noticed that her face looked very stiff, like a wax figure. Responding to criticism from the public, Chiling said anyone is welcome to touch her face so she can prove to them she is 100 percent natural.

When earlier reports surfaced that Chiling experimented with and spend $20,000 RMB on four different surgical procedures on her face, she became extremely upset. She asked the media to respect her, otherwise she will pursue legal action.

Chiling has always been known for her high EQ and calm demeanor towards the media. However, the plastic surgery reports went too far this time, leading her to publicly address the reports in such an angry manner.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. I don’t see any change, except that she lost some fat in her face. She looks better with some meat. Her face is way too skinny now.

    1. The nose lol, the left has bigger natural looking nose, the right is being trimmed down. For all of the pic, you can see her nose change, and no you can’t lose nose fat >_< there isn't any

      1. which pix? the one with 3 or 2? the 2nd pix, her nose looks bigger bc she smile.

      2. sky is right. your smile and can extend the side of your nose. not everyone’s nose stays rigid. unfortunately, like me! 😆

      3. The one with 3 pic, for the mid n right pic, her smile is almost identical, yet her nose size difference is quite substantial. Also, looking at google pic of her, her nose went from eagle style (curve downward) to very straight. I do get what you mean by smiling can change the size, however, for the 3 pic, her smile is almost the same (or gradual small change, from biggest smile that don’t show teeth, to almost no smiling yet her nose size change is quite substantial)

  2. The first picture on the left looks so much better. I agree her face is too thin now.

    1. Yah she look cute and fresh in the left pic! Was it one of her earlier pics?

      1. As people age, the shape of the face will change due to lose of collagen. I do not know why she does not take care of her face and let it change. She has not even reach 40 but she looks rather haggard.

  3. >Chiling said anyone is welcome to touch her face so she can prove to them she is 100 percent natural.

    Umm….did she specify what we can use to touch it with. Certainly, when it comes down to something like this, one must use the most sensitive body parts to determine the realness of her face.

    Just saying.

  4. She looks pretty natural to me, she’s not that pretty to begin with. There’s lots of girls that would look naturally like her. I don’t see what the fuss is all about.

  5. Maybe make up but she looks different in the above 2 pictures. No surgery but definitely botox. She has the looks of a face that has been botoxed.

    1. I agree that she definately used botox, but is botox considered a more minor form of PS?? If it is, then she is not 100% natural. However, if it is, then is I guess. I think it depends on what we consider as PS.

      1. That is the reason I said the Dermatologist is just splitting hairs.

        If she sues then wait for the Dermatologist and Lin Chiling to be cross-examined.

        It would be very interesting.

  6. “various procedures rendered her facial muscles to become immobile”

    I wouldn’t know. She’s always had a perpetually bland expression on her face anyway.

  7. Not saying she did the plastic surgery cause I honestly would never know. But getting someone to guarantee won’t always prove it.

    You could blackmail, bribe, or even sleep with the person to get them to say that..

    Wait didn’t Angelababy said something about having a plastic surgeon to prove that she’s “natural”?

    1. I agree and with all of the money that they have, it is easy to bribe anyone to prove that they are natural even when they aren’t.

      1. Frankly why the fuss to prove that she is all natural when those half blind can see that she is not to begin with. It is common for movie stars to enhance their features. Look at those korean stars, they admit openly about it. Nothing to be ashamed about.

  8. why the fuss over whether have plastic surgery or not..have so what..why must prove otherwise..what is she try to prove..doesnt make sense

  9. LOL Angelababy already did this doctor statement thing and you can guess how many believe her ROFL

    1. Her future husband will know for sure when she has kids if she is natural or not.

      1. imo, so what if she had PS? it’s a very personal decision afterall. Yeah, their looks are a big part of their job..but their face is their own to decide what they want to do with it.

        When they are nothing but natural, they get criticised for their bland looks or perhaps their ugly features even. When (or if) they do go through PS, they then get labelled and stigmatised as being ‘fake’ or plastic and their work gets criticised as well.

        I would personally never undergo PS, but that does not mean it’d be a crime for others to go ahead and go under the knife.

        I do see a current pattern/trend on how the public and the media judges whether an artist has had PS done: when they lose baby fat as they mature= PS PS PS PS.

      2. True, but I think the big deal is that they lie through their teeth even when it is so obvious. If they are so ashamed of it, then why do it?? IF they do it and own up to it, then there is that is not a big deal at all. But sadly most of them don’t//

      3. yeah really no big deal that they had PS but DON’T lie to the press. Nothing wrong having PS when you’re in an entertainment line especially when everyone are racing to get the top endorsements, roles, etc if you possesed great beauty. I could understand why angelababy, Lynn, Ty and others had PS because they feel threatened by those “natural beauties” and wanted to be the best among others but pls don’t lie about it.

        Some korean artists aldy admitted they had PS to enhanced their looks and no impact were harmed to their popularity..

    2. lol i don’t believe her, she look different everyday.

  10. “Taiwan’s #1 Beauty,”…i’m not sure if i can agree to this…

    1. I so agree, I’m not saying she’s ugly but more average looking to be considered Taiwan’s #1 beauty. And I don’t believe she had any PS since she still look the same. Frist all, she aging(which is very obvious looking at those pics above) and her weight constantly goes up and down so of course she will look different at times.

      1. She’s thirty-frikkin-seven.

        You women are just merciless towards each other.

      2. Me too not really agree taiwan’s #1 beauty with her not so appealing face but body ok ok…so..

      3. It is difficult to claim who is Taiwan #1 beauty when everyone goes under the knives. I agree that she has aged a lot despite her age not reached 40. Could be due to her love life. Everyone will age but she should have taken care of her looks better.

    2. Just curious to see who deserves “Taiwan’s #1 Beauty” title instead?

      If the older generation, it would probably be Bridgette Lin, not sure about now.

      1. I think Chen Kuangyi, the Vivian Chow lookalike might have the qualities of Taiwan’s #1 Beauty

    3. There are more pretty Taiwanese than she.
      It’s the media spin that named her Taiwan first beauty. Money can buy status.

  11. She is not lying stating she did not have “plastic surgery” but she did have surgery to enhance her nose using natural cartilage and not plastic. She looks better with dimples…

  12. Based on Chiling’s photos over the years, her nose tip has been altered. Her nose appears to be slimmer, pointer and more “pinched.” This may the result of injections, but not plastic surgery.

    Also the last two photos show her jawline to have diminished drastically, which may be again due to botox.

    1. So she did not have PS but injections… Hm… in a sense she is not really natural unless injections and botox don’t count as PS.

  13. I think the difference in the photos is loss of weight. She needs to add a few pounds to look more like the photo on the left agian.

    1. Is it difficult to make her look like what she used to. I also used to have baby fat on my face but now I am in my forties, the face shape will change and you will not look like 28 ever again. Be realistic about it!

  14. I think it’s more of weight loss and botox or serum injection than a surgery. I agree that the first photo on the left look healthy and pretty for her.

    1. I agree with you, the nose bridge is higher on the after picture if you look closely. I mean most of them are ready beautiful with a little help from Botox/injection they look even more beautiful…more power to them…just own up to it & move on.

  15. Correcting their features & bodies are very common among Artists only that how serious it has been done, futhermore if their child born out is ugly all they can do is just hide them from the papparazzi until they grown up just get them done some PS nobody knows or either way marry a white man definately the child will be besutiful

    1. just like Jolene tsai has ps done so what she has a white man boyfd next time her baby will be beautiful provided if they still together he…he..

  16. she only looks pretty in the top left pic. when was it taken? in the rest, she looks haggard with an unnaturally thin nose. not attractive at all. i think she was taiwan’s number one beauty around 6-7 years ago (probably the time the first pic was taken) but she has definitely lost the title since.

  17. She is like angelababy. If its not true there is no need to get so angry with the ppl you dunno. Dr statement doesnt mean anything n the truth is they all do it. Don t be navie!

  18. “What we see may not be real, what is real we may not see.”

    The Dermatologist is just splitting hairs and anyone can engaged a Lawyer and issue a warning letter.

    The truth will come out if she pursues a legal case with someone. The opposition lawyer will tear her to pieces.

    Her media statement is just another PR exercise.

    Looks like she does it every few years, she did the similar in 2005/2006 after the accusation on her breasts.

    Remember an English quote “when the tide goes out you discover who has been swimming naked”

    1. Yep. Looks like a PR exercise.

      She needs some coverage after her Lingerie ads were banned by CCTV, her movie Switch is facing Post-Production delays, another movie Sweet Chocolate is facing delays due to the Diaoyu/Senkaku claims.

      In fact some online media claims that her popularity climbs after her complaints.

      See how media spinners can assist in career promotion.

  19. Angelababy also has doctor confirm that she’s plastic surgery free. Lolololol…

      1. No, Angelababy only said by herself that a plastic surgeon said she did not have plastic surgery. There was no doctor report confirming that she is plastic free.
        This was the news in chinese “杨颖(AngelaBaby)为保清白之身,最近邀请整容医生帮忙验证容貌真伪,有关报告已经完成;但是,她表示不会公开报告,因为她不想被指炒作新闻,而该报告会用作控告某杂志指她整容之用。”

        However, these doctors for Lin Chiling and Fan Bing Bing, come out with their names, and put their reputations on the line.

      2. Ofcourse no doctor would be stupid enough to confirm for Angelababy, when it’s obvious that she is 100% fake, LOL.

        At least FBB & LC are approximately 75-85% natural i.e easier for the public to believe.

        30 yrs of rep. = time to retire, the payment is good and low risk.

        Perhaps the dermatologist is entering a new market i.e issue certificates for celebs, LOL.

      3. PS Surgeon will never expose another PS surgeon, that’s like their Work Ethic which U dont go expose your own ppl from the same career line. or else, it will breach your trust and will be isolate by others from the career line.

    1. She really did? Oh goodness…. I really wonder if one day her PS surgeons will come out and reveal the truth if she does something to make them mad??

      1. She must have forgotten how she used to look like.. and couldn’t accept the fact that “old self” was her!! when she looks into those old pics of herself.

      2. I actually feel bad for her if that is really how she feels… She must not be proud of what her parents gave her..

      3. By then, she has crossed the “ocean” and make her pile. The joke is on those who believe her.

    1. Because you have to hear her speak. She is very feminine

      1. I thought her voice is too chirpy in sense of high pitch.. I can’t stand her talking really.. Doesn’t suit her tall body frame.

      2. Not to the taiwanese men! To them it is like a beautiful feminine voice. I got to admit, she does sound very feminine, that sort of sound where you know flirtatious ish? And she does have long legs. I can understand why she is applauded for her “beauty” but of course her looks wise is pretty ordinary. I suppose it is her voice and her fair skin and body. And she isn’t young so kinda like the fact she isn’t young girl and still is considered no. 1 beauty in taiwan.

      3. No doubt she’s one of a rare beauty in Taiwan lol but not her voice pls.. too chirpy for me. Maybe its me who can’t stand high pitch tone, but I have no problem oschestrate though lol.

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  21. She look the same to me…… face is similar but then she look like she lost weight.. have to say i think she look better before.. looking way too skinny these days.

  22. To me she did has some injections on her nose & face but not ps done.

  23. Someone mentioned this type of non-invasive procedure but it’s not cheap.

    Thermage is a non-invasive radiofrequency therapy that can address the look and feel of aging skin on many areas of your body. Thermage treatments are customized to your needs, and typically require minimal recovery time. It’s a great solution if you want your skin to look sleeker, smoother and younger, but can’t afford a lot of time away from work or your social life.

  24. She look the same, but as some of u have said maybe botox.

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