Post-Marriage Chiling Lin Has Plans to Step Down from the Stage

Dubbed as Taiwan’s wedding of the century. Taiwan’s top supermodel Chiling Lin (林志玲) tied the knot with EXILE member Akira last month in Tainan. The wedding was streamed and broadcasted all over Taiwan, just as if it was the royal wedding.

In the weeks since her marriage, Chiling has scaled down her public presence, only making occasional appearances for fashion events and brands. In an interview with China Newsweek, Chiling hinted that being a performer is no longer her priority in life, as she wishes to focus on her charity career and her family.

“I need to focus on my life, including my family, and manage my charity career well,” she said. “I’ll have no regrets! If the stage lights turn off now, then it will be my time to step down. I will end the show with a deep bow, with deep gratitude.”

A combination of love and courage were what dictated Chiling to marry Akira. “The timing was right, and I had to courageously fight for my happiness.”

At her 40th birthday five years ago, Chiling had said that she planned on retiring after turning 43 years old. She postponed those plans after coming across a rare job opportunity. Now that she’s married to Akira, it appears that Chiling is now able to fulfill her lifelong wish of living happily with the love of her life.

Source: Yahoo! HK

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  1. After being in the limelight for so long, she probably just wants to go back to being a normal person. But with her looks, she would probably catch attention everywhere she goes unless she gains weight and wears lose fitting clothes. That’s when women really become invisible

  2. dang she’s 45 this year! so she’ll be at least 46/47 before she can have a baby. i can’t imagine being that old and still taking care of a newborn. there’d be no energy left!

    1. @coralie
      With her status she’d probably be more concerned with conceiving a healthy child rather than energy to care or look after than. The basic stuff like feeding and basic living care could be easily outsourced. Kids need the parents for teaching them values, develop self independence, and confidence among other interlectual development, that I think older parents would be better at because of their rich life experience and more patience overall. Bringing up a child is more patience than anything else

      1. @m0m0 LCL sounds like she wants to be a hands-on mother, which means she probably won’t go the outsourcing route. And in that case, she would probably want to do everything herself. That is a tall order.

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