Chiling Lin Persuades Husband to Reside in Taiwan

Taiwanese supermodel Chiling Lin (林志玲) moved to Japan after getting married with Japanese pop singer Akira in 2019. Since Chiling gave birth to a baby boy last year, she has not worked and only focused on looking after her child.

Staying out of the spotlight for three years, Chiling used the period to recover from her journey to conceive a child and adjust into motherhood. Choosing to relocate to Japan after marriage, many thought Chiling would be living there permanently. It no longer seems to be the case, as she has successfully convinced her husband to reside in Taiwan permanently. For the past three months, Chiling has been staying in Taiwan and is spotted hanging out with her friends in Taiwan recently.

On January 19, Chiling posted a photo of her visiting Kevin Tsai’s (蔡康永) first solo exhibition. “Just like this, I resonate with every word that is projected on my body. The voice may be hoarse or whisperingly soft, but every painting feels like it has its own story. Through every artwork, I am able to gain a sense of healing,” Chiling commented.

Dressed beautifully in a mint-colored coat, netizens praised her slim physique and youthful appearance. Fans also feel happy to see their idol back in her hometown and spending quality time catching up with her friends and family.

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  1. She is a truly beautiful woman… I cam imagine just how lonely she must feel in Japan. There are rumours flying around this couple split up but it now seems that is not so. I do hope this couple will love each other forever…

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