Chiling Lin Welcomes Baby Boy

Finally achieving their family goals, 47-year-old Taiwanese model-actress Chiling Lin (林志玲) and 40-year-old Japanese actor Akira announced on January 31 that they have welcomed a baby boy!

Chiling shared the good news by uploading a photo of the baby’s hand on her Instagram. She wrote, “Thank you for coming into our family. Finally, we have welcomed the little angel into our home. We hope to start the beautiful year by sharing the love and happiness to everyone. We thank you so much for your support and blessings all this time. Happy New Year!”

Since tying the knot in 2019, Chiling and Akira have tried their best to conceive a baby. Despite Chiling having frozen her eggs at the age of 39 for future use, not every egg was usable, so they frequented clinics often in hopes of conception. However, it was a lot more difficult than expected, which eventually led the couple to leave it up to fate.

Maintaining a positive outlook, Chiling continued her daily life with her husband in Japan. She rarely made any appearances except for the recent short video message she filmed for the show Dee’s Talk <熙娣想聊>. In the video, she looked thin from her waist up, and did not seem to show any signs of pregnancy.

The surprise birth announcement drew significant blessings from netizens, as many are glad Chiling’s efforts these last three years turned out to be fruitful and her dream to build a happy family has come true.


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  1. I am sincerely very happy for her… I expect their child will likely be based in Japan than Taiwan.

    1. I am sincerely happy for her too. Jerry Yang was never interested in putting a ring on it. More hid behind her for many reasons, wasted Chi Ling’s time and her youth. Happy for her and Akira

  2. Geez they’re gonna be almost 70 by the time the kid’s 20 and can croak at any time. But I’m sure they have enough resources to ensure child’s growth and development and their own retirement. Having a kid at age 47…kudos. I barely have the energy to function in my 30s

      1. I get the gist of what you are saying. A lot of couples are choosing to become parents at a later age nowadays. Doctors see nothing wrong with it once the mother is healthy , and can carry and deliver a healthy baby, without putting herself and her offspring…ahem, at risk.
        And yes, both older and younger parents of young children can go at any time.
        O habe seem cases of young, healthy men amd women, even athletes, dropping dead, and they were suppose to be healthy and not doing any drugs, etc, and following a healthy diet and lifestyle. Let us just wish the best for younger and older parents, celebrities and non celebrities alike.

      2. Coming from the perspective of someone whose parents actually DO have a huge age gap, I still remember to this day the huge cloud over my head that one of my parents will die sooner because they’re so much older. From a child’s standpoint, this mindset isn’t healthy but it was forced upon me because I had to take age into consideration. Thankfully both my parents are still well, so my worries were for nothing (regardless, there’s still loads of issues with older parents and their parenting methods because of the age gap.) But how could you reassure your child that age isn’t an issue when they don’t comprehend the idea of other important factors yet? When all they know is that being older = death? Yes, being younger or more active parents doesn’t guarantee long life with their kids, but logically and statistically, you’re much more likely to have a longer relationship with your kids if you have kids younger. To mention otherwise or question this is fine, but these cases are exceptions to the rule.

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