Chiling Lin’s Sudden “Thankful” Post Hints at Pregnancy

When Chiling Lin (林志玲) married Japanese singer Akira in 2019, many were skeptical whether they would be compatible given the language barrier and cultural differences. Two years have passed, and Chiling and Akira are still happily married. The couple may even be expecting a new addition to their family, judging by Chiling’s ardent social media posts in the last two days.

Since moving to Japan after marriage, Chiling’s life has been very sweet and blissful. The couple’s time together is like going on a date every day, and feels new and refreshing.  Akira has been trying his best to accommodate her lifestyle preferences and taking care of her. His caring attitude has won the hearts of his in-laws, as Chiling’s father has openly praised Akira for being a perfect man more than once.

The couple often stay at home and watch movies, exercise, and pray. Every night before sleeping, they would pray together, and talk about their feelings from that day, things that they are grateful for, and things that are worrying them. Chiling considers this a great form of communication, which allows them to share their burdens and truly understand each other, while helping to maintain their sweet relationship.

Earlier this year, Chiling expressed her desire to become pregnant and add to their happy family. The actress’ dream may have finally come true, as she hinted at good news on social media. Today, she posted, “Thanks Mother, thank you life, thank you for everything beautiful. Everything arrived at just the right moment.”

As Chiling has infrequently updated her social media since relocating to Japan, many fans sense that her sudden enthusiastic posts on November 29 and 30 to be an indication of more good news to come.

Sources: QQ, Yahoo

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