[Celebrity Weddings] Chiling Lin and Akira Hold “Wedding of the Century” in Tainan

The big day is finally here—Taiwan’s very own sweetheart, supermodel Chiling Lin (林志玲), has tied the knot with Akira (born Ryōhei Kurosawa 黑澤良平), of the Japanese male group EXILE, on November 17, 2019 in Tainan, Taiwan.

44-year-old Chiling, who announced her marriage to 38-year-old Akira in June, held her wedding at the Tainan Art Museum. Though only close family and friends were invited, the couple had the support from the Tainan government and local citizens, who went to the venue to greet and congratulate the couple.

After meeting the press, the newlyweds went to the Wu Ancestral Hall for a traditional wedding ceremony hosted by Chiling’s friend and popular TV Host Kevin Tsai (蔡康永). Other celebrities who attended the wedding included Leehom Wang (王力宏), Dee Hsu (徐熙娣), Nancy Kou (寇乃馨), Mickey Huang (黃子佼), and more.

Chiling was led down the aisle by her father Lin Fan-nan (林繁男). When her father told Akira, in Taiwanese Hokkien, that he would now “leave her to him,” Chiling broke down. Her father lifted her veil to wipe her tears.

“Thank you to our guests from all over the world. My daughter, Chiling, is here to pay my debt of gratitude. She is my sweet, virtuous and intelligent girl. Today, I am weeping with happiness. I don’t know if I should cry or not.” Her father also added that he will be anticipating grandchildren, so the kids can also “bring love and mercy to everyone” like their parents.

Chiling also cried while Akira delivered his vows. He said, in Japanese: “Let’s happily walk together from here on out. Chiling, I want to use this opportunity to say thank you for your love. Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for believing in me, for allowing me to be the happiest person on earth. Your husband, Ryōhei. November 17, 2019. I love you.” He ended his speech in Mandarin, saying, “Chiling. I’m so happy today that we can finally become husband and wife.”

Chiling said, “My beloved Ryōhei: This place [Wu Ancestral Hall] carries the memories of my childhood and my parents’ love. Thank you for warmly holding my hand as we come back here, where it all started, so we can start building our own family. We’ve known each other for eight years, and I know that it was fate that arranged us to become a family. Thank you for allowing me to believe in love. I want to be with you to face every unknown in the future. Whether in favorable circumstances or in adversity, I will stay with you to old age. We will hold each other’s hand to a beautiful life. I’m not afraid of love, but only wish to work together like how a thin stream flows forever. My happiness is with you. I love you!”

After exchanging their rings, Kevin Tsai told Akira to kiss his bride. Chiling looked embarrassed at first, but they exchanged long kisses along the cheers of their family and friends.

Source: HKET.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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