Akira Denies Chiling Lin Had Surrogacy

Taiwanese supermodel Chiling Lin (林志玲) announced the arrival of their firstborn with former EXILE member, Akira (黑澤良平) last month, with a photo of a small hand holding on to a big finger.

Sharing the joy of parenthood in a video interview with Taiwanese media on February 11, Akira said that he has been overwhelmed by happiness. “Although couples around the world face many issues and challenges and we are no different, Chiling has never once thought of giving up, [she] is always full of hope and faith, so we got what we wanted most.”

Sharing Parenting Duties
Expressing gratitude to his wife, the new father added that the couple’s lifestyle has dramatically altered post-parenthood. “After marriage, Chiling changed her focus to the family. After the baby arrived, we placed all our love there. My heart is full of gratefulness. She is really noble, and I will grab hold of this happiness. Seeing how she protects the family, and her motherly side, it makes me so touched everyday.”

The couple has agreed to share parenting responsibilities together, and would help each other even in the middle of the night to feed the baby and change diapers.

Asked how Chiling is doing, Akira said his wife enjoys chicken soup, and he hopes she would make a full postpartum recovery soon – thus quelling rumors of their firstborn being conceived via surrogacy. Sharing that both of them had often gone for chicken soup earlier while they were in Taiwan, Akira has taken to brewing homemade chicken soup for Chiling.

As to whom the baby resembles more, he replied that he resembles both parents, “In the future, I will respond less to questions about the baby, because it is related to his future. I will be more discrete when making replies.”

Source: Mingpao

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  1. I do not understand Asian culture obsession with a married woman body, wondering when she’s going to get pregnant, wondering if the birth is natural or not. Not every woman can just give birth, some are struggle with fertility and birth should just be celebrated and end there. There’s no need to question if it’s natural or surrogate, why is it an important aspect that need to have an answer. Are people going to think less of her if she used a surrogate?

    1. Surrogacy is still illegal in some countries. Also, in the traditional culture those who use surrogates are viewed as selfish and all that. I totally agree that some just don’t understand that some just are naturally infertile too. My late uncle was one of them. He married young but can never have kids as he just was naturally infertile so it is not always the woman.

  2. even if she did, doubt that she would admit to it. not sure what the big deal is, but seems like surrogacy is a big moral taboo for whatever reason in asia.

  3. For those asking why it’s a big deal, I think the reason is that surrogacy is illegal in many Asian countries. I believe China and Taiwan are amongst countries, not sure about Japan. I personally don’t see a problem with it since people are getting married later nowadays and may have passed suitable child birthing age biologically. This might be one of the few pathways left for them to have a baby of their own.

    1. I agree and surrogacy is illegal in a number of countries so of course some would hide it if they can. I don’t find anything wrong with surrogacy as long as it is done in a country where it is legal and as a last resort. You can still have kids naturally and carry them yourself at 47. My aunt did and she had her last kid at 47. Janet Jackson had her only kid herself at 50. I guess with technology, anything is possible these days. It is of course better to carry the kids yourself.

    2. so netizens are now policing for the asian governments? people have their noses in too many places.

      1. @m0m0 I agree with you. I don’t think it’s any of our business especially since she’s not hurting anybody. I do think netizens tend to be very invasive of celebrities privacy and very judgmental of every seemingly trivial action they make.

  4. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with surrogacy. However, one should not lie about it. A few photos with her pregnant would be enough proof. I am sure a model like her would have taken many photos of herself in pregnancy as a remembrance.

    1. @afan202 , I did wonder how we never saw any photos of her pregnancy. Not that I was her fan…just the baby arrival is so sudden. Who knows, they might just want to keep it all private..

    2. I disagree. It is totally in her/their right whether to share their pregnancy journey or not. It’s not a “lie,” but rather their right to privacy and decision on what to share with the public. Given her age, I’m sure their journey to and through pregnancy was not easy (however or whichever path it is they chose). I agree with @m0m0 above about how netizens and people have their noses in too many places where it shouldn’t be :/

  5. At her age, she likely required an egg donor… which is not surrogacy ( when someone else carries their embryo) so in that sense, he is “telling the truth” . My sister at 46 did not have viable eggs so she relied on an egg donor. She flew to Asia ( to one of the few countries that offered egg donors legally) to make it happen successfully.

    “he replied that he resembles both parents, “In the future, I will respond less to questions about the baby, because it is related to his future. I will be more discrete when making replies.”
    He is doing what a good husband should do, protect the family. Baby will not look like her if it’s an egg donor.

    1. I am sure she had frozen some of her eggs a few years back. It’s very common that professional women do that in their late or mid 30’s if they haven’t given birth yet.

  6. I thought pop in to say something. I am almost 7 month pregnant after 4 years going through 3 different fertility doctor. I haven’t told friends I am pregnant yet and probably will not do so after birth. I already have 3 people questioning me if my baby has been checked for down syndromes (prior to this transfer out of 11 embryos meaning after combining my egg and husband sperm successfully 5 passed the genetic test) and got even one who never have kid person questioning my motherhood choices. Therefore, I can relate to Chi-ling why secrecy up to birth. I believe she got her eggs frozen in 2014 but she denied it however since Twins and Joey Yung have their eggs frozen i don’t see why Chi Ling didn’t do it. Some news reported she had 9 eggs frozen. I am currently 37 years old by the way. My previous doctors didn’t use the right drug dosage that caused the failure. I have PCOS so insane egg amount probably I can have eggs in my late forties like Ada Choi. No issue husband side either. Just previous doctors didn’t assign the the drug dosage accordingly to my hormone level. We should just congrat the new parents instead of focusing where the child come from. I don’t know if Chi-ling posted any pics before pregnancy. Recently I updated my Facebook with a maternity photo. The angle of it doesn’t look like I am pregnant when I really have a pregnancy budge but dress+position of body doesn’t seem to give any hints i am pregnant. At least the people who liked my pictures still haven’t asked so I assume they haven’t figured it out yet.

    1. @vortex123 For women who have struggled with pregnancy or may be at risk of complications, they definitely don’t need the added anxiety of making announcements to a wide circle of people. Some people would ask the most insensitive questions.

      However, it’s also important to share with a few trusted friends and moms whom you can find the right support. As men don’t really understand the changes women go through during pregnancy and the anxiety (especially if there are valid health concerns), husbands may not be the most sympathetic listeners.

      Despite past challenges, glad to hear everything seems to be going well for you in this pregnancy! I’m sure you are so excited to be meeting your baby soon!

    2. @vortex123
      1st of all – congrats to you vortex123 and your family!

      Babies are so precious. I think you both brought up really good points about sharing or not sharing the pregnancy news or pictures with people in general. I think some female entertainers prefer to keep a certain image of themselves with their fans and that’s why they don’t share their pregnancies’ pictures. There is no right or wrong about that.

  7. Maybe she didn’t want ppl to judge her body while pregnant. And there are some really evil folks who might even curse at her unborn baby if they knew. Why allow herself to go thru that stress during pregnancy. I know I wouldn’t and if I had the ability to hide it, I prob would too

  8. I can understand that she didn’t want anyone to know before the baby’s birth. Now that the baby and mother are fine, there’s nothing to hide. Besides, for someone who has million of photos of herself and her husband, I can’t believe she didn’t take any photos in pregnancy, that is if she carried the baby herself. Besides, women have that special glow in pregnancy.

    1. Every woman’s pregnancy is different. My aunt had a baby when she was 40, and ended up having an ectopic pregnancy and was on bed rest for months. She didn’t take a single picture because she was sick the entire time and never experienced that glow. We don’t really know Lin Chiling’s circumstances. She’s having a baby even older than my aunt, so she could’ve had a lot of complications. I personally don’t feel like she owes the public anything.

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