Chiling Lin Practices Pregnancy Superstitions

The Taiwanese model has attained greater security and peace post-marriage.

Currently living in Japan, 45-year-old Chiling Lin (林志玲), who has cut down on public appearances since her marriage to EXILE member Akira, shared that she now feels a lot more secure and at peace post-marriage, and enjoys discovering her husband’s “adorable” side, such as being a happy audience to his dance practice at home.

Returning to Taiwan in June for a commercial shoot, Chiling also visited her father who had been unwell on her trip, before rushing back to reunite with Akira in Japan. She also shared that the couple would diligently practice precautionary measures before leaving home, including putting on hand gloves and wearing masks.

Akira Loves Taiwanese Comfort Food Prepared by Wife

Cooking up a storm at home whenever they have free time, Chiling revealed that the couple would order sweet teatime treats such as milk tea occasionally. Not wanting to be identified, Chiling would wear her mask before receiving her food, but had to refrain from talking as she could be easily identified if she spoke.

Between the two of them, Chiling would prepare dinner more often and Akira especially enjoys her Taiwanese-style dishes such as braised beef in red wine sauce, although he cooks up a mean pork broth ramen which she loves too.

Laughingly claiming that she was becoming fat and fearful of being captured on camera, she knew that pregnancy rumors would arise if she looked even “slightly different”. However, she added, “I know that health is the most important. It doesn’t matter if I were fat or skinny, as long as my immunity and health are good.”

Practices Pregnancy Superstition

Previously revealing that she was keen to conceive twins, Chiling was asked about her progress. While she has no good news to share just yet, the model-actress cheekily asked for tips and revealed that many friends had given them gifts to help with conceiving, such as kids’ diapers or toys, or unused sanitary napkins from friends who had gotten pregnant to put beneath her pillow. Chiling laughed, “My pillow is getting taller and taller.”

Partners with UberEats

Following other Taiwanese celebrities plying endorsements for UberEats service, Chiling will partner with Wu Bai (伍佰) in the food delivery platform’s latest publicity drive. As Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) received $10 million Taiwanese dollars for her endorsement with UberEats, Chiling is expected to pocket the same amount or more. Besides being involved with efforts for her charitable fund next, Chiling will be busy with photoshooting for a monthly calendar, and does not rule out the possibility of collaborating with her husband on any future projects.

Preparing for the commercial, Chiling brought her own floral accessories and knick-knacks from home onto the set so her personal pink bedroom could be replicated more accurately. Chatting about their food delivery habits, Wu Bai shared onscreen that he has a habit of ordering everything except Japanese cuisine, then hurriedly apologized after he realized Chiling’s husband was Japanese. Bemused, Chiling also revealed that she would “order slightly sinful treats that would make her happy.”

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