Bernice Liu Accused of Plastic Surgery to Slim Jaw Line

Bernice Liu’s (廖碧兒) new slim-downed face has led to rampant plastic surgery rumors. Bernice’s trademark jaw line was noticeably reduced; did the actress undergo reconstructive facial procedures? Tabloids also accused the 33-year-old actress in begging ex-boyfriend, Moses Chan ( 陳豪) for a reconciliation and wishing to return to TVB!

Bernice’s slimmer face was first apparent in July, after completing new CTI drama, Fantasy Love Song 201314 <童话恋曲201314>. Heading to Zhongsan, China to film mainland Chinese drama, Clear Alpine <高山青>, Bernice endured a strenuous filming process with heated temperatures and frequent mosquito bites. Taking a brief vacation in Thailand with her mother recently, Bernice will next film a drama in Hengdian in October.

Since receiving waist surgery in 2011, Bernice has been unable to exercise, leading to noticeable face swelling earlier in the year. In April, it was rumored that CTI had requested Bernice to get botox injections to slim down her face. At the time, Bernice’s manager, Gary, had responded, “Since she is filming in China now, her figure will slim down! Getting botox is out of the question!”

Regardless, Bernice’s current facial transformation is apparent. Tabloids claimed that due to the actress’s declining popularity over the last six months, Bernice has received plastic surgery in order to salvage her career. An insider revealed that a feng shui master advised Bernice that her career and audience likability will increase if she were to slim down her face shape.

Contacts Virginia Lok to Return to TVB?

Filming primarily in mainland Chinese, Bernice’s Hong Kong exposure has slipped this year. An insider revealed that Bernice hoped to film again for TVB, to increase her appearances in Hong Kong promotional events once again. The insider supplied, “She organized a dinner with Virginia Lok (樂易玲), hoping to clear past negative feelings, allowing Bernice to return to TVB.”

Bernice’s father also accompanied her to the dinner. Bernice reportedly told Ms. Lok that filming in mainland China was very difficult, in which she did not eat well amidst the extreme soaring and frigid temperatures. Bernice drank some red wine and continued to chat with Ms. Lok.

Text Messages Moses for Reconciliation?

In 2008, Bernice and Moses secretly broke up. The couple continued to appear at promotional events together and the status of their separation was not revealed until December 2010, when Bernice was spotted on a late-night date with  Richard Li’s (李澤楷) cousin, Alastair Lam (林忠豪).  Despite ensuing rumors, Alastair reportedly is now dating Jacqueline Chong (莊思敏 ).

Did Bernice have a change of heart and was interested to repair her relationship with Moses Chan? Bernice allegedly called Moses and cried on the phone. An insider revealed, “Bernice realized that Moses has a soft heart. Recently, she has been contacting him continuously. She cried over the phone and said that she was very worried about her career. She said that filming in China is very strenuous and wished to return to TVB. Bernice asked Moses for advice, in which he soothed her over the phone. But she continued to send him text messages on WhatsApp in the middle of the night, clearly saying that she wants Moses back!”

Moses reportedly only loves his current girlfriend, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), and even expressed his urge to get married.

Moses Chan’s Response

Appearing at a promotional event on September 24, Moses was asked about speculations towards Bernice’s plastic surgery, her reconciliation attempts with him, and her wish to return to TVB. Moses clarified, “I do not know what to say, but I did not receive any text messages. We have not seen each other since breaking up!”

Asked if Bernice wished to return to TVB, Moses said, “I’m not sure. Many good people are now at the other station; I hope that they will have a good future!”

Watch News Clip

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    1. Totally agree…..I still think she doesn’t have what it takes to cut it in this industry… acting abilities and not overly friendly either. Should change career while she’s at this age before she gets over the hill.

  1. If it’s true that conditions were tough, she might’ve lost weight and her broad jaw line was actually just some fat around it.

    If it was actually her jaw line, you can’t slim that down since it’s bone. You can lose face fat or “baby fat” though.

    And was that phrased wrong? Botox doesn’t slim down a face, it adds mass, making it bigger or fuller where injected.

    1. You can slim the jaw line. Think of sawing it down. Forgot the new of the procedure. But it’s out there

    2. I think it can be done. Fala Chen had her face slimmed down quite a bit around her jaw areas, which made her prettier.

    3. @kate: You are dumb!! “And was that phrased wrong? Botox doesn’t slim down a face, it adds mass, making it bigger or fuller where injected.” Botox does slim your face down. Do some researches before commenting!!! lmao

      1. @Kristy,

        You don’t need to be rude just bc she isn’t an expert in the field of botox like you, LOL.

        By your reasoning all ppl that doesn’t know the effect of botox are dumb, which is so dumb, hehe.

        Perhaps you should apply it yrself first and stop being ignorant i.e sample more evidence before labelling someone as dumb?

      2. one of my friends got it done… slim jaw line… it was plastic surgery not botox. Essentially she had a piece of bone cut from both side to make her less square (noticable). she said very small like 3mm. I noticed it straight away… mind you her parent didn’t…

      3. Snoopy,
        Just curious, with the plastic surgery re-contouring of the jaw line, how long does it take the face to completely heal?

        And there must be some technicalities involved such as muscle removal to achieve the desired jaw line.

        I can understand why celebrities may prefer a simple botox injection, which seems to have less risks than a permanent plastic surgery procedure.

        I read a short article by a plastic surgeon and it was mentioned that rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult procedures. It’s very bloody, due to all the blood vessels in the nose. Also after you cut into the nose, you have to reshape the cartilage and put everything back in. Also if too much bone or cartilage was removed, then there is a chance for collapse.

        It was also mentioned that a boob job brings a lot of money and lot less work.

      4. wow kate thts a bit harsh.. i dont know abt botox does tht make me dumb.. i dont think so..

      5. @Kristy and @elin

        I actually had to look back at my comment to see if I had unknowingly wrote that “people are dumb” since I’m sure that I never once said that.

        And I really did think it was phrased wrong since I have a friend that works at a cosmetic surgery place and sometimes when we talk about her work, things like botox comes up. As to my knowledge I thought it was filling the face and usually used to “fill wrinkles” as what my friend also tells me (what the majority of people get). If there are other things that may be done by it, then that’s great, people are free to correct me and I’ll gladly hear it.

        My comments were never meant to make people seem dumb or rude, so I’m not sure if that’s just how some people read it.

        And as for getting surgery to cut down the jaw, I’m sure there’s stuff like that, but that’s really intense and it would probably take a while to heal.

        I still personally think she didn’t get surgery that would cut down on the jaw since it would be a lot more serious and probably riskier than other simple procedures.

  2. Her face does look slimmer…

    I doubt that she’s begging to go back to Moses but wouldn’t be surprised if she’s trying to go back to TVB. It depends on what she’s looking for. If she wants to be a lead actress, then it’s best to stay at CTI since she is one of the bigger names there. If she doesn’t mind supporting roles, then she should go back to TVB because she’ll probably be making more money that way. Before she left, she never really got the best roles but that left her a lot of time to do promotional activities and she was their top female earner one year.

    1. moses is not that good and they way her treated her I don’t think its good to go back to him and as for aimee and moses
      don’t suit each other at all ( brother and sister ).

  3. Her jaw line does look differently.. but then it could be makeup/angle of photos.

  4. Her face was more square before and now looks oval. She’s still very pretty and has a great smile. All the best to her!

    I really hope the news about her wanting Moses back is fabricated because she deserves someone WAY better than that scumbag. As for wanting to return to TVB, I think she’s better with staying at CTI since she’ll get more leading roles there.

    1. I heard about that too and if that is the case, then I can understand why she did it..

  5. Hahaha i doubt she would send those messages to Mose.

    Plus, if she ever retuns back to TVB, Ms Lok may not give her good leading roles.

    Support you bernice!

    1. Support Bernice too as she has nice character and she speaks what she thinks and just straight forward not like some fa dangs just show shine and so false.

  6. It’s obvious her jawline has disappeared, I wouldn’t be surprised she got Botox or went under the knife. It’s too bad, because she made a point in saying how she’s all natural. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do to save your career.

    But the part about Moses and tvb makes no sense and sounds so fake. Filming in china can’t be any worst than tvb. Filming in china will earn her more money and china’s market is much bigger than Hk. Also, why would she want to get back with Moses? He treated her like dirt when there were rumors about Bernice being a cheater. Moses is a jerk and I don’t understand why people would give him so much praise.

    1. Exactly, aren’t the working hours shorter when filming in China compared to TVB? Plus wages are higher as well, so I don’t see why one would want to return to TVB when developing in China is so much more beneficial.

  7. I think she looked better before the PS, which is glaringly obvious. Unless she was carrying large pouches of fat on her jawline, which is unlikely given her figure, there’s no way her new face shape can be attributed to weight loss/lipo alone.

  8. They broke up in 2008, why does he always sound like she broke his heart when she started to see Alastair. What I don’t like is that he still tries to act like a victim. The only thing that broke up is their couple team partnership in 2010.

    1. I agree. I can’t look at Moses the same way anymore. “Oh I haven’t see her since we broke up”. Does he mean the real breakup in ’08 or the media breakup of 2010? Cuz he definitely still saw her while they were doing promotions together. Despicable.

      Yea Bernice’s jaw does look smaller but I’m unsure whether she did get anything done. We’ll see when more pictures come out.

  9. I choose to think this gossip was made up for two reasons. As part of TVB’s promotion for TLSA. As news topic for Bernice’s function tomorrow.

  10. oh she looks prettier n a lot slimmer. she looks skinnier all around. she’s got some attractive eyes. those fake lashes makes her look hot.

  11. Whatever the …case…surgery or no surgery she’s still pretty in her own ways. I wish her the best of luck…hopefully not back to TVB…the media and people will give her a hardtime about that one.
    Back to Moses…why? He has his hand full w/the awful Amiee. Let him rot in her arms. She can do better. Don’t know what people see in him anyways….$$$$

  12. she looks great.. why would u wan go back tvb bernice.. thy treated u like crap..

    1. well, if you are in desperation then you will have to swallow your pride at times in order to survive.

      1. I heard that her career in China isn’t going too well but not sure about CTI…

      2. Her role in “Mystery in the Palace” was minor. There is one upcoming Mainland production she plays lead.

  13. Even if she did get botox or PS, she of course will not admit it just like the rest of the celebs that have had it done.. Therefore, it is nothing shocking or surprising…

  14. um my face totally changed when i lost weight and she looked like she lost weight instead of having surgery.

  15. I doubt that the rumors of Bernice going back to TVB are true…based on what I’ve seen from her manager’s posts on Weibo, her Mainland career seems to be going pretty well. And she definitely has more opportunities if she stays with CTI — especially since we all know how TVB treats people whom they perceive as “traitors” (and in TVB’s eyes, anyone who went to CTI is definitely considered a ‘traitor’)… the interview she did where she spilled the beans on how TVB treated her…I’m sure that didn’t sit well with TVB management and we know how ‘petty’ TVB can be with that kind of stuff. Her career will pretty much be over if she returns to TVB….

    1. I’m also skeptical of the above news of Bernice begging to go back to TVB and to get back with Moses. And no doubt the insider who revealed the phone call must be the very same one residing inside this reporter’s fertile imagination.

    2. I’m definitely sceptical of these “news” about her wanting either TVB or Moses back. However, I think it’s undeniable that she had some work done. In a way, I think she looks better now since I always thought her jaw was too masculine, yet is was also her most distinguishable characteristic. Now she looks rather ordinary.

  16. Oh well, her choice. That piece about Moses sounds like absolute toss though.

    Back to her face, that picture on the right looks like a cross between Christine Ng and someone else…

  17. she look a little bit diff which mayb because she has lost weight.

  18. doesn’t matter if she under plastic surgery or not, she looks pretty now and she had something that makes her look attractive…great body too 🙂

  19. i like bernice. but im not gonna defend her and say that she did not get plastic surgery when it seems pretty obvious.

    i honestly doubt baby fat makes a square jaw more square… if anything baby fat would cover up the sharpness of her jaw and if she lost the fat it would make her jaw more apparent hence more square. so whoever says that her jaw line is slimmer because she lost fat… no way.

  20. I actually have a feeling this news (the piece about her wanting to go back to TVB and Moses) was made up for promotional purposes (on TVB’s side). I mean, it’s too much of a coincidence that TVB has been riddled with scandals pretty much all year (their most popular siu sangs and fa dans have been in the news ALOT recently — practically every month it seems), while with CTI, there hasn’t been much “scandal” except for the Wilfred Lau / Joey Yung thing. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least of this news was ‘made up’ by insiders in the TVB camp to make CTI (and its artists) look bad (that’s just my 2 cents of course…)

  21. Will her jaw fall off in future! Looking natural is a sin for them actresses and actors, I think but BridgetLin has the most beautiful chin of all, a natural.

  22. I don’t think Bernice got anything done that wasn’t done before. I have noticed even during her TVB days that her jawline would look smaller, then go squarish again. I could only attribute it to makeup, but its doesn’t look only like that. Same goes for Sharon Chan, her face is squarish, but then in certain series its not, then it is again. I feel like it’s more drastically different for sharon vs bernice. Maybe its the procedure talked about before (The face molding/slapping thing?) that is only temporary? I love both actresses though and think that they are the only ones that I would call “gorgeous” at TVB

  23. Wah, she looks so different now. If someone just show me that top right picture without telling me who she is, I wouldn’t be able to guess she’s Bernice. She also looks very different in the video clip. 🙁

    Seems that with her square jaw gone, she looks less sunshine.

      1. I don’t think it was her choice. That CTI boss was like heckling her looks. I bet she regrets ever dating Moses. That fake gentleman turned out to be a douchebag. Poor Bernice. Hope her luck changes for the better.

    1. She looks like a complete different person but her smile is still the same, still as bright. All the best, Bernice! You deserve someone better than Moses (puke).

  24. I think she just had botox on her to make his jawline thinner. Doubt she can do PS in this short period.

    1. I don’t think botox is permanent, is it?? If not, then she has to constantly get it to maintain her facial structure.

      1. Botox lasts for a short time. I heard it was between a few months to half a year.

      2. Thanks for the info! It sounds like those injections that TY used for her nose.

  25. Bernice does look different I also think its most likely there is botox involved in slim down the face frame gives it a lift as well but I think she’s over done it a bit her face look tight when she talk

  26. I actually really liked her old jaw line but I think it’s something that traditional Chinese don’t like? I’m a big Bernice fan but I can see where the surgery claims are coming from, it looks really obvious because her entire face shape has changed. I’ll always be supporting her though, although I stand by my opinion that I loved her natural looks and figure.

  27. It’s so normal to get sonmething done be it botox or PS. If it’s botox, it’ll get back to her normal self in a few months time.
    Didnt know she crossed over to CTI, wonder why?

  28. She looks better with the plastic surgery imo. Her old jaw made her look fat lol

  29. i don’t understand that in the past moses always being considered as diamond or golden bachelor. He is darn ug period.
    He got those look of unfinished evolution. Him and aimee flaunting their relationship really fed me up.

    1. There is more to a person than looks. But I do agree that him and Aimee constantly flaunting their relationship is VERY annoying… I wish he would have treated Bernice better.

  30. Well Kenix Kwok slimmed down her jawline and she looks fab!! Not sure if anyone remembers KK with a square face in her early days as a tvb actress. Anyway, I don’t blame Bernice if she did have plastic surgery on her face because when you are constantly photographed and your appearance criticized to the most minute detail, you can’t help but feel conscious about your looks.

  31. Her jaw lines looks very different and I believe she did get plastic surgery. She was getting so many criticisms before about her weight and what not, sucks that she feels she has to turn to the knife to better her career. I personally feel she had a very unique look that was different from all other hk actresses. Sometimes, its the flaws that make you stand out and make you more beautiful. Best of luck to her.

    1. I agree with you that it is the “flaws” which make you unique and special from others. If everyone just wants to get PS just to acheive the “perfect” look then everyone will look the same(as you can see with the Korean actresses who all went under the knife) and there will be no uniqueness anymore…

  32. she was lying because she was a bit shaky & you can tell she didn’t even believe what she was saying lol. she does look better though.

  33. Dear God, she looks really ugly now. ._.

    Don’t take her back, Moses. As much as I hate you dating Aimee, once a cheater, always a cheater.

      1. Moses even blushed when talking about “blow job”, so you can imagine.

    1. @YQ: Sounds like you don’t know the full story. Bernice wasn’t the one who cheated, as she had already broken up with Moses by the time the Alastair rumors came up. Both Moses and TVB knew about the breakup, but they kept mum about it and continued to ship the 2 of them as a couple (since it was a money-making opportunity and good promo). When those rumors about Bernice cheating on Moses came up, both Moses and TVB not only didn’t defend her (by clarifying that she wasn’t cheating since they had broken up), they (Moses especially) rubbed salt in the would by playing the victim card (‘oh, poor me, oh, I don’t want to talk about it!’…PUKE!). That’s why alot of us said here in this thread that Moses is a scumbag…(There’s actually more to the story but since that part isn’t relevant, won’t get into it here).

      In comparisons…look at Kenneth Ma. Even though he and Nancy Wu had broken up already, the minute she was being labeled by the Media as having ‘princess illness’ and other negative reports about her, he immediately came to her defense and used his role as ‘Nancy’s ex-boyfriend’ to clarify about her personality and shoot down the negative reports/rumors about her. Compare that to Moses taking the coward route….huge difference!!

      1. Didn’t you get it wrong? Nancy was never been labelled “princess illness” until MM said that in the sudden “breakup” announcement. After that, the media started to call her “princess illness”.

        I said in another topic that before the “breakup” reveal, Nancy’s worst scandal was only the love rumour with Derek Kwok but the baddie falls into Derek Kwok, not Nancy at all.

        But it’s a huge difference. Moses didn’t protect Bernice and MM protected Nancy by giving her bad rumours. But the same that both took the goodie parts to themselves.

      2. llwy12, what’s the rest of the moses and bernice story? i only know of what you mentioned

      3. @starry: The ‘more’ part has to do with Bernice’s surgery and how TVB treated her during that time. Bernice did an in-depth interview with Mingpao Magazine awhile back ago in which she discussed in detail the reasons why she left TVB, the pain that she was going through at the time due to her injury and surgery, as well as how she felt about Moses essentially leaving her out to dry. It was a pretty revealing interview and even though I’m not a Bernice fan by any means (in fact, I was never fond of her as an actress and I’m still not, even now), as a woman, I couldn’t help feeling for her. It definitely made me see both her and Moses in a different light.

      4. @Fox: Hmmm….really? Not sure of the exact timeline, but I do know that I’ve always had the impression of Nancy as being ‘diva-ish’ and having princess illness, even before Kenneth came out and said anything. And I remember seeing reports about her having princess illness way before also… I don’t feel that Kenneth was the one who caused her to have those rumors. If anything, I feel he helped her out by clarifying her personality and explaining why people might misunderstand her for having princess illness. But either way, doesn’t really matter — the point was really to demonstrate how Moses’ actions were so abhorrent towards his ex-girlfriend compared to others.

      5. The timeline was correct for the illness princess because I was very surprised at what he said so I went to check about Nancy again. And there were no.

        Here are the scandals Nancy involved before the princess illness:
        – Cat fight with Jacqueline Chong for Deep Ng
        – Argument with TY
        – Love rumour with Derek Kwok

        The one with Derek Kwok is the worst one written about her. However, the more bashes went to Derek Kwok who was also involved in another one with Joyce Tang.

        So only after the sudden announcement of the breakup with MM, Nancy is questioned about her princess illness. Before that, she was even praised nicely by her friends/co-works especially in Strictly go dancing 2 and reporters also said that she often replied them with manner.

        That’s why like Nancy, I questioned his motive of this action. And I hope that after knowing that Nancy has a new bf, he will stop dragging her in most of his interviews.

  34. Please! Don’t want moses chan’s news. Get him out of here, please!

  35. The difference is too significant to be attributed to weight loss imo. Especially, since it doesn’t look like she has lost that much weight. I always did think her jaw was a bit too sharp, but it was also what made her unique. I think she was likely pressured into it to fit into the Chinese market, which sad but all too common for the industry. Still, I wish her all the best.

  36. I alway thought bernice was very cute and unique with her strong jawline. Now she looks common. i can’t even tell it’s her in the last photo. Looks like Christine Ng.

    1. Agreed with Ita. She had a certain unique cuteness previously. Now, she’s not so special.

  37. She looks best in the middle picture. By the 3rd picture, she now looks generic.

  38. Why would Bernice want to return to TVB when they have treated her so badly in the past? And I do not really believe the bad filming conditions in China. The money is so much better there. And if it was really that bad, why would Charmaine and other former TVB actors/actresses move there.

    Obviously someone is trying to make her sound pathetic and desperate. Especially the part where she was trying to get back to Moses. Seriously. Pukes.

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