TVB 45th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony

The lighting ceremony for TVB’s 45th Anniversary celebration was held last night. TVB Chairman, Sir Run Run Shaw (邵逸夫) performed the lighting ceremony, in which the theme was “chasing the wildest dreams into the 45th anniversary year.” More than TVB 120 artists appeared at the lighting ceremony.

Combating a recent outbreak of mass resignations at TVB, the company’s executive managers gathered yesterday, including rumored rivals, Mark Lee (李寶安) and Stephen Chan (陳志雲), as well as Virginia Lok (樂易玲) and Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍).  The managers’ appearance was to demonstrate unity and stabilize staff’s anxiety. TVB Executive Deputy Chairman, Norman Leung (梁乃鵬), spoke about the current “poaching war.” Based on TVB’s past 40 years, Mr. Leung noted that the company was willing to accept the challenge, noting that Ricky Wong (王維基) of City Telecom currently did not possess a television broadcasting license and his actions were for promotional purposes.

Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang Steady Morale

Prior to the lighting ceremony, Norman Leung, as well as Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang, who were both rumored to be leaving TVB, met with the media. Ms. Lok and Ms. Tsang clarified rumors which claimed the duo were intent on leaving the nest. Regarding the recent poaching trend, Mr. Leung noted that Ricky Wong was trying to generate promotion [for City Telecom]. Mr. Leung will not comment about the current situation, as he did not want to set off a war of words.

TVB Will Survive

Mr. Leung said, “Ricky Wong has not secured the free television broadcasting license from the Hong Kong government yet. The situation will become survival of the fittest and I’m sure TVB will not be the station that will be ousted. TVB survived for many years and has been in existence for over 40 years. In the past, the company accepted the challenge more than once, each time continuing to improve its programming. Objectively, can Hong Kong support five free television markets? A long time ago, $100 million or $10 billion HKD were invested in a [Hong Kong] television station. However, that station suffered losses and had negligible profits. This was a fact which had occurred.”

Stephen Chan Guides Sir Run Run Shaw; Virginia Lok Escorts Mona Fong

In past years, the standing position of TVB artists indicated their status within the company. At this year’s lighting ceremony, the limelight was on the executive management. Stephen Chan pushed Sir Run Run Shaw’s wheelchair onstage while Virginia Lok escorted Mona Fong (方逸華), who grabbed onto Ms. Lok intimately. It was obvious who were the preferred managers within TVB.

Regarding the group photo of all TVB artists, the main focus fell on the artists of the three grand production series. Since Liza Wang (汪明荃) had a concert performance and could not attend the lighting ceremony, Sir Run Run Shaw was flanked by Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) and artists from Super Snoops <荃加福祿壽探案> as well as Steven Ma (馬浚偉), who threatened to terminate his TVB management contract earlier. On the other side of Sir Run Run Shaw were Forensic Heroes 3’s <法證先鋒3> Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Maggie Cheung (張可頤), TVB’s “biological son” Raymond Lam (林峯), Curse of the Royal Harem’s <萬凰之王> Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), as well as Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Fala Chen (陳法拉), and other artists.

Raymond Appointed in Blowing the Candle

Although Raymond Lam (林峯) was a hot favorite in the TV King race, he did not perform onstage amidst the promotion for the grand production series. However, Raymond made an appearance to support the occasion. When it was time to cut the cake, Virginia Lok especially singled him out to blow the candle. Raymond said: “When Ms. Lok suddenly called me, I was also a little scared. I did not deliberately support the occasion, but I just happened to return to Hong Kong for work. Since I had time, of course I will attend the lighting ceremony.”

Steven Ma Held in High Esteem

Due to unpleasant contractual issues, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) sought to terminate his TVB management contract early. Allegedly, Mona Fong especially wanted to retain Steven at the company. Compared to his standing position at last year’s group photo session, Steven stood closer to the center this year.

When reporters requested him to take a photo with Virginia Lok, Steven Mak pulled other people to join the photo to avoid embarrassment. Asked whether he will leave or stay at the company, Steven Ma said, “I am still considering the matter. TVB understands my reasons. No matter what happens, TVB is still my family.” Asked whether this year’s celebration will be the last time he will be participating at TVB, Steven responded indirectly, “Life has many possibilities.”

Aimee Chan and Louis Yuen Kiss for 7 Seconds

At the lighting ceremony, a promotional clip for Super Snoops <荃加福祿壽探案> was broadcast, including a 7-second kissing scene between Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) and Louis Yuen (阮兆祥). Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) teased Louis for “stealing his brother’s wife,” while Louis protested, “I just want to test Moses Chan (陳豪), to see what coffee he has brewed!”

Aimee Chan did not mind being teased,”Filming the kissing scene was not embarrassing since I’m an actress.” Last night, 45 artists participated in the prize drawing, including, including Steven Ma, Myolie Wu and Moses Chan. Aimee Chan was accused of  bringing Moses extra luck. Aimee laughed, “I want to get half of the prize!”

Fala Chen Jabs at Marie Zhuge

Asked to comment about Marie Zhuge’s (葛梓岐) recent hints that she already married in the Sit family, Fala Chen refused to comment on Marie’s matters. Did Marie Zhuge marry into the Sit family first? Fala stated, “Love should not be flaunted. Too much flaunting will cause the relationship to change.”


Source: Mingpao

Jayne: Despite the article stating that 120 artists appeared at the lighting ceremony, the group photo showed an large empty gap in the middle. Steven Ma’s comment seems to indicate that he is bent on leaving TVB.

Btw, Norman Leung’s response regarding increased competition in the broadcasting industry was quite arrogant. Will TVB continue to produce the best programming in Hong Kong to ensure its future survival as the fittest?

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  1. Perhaps he might sign a per-series-contract. This will give him more flexibility but still keeping him in the HK TBB market.

  2. OMG! what is Lam Fong wearing? It’s a horrendous sight. And he aged so much. His face is so long! He needs to take a long break.

    1. LF skin was horrible too in the drama that is playing now

  3. Raymond used to be a hot favorite, but “Men without Shadows” are doing too poorly in terms of ratings for Raymond to still be a contender. TVB considers ratings when it comes to choosing “best actor” award.

    Poor Raymond stuck with the “biological son” nickname. That’s such a double edged sword.

    It would be cool if Sunny Chan becomes a dark horse for the race.

    I think this year’s show was an improvement from last years. I love the pose from FH3 cast and dancing from the CRH cast.

    1. The rating of MWNS is kinda low but the peaking is high instead. Last week it peaked at 35. So maybe last week it can peaked more than 40 and break the 40 record of LOO and Sentinel. LOO’s 40 record is one minute, overall peaking highest is TRB with 38.

      1. TVB still counts the overall average ratings the most. I think that’s also why it’s understandable why Lives of Omission got the celebration rather than Sentinel. Sentinel got high peaking, but overall low ratings.

      2. Yes, but if it has too high peaking (40++ to 50), it will appear in the headline.

      3. Understandable. That’s still good news.

        I think the only time TVB truly considers “peaking points” is when both series both have high overall average ratings. For ex: “To catch the uncatchable” had overall higher average ratings. However, “War and Beauty” had higher peaking and talk. I remember that TVB considers at least 30 pts average as good. Anything below than the show was a flop.

      4. It’s years ago. Now a TVB series with 28-29 average will have a sequel, lol.

      5. Yeah. Don’t understand how TOT got a sequel. Don’t remember talk about the series. It only had 29 pts average.

        It’s more understandable with GJ. There was much talk about the series among the hk audience and the series had 30 pts average.

    2. Agree with you. Why single Raymond out as biological son? He’s not the only managed artists in the ceremony. Bosco, Steven, Ruco, Kenneth are also TVB managed actors.

  4. I watched the show, didn’t notice that many people at all. In fact the studio, first few rows occupied by executives but the camera never zoom upwards as they were empty. Kinda lack atmosphere.

  5. I thought that SM will leave TVB immediately after all last time article so I felt surprised to see him last night.

    1. Why be surprised? I did not find SM’s presence all that surprising considering his inborn sense of responsibility, and his sense of indebtedness towards TVB. Until SM officially terminated his contract, he is still a TVB employee therefore as one he is obligated to attend a company event when his presence was requested to show support for the company. Moreover, this year anniversary lighting may be the last he will attend, why not attend, for memory sake to be with his colleagues for the very last time. Understand that his discord is with VL not with the company or with his colleagues. And discussion has been put on hold because he is presently shooting his new series, at least that is the reason given.

      From weiwenpo newspaper.
      Recently there was a rumor that 6th Aunt indicated by name that Steven Ma is to be retained by the company. When asked, Steven said that was just a rumor and he did hear it personally. He revealed that when Prosperous Father wraps up this week, he will discuss the matter of his future collaboration with the company. Since he will be heading to mainland at the end of this month and will not be back in Hong Kong until Chinese New Year, he wants to get everything resolved before he leaves. When asked whether he leans towards leaving or staying? He said he cannot disclose that just yet. When asked what can the company do to get him to stay? Steven said: “Have been in TVB for 18 years. Today I’m very happy to be able to attend the lighting ceremony. Even if this new series is the last series, it will not affect my indebtedness towards TVB. TVB is my place of origin. (leung ka) Maybe the form of collaboration will change but money will be not the top priority.”

      Will this be his last anniversary lighting attendance? Steven only said: “Life is full of infinite possibilities. No matter what form of collaboration in the future, this is the place where I grew up, if the company needs me in anyway, I’ll come back.” When asked if he is negotiating with Stephen Chan or other people, he said he had talked with both Stephen Chan and Catherine Tsang but right now he does not have the time for further discussions because he is in the midst of shooting a series.

    2. I think Catherine ask Steven to come and Catherine also got him the good spot in the middle, since Steven will do what Catherine asks and they have a good relations unlike Steven and 620. 620 must be mad inside. There’s huge potential that Steven might get at least into top 5 for TVB King if not an award this year because Mona and Catherine is pressured by Steven’s leaving issue. I think from my observation this past years Catherine is more powerful than 620 when it comes to awards.

      1. Getting into top 5 is no big deal and not incentive at all to stay. Steven has been getting into top 5 for 2 consecutive years last 2 years.

      2. If this year he gets in, it will be an incentive because from what I watched many other nominees shined more than him this year.

      3. don’t think steven care anymore. it has little value if any.

        plz, leave “the hell on earth” asap

      4. lol ‘hell on earth’ 😛

        I just see Myolie as the clear winner this year since other actresses aren’t up to par enough.

      5. i prefer linda since i don’t see any special about myolie’s gwing acting LOL

      6. Myolie has lost the gwing face ever since TRB and GJ. Bobby praised her too. Linda has good characters and has improved, but she’s not up to Best Actress yet from what I watched in YSSS and ROW. Linda can win Favourite Female Characters.

      7. she hasn’t lost it just trying very hard to surpress her natural born trademark “wu gwing gwing” haha.

        i could still sense it in GJ, LOL

      8. exodus, Showing restraint in GJ shows that she’s a good actress for listening to the audience’s criticism. The audience has been on the defensive about her since “Tai Chi”. For Myolie to overturn the audience’s view of her is a big deal. the same goes for Kevin. It seems that you’re just biased against her.

  6. When it was time to cut the cake, Virginia Lok especially singled him out to blow the candle.

    Not Catherine Tsang? In the clip, very clear that Catherine Tsang is the one who did so.

    1. 珍姐忽然冧林峯


      Takungpao also said of Zhen Jie aka Catherine Tsang.

    2. Yikes, as if the 2 ladies didn’t like each other enough. If jun jeh is sweet on ah fung too, ms. Lok’s claws will definitely come out.

  7. I totally agree that Sunny Chan could have a chance for TV King title. Hope his role in the new series is the better role than the previous ones he did.

    1. Yeah. I think Sunny Chan might be a dark horse for his role too. ;]

      1. I don’t think TVB is that generous. Plus, Sentinel’s ratings weren’t that high.

  8. The following has a big jump:

    – Ruco Chan (3rd row to 1st row)
    – Selena Li (2nd row to 1st row)
    – Aimee Chan(2nd row to 1st row)
    – Joyce Tang, Sunny Chan, Ben Wong, Evergreen Mak (2nd row side place to 2nd row center)
    – Natalie Tong (3rd row side place to 2nd row center)

    1. But what if Kevin, Moses, charmaine, laughing, roger, Sheren, Jessica and others were there?
      When it’s less busy at the mall, of course you’ll get a better parking spot.

      1. [i]When it’s less busy at the mall, of course you’ll get a better parking spot.[i/]

        That’s a funny phrase. I like 🙂

      2. I only know that Moses, Michael and KC have work in somewhere but I dun rmb where.

      3. Actually, Kevin, Moses & Laughing is busy with a Toronto concert. Kevin is getting ready to film GJ2 soon. Roger is still filming his tvb series. You’re right with Jessica busy filming in the mainland with Benny Chan. Don’t know about Sheren and Charmaine.

      4. Charmaine is in Mongolia for the series with Hu Jun? I guess so.

        Maybe Sheren is also busy with her series.

        This one is like that: Who is free will go.

      5. @Josie @Veejay:

        “When it’s less busy at the mall, of course you’ll get a better parking spot.”

        I like it too! Way too funny! LOL! 😀

  9. Yah, I also notice that SM standing was closer as compare to last year standing. I think it’s Mona’s idea to make SM’s feeling better.

    1. It might be Mona and Catherine’s request. It’s hugely possible too that Steven might get into top 5 for TV King this year because Mona and Catherine are pressured to keep him from leaving. So maybe some younger actors will step down first to make room for Steven.

  10. Can’t stand Maggie Cheung there, it seems like she’s trying to steal the limelight by standing in the middle always

    1. Why hate on Maggie cheung? TVB wanted her to stand there showing her high position in the company. Also, she’s the only one of the original dong ka fa dans who are still part of TVB.

      1. Just don’t like her attitude which requires an assistant to always touch up her lipstick during the filming of Forensic.. She can apply lipstick by herself, i mean she has hands right.. such a diva

      2. eh. I don’t care about an actress’ supposed attitude. I don’t her personally so I don’t know if she had an off day or not. All I care about is her impeccable acting. She’s proven time over time that she deserves her high position in TVB. Her nice and subtle acting is something that’s rare in TVB.

      3. Veejay, if the lipstick apply-er is no longer needed to retouch her lipstick, he or she will be out of a job. Everyone has their place. I don’t see her as a diva. She is a diva when she tell everyone not to look at her and face the wall when she walks through; like that madonna who wishes she is of royal pedigree.

      4. Funn Lim @Veejay, if the lipstick apply-er is no longer needed to retouch her lipstick, he or she will be out of a job.

        Funn, your comeback often crack me up, and this one is no exception. Anyway, I like Maggie Cheung as an actress, and Steven Ma’s article on her,(that he wrote freelance for Sisters Magazine)succinctly describes the type of person she is.

      5. Steven’s interview of Maggie Cheung in his freelance 2002 column for Sisters No.721. The intent of Steven’s writing is to give his readers a glimpse into his subject’s personality and thoughts — in this case, Maggie Cheung. Don’t quite remember how many women (around 24 ?) Steven interviewed but only a few got posted on line by their fans.

        The woman in Ma Zai’s eye 马仔眼中的女人》
        Subject: Maggie Cheung – Remains true to myself. 之忠於真实自我——张可颐
        Writer: Steven Ma

        Maggie Cheung entered the (tv) industry at age nineteen, crossing over through the thresholds of movie world and music world, respectively. Even though she once left this field to venture into other worlds including a dip in a 9-5 job, the title of Miss Hong Kong with the most acting potential awarded her pulled her back into it again. Because her Chan Bao Zhu’s portrayal was so realistic, her forehead was henceforth “embedded’ with these four gigantic words “natural born thespian”. (天生演员) However, only her acting potential flows into the entertainment world’s channel; her personality clashes with it.

        “Better Halves” was not my first collaboration with Maggie. Two three years ago, we had already worked together in a movie called “When a Man Loves a Woman” (爱我别走). My impression then was that this girl was very punctual, which is why I found the later disseminated news of her tardiness to work very perplexing.

        We did not have much on screen interactions in the earlier movie, but in the tv series, we faced each other day in and day out. I noticed that this girl was not only very punctual but also possessed a rather straightforward personality.

        One Friday afternoon, we arranged to meet at a certain restaurant in Clearwater Bay for a lunch interview. And sure enough, Maggie talked as she ate; seemingly enjoying both with much relish.

        “Is it all right to snap some pictures now?” I asked.

        “Sure! Sure!” She glanced at me, and burst out laughing.

        “Yee! The atmosphere is so serious ya! Even the breathing seems different!”

        Can be described as serious, but the seriousness was limited. Sometimes, Maggie felt very uncomfortable having her pictures taken.

        “The way you look, it’s as if you were born to act. If people say this, would you think it’s unfair,” I asked.

        “I’ve heard people described me as such. We tried to analyze: “Because whatever you’re thinking in your mind, people can always tell from your facial expressions!” I think there’s some truth in what they said. My kind of situation has both advantages and disadvantages. Whatever my worries, my unhappiness or awkwardness, they can be seen instantly.”

        “That’s what is called ‘naked emotions’.” I did not foresee my quip would provoke such a strong response from her.

        “That’s why I hit so many brick walls, it’s not even funny!”

        A person who is not good at hiding her feelings is, at the same time, very respectful of her own feelings. The things she likes to do she’ll do often, like drinking tea while reading at the beach. For stuff that she dislikes doing, she can only force herself to do it.

        “My friend said: Maggie Cheung, besides her looks, in real life is not very suitable for the entertainment world. What they said is true. I loathe attending social functions, don’t watch premiers, don’t attend balls, don’t know how to climb the social ladder, and not good at enlivening the atmosphere. Been in this business for 8 years now, still feel uncomfortable attending public and social functions.”

        “Even a press conference?”

        “Even a press conference!” Maggie affirmed. “Been in showbiz for 8 years now. People can’t believe I still feel pressure at a press conference. You know lah! Especially the main characters attending a press conference to publicize a series. They are obligated to lead the promotional event. But I honestly don’t know what to say to the reporters when face to face with them. So when I am in such a function, I usually just have one photo taken and then immediately do the disappearing act .”

        Even though she does not know how to do promotions, still Maggie’s news will sporadically pop up now and then.

        “You’re always very punctual to work! Why is that whenever the topic “tardiness” made the news, you’re always dragged into it? I’ve noticed this kind of situation for quite some time now.”

        At seeing my indignation, Maggie became confused. “This is what I think, maybe nowadays the headlines have to be attention grabbing. And.. I don’t have scandals.”

        …besides tardiness; from outside, there is also another kind of wind blowing around Maggie.

        Just realized I never finished translating the rest of his interview with Maggie. The latter portion talks about Maggie seldom acted in period drama series. Maggie wants to clarify that it is not true she does not accept period drama just that no producers invited her for one maybe because she has ‘big’ actions, and talks fast.

      6. ““You’re always very punctual to work! Why is that whenever the topic “tardiness” made the news, you’re always dragged into it? I’ve noticed this kind of situation for quite some time now.””

        Maggie was chastised for being late during Old Time Buddies filming, that was what started the feud with Jess, so much so during the anniversary show even Lydia Shum and gang made her tardiness into a joke. I am sure she has changed since then.

      7. I remember reading a news article where Maggie explained during that time she was juggling multiple jobs, hence her occasional tardiness. It was just her bad luck that Jess was a punctuality stickler.

      8. I am on Jess’ side. Apparently at that time she said she didn’t get the notices for start work time or wrong notices. She was teased and deservingly so. Jess may be harsh but imagine if at that time she was working with Liza? Even worse! Anyway I remember Gallen always had to stand in the middle of the 2.

    2. Maggie Cheung is standing not just because of her seniority but also for promoting Forensic Heroes III.

      Yeah, she’s a rare subtler actress left in TBB.

      1. TBB? TVB changed name? Now TBB? Why not TB? Since you know as contagious.

      2. Funn, haha. No it’s just an online nickname for T.V.B. I guess the meaning is up users’ interpretation, but TBB is normally used to represent TVB.

      3. TXB or TBB is the name they used to refer to TVB after TVB claimed the copyright to download sites :P.

  11. Joyce tang looks sick to me…she looks like she craves for attention…gettin implants and wearing deep ‘v”. i used to like her but she should know her role…theres dozens of younger woman in tvb. please be more classy and not desperate.

    1. She looks “sick” to me only because she’s skinny now. I didnt see her “sick” for being attn. craving etc. Maybe her loves life is full of obstacles, that doesn’t mean she’s graving for attn. n desperate.

  12. its also sad to see that the first row consists of fala and kate. wheres tavia, linda, … at least maggie is there.

    1. Linda was there, looking rather pretty. Tavia I believe filming?

      1. Yes I wonder too what’s Tavia doing? Having work somewhere?

    2. Linda is standing next to steven, wearing her 60’s outfit f/ super snoops.

      The show was pretty bad. I liked the one a couple yrs ago when BTROC was promoting.

      And the 3 ‘fook luk sau’ are only funny when they are following a script. They can’t improv at all. Makes me appreciate real emcees like dodo and Eric tsang.

      1. @josie – You mean “A Chip Off the Old Block” with Sunny, Ron, and Myolie? Yeah, that one was really enjoyable.

      2. too bad they cant do a remake ‘A Chip Off the Old Block’ instead of airing ‘Super Snoops’

      3. A chip off the block was rumored to have a sequel. I wonder what happened? =/

  13. where is laughing….hahahah…steven must be laughing behind micheal tse back

      1. @Larry 3,

        To me, laughing hype was already over since Part 1. I didnt really watch or glue at the tv when they play Part II. The story and Micheal as laughing again doesn’t intrigue me anymore..

    1. Steven wouldn’t have any reason to laugh about Michael’s absence, since Michael is with Moses and KC in Toronto for a concert and hence making money for himself and for TVB.

      1. hmmm: Why would Steven be laughing behind MT’s back just because he was not present? Steven probably wouldn’t give a fig whether MT was there or not.

        If Steven was laughing last night it is because he was enjoying himself. He wrote the below weibo having known that VL had rejected the mainland series. (My conjecture based on his former personal manager Tsui yy’s weibo entries.)

        Tsui/y/y 6/18 19:18
        If work is a place worthwhile to stay, noone will want to leave. Venturing out will certainly see new sky. Don’t over think. Believe in yourself. Leave! Send to my good friend.

        Tsui y/y 6/19 22:11
        If no courage to seek change, then no better tomorrows. The wise will grab the opportunities.

        Tsui got fed up with Steven’s situation and she resigned in July. Ironically her leaving was blamed on Steven mistreating her. She was like a mute with a mouthful of bitters since she could not tell the truth for fear of causing Steven more troubles.

        6/16 19:18 Friends asked me: Why always smiling? Ho ho! Actually unhappiness usually arises out of disappointment, which often came about because the wishful thinking or anticipated outcome did not pan out. As a person, (one)must maintain an optimistic and positive attitude; to be able to advance towards a goal is already without regrets. Why calculate the unforeseeable? Second guessing this and that, why bother! Just que sera sera whatever will be will be. Be happy and be at ease! If not unhappy, then it is happy! That being the case, why not smile?

        That’s who Steven is, pragmatic. Whinging, he’s not! Actually, I think all this talk about him winning TV king is all moot to me. Not going to happen!

      2. claimine: you should be asking Stephy that question, since it’s she who seems to think “steven must be laughing behind micheal tse back” just because michael wasn’t present.

    2. if Laughing didn’t getting any Tvb award this year, I wanna how he’s gonna face the audiences?

      1. Michael will probably just Lol’ed at it and move on like usual.

        Of course, I wish SM would win this best actor since his performance in Sentinel was ok in my opinion.

      2. My prediction is that Kevin or Ruco will get the best actor award.

      3. “Michael will probably just Lol’ed at it and move on like usual.”

        Really? I actually think Michael really wants the Best Actor. He seemed disappointed when he didn’t win My Favorite Male Character in 2009.

      4. wanting the award is one thing, cannot have it, is a disappointing.

        at least for sure,he will get My Favorite Male Character award.

      5. @stephy,

        I know you like Ruco but Ruco is way too early to win this heavy weight title yet. Kevin already won last few years…and he’s currently pretty active in mainland doing series.. so I think chances of kevin getting this year is a bit slim. I think maybe Michael, Bobby, SM, kenneth and LF will get it. Ruco maybe will get the most improved actor.

      6. @Chriselle,

        If that’s true, then i’d like to see how Michael will face the audience if he fails to get the award this year…probably won’t talk in his co-cky mode tone anymore lol.

      7. @ Veejay,
        Ha ha …U r wrong….Ruco is not my favourite, my favourites are SM, micheal Tse, Bowie, Kenneth N Maybe RL….now i don’t like MT due to he to boastful.

      8. @Stephy,

        LOL. I really thought u like Ruco cuz the first sentence is to want Ruco to win Best actor which is consider the heaviest title in TVB awards.

        me too, dislike Michael now for being boastful and co-cky hehe. I really wish SM will get the award and watch him thanking catherine and mona only not 620. LOL, that would be like an insult to 620 since she wanted SM out so much in the beginning.

      9. @ Veejay,
        me too, dislike Michael now for being boastful and co-cky hehe. I really wish SM will get the award and watch him thanking catherine and mona only not 620. LOL, that would be like an insult to 620 since she wanted SM out so much in the beginning.

        It’s good to know that we share the same view….hehehe.

        the day i will open a bottle of champagne is the day i read that 620 out from tvb….hahahaha….rofl

      10. @ Veejay.

        The day that i will open a bottle a champagne to celebrate is not because of my favourite getting an award but it is the day that the 620 B…ch / Sl.t leaves TVB.

      11. You’re funny. He’s never gone all out to say to what extent he is sure of getting it — unlike certain people — so why would he have any difficulty facing the audience? And which actor wouldn’t want the award? There’re *some* people who’s really well-known for wanting the award for a few years already, Michael’s certainly not more boastful or “co-cky” than any of them.

  14. Some of the comments are funny. I don’t see Tavia in the picture.

    1. Tavia- too many haters therefore frooze by TVB. Same with Kelvin, Moses .

      1. You guys are the Tavia haters. Don’t think you know everything and start hating because you like another actor/actress more. I believe you people need to learn to be mature and respect people. What a disgrace you guys bring to your family members.

      2. @wow,

        Actually I’m not a Tavia hater, infact I think she’s quite pretty in person not only onscreen. Tavia is definitely not that ugly as described by haters here, if she’s to compare with us, she’s far way prettier than many of us here. Her face is especially fine with big eyes, tall nose and slim face.

      3. I haven’t shared my thoughts about Tavia yet I think.

        I’m ok with her, just not when her acting is at the not-so-subtle time, other than that she’s fine.

        Her looks? I think she’s a good looking woman, although I admit the nose sometimes is too noticeable. Other than that, personally I think Tavia’s face is maturing faster than her same age peers.

      4. @Masaharu,

        I think Tavia looks like her age imo. she was born in 79 right? and is 32 this year? I really think she looks her age. If you compare Tavia with Linda or Fala, both are younger than Tavia by age but both looks pretty mature against their actual age. Maybe both LInda and Fala have a bigger body frame which eventually made them looks more mature than her peers.

      5. I don’t think Tavia is ugly, nor do I think she is pretty. I find her ordinary. However ever since she fixed her nose which doesn’t need fixing, I find her not scary but a joke. Yes, a joke. Everytime I watch MWNS, her nose overshadows everything, apart from her thick heavy make up. I know she is trying very hard to build a sexy beautiful attractive woman image for herself, like the way she dress now, but I feel she should just go back to being who she was; there is beauty in ordinariness, but there is no real beauty is such forced over the top action to be sexy. She has not an ounce of sex anywhere physically. And since by her replies she isn’t too smart either, she isn’t my idea of sexy by way of smart sexy. The more she tries, the harder she tries, the worse the results. Of course her fans will love her for that, but frankly I don’t find that endearing. And please, before you start saying I disgrace my family members, I apologise to my family. Let me be a disgrace but what I speak is an honest opinion to which I have nothing to be embarassed about.

      6. Hee hee Funn… so funny.

        Hm, I haven’t seen Tavia with long hair before. Like straight, shoulder length hair or maybe sexy big curls?

        Wonder how she looks with long girlish hair.

        Maybe it might be refreshing to see her play a female fatale. That will be a true test to see if she has it in her to be sexy…

      7. @ Canto

        Tavia has long hair in the following modern series
        – Heart of Greed
        – Mystery of Love
        – Dicey Business
        – The Awakening Story
        – Building Block of Life

        I think she looks better with long hair or shoulder length hair.

      8. I think Tavia looks best in Heart of Greed. Since she has a mature look, short hair makes her look even older.

        Her shoulder length hair in MOL, I absolutely did not like. Maybe b/c her character was too tomboy and most of the time, it was tied in a back ponytail, it was just unstylish.

      9. Don’t think you know everything and start hating because you like another actor/actress more.

        What’s a funny comment.

        What a disgrace you guys bring to your family members.

        And here we have a funnier comment.

      10. This is the funniest comment

        What a disgrace you guys bring to your family members

        Can’t criticize this artiste at all

  15. Maggie Cheung Hor Yee is one of the Big 6 original fa dans (along with Ada, Kenix, Jessica, Flora, Esther). Of course she needs to bag the spotlight!

    1. What prediction? Didn’t see any prediction for 2011 in the wiki article.

  16. Oh my goodness Maggie Cheung Ho Yee looks like a guy in the above header photo, I had to do a double take to verify that it was indeed her! :O

    Anyway who is the woman in that red tube dress? 🙂

  17. The TVB Lighting Ceremony show was too stale. Very little excitement. Very noticeable that there is really a lot of artist are MIA.

    Oh well…. what a great a year for TVB 44th year, Good Show, my as$.

    1. Hope the 45th year be better then the 44th year of TVB if Run Run Shaw survive another TVB debacle.

  18. I have watch “Super Snoops 荃加福祿壽探案” episode 1, its… they tried to be funny…FAIL, cross dressing and different costume is really LAME, story is confusing somewhat and it is involve with the death of P.O. and those 3 fuk lo slows that they are accused of murder; wont spoil it for those didnt watch.

    it’s C R A P T A S T I C…. didnt really like it at all for the first episode, I think it may back fire?

    1. well it had some funny moments, however are not going to continue watching it.

      king kong should be promoted more i kinda like his acting…

      1. It has few funny moments but the rest of the series just brought it down…

        I agree on King Kong, he needs 2 or 3 series to improve his speech and maybe promoted to the second lead actor someday in the next few years.

    2. I didn’t like SS too but I’m looking forward for COTRH(TQOA) and FH3. Based on the trailers both series are extremely promising 😀

    3. You’re right. I watched ep 1 and I just didn’t laugh. I mean how many cross dressing jokes can Wong Cho Lam do? They’re funnier than the material given. Which is why I switched to MWNS and oh… poor Tavia…

      I shall watch FH3 for Wayne LAi.

      1. Wong Cho Lam should cut down on the cross dressing. It’s getting stale and old.

      2. I think WCL looks good as a girl. I’m still surprised that he’s not gay… and got such a hot gf to boot!

    4. What are the chances for “Super Snoops” to get 40 peak points rating, which reported on the news?


      1. lol is the series that crappy? I think the FLS are just joking about the 40 points.

  19. i am just disgusting that “ma lull min” is standing front row when her acting is so appalling and retarded.

    it seems steven’s whinging has paid off. thats the closet he’ll ever get when it comes to standing front row.

      1. At least this time the girl won’t complain about Moses hiding her status

    1. @lol,

      Strangely, Moses never thought of admitting Bernice’s status while they were together. Is it because the management didn’t approve them to declare publicly? But that’s not true, they played as onscreen the problem lies on Moses. It was him who doesn’t want bernice to be his official gf.

      however for Aimee, Moses quickly admitted her status, why? I wonder what really made Moses to treat Aimee so differently as compare to bernice..hmm

      1. Guys can be so cruel!

        Shun one and put the other on a pedestal!

  20. Why Bosco wears sunglasses? Is it too suuny on the stage? Sigh…..

    1. And that squarish chain thing on this neck :X Even Raymond Lam played around with it rofl (BTS video)

      I guess he’s supposed to be Miss Koo’s bodyguard with that sunglasses and stuff? I dunno

      1. Not sure how true is that…Artists always come out with “eyes infection” when they were questioned about wearing sunglasses in the studio or somewhere doesn’t get sun.

        I wonder how many would really “admit” that they wear them mainly for fashion 😉

      2. Perhaps because some brought the matter up, he admitted in weibo about it and also said he has to be on medication for at least a month. Up for you to continue your “conspiracy theory” but he also wears them while filming Triumph In The Skies sales presentation yesterday.

      3. @masaharu,

        Heheh..dont get me wrong there. I’m not dissing Bosco for wearing sunglasses. It’s just that I always think of other reasons/excuses for these artists hehe. My mind is just full of alternative reasons always lol. I like bosco too 😉

      4. LOL I thought the same too at first Veejay. I have to admit I thought he was wearing for fashion too, but I felt bad later after I learnt it was infection. Perhaps because I’ve had that infection recently and it’s not cool agh. I can’t work because I “cried” when I saw any PC monitor or anything bright. I hated that feeling.

        Haha sorry for being off topic 😛

      5. Sorry too for being insensitive to ppl who has eyes infection.

        Sometime ppl tend to speak/type before they evaluate the whole situation.. which not sure is a bad thing or not…

        But one thing for sure,.. we can’t really trust all word especially from an artist.

      6. Veejay, this is what he said haha. I think many people asked him after that hahah.


        Left eye infection? When he filmed a sales presentation for XX drama with Aimee and Ruco, he took a right side profile photo Lol…

      7. I saw a backstage or behind the scenes picture of bosco squinting(?) his eye

  21. I like the TITS 2 Sales Presentation with Chilam and Lam Fung in this together as pilots

  22. Where was eric tsang? Doesnt feel right without him in tvb’s anniversary show.

    1. TVB Anniversary Award Show is on MONDAY, DECEMBER 5th; LIVE

      TVB Sales Presentation show is on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18th; tape delay

      TVB 45th Anniversary show gala is on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19th; LIVE

    1. Not selling to public. It’s given free to fanclub so some members of the fanclub can go. Or through sponsors.

  23. you live in hongkong,so can u help me buy the ticket,i want go to see the gala show tvb 45th aniversary award,can u help me, idol are Linda Chung,tavia yeung and charmaine sheh..please.where can i see them.i like it,if my dream successfully it so happy and happy.everybody does have fanclub?who can give me go to together.please.i live in US,but i’m chinese bone.can i talk language cantonese.28 year old.thanks everybody dear!

    1. If want, go to ask the fanclub by yourself. Some might have tickets, some not. Only famous stars have few tickets for fans. Charmaine’s FC has few tickets last year, but Linda and TY’s FC dun have. Actually they dun have much supporters to come and waited for them after the show, so maybe that’s why.

      If not, you can wait outside until the stars go out like some fans.

      So go to HK, go to Tseung Kwan O at this night and be patient to wait in the car park.

  24. Jus wunder why this year’s 45th anniversary for tvb when last year it was the 43rd. Whatever happened to 44. Leap year hah? So bantan and no explanation, wat an organisation and so professional, i thought but disappointed.

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