Charles Chan Replaces Norman Leung as TVB Chairman

Having served TVB for the past 11 years, TVB Chairman Norman Leung (梁乃鵬) officially announced this retirement for the upcoming New Year. Leung stepped down on January 1, 2015 and TVB Director and majority shareholder Charles Chan (陳國強) will be leading the company.

Joining the team in 2003 as TVB’s Deputy Director and Vice President, Leung showed superior leadership skills and demonstrated excellence in his work in helping to shape TVB management. When Sir Run Run Shaw (邵逸夫) retired from the Chairman post in 2012, it was without a doubt that Norman Leung was the best candidate for the position.

Now 74 years old, Leung decided it was finally time to pass down the baton. Thanking everyone for the enjoyable times at TVB, Leung said, “As TVB’s leader, to be responsible for the audience, the employees, shareholders, and the Hong Kong society, it has truly been an honor. Sir Run Run has been the Chairman for 30 years; we greatly appreciate his vision, knowledge, and leadership. When I replaced Sir Run Run in 2012, I knew our accomplishments would be compared and I would have to catch up to him. The past 11 years have been filled with challenges and unforgettable experiences. I want to thank all the directors, managers, employees, and artistes who have given me the support.”

Becoming TVB’s majority shareholder in 2011 and serving on the Board of Directors, 59-year-old Charles Chan brings in over 30 years of corporate management experience to TVB. Honored to be appointed Chairman, Charles promises to lead TVB in new directions.


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  1. i wish the new tvb chairman more competition in the future,the lacks of competition is the main cause for the declining of the quality of programmes and ratings drops of tvb over the last decade. hope hktv can be a serious contender,their first 3 drama’s are awesome.

    1. You must be kidding. Although I dislike TVB and stopped watching their dramas, I don’t think HKTV is much better. HKTV dramas boring. I couldn’t finish Election and The Borderline. So far, I don’t see HKTV is awesome in any way except for their investing in the filming quality.

      1. Totally agree with @nori on this. So called hktv drama sucks

    2. I have watched Borderline and watching TBONTB now. Both HKTV dramas have depth in their scripts, quality filming and overall good acting by veterans. They appeal to a different set of audience from those who like canned humor, plastic sets and eye candies. I too think HKTV is a worthy contender not be to under estimated.

      1. I totally agree. Hktv drama has deep meaning and interesting plot. Well done Hktv

    3. The only hope for HKTV is to takeover the struggling ATV. Rename ATV to HKTV for god shakes. At least get 10 points in the TV rating market and call it a victory.

  2. Thanks god, haven’t see a good movie in like 7 years…..Good god. Some are good comedy but TVB isn’t only comedy producing long episode movie. This new guy has to be more adventurous and bringing some “hate and revenge” story movie.

    1. Love the way you think 😉 I thought Overachievers was going to be something like greed of heart, but it was so silly with the romantic crap.

  3. TVB has to spend money wisely on those scene for ancient movie, great mountain stuffs like that. China is a growing economy, and much ancient will be building new sites. I think Hong Kong movies is no farther than scientific topics. Maybe some would be interesting.

  4. Oh no! Does this mean we’re going to see more and more of Samantha….groan….

  5. However you look at it, the new Chairman (also as a majority shareholder) will definitely have to ensure that TVB can only improve more. Perhaps to boost better efficiency as well as taking artists/crew into consideration, they need to revamp a little of their filming schedules (hours) so that everyone gets sufficient time to rest up.

    I miss seeing many of the veterans who have left (eg Yuen Wah, Lau Dan, etc etc). As to the current lot of ‘siu sangs’ and ‘fadans’ , so far ok but fans really like to see more of Chairmaine, Bosco, Kevin and both Michael (Tse & Mui).

  6. I for one have stop watching TVB dramas all together a year now, focusing on mainly American dramas. The leadership change should have happen around 2013. Very little improvement right now at TVB and it is up and down cycle. They need to hire a consultant outside of Hong Kong to fix TVB. TVB really needs new blood and a huge overhaul on the management side.

  7. A change in the board room often have more to do with financial/strategic issues than with product quality. The chairman and the rest of the board have fiduciary responsibility to TVB’s shareholders only and not to its viewers who are getting to watch for free anyway. As for the welfare of the actors/production staff, a union would be more appropriate as a spokesperson than management.

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