CEO Mark Lee Unable to Disclose the New Owner of TVB

TVB Chief Executive Officer Mark Lee (李寶安) has announced that current TVB Chairman Dr. Charles Chan (陳國強) has tendered his resignation and has signed an agreement with an unnamed buyer to sell his shares as TVB’s majority stakeholder.

The buyer’s identity cannot be revealed as of yet as Dr. Chan has not approved of the transaction. Afterwards TVB will need to make a request to the Communications Authority of Hong Kong to recognize the new buyer as the largest shareholder. Once that has been processed, the public will be made aware of the new ownership.

Dr. Chan will remain in his role until February 4. Until then the shareholders will discuss who should take on the role as new Chairman. Once decided, the new leadership will be shared with the public.

According to employees who received a goodbye email from Dr. Chan, his resignation stemmed from a helicopter accident he narrowly escaped two years ago while on vacation in Norway. The helicopter had crashed into sea while the pilot was trying to land on Dr. Chan’s yacht. Since the crash, he understands that life is fleeting and has decided not to take it for granted. He hopes to use the rest of his life to pursue dreams outside of work. As well, Dr. Chan just turned 65 this month so it is understood that he will be retiring after his resignation takes effect.


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  1. When did Charles Chan become Dr. Chan? It is the first time I heard about his new title. Is his Dr. a honorary degree? I thought he is a very successful business man, not a scholar-business man.

    Even in the original Chinese article, it did not say that Charles Chan is Dr. Charles Chan.

    1. @orchid123
      Most businessman are given freebie honorary degree by a random uni. Good chance the writer might have fluked it that Charles has the title Dr…

      1. @jimmyszeto Yup, it’s an honorary degree alright! According to his TVB profile page, he has an “Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws” though from which university it doesn’t say.

        You know what’s funny…former TVB chairman Norman Leung also had an “honorary doctorate” of some sort, with the “博士” title after his name like Charles Chan, yet none of the articles referred to him as “Dr. Leung”…

    2. @orchid123 LOL…I was wondering the same thing. The original article in Chinese doesn’t refer to Chan as “Dr. Chan” and none of the articles from other media outlets do either. Not sure why JS found the need to add “Dr.” to his title.

      1. @llwy12
        It could be that the translator has added the title correctly after thorough research. Either that or the writer just randomly awarded Mr Chan with this prestigious title….

    3. @orchid123

      When I wrote the above post, I did a quick search on Google about Charles Chan’s title and did not find anything.

      I just did another more thorough search on Google again, and found the following article from TVB. So I apologize for my mistake. Charles Chan does have an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws. The writer must have done a thorough search because Dr. was not mentioned in the Chinese source. Here is the article from TVB’s 2018 Annual Report:

      “Aged 64, was appointed as a Non-executive Director of the Company on 1 April 2011. Dr. Chan serves as the Chairman of the Board and the chairman of the Executive Committee since January 2015 and as a member of the Remuneration Committee since February 2015. Dr. Chan has over 38 years of international corporate management experience in the construction and the property sectors, as well as in strategic investments. Dr. Chan holds an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws and a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Dr. Chan is a director of Young Lion Holdings Limited, Young Lion Acquisition Co. Limited and Shaw Brothers Limited, all of which are
      shareholders of the Company.

      Source: 2018 Annual Report”

  2. i hope whoever it will be, it is not going to be someone who has ties to the communist party in any way or form. b/c they will use propaganda to brainwash people and that would be the end of everything hk people are trying to protect.

      1. @jimmyszeto You mean Mainland businessman Wong Ching? He was indeed delusional, lol. But most likely it won’t be anyone from Mainland because the biggest shareholder in TVB right now is already a big shot Mainland businessman (Li Ruigang) and so there is no room for another one.

        Also, whoever takes over Charles Chan’s spot as Chairman has to be a Hong Kong resident as per the terms of TVB’s broadcast license. My guess is that it will be one of the rich HK tycoons who doesn’t already own one of the other TV stations.

        With that said though, doesn’t really matter who it is because that person won’t be calling the shots anyway. Li Ruigang runs the show now (albeit indirectly, since he’s not an HK resident) along with his lackey Mark Lee…chairman position pretty much does nothing other than put their money in the pot and then sit in their office watching to see if they get a return on their investment.

      2. @llwy12
        Yeh the guy most famous for dancing a fat jiggle outside the ATV studios. Think it was supposed to be a morale boosting exercise. Can’t remember exactly…

      3. @jimmyszeto LOL…I remember…it was Psy’s Gangnam Style dance…I recall that ATV employees complained about having to participate in that stupid dog and pony show…in fact, that whole spectacle further contributed to ATV becoming a laughingstock among all Hong Kongers…

        TVB employees should be praying that they don’t get a boss like that…

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