Annoyed With TVB, Ali Lee’s Admirer Pulls Out Advertising Budget

When tabloids claimed Ali Lee (李佳芯) was involved in a one-year romance with millionaire Mark Chan (陳恩德), the actress quickly stated there are no chances for “future development.” When TVB stepped into the picture to help extricate Ali, this stoked Mark’s anger and he threatened to pull his multimillion-dollar advertising budget with the station.

Mark Feels Disrespected by TVB

Yesterday, Ali was originally scheduled to make an endorsement appearance at Mark’s company event regarding the launch of the world’s first pet theme park. After their romantic rumors, Mark expressed TVB made some very unreasonable requests so he told her not to come. Instead, TVB artistes Jacky Cai (蔡潔) and Joey Thye (戴祖儀) attended the event.

At the end of the event, Mark clarified, “Initially, I reached out to Ali and her manager inviting them to the event, and they agreed to come. However, TVB told me yesterday that if Ali attends the event then she will not be allowed to take photos with me. For group photos, they said that we would have to stand at a distance. I feel these requests are very disrespectful and illogical.”

He reached out to Ali privately to ask if this was her idea or TVB’s instructions. “I won’t disclose our personal conversation, but she said that it was TVB’s idea.”  Emphasizing that he felt very disrespected he added, “I am someone who does not like taking photos, but during today’s event I took photos with each guest. I feel so disrespected–I give TVB over $10 million Hong Kong dollars in advertising fees every year. How has it come to this? I’ve decided to pull all of my advertising. I think [TVB executive] Virginia Lok (樂易玲) owes me an explanation.”

A member of his executive team expressed that they have already sent a letter to TVB, and hope to reach a resolution.

Continues to Protect Ali

Mark continued to be reluctant to clarify his relationship with Ali, but still regards her favorably. “I only responded to the earlier issue, because it is related to work. I don’t want to talk about other personal matters. At the end of the day Ali is a good person, and I don’t want to hurt her no matter what she says. On my end, she is still my good friend. Since she could not attend, I will still give her the gifts from the event today. However, I will not be paying the fees, because it doesn’t go to her but rather TVB.”

Ms. Lok’s Response

As the controversy escalated, Ms. Lok replied to press inquiries. “Many TVB artistes attended the event, and it was very lively. TVB has always maintained a good relationship with our advertising clients. As for activities outside of TVB’s work, protecting and respecting an artiste’s wishes are the basic responsibilities of management.”


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  1. LOL this guy is such a joke, did he seriously just say “I won’t disclose our personal conversation, but she said that it was TVB’s idea.”

    1. Exactly. On top of that, he stills calls her a good friend when she is already trying to make it clear that they are only business associates lol. Who’s telling the truth here, we have no idea but if he is really sees her as a close friend, shouldn’t he lay low about their friendship when she is trying to distant herself from him publicly rather than adding oil to the current media speculations? Unless TVB has been rude in their message, I would have thought as a good friend, why the need to stay close to each other in group photos and be offended if TVB has been amicably expressing it. The purpose is to make the media speculations go away because that’s what his “close” friend is trying to do.

  2. guess he never had problems getting girls he fancy with his money…Glad Ali make it clear she is not one of those!

  3. Someone is out there to get Ali, the photos released online are personal photos(doubt she post them all), and Paz photos are clearly staged to be present.
    I really hate rich people that like to use money to threaten others….

  4. There are loads of companies out there that give TVB millions of dollars in advertising fees each year, but do not have any certain requests or particular interests in the actors/actresses personally……….This guy is just a sore loser, who probably couldn’t win Ali over with his money, and his looks certainly only deserves a (-3) out of 10……….Anyone who advertises on a TV station should only look at the commercial aspect of it, and not use it as a tool in pursuit of his/her love interest………..If this idiot wants to pursue Ali, should do it in his own personal circle and not around her work circle………..But obviously, he has failed in both circles miserably……..LOL!

  5. This guy is creepy. Looks aside, he doesn’t seem sincere if he is indeed trying to pursue Ali. She rejected him and instead of keeping her out of the spotlight as good friend should, he is trying to put pressure on her and TVB to submit to him. That is so scary. He thinks he can use his money to buy Ali. I hope she stays away from him cos you don’t know what he would do next.

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