Ali Lee Said Future Developments With Mark Chan Are Impossible

Since last year, Ali Lee (李佳芯) has been linked with rich businessman Mark Chan (陳恩德). In October, Ali and Mark were seen meeting at a hotel for two hours and she left in his seven seater van. Yesterday, tabloids once again published Ali and Mark’s photos together and claimed  they have been secretly dating for a year. Strongly denying the rumors, Ali said she has only met Mark for “business reasons” and there is no future development for anything else.

Even before Ali split up with her ex-boyfriend Danny Chan (陳炳銓) in 2020, she allegedly knew Mark had feelings for her and they developed an ambiguous relationship. Aside from endorsing Mark’s company products, Ali had asked Mark to invest $350,000 Hong Kong dollars in her short film.

Mark’s Hot Pursuit

From the start, Mark’s admiration for Ali has been clear from the start, and put in efforts to win her heart. He especially ordered a birthday cake with the Chinese character “heart” written in the same manner as the cover of her book. He also gifted a custom-made a diamond brooch for her with the same word.

In the disclosed photos yesterday, there was a photo of Ali and Mark in the backyard of his Beacon Hill luxury home. There was artificial snow swirling around the pair, and the environment looked very romantic. In another photo said to be taken by Mark, a makeup-less Ali was happily eating a roasted goose leg.

Ali Said “There is No Future Development”

As rumors grew in their intensity, Ali clarified on Instagram that she is not dating Mark.

“I was introduced to Mr. Chan in mid-August 2020 by a colleague. Mr. Chan had planned to work with different artistes to promote a line of products, and we were discussing a diet coffee at the time. The first time I met him and his staff was at his Causeway Bay office. After a few meetings, we were not able to come to a consensus so we had stopped discussions.

“Afterwards, Mr. Chan invited me to take part in an animal-related project. I had learned at the time that he was also working with many other artistes.  Unfortunately, my cat had just passed away so we did not move further with the plan.

“Afterwards, he invited me again to take part in his charity concert. However, the plan was put on hold after discussions with my company and the fact that I did not feel confident in my singing.

“During this time, I did meet with Mr. Chan at restaurants and at his office to discuss the aforementioned projects, but we did not meet for personal reasons. At the end of 2021, we reconnected by phone to discuss a possible investment in my short film. In October, we met at a hotel restaurant to discuss the details, but we did not meet again in order to avoid misunderstandings after the rumors arose.

“From 2020 until now, Mr. Chan and I have only met for business purposes. I want to clarify that we have never developed any relationship, and there will be no opportunity for that in the future either,” Ali said firmly.

Mark Remains Hopeful

Stating that he and Ali are good friends, Mark does not want to respond to questions related to his love life. However, he admitted to gifting Ali a brooch because he wanted to support her. In response to the roasted goose date pictures, he clarified that they were just eating dinner as friends.

Revealing that he is currently single, Mark said, “She is a really good person. I do hope there is a chance for us to develop our relationship, but I don’t want to say too much because I want to protect Ali.” He shared that he is currently looking into how the photos were leaked.

In response to Ali’s statement, Mark helplessly said, “Her personality is as hard as iron! She probably has a lot of burdens as an artiste but I don’t have any.”


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  1. Judging from the pics, it will be a truly classic case of Beauty and the Beast if it was true……..I sure hope Ali would not want to stoop so low as to hooking up with this frugly guy just for his money………..He really is frugly!

    1. Theres been so many cases of beautiful tvb actresses retiring to marry extremely old and ugly rich business men, but I think Ali might be one of those thats not just thinking of money.

  2. Judging from all the times he invited Ali to participate in his company-sponsored events, it’s for sure he’s pursuing her. It’s clear Ali doesn’t feel the same way he does, so she tries to keep rejecting his advances, forcing her to make this last resort statement. He thinks it’s her company making her say these things and he’s punishing TVB for making her declare this in public (although to be fair, the company asking him to keep his distance from her does sound a bit rude). He’s making his money talk by a) forcing TVB to acquiesce to his pursuits of Ali and b) forcing TVB to apologize for trying to make him keep a distance from Ali. It’s clear she’s not interested in him, but he’s still trying to bridge that gap with her. I don’t know what to say except he’s a bit delusional and prob needs a reality check.

    1. It’s really disturbing how he isn’t respecting her boundaries. She isn’t interested, doesn’t even put on make when she sees him. But he keeps inviting her under the guise of business. Red flags everywhere.

  3. These pictures look like selfies, so they obviously leaked from someone’s personal computer or phone. I highly doubt Ali exposed herself since it does nothing for her and this is the second time she’s made a very clear statement that nothing will EVER happen with him. His responses are so fake. “I don’t want to say too much because I want to protect Ali.” Then he can just say they are just meeting for business reasons, but he has to add all this stuff about how he hopes there is a chance to develop the relationship and that she has burdens as an artist. I feel so bad for Ali. She can’t catch a break!

  4. Tvb has handled this in the worst way possible. Ali probably doesn’t like the guy but putting restrictions for a press event on your own customer is asking for a PR disaster. It’s not like the dude is requesting to take Ali out on a date privately. I have no idea what tvb is thinking.

    1. well, we do not have the full story…if he had tried to make physical advances, then i think TVB is right to put restrictions

      1. That’s fair but they could have gotten someone to be with Ali during the event and make sure she’s not too close to him. I still think tvb explicitly putting out these conditions is really unprofessional from a pr standpoint, if Ali was to attend the event. If it’s because he’s making Ali uncomfortable in the first place, there must have be a better excuse so that she doesn’t have to attend. I do hope Ali isn’t too bothered by this issue and that tvb doesn’t make her take the burden of having to respond the next time she has a public event

      2. am sure its not the first time TVB has to handle ARSE like him. Shame on him to bring this out in the open, just like a spoilt child who could not get his heart’s desire.

        Most comments i see now are folks condemning and criticising his behaviour but for sure his new business venture is now getting all the publicity he needs

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