Ali Lee Spotted at Hotel With Rumored Admirer

Since Ali Lee (李佳芯) broke up with actor Danny Chan (陳炳銓), she is said to be aggressively pursued by widowed billionaire Mark Chan (陳恩德). When Ali was seen leaving a hotel with Mark hot on her heels, many were startled over whether they were actually in a relationship together.

In late October, Ali and Mark were seen stepping out of an elevator in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Kowloon. Both were dressed casually and wearing masks, with Ali walking quickly ahead. Mark was carrying two paper bags and after seeing Ali board a mini-van, he climbed in as well.

Mark is Interested in Ali?

It was said that a 40-year-old businessman had especially rented a snowmaking machine at his home last Christmas to surprise Ali. Delighted by the surprise, Ali had posted photos on Instagram without realizing that her selfie would cause so many misunderstandings. With a clear separation between work and her love life, Ali did not wish for the two to be muddled.

When reached for comment, Mark acknowledged that he had thrown a party with artificial snow last year. As for their hotel meetup, Mark revealed they “were discussing about collaborating together” on a charitable project.

Meeting Ali through mutual friends two years ago, Mark is the former chairman of herbal supplements giant Royal Medic Holdings, Ltd. His personal wealth was once valued at $5 billion Hong Kong dollars at his peak in 2015. Last year, he left to found pet health supplements company, Petmacy.

Although denying several times that they are dating, Mark finally laughed, “I also hope it’s true…why don’t you arrange it?” Afterward, Mark said “he is too old” for Ali, but complimented her for being “a wonderful person.” As being the rumored investor behind Ali’s debut directorial short film, Mark paused before stating, “No comment.”

Ali Admits Working on Film Together

Responding to press questions, Ali confirmed that she met with Mark at the hotel to discuss “a short film about brain deterioration.” As to whether there was room for romantic development in their relationship, Ali said, “No, it won’t happen. Thank you.”

Earlier, Ali had disclosed that although she currently has romantic suitors, she is also a little weary about starting a new relationship, as it is not easy and takes time to get to know a person thoroughly. While many people have been urging her to get married soon, she feels that it is hard to find someone with similar values. At this point, even her family has stopped pushing her!

There were also reports that Ali had relocated to a hotel in Tseung Kwan O in preparation for moving into a new home. She denied the reports, and confirmed that she is still renting a service apartment in Hung Hom while waiting for housing prices to drop before making the decision to buy.

Sources: Sing Tao, HK01

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  1. If true, then she definitely has interesting taste in men lol. But it seems like they really just met up to discuss a project or something like that with her firm response “No, it won’t happen.” I always find it interesting though why of all places do people meet up at hotel rooms to discuss business?? What’s wrong with meeting in an office or restaurant? Personally I would find it very awkward and uncomfortable to meet in a hotel room for anything professional. Only acceptable exception would be at the hotel lobby or hotel conference room for privacy.

    1. You are right, for the average person it would make sense to meet I’m a public place. But for a public figure, privacy is very important. Can imagine initial discussions about projects can be exposed very quickly if they met in a public venue. Just my thoughts on this matter.

  2. Vicious comparisons to her ex have started. I feel like fans are belittling Ali’s intelligence when they call her last ex ugly or not as successful. Ali’s must like him for a reason, it was 5 years not 5 months guys. Also, Ali can be impatient and demanding and her ex is probably patient and easy-going right? Why artists meet in hotels to discuss projects: 1) privacy 2) an in person meeting is better than Zoom 3) infinite amenities and thus convenience like ordering food if y’all discuss legal contracts for hours OR if you have to try on a costume for a specific part 4) 1 party doesn’t have a proper office space but doesn’t want to go directly to the other party’s office or house etc….

  3. Mark Chan is 52 years old not 40 as the article stated.

    Had to google it myself if he was 40 then he wouldn’t be considered too old for Ali as she is 38.

  4. Of all the places that they can meet in HK, they chose a hotel room?………….Come on, and let’s not be naive……..Hotel rooms for secret meetings are for only one thing, and you can all guess what that is.

  5. That picture was taken at the Arrival Lobby on the 9th floor. If I remember correctly, the elevators there only go up to some of the restaurants and the Main Lobby, both located on the 100 and something floor. To get to the rooms, guests have to take a different set of elevators from the Main Lobby.

    They stepped out of an elevator together; the picture doesn’t show them coming out of a room. The hotel has several restaurants so it’s entirely possible they discussed business over a meal.

  6. Big deal. Even if they went to a hotel room to discuss private stuff, the rooms are huge (i went to a party in one of the suites for a party and it is massive, can fit thirty people in the living room with room to spare) and there will most likely with other people. It is not as if the two of them were sitting on the bed. They were probably in the living room of the hotel suite.

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