Samantha Ko Denies Liaisons with TVB Boss, Charles Chan

A Hong Kong tabloid reported that actress Samantha Ko‘s (高海寧) fast rise to fame is due to her connections with TVB majority shareholder, Charles Chan (陳國強). The report claimed that Samantha’s designer clothes and the luxury car that she rides in are provided by the TVB boss. Also Charles Chan’s influence allegedly helped Samantha land a role in director Wong Jing‘s (王晶) movie, From Vegas To Macau 2 <賭城風雲2>.

A rumor magnet since her debut seven years ago, the former beauty queen has been linked to Charles Chan from time to time. Although she had denied any romantic ties with Charles Chan in the past, Samantha felt that current tabloid allegations went too far in smearing her personal reputation. She will meet with TVB staff to obtain legal advice on the matter.

On today’s TVB entertainment program, Scoop <東張西望>, Samantha stated that she does not know Charles Chan. She does not even have the opportunity to greet him at company functions. Samantha clarified her clothes and jewelry that she wears at functions are sponsored by different fashion brands. She usually takes the bus or taxi when she goes to work, and did not ride in Chan’s car as reported.

The tabloid report also speculated that Samantha secured her role in From Vegas To Macau 2 because of inside connections. Upset by the claims, Samantha firmly said, “There were more than a dozen people who went for the audition. I had to audition with a knife and sword in front of Andrew Lau (劉偉強) and Wong Jing before being chosen for the part.”


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  1. I find it weird that TVB is giving so much attention to the rumours this time, demanding apology and threatening to sue. Not the first time actresses have be linked to the boss, so why make such a big ruckus this time? As if there really is something to hide…

  2. Yahoo HK news has a more thorough write-up on the allegation. Kate Tsui, Sonija Kwok, and Michelle Ye are also linked to Charles Chan in some way or another in the past.

    But let’s be seriously here, you need connections to star in drama series nowadays, it wouldn’t surprise me they all slept with Charles to get to where they are today.

      1. she has a really weird face. that photo already looks nice of her

  3. Can we have an article about Come Home Love – 愛.回家 and WTF is going on with that serious now? Are they trying to kill off the show by making it more crap everyday since they “changed company”

    1. If u look at tvb forum , there were rumours a lots of cast is not getting along with the producer of the series , they cut Queenie off b/c she were being a diva. They were about to make it 1000 ep but after so many conflict between actor/actress. They decided to cut off the bad one .

    2. Agree – it’s driving me nuts. I was hoping they just ended the show!

    1. I know eh? You’d think they’d pick another star that’s actually “fast rising”! Like Grace Chan since she snatched a lead role pretty quickly.. Samantha has only been playing 3rd lead roles or supporting for a while now! If she really is connected to Charles then Charles is doing a pretty crappy job!

      1. 1st. Samantha has a full figure; Grace Chan is a stick.
        2nd. Grace Chan’s family is really really rich. Rich people get their way in life including winning things. ahem

  4. She looks like an owl. (she said it herself too in some interview)

  5. I like her so don’t care much about the rumors. She has good looks where she can play both protagonist roles and killer body and vixen eyes that can make her the villain. It’s a compliment btw. Not that many actresses are that well-rounded. She had potential after Friendly Fire, but wouldn’t say she improved in Line Walker.

  6. I believe that her rise to fame is due to both luck and hard work. TVB only started promoting her after her character in ‘The Last Steep Ascent’ became popular. Without TLSA, she might still be playing small roles now.

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