New Chairman Hopes to Expand TVB’s Movie Business

As the newly appointed Chairman since January, Charles Chan (陳國強) is enthusiastic in making TVB an international hub for Asian entertainment. He announced plans that the station will increase investment in the production of popular movies going forward.

With ATV’s financial problems and HKTV’s  mediocre viewership ratings, TVB continues to dominate the Hong Kong television market. Chan attributes the success behind TVB to its hardworking actors. However, TVB is also facing challenges in recent years due to the emergence of foreign Asian entertainment such as popular Korean, Japanese, and Mainland idol dramas.

Maintaining a positive outlook on TVB’s future, Chan expressed, “We will not stay in the shadow of our former glory and close ourselves off. Besides producing more high quality dramas, we have officially added Shaw Brothers Limited to TVB’s list of assets and will expand into the film industry, break into the Mainland market, and become international!”

Earlier, TVB invested in two major films, Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄> and From Vegas to Macau <賭城風雲Ⅱ>, which will be released during the Lunar New Year holidays. Starring popular Hong Kong artistes, these films will help TVB break into the competitive movie market in China. Depending on the success of Triumph in the Skies’ box office, Chan may consider producing more movie versions of popular dramas. Since Line Walker <使徒行者> received excellent reception last year, Chan said a movie version may be a possibility.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. how bout u spend more money and time making better tv shows first

    1. i also want to say that,look at the ratings they are going lower and lower,and tvb movie versions of a drama is always crap.which tvb drama-movie has ever been a hit? tits-movie script sucks without the strong cast it will definitely be a flop.

  2. Movie once in awhile? Yes, some people would watch it. Movie every “single” time? I doubt the reaction would be the same…

    1. IMO,improving the script for their dramas first would be more practical…

  3. the HK movie industry has been really slow in recent years, not many good hk movies lately

    i rather they spend more effort making better tvb dramas, the drama quality for tvb is very poor recently too

  4. “With ATV’s financial problems and HKTV’s mediocre viewership ratings, TVB continues to dominate the Hong Kong television market.”

    LOL of course your gonna dominate the hong kong television market u idiot, you are the only hk tv market…theres really nobody else thats allowed to put hong kong television shows on tv

  5. Their so-called new approach: Let’s make a movie out of every supposedly hit drama, lol Gosh, milking it to death

  6. Why would you decide to focus on movies when TVB is a TV channel (emphasis on the TV part)? Please try to fix the script of dramas before you try to milk every decent drama and make it into a movie.

  7. before u turn good tv dramas into movies, u have to make good tv dramas first

  8. article says they going to produce higher quality dramas, i cant wait, i hope they do…tvb getting 23 pt ratings now, hopefully the ratings dont have to drop into the teens for them to wake up and make better tv dramas

  9. If you really think that TVB will wake up and start making quality television, then you really need to give your head a shake.

    Even though their ratings are dropping, their still making TONS of money every quarter, judging by their financial reports.


    MAINLAND CHINA AND ONE TV STATION IN HK! ATV is a mess, HKTV has no direction.

    TVB doesn’t care about what Hong Kong audiences feel and think as the market is so small. China is a much larger market, with far more opportunities to bring in new viewership, not to mention, a market that’s actually appreciates their content. They see the current TVB drama series as refreshing and innovating (I’m about to puke).

    So before you take this guy’s words at face value, think about their financial earnings, TVB will be prosperous with or without HK audiences. The viewership ratings don’t mean anything. TVB had already indicated a few months ago that they will focus more on the mainland market to appease their tastes. Why do u think they were putting up all those mainland dramas during prime time slots? LOL. Don’t be naive!

  10. Everyones already said what i wantd to say. Another thought tho….if TITS tanks then Plan B?

  11. I used to like TVB’s telemovies but since the Laughing Gor movies, I have not been able to enjoy any of them. TVb needs to update their filming equipment or lighting, which may be adequate for TV series, but I expect more from a movie.

    I would have rathered TVB made a fast-paced Tiger Cubs movie than the horrible sequel.

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