Kevin Cheng Roots for Catherine Tsang in TVB Executive Battle

Hong Kong tabloids reported earlier that TVB executives Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) and Sandy Yue (余詠珊) have been wrestling in a political battle over the recent World Cup broadcast. Sandy attempted to pull artistes who are currently filming dramas to appear in TVB’s upcoming World Cup special carnival show, a variety program designed to create further hype for the soccer event. Catherine and Sandy have apparently be in heated arguments over the assignment of artistes.

Catherine and Sandy had their own camp of artistes who supported their initiatives. Charmaine Sheh (佘诗曼), Moses Chan (陳豪), Raymond Lam (林峯), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) were in Catherine’s camp, whereas Grace Chan (陳凱琳), Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Lee Yee Man (李綺雯), and Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒) supported Sandy, who received the most backing from artistes involved in variety programming.

Kevin Cheng and Ruco Chan Comment on TVB Management Rivalry

Yesterday, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) filmed an intense crossfire scene for Eye in the Sky <天眼> in Yuen Long’s automobile junkyard. Commenting on Catherine versus Sandy’s reported rivalry, Kevin hinted that he supported Catherine by dismissing chances of participating in the variety show. He expressed, “I film dramas and lack speaking talent. I’m not suited to be in variety programs, so I can only fully devote myself to dramas.”

On the other hand, Ruco admitted he was busy filming every day and never received notice to take part in any shows. However, he will try his best to find time and attend if needed. “TVB spent a large sum of money to purchase the live broadcasting rights for the World Cup, and everyone is just cooperating to support the company,” he said.

Although Ruco did not rule out the possibility of joining the variety show, he expressed completing the drama is still top priority. Ruco added, “There were times in the past when my film schedule clashed with other work. I’ll have to consider the situation, because filming a drama involves a lot of people.”


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  1. Is it just me? But how come kevin doesnt look that attractive anymore… No offense to kevin cheng fans…

    1. LOL, he was never handsome to begin with. Just my opinion…

      1. Agreed! It’s okay for a guy. However he needs to grow a few inches more(in height). LOL! 😀

      2. Everyone has their own preference. If all of us likes the same type of guys then it’ll be trouble.

        Again, no one is perfect, some men has great looks, great personality but only setback is his height.

      1. Aging doesn’t mean less or not attractive. I think the teenage girls in M club are less attractive than their older versions, especially the female main leads.

        Kevin is still very good-looking to me. Rucco is cool and attractive but I don’t think he is that handsome, plus he is getting more mature-looking too.

      2. Ruco is actually ageing backwards. He’s looking younger and hotter these days esp without his glasses.

  2. “a variety program designed to create further hype for the soccer event.”

    HK is football mad nation right? So is this even necessary?

    1. Why not just say it is meant to create more hype for the artistes and not the event?

    2. Well, seeing how badly TVB screwed up the airing of the World Cup, I’m not surprised that they are desperately trying to salvage things by throwing as much ‘hype’ into the promos as possible.

      And based on their recent actions, it definitely looks like they are trying to use the World Cup to create more hype for their artists and shows more than anything else….the talk of the town right now is that TVB spent millions of dollars to buy the broadcast rights to World Cup, yet they are only airing 20 or so matches on their free-to-air channel — the remaining 40+ matches they are airing on their cable channel. Honestly — why spend so much money purchasing the broadcast rights then? Especially since TVB has been bragging about how they purchased the rights so that they could bring the World Cup to all HK audiences (as opposed to only cable subscribers)? TVB should have just let Now TV or i-Cable buy the broadcast rights and spend the money on other things (like hiring better scriptwriters for their drama productions for example).

      1. Well, TVB needs to make money doesn’t it? And it’s already airing some matches free. Surely you can’t expect every match to be aired on the free channels. Who’s going to pay in the end?

      2. this is the first time in hk that ppl have to pay for watching world cup matches,in other countries world cup matches are free on cable tv,i thought cctvb already earn enough from the advertisement around this event,but the worse now is that ppl are bad mouthing cctvb that already have a bad image from hk ppl.this prove once again the bad policy of tvb management.

      3. Wow you mean all along hk folks got to watch world cup matches for free? It certainly isn’t free where I live, never was and never will be. Cable tv programmes are never free. Got to subscribe and pay thru the nose especially for sports channels.

      4. Malaysia have to pay. Some matches are free but those important ones are clearly labeled as EXCLUSIVE. That being said, just walk to any nearby mamak stall and you will find a huge TV and that EXCLUSIVE game. Even better environment and you have the benefit of similar interest crowd AND a nice cuppa teh tarik. Have to pay of course but not expensive.

      5. The point is, if Tvb is going to air majority of the matches on their pay channel, why fight for the rights to broadcast? Just let the cable companies buy the rights and air the matches on cable, just like it’s been done for the past, oh, 16 to 20 years, and instead put the money to better use (like invest more in their drama productions let’s say). Why waste so much time, money, and energy on it?

      6. Just wait a minute!

        Doesn’t TVB also own those cable channels? If it were to carry the games via these channels, it still need to purchase the right to do so.

        In the US, cable channel ESPN televises some of the games; however, it can do so only after its parent ABC/Disney has purchased the broadcasting right to these games. Cable companies like Time Warner and Comcast, whose sole function is just packaging channels and sell to subscribers, do not pay for any broadcasting rights because they don’t own these channels.

      7. Yup, TVB needs to make money. Why spend extra when there is a big hole in the company. Putting bandage on won’t help, it eventually will peal off. LOL! 😀

      8. From what I remember Fifa is very strict with their broadcasting terms and conditions. Even if a certain game is allowed to be aired on a channel there’s certain parts of the game that can’t be aired, like the part where they come out for practice, singing the national anthem and the finish of the game. It all depends what contract the channels have with the FIFA. Also, even if the games were previously aired for free on tv, its not free for TVB . Not to mention the ads that were aired on other channels (let’s just say icable) can’t be aired on TVB as well. These ads has to be different and a lot of these large companies just don’t bother because its additional cost. So it pretty much comes down to money, TVB having exclusive rights brings in a huge sum of income from the ads, have more people sign up with their paid channels and its a great chance to promote those nobodys. I hear you have to sign a 1 year contract for their paid channel. So its a win-win-win situation for TVB.

      9. @Terminator: No…the cable channels I was referring to are NowTV and i-Cable, which are not owned by TVB. In the past, the cable channels (NowTV and i-Cable for example) were the ones who would usually fork over huge sums of money to buy the broadcasting rights to the big sporting events such as World Cup and Olympics. Of course, that meant that only cable subscribers (those who actually have a paid subscription to NowTV and i-Cable let’s say) got to watch majority of the broadcast (the cable companies would give the free channels — TVB and ATV — the rights to air a few events here and there, but most of the time it was only edited footage).

        This is why alot of HK audiences were excited when they heard that TVB bought the exclusive broadcasting rights to World Cup, since this meant that the event would reach a wider audience (as a free-to-air operator, pretty much every household that has a TV has TVB and ATV’s local free channel). But it turns out TVB is airing majority of the matches on their paid channel instead…given those circumstances, I can understand why audiences are upset….

      10. @liwy12

        I guess I misread your post then.

        Actually, for the millions they had spent, TVB has broadcast a far greater number of matches than ABC/Disney, who probably had outspent TVB on this regard but has televised most of the matches via ESPN.

        The World Cup is a highly watched world event and I don’t fault TVB for bidding on its airing right. As far as airing some matches on its cable channels, not an unusual practice as many had expressed that is also the practice in their respective region.

        As long as the “marquee” matches (like Brazil vs Argentna)are broadcast free, who cares about the other lesser matches (like US vs Ghana).

  3. Sandy’s camp are mostly noobs & ke le fe artistes.

  4. Pris Wong is not on Sandy’s camp?!

    The time where some artists will prove their loyalty.

    1. yes Sandy is acutally gave her first leading roles but I guess she is the smart girl!! She knows which side she should choose!!

  5. Sandy’s a nobody. She doesn’t have the influence nor clout that Catherine has.

    Plus this at most looks like a minor battle. The real war is between Catherine Tsang and Virginia Lok.

  6. I think Catherine will win hands down should it be considered a contest between the two. None of the names in the so called Sand’s seems familiar. Besides ther’s no good reason to distract the actors from their work for this trivial event, the concert.

  7. i thought it was between catherine and virginia?

  8. hi there

    1. it was really some close-up shot.
    2. both guys are equally good looking in the respective departments and talented.
    3. however, I am more for ruco, the action hero, oops!

  9. Catherine over Sandy. Don’t know don’t care who is under Sandy but she got rid of my favourite program. Go Catherine!

  10. Kevin looks like Charmaine Sheh in this picture LOL.

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