TVB Acquires Stars Shine International In Bid To Form New Record Label

TVB announced on October 22 that they have successfully acquired music label Stars Shine International in an effort to establish their own music venture. Stars Shine’s president Herman Ho (何哲圖) will become the CEO of new label Stars Dream Entertainment beginning October 31. Current Stars Shine artists, such as Kay Tse (謝安琪), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and Alfred Hui (許廷鏗), will transition over to the new company as TVB’s contract artists.

Mr. Ho, who is the husband of TVB executive Sandy Yue (余詠珊), expressed excitement over the new record label. He shared that the company will focus on promoting TVB artists and that they will announce names shortly. When asked if an in-house label would give TVB artists an unfair advantage, both Mr. Ho and his wife feel that the project will encourage positive competition, and will as a result, generate growth within Hong Kong’s music industry.

As TVB’s decision to form its own record label came shortly after the end of celebrity singing competition The Voice of Stars <星夢傳奇>, many expect the show’s winners to be among the first to sign the contract. While winner Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) is hesitant to comment about the future of his singing career, fellow competitor Ronald Law (羅鈞滿) is not afraid to voice his interest. “Every Voice of Stars alumnus hopes to sign with a record label and release an album, but we will wait for our company’s decision.”

Since TVB’s foray into music is often rumored to be a vehicle to lure top artist Raymond Lam (林峯) to renew his management contract, many believe that the company will be actively recruiting Raymond once his music contract with EEG expires. Raymond’s label mate, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), is also a likely target. With his success in China, Kevin will surely be a top consideration as TVB chases after the mainland market.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. wooohooo! Fred will have so many opportunities now! at first was a little wary about TVB having their own record label, but i think Herman is a good producer and will be able to promote Fred really well! 🙂 so awesome!! 🙂 can’t wait to buy Fred’s first CD!!!

  2. No matter what Fred chooses for his singing career , I will support him (:
    But I hope that he will release his first CD sometime soon! =)

  3. I support Fred to get his first ever recording contract! I can’t believe no record company has ever approached this great singer!

  4. I don’t like the idea that Sandy Yu expanded her power in TVB though.

    1. I’m not too fond of her either. Maybe she’ll promote her favorites to singing.

  5. Kay Tse isn’t even a good singer. Linda probably can’t sing. Alfred Hui has an average voice. It’s good start for TVB’s Dream Star. Forever Dream.

  6. crooked nose, small mouth, crooked teeth, no body, bird voice…pls linda go back to canada

    1. She will go back to Canada when it’s time, no need to rush her

      1. Linda should participated in the The Voice of Stars to see if she could sing. Her acting already isn’t good, should really see if she can sing.

      2. If Linda participates in Voice of the Stars I gurantee she would get kicked off.

      3. Therefore, it will prove she does not meet the standard of being a singer

    2. very nice bern i’m sure u must be proud of urself when u look in the mirror

  7. No wonder TVB acquired Star Shine… It’s because of the relationship of the upper management

  8. I am Raymond’s fans…wish Raymond has good market no matter which music management he is under…add oil Raymond!

  9. Just finished watching episode 23 of BK that’s a small part where Linda & Ruco chasing in the hall, Omg..! Linda trying to look cute but turned out to be so fake all my goosebumps stand up, Linda doesn’t has a natural charm like Fala. Linda only suitable for decent or jade girl role. She is not a versatile actress. She has to get a right character if not that’s no break thru’ in her to win for this year BA unless tvb honor her.

    1. Linda seriously isn’t tv queen quality, just by looking at her dramas and acting, she isn’t. (maybe should get most improve instead, if she had improved)
      TVB TV queen right now does not respect ACTING, they look at popularity & value. this is so disappointing.

  10. I would like more TVB series theme songs go into an album so I can buy! ^_^

  11. I wish TVB would just try and stick with making their series better rather than trying their had at everything in entertainment. I feel like the standard of entertainment provided by TVB has really decreased – I mean can anyone name a REALLY excellent series from the past two years? I’m also glad that Fred has finally received the recognition that he has deserved for so long, but it really shouldn’t be taking TVB so long to discover their artists’ talents. Fred’s been signed to TVB for over 10 years now, I feel as if he should have been developed and promoted a long time ago…And they’re seriously getting so many legit complaints…I don’t know how TVB’s gonna get by if HKTV gets their licence seriously!

    If TVB sticks its nose into song writing, then I don’t even want to think about what’s gonna happen…

    1. xoxotvb,
      “Voice of Stars” was a platform to showcase TVB stars’ singing talent. The show had slim pickings and even coupled with the acquisition of Stars Shine International, there are few vocal talents. Alfred Hui may be the strongest vocalist under the label.

      TVB is expanding beyond local Hong Kong dramas. It has established TVBC to focus on the mainland market, attempted to put more of its stars in films, and now venturing into the music industry. The Hong Kong music industry has failed to groom memorable stars for years and TVB’s music venture will not help this declining trend. Can foresee future Jade Solid Gold programs recognizing only TVB singers.

      1. Strongest vocalist under Star Shine is Kay, not Alfred :P. Alfred is not bad but he is still a junior.

        I don’t see a future for Dream Star much because Star Shine dun have real “stars”. Actually I think EEG should be a better choice for Txb. Maybe EEG didn’t agree to join with Txb to make a record company. Star Shine is small, so they take the chance.

        Btw, Txb had shares in BWM before (to pull some of their ppl to BWM such as Ron or Bernice) but BWM joined Big 5, clearly determinate the relationship with Txb. Wonder if Star Shine will make it longer.

  12. I’m shocked it took TVB this long to create their own music label. I find it quite amusing that a majority of Stars Shine’s artists are related to TVB. I guess it makes sense to aquire it.

  13. I am actually excited but article from does mention that “Star Dream” is a TVB company, does Sandy think this will spark objections from other record companies and think TVB might be biased towards their own people? Sandy said that won’t be a problem because the station is going to open up even more in the future, everyone will have to put great effort into it. Next year, JSG is open to all singers from all record companies. This way, the Hong Kong music industry will thrive and get better. She expressed there are hundreds of TVB contracted singers, and she hopes there will be more and more. ”

    If what Sandy Lam has said to be true, then this movement on TVB’s part would be good. And I had always wondered why TVB doesn’t have its own singing label venture as well… :$ And I do believe that Grace Wong is now part of EEG’s family as they released a song that was written by her.

    1. Grace, I see potential in her but I don’t know why she is always in one side, never can’t get to center. She can dance, singing is ok, image isn’t bad. Choosing between her and Linda, I’ll say Grace for a singer. Until now I still can’t stop cringing when thinking of Linda’s mini concert.

    2. Grace Wong can write songs? I didn’t know that. What a pleasant surprise.

      Now, she can sing, dance and compose.

      1. Her song “If I believe” is released by EEG on oct 18. 🙂

  14. Tang Chi Wai announced his resignation as Txb’s music director today. Together with him, a Txb music composer also leaves. Wonder if Sandy Yu + new record company make them leave or not.

    Chi Wai and the other man worked for Txb 12 years, composed most of themes for Txb. Now he leaves, who Txb will push? Star Shine ppl? Chi Wai was rumoured to be director of Txb’s record company but actually Herman is, anyone think it’s reason why Chi Wai leaves?

    1. Yup — just read about this as well. No doubt that TCW’s resignation had everything to do with the Stars Shine acquisition (no way that can be a coincidence).

      It will be interesting to see who they put in that position because TCW did build up a pretty extensive resume in the 12 years he was with TVB and I just don’t see how anyone from Stars Shine will be comparable in terms of experience and skill (unless they are thinking of bringing in an even more experienced big name music producer from outside)….

      1. If you read Tang Chi Wai’s Weibo, you can sense that something is happening to his music career prior to this announcement of TVB acquiring Star Shine.. (unless TVB acquired this company a long time ago and then just recently released the news, then ARGH tvb. WHYYY!?)

      2. His weibo is definitely sweet talk to keep the relationship with Txb. In interview, he seems to hint that his resignation relates to the Star company. Not only him, 4 of his assistants leave with him, too.

        He worked for Txb 12 years. Do you think it’s a peaceful situation for someone to leave a company they work for 12 years? Must have some fights. The Dream Star company is prepared for a long while, not just yesterday.

      3. “The Dream Star company is prepared for a long while, not just yesterday.”

        ^ “(unless TVB acquired this company a long time ago and then just recently released the news,) –> That’s what I am speculating. I did not think that this just happened overnight! And even if Raymond Lam does leave TVB, all I want is for him and CW to continue working together since I love CW’s works. Like most of the songs I have for Raymond is composed by CW…

    2. i think that even if he leaves tvb, it’s not a really big deal since Raymond Lam will continue to work with Tang Chi Wai and as long as he continues to compose songs, I will listen to them! (:
      But I will MISS his songs and his words “我係聽智偉叔叔嘅歌大㗎 ” made me smile!

      1. Oh yeah..
        the non-translated version:  邓智伟昨天坦承辞职,强调要离开工作了12年的岗位非常不舍得:“斗争了大半年,无线有挽留,但我最后还是决定离职。(传你辞职同何哲图入主星梦有关?)既然有那么适合的人选,我终于都可以放心离开,我想出去外面闯,但好多谢这么多年来乐小姐对我的提拔。我知道她对我很好,但她也我有好发展。(你四个下属跟你一齐递信?)我何德何能?我是自己辞职,但他们都说要辞,我还劝他们,他们说跟惯我,想一齐出去闯。”


      2. Actually reading LF’s answer toward this, look like LF is planning to go, too. Like CW, LF also said that he hasn’t considered the way of collaborate with Txb in next future.

      3. I am Raymond Lam’s fans, of course, support and thanks to 智偉 who composed so many great songs for LF…wish both of them the best!!!!

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