TVB Anniversary Award Predictions – Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui Take the Lead

With only two months away from the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards, it is not too soon to place our bets on which TVB actor and actress will survive with honor or with defeat.

Although the nominees list will not be released until November, many Hong Kong media reported that TVB executives have already chosen their ultimate winners. Through carefully planned marketing strategies, in which the dramas of favored artists are given a later broadcast date closer to the Anniversary Awards, the ultimate list of nominees would most likely be dominated by those actors who have appeared in the dramas that were broadcast in the last few months.

Best Actor

The top five nominees of Best Actor will most likely be Kenneth Ma (馬國明) for The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>,Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) for Witness Insecurity <護花危情>, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) for Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2>,Raymond Lam (林峯) for Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) for The Confidant <大太監>. Out of the five, Raymond Lam is the candidate who will most likely win the award. Raymond is undoubtedly TVB’s number one biological son, since he has been leading in TVB dramas since 2002.

After signing a music contract with EEG in 2007, Raymond has released over seven full-length studio albums. He has won multiple popularity awards, and most of his albums are among the top 10 best-selling albums of the year in Hong Kong. However, as an artist who first debuted as an actor, a Best Actor award seems largely overdue, and TVB executives are very eager to give him the award this year. Along with Raymond’s large fan base, and his critically successful performance in Highs and Lows, Raymond has the highest chance of winning.

Kevin Cheng and Wayne Lai, however, are not very far behind in the race. Kevin Cheng will be nominated for his portrayal of “Law Ba” again; neither the actor nor the character has faded in popularity. There may be a chance for Kevin to be crowned TV King for a third time. Wayne Lai’s portrayal of “Li Lianying” in The Confidant is also highly anticipated. The Confidant is an expensive grand production, an anniversary drama, and is also the last drama to broadcast in 2012 that will earn a chance to get nominated for Best Drama of the Year. With strong leads and a competent supporting cast, The Confidant will definitely excel in the ratings department, and the cast may also get a popularity boost for the awards!

Kenneth Ma and Bosco Wong will most likely be the two dark horse candidates, thanks to the immense popularity of their dramas, The Hippocratic Crush and Witness Insecurity.

According to Oriental Daily, Raymond Lam has an 80 percent likelihood of winning Best Actor. Both Kevin Cheng and Wayne Lai have a 70 percent chance. Bosco Wong has a 65 percent chance, while Kenneth Ma has 50 percent.

Best Actress

The Best Actress award is slightly harder to predict. Kate Tsui (徐子珊) of Highs and Lows is currently leading the Best Actress race with her acclaimed performance. Along with Kate, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) of Witness InsecurityMyolie Wu (胡杏兒) of Ghetto Justice 2Tavia Yeung (楊怡) of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>, and Michelle Yim (米雪) of The Confidant will most likely be the top five favorites to win the award among TVB executives.

Kate may be the audience’s favorite, but she faces tougher competitors than Raymond. Myolie and Tavia are favorites among TVB executives. Linda is backed up by a large fan base, and Michelle is an award-winning actress. Tavia’s upcoming Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles is also another anniversary drama, which will most likely receive commendable reviews and high ratings as well.

Oriental Daily reported that Kate Tsui currently has an 80 percent of winning. Myolie Wu has 75 percent, Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung have 70 percent, and Michelle Yim has 50 percent chance.

Best Supporting Actor and Actress

Although the Best Actor and Actress awards tend to receive the most media attention every year, it is the Best Supporting Actor and Actress that ultimately receive the most recognition and critical praise from the audience. These awards are a chance for small “green leaf” actors and actresses for a shot of extending their career in the industry. Wayne Lai, Michael Tse (謝天華), Mak Cheung Ching (麥長青), Ben Wong (黃智賢), Susan Tse (謝雪心), and Sharon Chan (陳敏之) have attained higher successes and fame since winning in the Best Supporting category.

This year, Koo Ming Wah (古明華) of Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…> has jumped from a forgettable and unrecognizable mini-supporting actor to one of the most popular actors in the Hong Kong television industry. His portrayal of the effeminate “So Gay” was so popular that over 70,000 netizens voted for him to win the award in a pseudo online survey. Other popular candidates for Best Supporting Actor includes Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年) and Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強) of King Maker <造王者> and Ben Wong (黃智賢) of Highs and Lows.

Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) is the top candidate to win this year’s Best Supporting Actress award. The actress was previously attacked for having poor acting skills, but her performance in The Last Steep Ascent <天梯> became an eye-opener for everyone. Elena Kong ( 江美儀) of Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles will most likely be nominated, but it is not likely that she will win.

Most Improved Male and Female Artists

As mentioned in multiple articles, the Most Improved Female Artist award will undoubtedly be given to Mandy Wong (黃智雯) this year. Having appeared in five popular dramas in 2012, no one has overcome her in turns of popularity and exposure rate.

On the other hand, the winner behind Most Improved Male Artist award is much harder to measure. At the moment, the top three nominees are eliminated down to three top contenders – Edwin Siu (蕭正楠)Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), and Him Law (羅仲謙). When it comes to popularity, Oscar and Him definitely has an advantage over Edwin. Oscar and Him are currently co-starring in the film Young and Dangerous: Reloaded <古惑仔: 江湖新秩序>, the remake of the 1996 crime film of the same name that starred Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) and Jordan Chan (陳小春). Out of the two, Oscar has a higher chance of winning the award, as Him is not a managed TVB artist.

However, Edwin has the upper-hand with the TVB executives. Edwin will be co-starring with Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) in upcoming cross-millennium television drama, Big Wheel <巨輪>. He will also take the lead with Wayne Lai and Myolie Wu in the third installment of the Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄> franchise.  TVB executives are honing Edwin to become TVB’s next leading star.

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  1. Out of the cutesy pic of LF in HAL, you had to pick this one. -.- Anyways, I don’t mind Raymond taking Best Actor, it’s the right time for him and he deserves it for his outstanding Happy Sir – nice!

    1. Raymond lam – best actor
      Tavia yeung -best actress
      Kate tsui. -best female character
      Raymond lam -best male character
      So gay -best supporting actor
      Nancy wu-best supporting actress

      1. Seems like Tavia has less chance to win as they predict she might get only 70% of chance compare to > 80% of Kate. None of them is excellent, just good. Among them, Linda is less chance. Myowe might win but her dramas this year are not outstanding. I watch 2 sequence of Justice, found boring on the story and cast 🙁

      2. Tavia also has less than Myolie who got 75% but the last call is still TVB’s no matter what kind of votes they make which means if TVB likes Tavia win she will.

      3. I don’t get Oriental’s predictions. How can everyone have 70-80% chance of winning? Shouldn’t the chance % add up to 100% like a pie chart?

      4. @ Jennifer

        Well, in the case of both Tavia and Michelle Yim those predictions mean absolutely nothing considering that their dramas haven’t even aired yet. That’s like predicting Tavia had an 90% chance of winning when only THC had aired.

      5. The predictions are stupid. SSSS and TC hasnt even aired yet, and they have already predicted the chances of each actress likelihood of winning BA. wtf? whatevs.

      6. ikr? so lamee…obviously ppl like HAL right now cuz its broadcasting!

    2. What wrong with the picture? That’s how Happy Sir look. And I think Raymond looks good in that picture.

      1. He looks fine to me too. Maybe @roxy likes to see him in black instead of “flower king” uniform.

      2. Haha he doesnt look “happy” though he still looks good in that gardener uniform.

  2. I know I’m personally rooting for Kenneth and Kevin for Best Actor, and Tavia and Myolie for best Actress

  3. It’s still too early to tell since “SSSS” and “Confidant” hasn’t even aired yet. I have a feeling it’s Raymond’s year though.

    As for Best Actress, it could still go Michelle or Tavia. Myolie won last year, so I doubt she’d “lum jong” again. Linda’s character in WI didn’t stand out much IMO.

    I have a feeling Oscar and Edwin would be nominated for Best Supporting instead of Most Improved. They’re too over experienced to be in the MI catagory. I predict Most Improved will go to Him and Mandy.

    If Koo Ming Wah doesn’t get the award for Best Supporting, I hope he get Fave Character instead.

    1. No way he can get Fav chac because it’s the award for main chac. Even Laughing Gor’s role – more of a main chac can’t win in 2009

      1. Maybe tvb will finally change their “rules”. Laughing was robbed of the my fave character award and Linda didn’t get it for miss koo either. Makes no sense b/c the characters were so popular.

      2. I doubt so. Likely the winner of Best actor will grab the Fave chac, too unless there are two too strong candidates for Best actor and have to share the pork.

        Koo Ming Wah will win Best supporting and I support him to win.

      3. It’s a bit weird if a supporting role gets the “my favourite character” over a leading role… But KMW has been the true standout (so far) this year and fully deserves it! Don’t think it will happen though.

        And Linda for Miss Koo? For that SINGLE crying scene?! (Reminds me of Judi Dench’s Oscar, but Linda’s scene wasn’t even that impressive – to me.)

  4. I think Myolie:s acting in GJ2 is better than Kate in HAL and Tavia in THC but I understand that Kate’s character is extremely well written by the the script.

    1. Agreed! even though i’m a fan of Tavia but i think Myolie’s better in terms of acting

  5. I think it’s Raymond year too. All the media so far has predicted and make extreme noise that he will win that I’ll be surprised if someone like Kenneth wins. Although I think Raymond is overrated when I watch HAL.

    1. I hope Lam Fung wins too. I agree that it’s Raymond’s year. Can’t comment about HAL, haven’t started.

  6. Koo Ming Wah is an absolute owner of the Best Supporting. So Gay took HK and TVB world by storm!

  7. Oh no, please no Kate and Raymond for best actress and actor. Especially Kate I think her acting is really bad.

    1. haha..ya me too for kate.. just because the script n character did so well for kate but doesnt mean she is good in acting.. i rather give it to michelle yip if kate is the only choice..haha..

    2. Kate’s acting improved although she has long way before can be called a great actress and her character is extremely well written. People are rooting for Kate over Tavia because Tavia was bland in THC and bad in 3K.

    3. Well, Raymond did a good job this time..of course he can’t compare with Kevin or Wayne. But Kevin and Wayne already got twice…i think they don’t mind let the next generation get it. Compare Raymond to Bosco or Kenneth, i wouldn’t say one is very super outstanding, it just personnal favorite. So just let Raymond get it this year, he is going to movie industry after it.

      1. LF can’t compare to Kevin?!?!?! Really??? The latter’s acting has yet to wow me, even with Law Ba’s character. It’s just that his character is written well and is liked by the audiences. I find his portrayal of Law Ba annoying at times and he overdoes it.

      2. i am Raymond’s fan…i will vote for Raymond..just don’t want to be too push and unset Kevin’s fans…also…just want to state that Kevin is already got twice…it is enough la

    4. It’s not because Kate’s acting is extremely amazing, it’s just because other nominated contestants are amazingly bad. And it’s because TVB system works in a way of only favouring their biological artists. I personally think Kate deserves the best among the five fadans.

  8. omg can’t believe people praised Aimee performance in the last steep ascent.

    My choice is

    Best Actor: Ma Ming or Kevin
    Best Actress: Tavia (Not a fan of her but i think it’s her year) or Myolie
    Best Supporting: Koo Ming Wah (ofcourse)
    Best Supporting Actress: Nancy maybe can’t remember any outstanding supporting actress this year.
    Most Improved Actress: Mandy
    Most Improved Actor: Oscar deserve it more than Him Him althought i love Him Him haha

  9. Anyone but Myolie!!!! It’s a joke that she won last year with her crappy performance. Her acting is just not up to par! This year’s BA race is a total joke. But really, who cares? It’s all rigged anyways.

  10. SSSS and TC is not even aired yet! But judging by the momentum from this yr, i doubt any breakthrough acting from tavia.

    1. It Kate win BA over Tavia. Someone shoot me. Kate’s acting is so so. It’s not that great, she is just getting a good role that’s all.

      1. I used to support Tavia but now I have a second thought that I prefer Kate wins and you should keep your word, why don’t you do it yourself(I mean shoot yourself)

      2. Lolz, someone shoot you because Kate wins? Hey, better you shoot yourself as nobody want to commit crime :P.

    2. I also doubt Tavia can have any breakthrough in SSSS the way Kate has breakthrough in HAL. Tavia has been bland and uninteresting for these few years. Only her nose and car scandal stood out.

    3. I’ve been told that Edwin has become Catherine Tsang’s favourite and like the article said will be promoted heavily as lead in Catherine’s side for next year. This looks true with his second lead roles in RB3 pairing with Myolie and shared leads with Ruco in BW.

      1. Edwin is a good actor so I’m glad he’s getting promoted. 😀

    4. i don’t like Tavia neither…anyone would be better…just my opinion…i know she has many fans thought! Therefore, even i am not Kate’s fans, i will vote for Kate..just so Tavia can’t get it this year!

      1. yes anyone but tavia. omg tavia was horribly boring this year and i’m sure she will be overshadowed by the huge cast of silver spoon and will be boring too.

        kate isn’t that remarkable but better her than tavi and her NOSE

      2. because of having Tavia…i decided not to watch SSSS…just my choice…not to upset any of her fans.

  11. OMG, Aimee? She improved but best supporting actress??? You got to be kidding!!! These TVB awards are such a sham! Nancy is zillion times better! No wonder ppl are saying these awards are such a joke!

    1. I hope Nancy gets BS instead of Aimee. She portrayed the mute girl really well in GCO.

      1. I’m a big fan of Nancy but I thought her character was so boring GCO. If she was to win for Best Supporting, I wish it had been for GMG.

  12. Well if Kate wins it sure means that quality is so so. Because I saw a bit of HAL and I find her the same old same old.

    I like Edwin Siu but I find his acting a bit caricature as a villain.

    Aimee if must win something then should win for this year’s Last Steep Ascent.

    1. i agree with you, plus i find her character very annoying not very bright & unlikeable.

    2. Yes, if Aimee needs to win something, let her win the Most Improved Award, but too bad she won it a few years too early when she was not deserving at all. Sorry, I still think her role in LSA is still so and so, Crying was only okay but not a spectacular memorable performance! Once again, she is too overrated and over promoted! OMG, let Nancy win or even the girl that plays the 3rd mistress in LSA is much much better!

      1. Didn’t Tavia got nominated a few times in Most Improved?

        I do think Aimee cried very well in Last Steep Ascent. I am sorry to say Nancy may be a competent actress but she does not have a likeable face, not to me anyway. And I really don’t think her acting is that great either.

      2. Funn:

        So are u saying u think Aimee acts better than nancy?

        I think nancy is a far better actress. I think she can act in every single role that Aimee has done but the opposite is definitely not true.

      3. I do not like Nancy as much as her many fans who feel she is underappreciated. She is to me like Shirley Kwan who can sing excellently but has a face I do not like. Same for Nancy. I think Nancy can act but to say she can act every single role Aimee can is quite a statement. I feel no pity for her characters, no connection. To be fair to Nancy, Aimee doesn’t give me that feeling too but she has improved a lot in The Last Steep Ascent where she gave this emotional punch to a character that you sympathise with but not pity. Pity is a cheap word. Sympathy needs a higher level of performance. Of course Aimee can’t play every role Nancy can, but I suspect Aimee can do the b*tch role Nancy could in most of her performances anyway. Maybe I am one of the very few who doesn’t think highly of Nancy.

      4. That being said, I’d rather Nancy than Kate because Kate is still an awful actress.

      5. If u think Aimee can do the b!tchy roles, then u quickly forgot about “the other truth”.

        And I still think nancy can take on every role Aimee has played, including “the last steep ascent”.

      6. And I took notice of her in The Other Truth. That performance was rather brave. Not many would do that role.

        Maybe Nancy can play her character in Last Steep Ascent but I am not sure I will feel for her character. I really do think Aimee was graceful in that performance.

      7. Omg, u thought she did well in TOT?!

        I think u are not only one of the few who doesn’t think highly of Nancy, but also one of the few who think so highly of Aimee.

      8. There are always those who appreciate a different aspect of a much disliked actress, much like Myolie, Jess, and many others.

        She was rather good in TOT which in itself is to me the best legal drama by TVB which is actually a legal drama. After watching TOT, I felt Ghetto Justice (I and II) was overpraised. TOT itself is a gem. And in there I grew to like Tavia who reminds me of her days before the nose-change. Raymond Wong was particularly good and yes so was Ruco who gained legions of fans. Kenneth’s character was pretty memorable too, and even Natalie Tong who was annoying in most character is still annoying but less so. Aimee’s story was racially charged but it was handled well. The way she seduced the Indian actor was quite an eye opener and I think she went all out. What is not to admire about that? For that I think highly of her in just 2 series thus far.

      9. That seduction scene was nothing. Nancy, selena, even Natalie or any other supporting actress could do that in their sleep. I’m talking about the other scenes like courtroom or crying to her bf. She was terrible.

      10. Let’s just say I beg to differ. And no Natalie can do that role. She is not a seductress. Selena? Too fluffy. Nancy maybe but I just don’t like her. But I suppose that character would have benefited from not being likeable but the way Aimee did the character she was someone who made a mistake and had a bad past, rather than a total and absolute b*tch. Different approach. But let me say Myolie would have been just wrong.

      11. Ok, I think we watched 2 different versions of “the other truth” then.

      12. Josie, not 2 different versions but different perspectives.

      13. At first i thought Aimee’s acting has improved gradually in the Last Steep but the more I watch her acting there.. the more I find her faked the way she talks like she purposely slow them down in a rather unnatural way of which I don’t know how to explain it but overall she’s better than many pretty vases who doesn’t show any sign of emotion.

      14. nancy can pretty much do any role she’s given to. aimee still has a lot to learn.

        of course funn lim, nancy’s unlikable face to you can be said to be a nail on a coffin. if you don’t like their face, it’s hard to get past that hurdle to see her acting because you’re always paying attention to the unlikable part of the whole.

        she has a pretty face to me.

      15. I did not like Aimee’s acting at all in TOT, but I rather watch her seducing the guy than to see her cry (which was very, very bad… and I’m usually not the kind who would complain about crying, because who in the world look great if they’re crying their eyes out?)

        But I did like Aimee’s case in TOT. And I absolutely agree that TOT is one of TVB’s best legal dramas in recent years, and much better than GJ.

        I did not like Kenneth Ma’s case, however. IMO, it was the worst of the major cases.

        I also didn’t like Kenneth Ma’s case in TC, as his case brought down the entire quality of TC. Kenneth should stop doing these guest roles…

      16. @Funn “There are always those who appreciate a different aspect of a much disliked actress, much like Myolie, Jess, and many others.”

        When was Jess a much disliked actress?
        And Myolie was disliked during her ‘gwing’ days, but in the past and present, she has been one of the most well-liked among the 5 fadans, as it appears from netizen discussions. Like you said her acting in GJ2 is bad, but from the polls by netizens, doesn’t appear so. Maybe you confused who you yourself dislike (jess and myolie), with who is largely disliked?

      17. I like Nancy’s acting, but there is something about her face that doesn’t scream leading actress to me. I don’t know what it is… Sometimes I look at actresses and they have a certain face that makes me think they’re destined to be leads even if their acting is so so. They don’t have to be extraordinary beauties. Maybe it’s the wholesome look?

        I think Nancy’s good at supporting actress level. The only problem is finding a leading lady who is competent enough these days and won’t be overshadowed by the rest of the cast, so I can see why people are calling for Nancy to be handed the main role.

      1. For the role in Highs and Lows. Her voice has weird high pitch then the other Kate’s series.

  13. My choice:
    Best Actor: Raymond Lam
    Most Improved Actress: Mandy

  14. not looking forward to it..
    I feel Aimee and kate are okay but that not that good yet xD

  15. Sorry but I am confused. If BA is based on the voting system, no matter how well these artists act in the drama is not important because it will be based on the fans to vote for them. Did I miss out anything?

    1. The voting system is not 100% confirmed some of the decisions on the awards goes to TVB

      1. So which mean there might be some changes? TVB has not decided which system yet, is it?

    2. Even with a voting system, nobody can confirm that the vote won’t be rigged by Txb.

      1. gosh!!! which mean either way, it is also not fair. For now, who is the most powerful person in TVB to decide who should get BA?

        Fox, are you from Hong Kong?

    3. some said oversea people can vote; but some said oversea people can’t vote…so all those factor change the result too…so nothing is fair…sigh…after all…just TVB decided is fine…

  16. Lol Kate’s blank face with the thick lips above is hilarious!

    I support Eliza although I know Mandy will win Most Improved. Princess Heung Heung FTW

    1. I don’t think Eliza should be considered “improved” because it was her first series so nothing I improve on.

  17. I think Kate can work well in the relationships of characters, irl, I actually hope Kate ended in a relationship with either bosco (LOO) Ron – endless list and now LF (HAL)

    1. Ron and Kate have been one of my fav on screen couple for a long time. But real life? If she can make him change, and take away his bad habit, then yeah maybe. But it don’t seems like Ron is ready to be knotted to a lady “again” (if we can say that the relationship with Viann was serious) right now.

      But I think I heard in an Interview that Kate want man outside the industry.

      1. God no. Kate is so much better than Ron. Kate knows what she wants and that’s a man with a respectable career who can support her. She’s much more interested in out of the industry men…like her doctor boyfriend. Not sure if they’re still on.

      2. I hope they hook up too! It’s a match made in heaven between snake goddess and the fat wolf 🙂

        Outside the industry? No problem the fat wolf will retire soon, hehe

  18. Below is Oriental Daily’s prediction for the awards:

    Best TVB Series: The Confidant

    TVB King: Raymond
    TVB Queen: Tavia

    Pork no.1- Favourite Actor/Character: Moses
    Pork no.2 – Favourite Actress/Character: Linda Chung

    TVB Supporting Actor: Koo Ming Wah <-YAY!!!!
    TVB Supporting Actress: Aimee Chan

    Improved TVB actor: Him Law
    Improved TVB Actress: Eliza (I don't think so)

    1. what a rigged list by oriental. only so kei is deserving there.

      1. Nothing is ‘rigged’ on this list. This is how they’re predicting it.

    2. Sorry but Moses Chan is nominated for for what? I didn’t find his character likeable or any special in WHB, MOP and TLSA which I’m watching now.

    3. Oriental Daily is often rite the last years for Best actor + actress. But this time I think they will be wrong for 2 seats: Pork 1 Fav Chac – Moses and Improved Act – Eliza. And I’m hoping the Best actress is wrong, too.

    4. I think pork 1 will go to Kenneth to pacify his THC fans and pork 2 is undecided either Linda or Kate. If Saturn Goddess got BA, TVB might give pork 2 to Kate to appease her and her fans since her fans can get loud too from Ben’s case.

      1. I hope Pork 1 won’t go to innocent porn watcher to make vinegar’s quality better.

    5. Just give everything except supporting to chok god and snake goddess, LOL

      1. Good. And let diet pill goddess + innocent porn watcher aka vinegar god cry in the locked room.

  19. I will vote for Lam Fung and Bosco, and Kate and Linda. There are no standouts this year. I have no comments for Kate vs Tavia because I haven’t seen Kate in HAL yet since I haven’t got my HAL copy.

  20. I feel bad for the goddess since her long coveted dreams for BA falls into pieces just bc of one act of disgrace, LOL.

    With regards to chok god winning, can’t say im surprised even though he is practically a human now. I predicted this outcome even before they changed the gamerules.

    Nicole, so much for your calculation and are you ready to admit defeat? 😛

    1. Chok God might win and that’s too predictable no matter overrated or not but Long Nose Goddess position is still unstable.

      1. Yeah, she needs more new worshippers to regain her lost powers, hehe

      2. Sausage Lips is shaking Big Nose’s car. Ops sorry I mean position.

  21. I like Kenneth Ma’s Yat Kin Tao character but I’m not sure if it justifies for Best Actor. Same goes for Bosco Wong.

    I think Kevin Cheng’s potrayal of Law Ba the second time was slightly exaggerated and over the top.

    As for Wayne Lai, I don’t think he has ever disappointed since Rosy Business and I reckon he’d done a good job in The Confidant. While I am a massive Raymond Lam fan and hope he wins but if Wayne Lai wins, I’ll be happy for him!

  22. I hope LF will win because I’ve just found some chili and garlic so I’m waiting for the huge vinegar pot of Txb to exploit in more than 2 months’ time!

  23. And the funny thing is that no matter who wins this year for the BA, she will be blasted from audience.

    1. Aren’t the T cults and the K cults are already blasting each other’s Goddess and the other side of fans now.

    2. Which year won’t have the noises? You noe what? Even Sheren’s victory with Rosy Business is bashed as unfair and worse than the OTT performance in BTROC by some fans, then you can understand.

      1. Oh no, I though Sheren’s victory was the fairest result of TVB so far and her winning is the most convinced, but the audiences…

      2. Sheren had to win for Rosy Business which TVB had no intention of letting her win. I believe that year CBML won best series? I could hear the unenthusiastic clapping if I remember correctly. It was a series that mowed down the competitors with performances that however you rig the polls, you can do it so that they do not win. It was an obvious choice. Even TVB had to bow down to the obvious.

      3. No, the next year CBML won best series. This year aka 2009 Rosy Business won.

      4. CBML year was which series that won everything else but best picture?

      5. Ahhh 2010 was No Regrets. Yes now I remember. I remember the unenthusiastic clapping.

        2009 was supposed to be Gem of Life. I just checked, I forgot about this ridiculous award Best Performance of the Year Award for Tavia.

      6. Even Sheren’s victory with Rosy Business is bashed as unfair and worse than the OTT performance in BTROC by some fans, then you can understand.

        This one of the most ridiculous thing to hear. How can Sheren’S performance in RB got bashed?

      7. This award isn’t ridiculous, you have to take care of your word Funn or you are disrespectful to a VERY SERIOUS award that chosen by the professional team, LMAO~. Some even said that this award is more honour than Best actress because it was chosen by a board and who know who were in this board.

      8. I remember that was the year of Gem of Life, was Ada supposed to win that year? But I thought that was also the year of Beyond the Realm of Conscience, wasn’t it Tavia supposed to win already, she has to wait few more years then.

      9. Yeah Fox, she is not good enough for Best Actress but good enough for best actress of all in that year which to me is ridiculous. I suppose rig also can’t rig the results so had to create one award for her.

        I seriously can’t remember who was supposed to win but I do remember when CBML was announcement it was shocking? Not that thunderous applause? My memory is woozy.

      10. That Best Peformance is a pork because TVB had to rearrange their arrangement after Sheren becomes the breakout actress of the year and Tavia failed to counter attack in BTROC.

      11. Those some fans must be kidding to say Sheren win is unfair. WTF it’s one of the most justified BA in TVB history LOL.

  24. my predictions:

    Best Actor: Raymond/ Wayne
    Best Actress: Tavia
    Favourite Male: Ma Ming
    Favourite Female: Probably Kate or Linda.
    Best Supporting Male: Koo Ming Wah
    Best Supporting Female: Nancy (I hope) or Aimee
    Most Improved Female: Mandy
    Most Improved Male: Between Him and Oscar, I think Him would win this.

  25. My Predictions:

    Best Actor: Raymond
    Best Actress: Tavia
    Favourite Male Character: Kenneth
    Favourite Female Character: Kate
    Best Supporting Actor: Koo Ming Wah
    Best Supporting Actress: Aimee
    Most Improved Actress: Mandy
    Most Improved Actor: Him

    Who I want to win:

    Best Actor: Wayne
    Best Actress: Michelle Yim
    Favourite Male Character: Kenneth
    Favourite Female Character: Kate
    Best Supporting Actor: Edwin/Koo Ming Wah
    Best Supporting Actress: Nancy/Elena
    Most Improved: Mandy and Him.

  26. From Oriental Sunday preview:

    Kate’s chance increased so fast thank to HAL and her acting is looked in different eyes by audience. Seeing this threat of Kate, HimHim the Car shake god is forced by gf to sign management contract with Txb in order to boost the chance of winning for this gf. Because of this, Linda is kicked aside.

    Haha, if it’s true, HimHim should win “Best bf” award! Lolz, and Filmko will win “Best HimHim” award, do everything for HimHim.

      1. Not only Oriental Sunday but also East Week . East week hasn’t been uploaded yet, just a cover. The cover says so.

    1. TY urging Himhim to sign with TVB to secure her the award? LOL Himhim is really fallen under TY spell!

  27. Is 3 Kingdom in for nominations as well? Kinda hope LF and KM won something from it.

    1. Lol no, LF wont win anything from 3K. He’s getting nominated for Highs and Lows, which is sooo much better. About KM, Idk and Idc. =))

  28. Hmm…
    Linda/WI: acting dull, character dull
    Tavia/THC: acting VERY dull, character dull
    Myolie/GJ2: acting okay, character okay
    Kate/HAL: acting okay(ish), character interesting (and more controversial)

    Kate was lucky to score a character that’s more likely to pull at your heartstrings. I’m looking forward to seeing how Michelle performs, but TVB’s anniversary dramas tend to be total duds…

    Please no for Aimee. Granted, she did show slight signs of improvement, but there is still a long way to go.

    1. Haha then Tavia should win cause she has the most “dull” and it suits TVB criteria according to your definition.

  29. Whichever Oriental Daily journalist came up with these winning percentages needs to take a course in probability. How can the percentages add up to more than 100%?!

  30. No big deal if one of them loses. TVB is just going to award them one by one anyway. There isn’t just “1 Big Sister” at TVB. TVB is trying to balance the 5 fadans. Besides, the meaning of the award has changed. It’s more like you get it because it’s about time.

    What I hope to see is the awards being spread out. In recent years, TVB has awarded to members between 2 series.

  31. my wishlist :

    Best Actor:
    Best Actress: Michelle Yim/Myolie Wu
    Favourite Male Character:
    Favourite Female Character: Myolie Wu
    Best Supporting Actor: Raymond Wong
    Best Supporting Actress: Nancy Wu
    Most Improved: Mandy Wong


  32. Anything but the big nose and the snake goddess to win best actress .chok god is ok for best actor ..

  33. LOL, tvb trying their best to help the Nose Goddess win. But the reporters asked several artistes for their opinion, and almost no one vote for her. Most vote for Michelle Yim. GOOOOOOO MICHELLE!
    And on TVB forum, Myolie, even with her Kris Wong redux, is leading the polls. I looked at a few polls myself, and mainly Myolie and Kate are leading. Poor Long Nose.

    1. What does this will mean if TVB made it a public voting but suddenly announce Tavia the winner when online votings says otherwise? 😛

    2. Michelle is wonderful…just not Tavia…at least not this year..(TVB will give her some year la)…at least not the year with Raymond Lam…I live Raymond Lam…don’t want to picture her next to Raymond…

      1. BTY, i will vote for either Michelle or Kate (who has a higher chance to win) just so she has the higher votes over Tavia.

    3. All of the fadans in tvb who has the largest fanbase in hk? does anyone know?

  34. Raymond! Raymond! Raymond!
    He did an awesome job as Happy Sir. The TVB King award is long overdue! LF Love Fung!

    1. agree…happy for him…if it is really a vote..don’t forget to vote for him la

  35. this has got to be a joke…kate is far from being tv queen:0
    and raymond….just no, hes not even a good actor

  36. It is definitely Fung’s year!! It is about time he wins. I don’t understand why people bash him a lot.. yes, not all of us like him (I hate him sometimes too), but you cannot deny that he has a great face + acting skills!!

    I think he will win regardless of whether or not the voting system is in place this year. It will be unjust if he doesn’t win!!!!!

  37. kate tsui is definitely not going to win tv queen. what’s wrong with oriental daily? she’s only getting all the buzz cuz high and lows is airing now….over a month before the actual awards
    all the other girls got more fans than here (since this year’s is live voting). plus dont think her role is that good to deserve it.
    myolie-nothing too spectacular in her role so probably wont get the award again
    linda- i like her but again her role doesnt have any break through
    tavia-she’s very experienced and it’s about time she got an award. besides she has a role in the anniversary series
    michelle……she’s getting old but i like her acting, though she already got her recognition from moonlight’s resonance, she should give tavia a chance

    1. Here are mostly oversea ppl, won’t have the rite to vote 😛 because only HKers have the vote.

  38. This year is LF year he will definately gets the TV King as for Kate stills 50 / 50 lol.

  39. How did Oriental Daily come up with the odds in winning the different categories by the various artists?

  40. Best Actor– Kevin Cheng vs Raymond Lam
    Best Actress– Tavia
    Best Supporting Actress– I love Elena, but dang it, it won’t happen. DOES NOT MATTER.
    Best Supporting Actor– Believe it or not, I want Oscar! Koo Ming Wah deserves something, but Oscar was so bright in TC.
    Most improved Actress– Mandy
    Most improved Actor– Edwin

  41. Let’s make this the Tavia/Raymond win she keeps talking about! haha, I don’t think Ray has done anything special this yr nor am I a fan, but I’m a kid of the era when FungYi debuted so I have a soft spot for them to win together! Kenneth should win, but I don’t see that happening based on politics, but I would LOVE to see him get Fav Male Character and Kate/Linda are by no means ready yet.
    Most improved: Him & Mandy hands down (I feel like it would be insulting to Oscar to give him this, I see him more along the lines of Best Supporting)
    I don’t think get the SoGay hype, he was good, but not amazing.
    My best supporting will always be Elena haha, but we know that won’t happen. Plz NOT aimee…. I don’t get all these young actresses getting Best Supporting (except for those like Nancy/Sharon who were robbed of Most Improved), the veterans are the obvious screen stealers!

    1. too many comment slightly saw urs. Pls dont be an ignorant la. Ray has not done anything special? Hahaha..Face palm…

  42. Chances are Raymond vs Kenneth & Tavia vs Kate this year King & Queen titles he..he…

  43. I think most people will just vote for the other choices to prevent undeserved people like Long Nose Goddess from winning BA. For eg, i will probably vote for Kate or Michelle (as they are the two greatest competitors).

    Then again, the results are still ‘determined’ by TVB despite them claiming to be 100% voting by audience. So if they want to award the BA to stupid long nose, they will still get bombarded by all the audience, which is still a good thing. BOYCOTT TVB FROM BIAS AWARDS. BOYCOTT TAVIA YEUNG HAHAHA

  44. What I wish :
    Best Actor– Raymond Lam
    Best Actress– Linda Chung(She’s the better than long nose goddess and snake queen IMO
    Best Supporting Actress– Elena
    Best Supporting Actor-Koo Ming Wah
    Most improved Actress– Mandy Wong
    Most improved Actor– Him Law
    My Favourite Character- Kate Tsui(Pat)
    Best Drama – HAL/THC

      1. Kate or Charmaine sheh, but here then I think they are prefering to Kate.

  45. I dun understand why Rachel Kan is not in …. She is also one of the best. Please don’t miss her out…

  46. this year confirm raymond tv king
    tv queen either kate tsui or tavia. But tavia acting more years than kate tsui so, tavia most likely to win it.

  47. iwill said the winner is kate tsui she have good permonance when i saw here iknow she can do it ilike here and kathychow there both have simlar

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