TVB Artists at 2011 Sales Presentation

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TVB held its 2011 Sales Presentation the night before. Many TVB artists attended the event, althoughSheren Tang Shui Man, Charmaine Sheh Si Man, and Myolie Wu Hang Yee were noticeably absent due to their filming schedule in China . Many actresses, such as Koni Lui Wai Yee, Skye Chan Sin Yeung, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning, and Janet Chow, wore low-cut dresses and stole the spotlight.

Fala Chen wore a strapless dress and said that she did not want to wear an overly revealing dress due to the large crowd. Bernice Liu Bik Yee indicated that she may be unable to attend the TVB Anniversary since she is currently filming Show Me the Happy <醫家有喜>with Roger Kwok Chun OnTavia Yeung Yiwore $2.5 million (HKD) in diamond jewelry at the sales presentation event. Tavia will be appearing in three series next year.

Ron Ng Cheuk Hei will also be appearing in three TVB series next year. When reporters asked Ron whether he was “bleeding” TVB blood like Raymond Lam Fung, Ron laughed, “Not only am I bleeding TVB blood, but I am also sweating TVB’s sweat and eating TVB’s rice!”

At 7 PM, artists walked the red carpet for the 2011 TVB sales presentation. Moses Chan Ho and Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung were surrounded by many fans asking for photographs. Evergreen Mak Cheung Ching (aka Mak Bao) was also immensely popular due to his villain character in No Regrets <义海豪情>.

Excerpt from the Sun

Jayne: I have a feeling that the 2010 TVB Anniversary and Awards nights will be lacking many stars, who will be filming in China . TVB Anniversaries are not the same as previous years anymore! Hopefully the fashion will not disappoint!

15 comments to TVB Artists at 2011 Sales Presentation

  1. pandamao says:

    Speculated List of no-shows thus far .. some were actually confirmed but I’ll leave it as speculated since nothing is ever confirmed until the day of.

    Male: Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng

    Female: Charmaine Sheh, Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, (on and off) Sheren Teng

    Wow – what a sad tvb award show. =(

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    • tonyja replied:

      what sales presentation, should be promotional event or gala, publicity !!

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  2. Jayne says:

    Pandamao, Raymond will be filming his new movie in China? What about Kevin?

    From the 2011 sales presentation, it seems as if the big stars are all filming in China next year. Sheren has no series planned for 2011 yet, although I think she will probably film at least one series and make real money in China. Same thing with Raymond and Charmaine, low output for TVB next year.

    We’ll see a lot of Ron, Kevin, and Linda.

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  3. pandamao says:

    Kevin is also filming in China during the award ceremony.

    Sick of Linda and Kevin right now. I need some variety right now.

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  4. hockeylover says:

    Well, Im sorry for asking such a dumb question, but when is this award presentation going to be?
    I really hope that all those stars will be able to attend this presentation.
    So, pandamao, for sure that Kevin Cheng will not be at the award presentation?
    I hope Lam Fung will be there, even though his schedule is insanely packed.

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  5. jayzemine says:

    Jayne, don’t forget Tavia. She has many series lined-up for next year.

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  6. danielle says:

    hockeylover , it should take place on December 5th @ 8:30pm.

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  7. hockeylover says:

    Oh, thanks so much, danielle.
    Lolz, i like that date! 😛

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  8. advo says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be a very lacklustre event with so many stars missing. The awards haven’t really been that interesting in the past years as it is, because of an entire generation missing. Stars like Ada, Esther, Kenix, Maggie, Flora etc.

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  9. pandamao says:

    Jessica also has not showed up for several years ..

    With the men, we are missing Bobby, Gallen, Gordon Lam, Lawrence Ng, etc.

    I feel like each new generation of actors/actresses deteriorate in talent and skills.

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  10. Masaharu says:

    We’ll see a lot of Ron, Kevin, and Linda.

    From the sales presentation Ron, Linda and Kevin are the highlights for next year. Tavia also has many dramas in store. Although Myolie’s fans said that Myolie will not attend the award ceremony this year she’s also the highlight next year with her palace series with Jessica.

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  11. Ricky says:

    I thought last year’s turnout was quite poor but it didn’t really shock me as there was no competition for awards last year. Everyone knew who was gonna win and naturally those people showed up. It quite shocked that so many people of expressed their inability to attend the award ceremony this year. This year definitely has more competition than last year. I can’t believe that both Charmaine and Sheren may be absent. If that is the case and considering TVB’s policy of “not here, no award” I wonder wat TVB will do.

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  12. CY says:

    I just hope that TVB doesn’t just decide to give the award to the next most popular artist present, like Tavia or someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of her but I don’t think that the role she was nominated for is up to standard yet when in comparison with Sheren’s role. I want to see Tavia win the award for a brilliantly executed and meaningful role with little dispute. I feel that if TVB decides to give it to her this year just because she was present, the backlash and disputes that come out of it will harm her more than benefit her.

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  13. selipar jepun says:

    Juz wanna noe..where’s ada choi?? is she still with tvb ??

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  14. P. Tan says:

    All said and done I would like to make some comments on noticeable absence of many familiar and well-known actors. Granted they have their own reasonsfor not attending tha Awards function, like making movies in the mainland and even spending time sulking like children just for some trivial matter. HOwever, the TVB Anniversary Awards Night, albeit on a much lesser scale would be quite equivalent to the Oscar’s in the States. Maybe you say there’s no comparison at all beytween the 2 but, they’ve been holding it year after for SO many years and yet the awe and glitter and acticipation are still there. I think one good reason is that everybody is there to support it. If ;you want your Awards night to be really succesful everyone involved should try his or her utmost best by attending the function. As the saying goes, ‘The more , the merrier’!

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