TVB to Focus on “HK Flavor” Dramas for 2019, According to TVB Chairman Charles Chan

The Lunar New Year is not only a time for family, but also a time for businesses to propose new plans and create new focuses for the upcoming year. As the leader of Hong Kong television, TVB has to carry the responsibility of following trends and bringing forth new products that are capable of steering the television market.

In a New Year’s greetings video by TVB chairman Charles Chan (陳國強), the accomplished businessman reflected on TVB’s past forays in the mainland Chinese television market and spoke about what he intends for TVB to focus with coming forward. He specifically pointed out three TVB dramas to be the inspiration for future projects—The Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥>, Come Home Love: Love and Behold <·回家之開心速遞>, and Life on the Line <跳躍生命線>.

“In a competitive global market, it is important for TVB to take huge strides forward,” said Charles Chan. “Likewise, we cannot forget about our most important mission, which is to increase the quality of our projects with excellent content […]. Last year, many of our programs met that goal, winning both word-of-mouth and ratings. Life on the Line captured the selfless sacrifices of rescue workers, becoming the year’s Best Drama […]. The Learning Curve of a Warlord captivated audiences with not only its laid back and humorous storytelling, but it also told a story about righteousness and loyalty. It also achieved great success on Chinese streaming platforms. The family-friendly Come Home Love: Lo and Behold created many lovable characters, becoming a part of life for many Hong Kong citizens.”

Joe Ma won Best Actor for his performance in “Life on the Line.”

In the last few years, TVB opened up opportunities to collaborate with many Chinese producers in order to make strides in the Chinese television market. Unfortunately, many of these Chinese co-productions had failed to make much impact within Hong Kong. The most recent example is Another Era <再創世紀>, which was one of TVB’s lowest-rated dramas of last year.

On the other side of the spectrum, local “small productions” became the territory’s ratings king,  such as Life on the Line, a drama about Hong Kong paramedics. In Hong Kong, Life on the Line was the year’s second-highest rated television drama (after Story of Yanxi Palace <演習攻略>). It also won Best Drama and Best Actor for Joe Ma (馬德鐘) at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

For 2019, Charles Chan said TVB will continue to produce more “Hong Kong flavor” dramas to the likes of Life on the Line, as well as continue its big-budget collaborations with many Mainland Chinese production companies. “There are still many unknowns ahead for 2019, but with half a century of experience and a team of passionate, hardworking staffs and artists, I’m sure that with everyone’s hard work, TVB will continue to to make productions that the Hong Kong people can be proud of.”


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  1. Reading Charles quotes gave me a chuckle. I have no faith in HK entertainment being better while having no hope of TVB ever improving. Lol

    1. @anon what better and improve? TVB already a legend in drama industry with its history of godlike acting and godlike theme song which no other tv station in Asia can ever produce. TVB already trained and produced uncountable of ASIAN STARS. Ups and down in life is a normal thing. You cannot expect tvb to produce godlike drama all the time.

      1. @lam86 Better improvement like production quality, fresh ideas and dare to break the mold.
        If you were a fan of TVB you will know there is no such thing as godlike acting or godlike theme song with TVB anymore. It has been this way for more than a decade. All the so-called veterans of “godlike” actors/actress has all either left TVB or signed on just for the per show contract. I think you yourself also know TVB will just continue to be the same, throwing actors/actress from beauty pageants and acting class and hoping that it will fare well for them. Essentially they’re just treating HK drama shows as a reality acting class.
        Yes TVB can improve. Just look at HKTV. The only few HK drama it produced are all better than TVB’s drama in terms of production value and storyboard.
        Even my mother said that TVB drama is getting from bad to worse and she’s an avid fan, well was an avid fan. Thanks to TVB for pushing my mother to watching Korean dramas instead.

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