Celebrity Weddings: Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo

Thirty-five-year-old Vanness Wu (吳建豪), a former member of Taiwanese band F4, held his wedding ceremony with 31-year-old Arissa Cheo (石貞善) in the United States on November 16, 2013. After their marriage registration in Singapore earlier this month, the couple decided to hold a grand banquet at The Resort Pelican Hill, a 5-star hotel in Los Angeles.

Vanness and Arissa met in 2006 while filming his music video “My Kingdom” <我的王國>. Arissa’s father is a wealthy Singaporean businessman and initially disapproved of the relationship due to Vanness’ career in the entertainment industry. When Arissa studied in the United States in 2007, they split up but remained in touch throughout the years. The couple reconciled in 2010 and cherished their second chance in love. They became engaged last year.

Vanness Wu weddingReportedly, Vanness and Arissa wanted to keep their wedding ceremony low-profile, and did not invite many friends from the entertainment industry. The other three past members of F4, Jerry Yan (言承旭),  Vic Chou (周渝民) ,  and  Ken Chu (朱孝天) were not seen. Most of the guests consisted of close relatives who flew from different countries to attend the wedding. According to tabloids, Vanness agreed to pay for all their airfare and accommodation fees. The cost of the entire wedding event was approximately $1 million HKD in total.

Many fans actually flew to Los Angeles in hopes to witness Vanness’ big day. Unfortunately, they expressed disappointment, because the security guards prevented outsiders from entering the wedding venue. However, Vanness’ elder sister later uploaded photographs of the wedding online to share with fans.

Taiwanese singer, Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒), was one of the performers at the wedding. She and Vanness sang “I Do” together, which was a very touching moment of the night. Elva later also agreed to take photographs with fans.

Arissa wore an elegant Canadian-Indian headdress, adding a traditional touch to her look. The couple handed out mini albums of their wedding photos as gifts to their guests. Vanness said they will try to be quick in having a baby.

Vanness Wu wedding 4  Vanness Wu wedding 7  Vanness Wu wedding 9

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The wedding venue looked stunning! Arissa has excellent taste as the gowns and flowers she chose for the wedding were very classy.

    1. Jayne, she was always known for having great style and fashion sense! 😀

    2. With her budget and her background can she not be classy? I am sure there were consultants.

      1. hahah that’s true. All her friends looked like models and decked in expensive gowns. Clearly you know which social circle she hangs out with. . . .

    3. As far as I know, she co-owned several fashion companies and sells her designs

      1. that’s nice. did she designed her own gowns too?

        or anyone know which brand it is?

  2. I had the honour of walking past her and another guy (I think it was her brother) at GWC twice (once in the mall and again in the car park) because yes, Singapore is only that small [if you’re lucky, you might walk past some celebrities in town area, on a good day]

    Anyway, her complexion isn’t as white {like Fann Wong} and porcelain flawless as depicted in her instagram photos (because well, she uses filters, or maybe I caught her on a bad day when she had sudden minor breakouts) but she is really captivating and naturally beautiful in real life nonetheless [in fact, I didn’t realize it was her upon first glance (although I initially spotted her from afar and just thought to myself that this lady is such a stunning headturner before it struck me on who she was, I’m not kidding, she seriously stood out from the crowd due to her attractive looks, those kind that make you wanna turn and take a second glance)

    1. They do look compatible and I’d agree head turners as they’d stand out in a crowd, whether alone or otherwise. But as they age, their face became too sharp-angled, maybe due to weight loss or having to control their weights due to their career. They look much more attractive when they aren’t so thin.
      Wish them happiness and may they have their baby soon.

    2. is she very tall in real life? I’m not surprised that she looks just as beautiful in real life as she does in her photos. I’ve heard that she was already very stunning as a young girl! Some girls just have it all =D

    3. I think she is attractive and all but if you just judge based on physical appearance only, then I think other Singaporeans such as Fann Wong and Stefanie Sun look better in my opinion.

      1. @HeTieShou:

        Appreciate your view! But hmm…I guess it varies according to one’s opinions of beauty, I have seen Stefanie Sun before (I’m a major Stefanie Sun fan) and went to all of her concerts but she doesn’t struck me as physically attractive (I really love her unique voice), in fact she looks rather normal [like your average plain Jane except probably slightly better with make up] in real life [I happened to walk past her oncoming vehicle and she was inside, waving at her fans, when I was trying to leave the concert venue at Taka some time back]

        Fann Wong, my dad saw her once when she came to TBP to promote some movie she starred in with Peter Ho. According to my dad, she was too white to the point where she looked scary but I don’t know for sure how true this is as I was too relatively young at that time.

        Yupp, I did previously hear that she is already very pretty from a young age, something like her sec school’s school belle. Well, she was wearing high heeled boots that day so I’m not sure that would be an accurate indicator of her height but I would think she is a 1.67 – 1.68m tall? (If I didn’t remember wrongly cause I saw her like two and a half months ago)

        Let me just give a brief description of her clothes, hair and makeup on that day.

        Clothes: I think she has an intense fondness for leather outfits because her jacket and boots were all leather (though can’t remember if her pants were also made of leather)

        Hair: Naturally straight and healthy jet black hair

        Makeup: No thick foundation or anything, perfectly shaped V thin face with tiny blemishes (two small clogged pores) and eyes were lined with minimal kohl eyeliner and mascara.

        Male friend (most likely her brother) drove a Mercedres SLK

      2. Fann Wong can be scary looking but with the right hairstyle it can soften her face. She has naturally fair skin, and very very flawless skin. She is that type that I feel is prettier the more you look at her. Not drop dead gorgeous, a bit flat as well but interesting doe eyed face which explains why she could expand beyond Singapore. Not ambitious though because she sticks to being her no. 1 in Singapore.

      1. Fox, that’s very helpful but i dont know who is Christ Lee either!

      2. Google may help you. Fann Wong and Chris Lee are the most popular Singaporean actors I’ve known :).

      3. hehe, thanks, they’re not important enough for me to make that effort.

      4. In Singapore they’re the power couple and important enough if you’re into MediaCorp and Singaporean series. If you watch Hollywood films Fann Wong was the leading lady in Shanghai Knights.

      5. oh i get it now! she’s the one with the incredibly botoxed face! her face looks so stiff and unnatural. Nah, don’t think she’s that important.

      6. Botoxed? Nahhh… she can still smile and frown. Nothing unnatural. Give her break though. She is 40? 41? To you maybe not important but fans of singaporean drama series she is important.

      7. Not just botox but also work done on the eyes and nose. Not important for me to lose any sleep over. Dont watch what mediacorp or singapore series. Neither do i watch Jackie chan, find him too crass.

      8. Of course not important if you’re not into that region’s scenes but let me correct you; there has always been speculation about her nose and eyes but she has always had the same nose since childhood. As for eyes, a good eyeliner and some nifty make up can create the same effect. If she has had work done, she would have started prior to puberty.

      9. I can’t believe what I’m reading from Funn. You must be a very ardent fan of Fann. If she didn’t do her eyes or nose or had botox, i’ll say you can have my head.

      10. You don’t even know who she is what makes you so sure she did what you said she did?

      11. i can’t believe the always cool, super duper critical and objective Funn is now behaving like a typical fan girl who can’t believe that their idols had PS. It’s no secret that Fann had PS, just that you choose not to believe the obvious, like selfiwu refuses to believe that Myolie had PS (btw, just saw the re-run of TITS 1, she looked helluva different – eyes, nose chin, very plain looking). Just typical fan behavior, i don’t blame you. Who says i didn’t see pics of Fann when she was younger? Her nose bridge was non existent and her profile was flat as a pancake. No doubt, her eyes were not small before PS but the double eyelid is now higher and deeper. Look at her pics with her eyes closed, you’ll see the line where the lid was cut to create the fold. In a natural double eyelid, the line disappears when the eyes are closed cuz the line is created by a fold, not a cut. And yes, she had botox cos she can’t smile properly, her forehead and face looks very stiff.

      12. Also, pls don’t tell me crap like eyeliner and eyeshadow or whatever make up skills can give the same effect; it’s called make-up not magic, so it doesn’t magically give you a bridge when you never had one or double eyelids if you’re not born with it.

      13. I am not disputing the surgery or speculations. But haven’t you seen Taiwanese variety show where very plain ordinary girls transformed themselves with make up, some tape and some hair extension?

      14. yes, i have and i can tell make up effects from PS effects, totally different. And being the busy person that she’s supposed to be, do you think she has so much time to prep herself?

      15. @choco-bunny,

        She has a team of professional make-up artistes, all she has to do is to sit back and let them do the magic.

        And also as you stated she is really busy nowadays, the downtime for PS is something she cannot afford. She has to hide from the swelling and scars etc, so if she did have PS, it couldn’t been recent.

        Not saying she didn’t do PS, i think she has – heck, almost all actresses do them, but hers is not drastic as compared to others, like Myolie as you pointed out,

      16. i give up on you people. Who said she just did her PS yesterday? Who said she’s busy 365 days of the year? The PS was done progressively over a period of time. It’s not like she suddenly came back with a new nose/bridge and new eyelids at the same time. Com’on have a little more sense than that! Talking abt her team of make up artists, does she have them at her beck and call 24/7 like when she goes shopping or doing something not work related? Why spend hours of her busy time sitting down getting prepped when there’s a much easier way. Yes, PS has downtime but the downtime is not forever; with advancements in PS, the downtime has been shaved considerably, less bruising = less downtime, simple as that, ask the plastic surgeon if you don’t believe me. Anyway, this article is not about Fann, we’ve spent enough time discussing this.

      17. Wait where’s her nose bridge? Because from all these pictures I have seen Fann Wong’s nose isn’t very tall. . . . I had no idea who the heck she was until your conversation with Funn Lim.

      1. I actually meant more of luck but well, whatever goes!

        To be honest, you sound more of a poor child, having to scrutinize my choice of words, well done! (;

      2. wasn’t scrutinising your choice of words, it was there for all to read. Got me wondering why it was such an honor. I mean, is she in the league of Princess Diana or Mother Teresa or someone respectable like that? Why do you sound like you’re grovelling or in such awe? Was just curious.

  3. Congrats to them and I really wonder if the other 3 members were invited or they just could not come? I think he will have other banquets in Taiwan and maybe Singapore to celebrate with friends and family there. Her dresses were nice and unique but of course with her money and status it is not hard for her to do so.

    1. Seems overrated himself and think he’s handsome. Never like him and his look turn me off.

  4. The title should read “in Southern California” instead of “in Los Angeles”. The Resort at Pelican Hill is not in Los Angeles. It is in Newport Beach, part of Orange County, ~40 miles south of LA.

  5. Congrats to them!

    What a cool couple. Looking forward to their beautiful babies.

  6. Congrats!!!!
    Been a fan of Vanness since I watched him in “Autumns Concerto”

    1. Me too… Sadly, that’s the only series I really like him in 😛

  7. “Many fans actually flew to Los Angeles in hopes to witness Vanness’ big day.” <——–i'm so happy to hear that…what a bunch of morons…

  8. Wait! Was he the one who said he will save himself for his eventual spouse after the marriage?

    1. Yup,

      He’s a born again virgin. Every time I think about that, I laugh. Virginity is not something that you can reclaim – once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. You can sew up your hymen or whatever, but you cannot erase the experience and knowledge (unless you get severe amnesia or something).

      1. Cali – I know, it was kind of funny.
        Like you can pretend you don’t nothing on the subject just b/c. haha…

    2. Funn,
      Yes, he did. He stops the machine ( that’s how they say it in taiwanese or something ) until marriage. He was wild or something and women came easy for him after Meteor Garden n then something happended n then he turned to God n he saved him so he was reborn or crap like that. Haha LOL…

    1. My friend told me he was only nice looking in that series “Next Stop Happiness” I agree, in real life this shows he’s punk looking than clean cut version. ahaha..

      1. Omg I didn’t realize that! Ruined it for me. . But the theme of the wedding is fairytale meets punk.

  9. Vaness wu is one of the only few Chinese (IM TALKING ABOUT ETHNICITY , NOT NATIONALITY) that have monolids and still look good!

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