“Marriage from Hell” Ends! Vanness Wu, Arissa Cheo File for Divorce

After years of marital woes, actor Vanness Wu (吳建豪) and Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo (石貞善) are officially ending their five-year marriage. Since early this year, reports surfaced that Vanness has finally given up on the relationship and asked for divorce several times. However, Arissa had refused to sign the divorce papers.

Finally coming to terms with the ending of her marriage, Arissa issued a statement through her lawyer confirming the divorce. Her lawyer, Ms Foo Siew Fong, stated on Arissa’s behalf, “My client does not believe in divorce but at this point she is left with no other alternative. She has worked hard for this marriage but given the unhappy state of affairs, she has decided to end it as she no longer wishes to continue to live in hurt and pain.”

Fierce Fights

Before tying the knot in 2013, Vanness and Arissa have been in an on-and-off again relationship for seven years, giving them ample opportunity to establish a strong foundation. Soon after their marriage, however, the couple fell into a vicious cycle of constant quarrels and often aired their dirty laundry on social media.

It was reported that the couple’s marital issues were due to their clashing personalities. The domestic, married life apparently did not suit Arissa’s alleged wild personality and partying habits. Vanness’ good friends revealed, “Arissa’s personality has always been more open. She enjoys partying through the night. Her life habits are incompatible with Vanness’. In the end, they separated. This doesn’t come as a surprise!”

Source: Sina

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @rika agree…if she refuses to give her partying ways, it’s hard to continue. 5 years is a long time. they were fighting and airing dirty linen.

      1. @janet72 But that’s the thing. Her partying habit was very ingrained in her lifestyle even when he started dating her. I don’t see why he is expecting her to change simply because they got married.

        This is what I often tell my friends: if you expect your significant other to change, then be prepared to give up a habit of yours of equivalent value. If not, don’t force the other party to change or think properly before going steady.

      2. @rika it was a on-again, off again relationship.
        he should have known the partying ways won’t end.

        as for yoyo/Vincent, staying at a different place because of some work stuff? he is no different…another handsome guy with a love for partying.

    2. @rika

      Basically they spent twelve years of their lives in this relationship and mostly were fighting. That’s very sad. I think we all should know that one can change oneself, but it’s very hard to change someone else. Hopefully they both will use this painful experience to pick a more fitted life partner in the future. Good luck to both of them.

  1. After seeing how Vanness and Arissa were fighting during their marriage, it’s a relief for all to see them get a divorce. They are going to be happier without each other.

    1. @jayne Ending a marriage is a sad thing that no one wants to happen Jayne. Ending a marriage like the one Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo had is the right thing. It would have been continuing torture for them to continue with the hellish marriage. Remember I said a few weeks ago a couple of couples, no pun intended, will split?. This is one of them. A few will also announce their marriage, relationship or engagements. One or two of the women will be beards. One of the pretty boys is even wearing his jewelry. More female fans will do a Vin Zhang and drop a certain pretty boy like an incurable disease. Waste of time and sanity as they will never have him. His spouse, I mean, beard does not have him either. Taiwan, get ready for a bombshell announcement.

      1. @jimmyszeto not all married men who are supposed to be bi are bi. In asia, being gay is so frowned upon, and it is even more unacceptable for those in the entertainment industry. Men are supposed to get married and make their parents grandparents and produce heirs, especially boys, to carry on the family name. A celeb who has magazines and TV stations saying things about his sexuality is going to find a girlfriend/wife to squash those rumors. He is not going to lose his leading man status, or his ricebowl, and, his public image is his money earner. Often times, gay celeb men will get married to non ebiz women, or hardly known up and coming artists and provide them with an extravagant and wealthy lifestyle in exchange for helping the celeb men to ‘debunk’ the gossp and rumors. Many times the children are a reslt of artificial insemination or the reslt of the husband thinking of h oily s male l poo ver, or some other mam while doing the deed. Many people have a grave misunderstanding of bi individuals. A bi man is a man who willingly, freely and happily conducts romantic relations with both men and women. A gay married man is one married to a woman and who is living a lie withinin that marriage, sometimes to the wife’s knowledge of his preference, sometimes not. Just because a man may sleep with a woman, it does not necessarily make him bi. There are insinuating circumstances which at times present themselves.

      2. @jimmyszeto I was not thinking of Leehom, and why are you naming names. If I wanted name name calling, I would have dropped names already. The idea is to not name names. Two of the Taiwan ones are definitely gay and their women know it. They will have news to announce to the public. One couple the fans will expect an announcement, the other, stupid fans will be in tears and shock, but alas, for all the wrong reasons.

      3. @bubbletea
        Is it that easy for a homosexual to sleep with a woman? Wouldn’t it be the same as getting a straight Male to sleep with another Male?

      4. @jimmyszeto From conversations I had with them, they said when they have to, they imagine it was their man, or if not in a relationship, they think about some handsome man, usually a celeb. That gets the job done. That makes sense as these men are gay, after all.

        And yes, there are celeb men who are definitely married and bi. Some of the wives know, and some have no clue

      5. @bubbletea

        Wow! How did you know all this? I mean all the news about couples. Why don’t you tell us now please? Especially about Taiwan’s bombshell.

      6. @bubbletea Isn’t it a bit preposturous to project and analyse what another person migth or might not be thinking about during sex? Even if you are directly told by that person, I would expect they told you something like this in confidence.

        I get it, this is pretty much a gossip site, I have no right to be self-righteouss but the whole broadcasting one’s sexuality and sex life like that in a ‘I don’t want to name names but here are some details about them’-gossipy tactic seems especially tacky and distasteful to me. Also oddly perverted.

      7. @peanutbutterjelly your comment is your opinion and that is fine. Though you are entitled to your opinion, I don’t see anything wrong or perveryed with what I said. I find when anyone talks about the words, period, gay, sexualiity and sexual intercourse on chinese sites, tv etc, it offends people. Last time I checked, it was 2018, not 1830 China. I would be betraying confidence if I said thay Joe Fairy who is secretly gay and who works at The Rainbow Lollipop told me he thinks of his lover while being intimate with his wife. Now, THAT is betraying confidence. I have watched shows like the doctors and they will say things like a patient had the same illness and we treated it with so and so. They did not name the patient cannot sue thrm for breaking confidentiality, unless that patient is an A clASS idiot. The fact that you would say my comments borders on perversion means that you are very naive or yourself oddly thinking in a perverted manner, no? Lol.
        And where was I preposterous to assume what people are thinkinking during sex. I answered according to what I was told by people living in certain situations. It is preposterous on your part to attack me on that aspect. Everyone who is capable of common sense, or living in the real world knows that these things happen every day, especially in Asian culture and and other cultures. It happens to rich and even royal people. You should look up Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil. Goggle him and read his story. I hope I am not breaking his confidence too.

      8. @jimmyszeto I dont need critical acclaim, thank you very much. One I have my health, happy healthy friends, relatives and immediate family, and a place to rest my head, that is all I need. For your information, when I help people, and I see the happiness in their eyes, that is all the attention and acclaim I need. I can say what I want without name dropping. Where is the written law that says I have to name drop.How is the weather in jolly old England? Do have a nice evening. Will you be having a spot of tea and watching the world cup?, asked in my best british accent, lol.

      9. @bubbletea
        Why are you doing what you are doing then? Question a married celeb man’s sexuality and then acting as if you are protecting him. Are you helping him then seeing happiness in his eyes in this case too? Of course you can say what you want but I’m just asking the reason. Everything has a reason. The reason an English teapot was invented is to pour tea. I just want to emphasize that the limelight should stay on the celebrities in the articles and not on ourselves.

      10. @bubbletea
        Weather could be better.I’m quite unhealthy. Don’t enjoy tea. Drink too much Diet Coke. Loving the World Cup but since my job is related to sports this isn’t a surprise. The World Cup is popular worldwide though and not limited to England only so I hope you are enjoying it too….

      11. @jimmyszeto attention to myself. If I wanted attention to myself, I would be posting links to of videos and photos of events and people I met and have friendships with. I would mention so many things here if I wanted attention. Why are you going on about one man here. We both know who I mean. I did not mentuon him in my post here. If you read my comments, you can clearly tell none of it is about lee Hom. You think you know me so well. Have you ever thought that I am trying to warn the delusionals ahead of certain news that will be made public? . I have been through suicides and attempted suicides when stupid women found out that their idols were dating, gay, bi, married, or involved in certain things, dated or married someone else other than who they shipped them with. Some people still want Ariel to divorce her husband and marry Joe Cheng. They still believe they belong together. That will never happen. Same with Mike He and Raine Yang. Some idiot cut herself when she found out Mike married. . Some delusional said that she can’t have him, so he should marry Raine. Went into a deep depression state. There are going to be announcements that will cause more Vin Zhang effect, or worse. Someone who hung out at my house and whose parents are good friends of mine offed herself over a marriage, so trying to make the fans, not all, as there is some pretty sane fans here, aware that news will come, and to prepare for it. Not naming names is because it has not been publicly broadcast yet. Give them a chance to wonder who, and to reflect if it could be their idol. Hope they will see that words such as delusional and mentally unstable will wake them up. You don’t know me at all. Well, you know and agree that I am preposterous and perverted, want attention and critical acclaim, and I’m a dumb a$$. I guess you do know me well, lol.

      12. @bubbletea
        I didn’t agree with the perverted part. However, if you do have information of the tragedies you mentioned, I think it’s better to keep them fully private unless the people of concern are allowing you to share the info with us….

      13. @jimmyszeto sorry to hear your health is not up to par. I often tell people take my money and all my possessions but leave me with my family and my health. You said your job is in sports, mine is in health. Those diet cokes are the gateway to cancer. You better be careful. At least one of them once a week…….

      14. @bubbletea I will say again, do any of you know me, to know who I am speaking of? Do I mention names of people who do these things? You are creating a molehill out of flat, undisturbed ground, I am shaking my head. Tell you what, I work in the medical department. I live in Canada. Show my comments to the Canadian medical authorities and let them decide if I am breaking rules. Then you and anyone else has the right to chastise me. In fact, I will show them myself and inquire okay? Until we both do that, I am done with explaining this. Have a great evening, and do look after your health.

      15. @bubbletea
        It’s fine. I’m sure you aren’t breaking rules.Just thought even without names the previous clients might be upset if seeing posts mirroring their past. Anyway, it’s the World Cup. Let’s focus on watch the great sport. Thanks for your health advice. Not stricken with illness whatsoever but could certainly cut down on harmful fizzy drinks….

      16. @jimmyszeto well I see many people per day, per week, with the same problems. Do they know that bubbletea is so and so. Do I give specific details, do I name names, no I don’t. That is why I have no problem with you showing my comments to any medical or law department in the world, cause I am not betraying anyone’s confidence. I hope we will not be discussing this after today.

      17. @bubbletea I decided to reply to your comment because it’s not the first time you spoke about another person’s sexuality and bedroom habits while playing coy about their identity, on an article that has nothing to do with the matter. I just don’t understand, neither do I want to, the fixation on someone else’s sexual orientation or the need to broadcast it to a bunch of internet strangers. Like you said, it’s 2018 already so I think we’re past this kind of juvenile behaviour. I wouldn’t want my friend to tell all my personal matters that I told them in confidence to a bunch of strangers, especially when actual careers are on the line, anonymous or not, that’s just common sense and respect to me.

        There is no possible positive outcome by you doing this. It will only lead to more rumors and speculations that not only won’t help the people involved but might also harm others that are not.

        The internet is too small a place to hang other people’s dirty laundry wide in the open like there is no tomorrow. There are only six degrees of separation between everyone in this world after all, Mrs Asian-Canadian who works in a health-related field with apparent connections to people in the entertainment industry.

      18. @peanutbutterjelly
        I think Bubbletea is finding it tough because she wants to show that she has a lot of inside information and yet to be released stories so gives a lot of hints and examples but realises she can’t disclose names due to her profession which is based on trust. I think most professions have to deal with clients. We may occasionally chat to friends about this but to post this information over the internet? Like you said I don’t think it’s going to help anyone. You can’t have it both ways really. Either be ‘professional and confidential’ or ‘unprofessional’. There is no inbetween….

      19. @jimmyszeto you know me so well. When I give hints about celebs, I do not name names because they have not officially announced their marriage or engagement or relationship publicly yet. What the heck does that have to do with my job. That has nothing to do with professional ethics or my job. When I say that a woman tried, or killed herself over some celeb etc, I already told you what you can do as far as my breaking confidentiality. . You think you know me. You are so way off. Well, continue to know me. I thought this subject was over by now. Well, I guess I was wrong.

  2. I saw glimpses of Vanness Wu’s new series on utube, he’s still so very cute one of those that I would called aging nicely among the F4 group IMO anyway. haha….Still sad to see this thou, I mean off and on for years and now finally OFF FOREVER? sigh…..

  3. Vincent Yoyo next? Probably separated the house in half and living apart so that they don’t start throwing ornaments at each other. Yoyo’s excuse ‘Vincent is staying in his office for business reasons’ lol

  4. What a pity. I think there’s much more to the story than just her continuing her party life. I mean, didn’t she leave Singapore, her social circle there, to be in Taiwan with him? Doesn’t that already prove in a way that she was ready to give it up for him? Sure, she’s popular and has friends or can make new ones anywhere, but she left home, which is miles away to start a life with him. Honestly thinking about it too, she’s an heiress. She could have had anyone during the entire time she was dating him and then eventually married him, but she couldn’t let him go. She just really liked him and Vanness isn’t godly handsome, a great actor, a record breaking singer, that popular, or even that young either. Anyway, I just think, she genuinely loved him given the facts.

    She was probably homesick and needy but his career was more important to him. I believe that was one of her complaints about him that he was never home with her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she picked up on partying again because she was lonely and bored at home all by herself. Sometimes, girls who constantly party are the ones who don’t get enough attention at home.

    I think they both love each other deeply; thus, unable to let each other go BUT just love alone isn’t enough. Their relationship lacks maturity, understanding, and communication. They both seem like the type who are stubborn, self righteous, and self centered. They both wanted their own way and lived different lifestyles. Both were always trying to make their marriage work, but they were unwilling to change, adjust, or make sacrifices for the other, but expect the other party to. Overtime, patience, tolerance, and even the love runs out. Their love is like a well of water. In the beginning, it was full. They believed it would never run out. It was there to help them get through hardships and drought. Each kept taking from it but expected the other person to re-fill it, overtime, with this miscommunication, it’s completely dried out. Relationships aren’t just based on beliefs and assumptions, it’s based on actions and communication, which they lacked. A relationship is something both persons have to water, feed, and put forth effort. It takes two to make it work. Perhaps one day, when they’re mature enough to admit their faults/differences to find a balance and truly work at it, they may reconcile or maybe, it’s just for the best. We don’t always have a happily ever after with the one we love the most. At least they were married once, just cherish the memories and move forward when ready.

    1. @lynn90 Very well said! I agree that it’s likely much more complicated than just her “partying”. She’s an heiress, and a really pretty one at that. Surely she could have been with others, but she chose him and stuck by him for so many years, unwilling to let go and move forward with the divorce.

  5. I think we all saw this coming from a mile away.

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