Vanness Wu and Wife Arissa Cheo Experience Marital Blues

Taiwanese pop star Vanness Wu (吳建豪) wed Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo (石貞善) last year. Unfortunately, the couple reportedly hit a major bump in their marriage. Since December 5, Arissa stopped sharing photos of Vanness on social media. After an Instagram feud between the two, Vanness and Arissa even stopped following each other.

Arissa Cheo Calls Vanness Wu Two-Faced

During their honeymoon vacation around the world, Vanness and Arissa frequently expressed their love for each other and posted sweet photos on their Instagram accounts. However, since December, Arissa began posting ambiguous messages, presumably targeted towards Vanness. In one post, Arissa wrote, “I’m going to give you the same amount of effort as you give me.”

In a recent post, Arissa wrote, “Merry fxxkin Christmas.” Upon seeing the caption, followers began leaving messages, urging her to stop the unnecessary use of explicit language. As well, fans advised Arissa to be more respectful of Vanness as her language reflected poorly upon her husband’s Christian faith. Angered by the comments that defended Vanness, Arissa wrote back, “What faith? Fake faith. Don’t believe the hype. Wake up. What’s real and what’s not? What you see on the Telly is definitely not real. Don’t tell me what I know. And I can swear if I want. Go away.”

Vanness retaliated to Arissa and wrote, “Watch your tongue”. However, not wanting the dispute to go viral, both Arissa and Vanness quickly deleted their messages and unfollowed each other’s accounts.

Spotted at the airport, Vanness refused to respond on the rumors of his marital problems with Arissa. Accompanied only by a single assistant, Vanness was dressed in all black and wore a troubled expression the entire time.


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  1. Lol, the male was called soft rice king and this rich gal sounds high maintenance. What will become of their marriage? It’s hilarious how people go online to air their dirty laundry. You see a lot of this in U.S. reality tv shows . And this couple is just funny. They should do a reality TV show already!

  2. publicizing their spats on social media isn’t gonna help them.

  3. “Wake up. What’s real and what’s not? What you see on the Telly is definitely not real” haha LOL… She sounds a bit ghetto? Merry F…xmas…Wow…

    1. Not “all” Christians are the same. 🙂

      Sounds like Vanness and Arissa are not bringing out the best in each other. Women don’t act out without reason. What is driving Arissa to act out? I don’t think Vanness is without fault either. One hand don’t clap.

  4. Actually she sounds more real than he does.

    The all ‘everything is clean, sanitized and hunky dory’ act is FAKE and very tiring.

    The feck word is so common these days, esp in their generation. The good thing I can see of this episode: at least she’s venting and expressing … letting her feelings out, not bottling it up and putting on a pretty facade for the sake of religion or appearances.

    They both appear to be high maintenance, needy people. And Vanness in general … appears to be posturing all the time – whether on screen, or off.

    1. I agree with what you say. I think she’s quite real and whatnot, but celebrity/internet famous or not, you should never bring relationship/family issues onto the internet.

      1. I agree with Jennifer that she is being real,but it is best not to bring your marriage and family problems to the net where things can get worse instead of better.

    2. Maybe not as public as the internet, but venting is healthy … bottling it all up for the sake of “not washing dirty linen in public” is not.

      Too many marriages are empty facades of domestic bliss, just because the long-suffering wives are being the good Asian wives who bear all their domestic woes in private, let their douchebag husbands look like fantastic heros outside …. and quietly suffer all their domestic unhappiness inside..

      1. I agree with you that venting is healthy and I’m sure there are better ways to do so. But putting it out on the Internet for everyone to see in the way she did, with that tone of voice, that just shows her bad character. He might have done something very wrong to her, but her actions will not gain her any sympathizing supporters.

      2. Well said DramaAddict! I have the same thoughts. It is true that it is good to let out your anger and vent but the way she did it is not acceptable and partially shows her character. Regardless of what he did,she should not be doing what she did.

  5. Argue also must do it in social media, can’t argue face to face. What’s wrong with these people?

    1. Not just them, just about every celebrity couple takes their arguments to social media now, and I still can’t figure out why.

      1. This is such a negative stunt. I doubt it is for publicity. Publicity will be kissing and hands all over one another in public to show everyone how in love they are.

    2. Well said Funn! I wonder why can’t they solve their problems face to face instead of go to social media to blast each other? Not a good sign at all.

    3. Not only celebrities. Some of my frens talk to their spouses openly on their fb walls too…

  6. She sounded spoiled and childish. She made herself look bad more than tarnishing his image.

    1. @ DramaAddict, Agnes Tan & LY JL:

      Thanks for agreeing with me on this issue.

    2. Well said J.H. and I have the same thoughts as you. Honestly,before they got married,they broke up and made up too many times that I had a gut feeling that even if they got married, it may not be a blissful marriage until the end. Sure, all marriages have problems but if any go to the social media to blast the other like this, it is not a good sign. Marrying into a rich family is not all roses and riches like some originally thought.

    3. totally. this is starting to be like nicholas and cecelia fall out. how cecelia revealed nic is very fake and always hiding his true feelings.

    1. Its been like this even a couple months after their marriage. Just it didn’t turn into a big thing like this one. They been having problems during marriage. It made news but eventually cleared up fast. Either way I have stated since day 1 that they are not suitable for one another. Arissa is beyond spoiled and arrogant to the point where no one can criticize her at all. She’s immature and doesn’t know when to grow up. Even for their wedding she basically had all control. Explains who wears the pants in the house.

      1. Good points a Secret and I had similar thoughts. Even for their wedding I remember Vanness wanted to hold a banquet in Taiwan so that his family and friends can attend,but in the end it did not happen. I guess that was when we all know who was in control. I have feeling that Arissa has the princess syndrome due to her background and all. Many guys cannot stand that and maybe Vanness cannot stand that? When they were dating,I sensed the problems that they had but yet I think they ignored them and went ahead and got married anyways which is why they are having sooo many problems now. They may have loved each other but sadly just love alone is not enough to sustain a long and healthy relationship, it takes much more than that.

      2. HTS: She calls herself ‘rich (insert word that rhymes with witch)’. That should explain it already on what kind of characteristics she has.

      3. She might be immature, princess-y, but if it wasn’t him who into her money, he wouldn’t get into a marriage with her. So I have no sympathy for neither of them >_> and he was willing to be bear with her to be in this marriage >_> no respect for these two

  7. honeymoon is over for them…now they have to sleep on the bed whether it is thorny or not.
    she is a rich girl…don’t think he is…but dating and staying together is a world of difference.
    these 2 should not air dirty linen in public…work out problems between themselves.

  8. With all these airing of dirty linen in public, things are just gonna get worse. Won’t be surprised the next one to have marital woes will be Chris and his rich wife.

  9. ehhh i’ve never considered vanness wu worthy of his popularity anyways. i never saw why others thought he was hot. to me, he’s just average, if not subpar.

    him being able to date arissa is his blessing, to be honest. with his ridiculous pomposity, i’m surprised she even dated (and married) him for that long. whatever though, to each their own.

    1. Ditto, same thoughts.

      On the “average if not subpar” and the “pompousness”.

      He struck gold with Arisa Cheo, and to get her family’s acceptance and endorsement on the marriage too.

      1. i thought he had a hard time convincing arisa’s dad he is sincere about her because he is from entertainment industry.

      2. *LOL clinks glass for a toast*
        Happy New 2015 Yr!:)

        Vanness rides on the residual popularity of F4 and Meteor Garden. But as a standalone, he’s very mediocre if not yes subpar. (goes for looks too – take away that “try hard look at me, I am so cool” packaging and he looks like your neighborhood hawker).

        My Taiwanese/Chinese-speaking friends can’t stand his Mandarin; yet then again his English is not fluid (it has definite ESL accent and traces although he slangs a lot).

        On another note, I’d say yes and no to her venting.
        Maybe bringing whatever unhappiness and resentment lies between them up to social media is too public and a no-no … BUT NOT washing dirty linen in public can also UN-healthy.

        Too many ‘wonderful’ submissive Asian wives bottle up all their dirty linen, giving their husbands a lot of ‘face’ so they can look wonderful and impressive to the world.
        And then privately slowly go crazy or depressed dealing with everything quietly on their own.

        The images of their wonderful husbands are so fake and yet so believable to the world …and then people get all shocked when divorce or something bad happens.
        And then go: “but I never knew” or wonder how they could have helped.

        This girl may have chosen the wrong mode of communication, but it IS a lot healthier to air dirty linen than to keep up ‘happy family’ facades as many do in their marriages.

    2. I personally do not think Vanness struck gold with her. Marrying into a rich family whether you are male or female is not necessarily always a blessing,especially with those stuck up and arrogant ones who treats those that they feel are inferior to them badly. Those that have the prince and princess syndrome are even harder to deal with. Therefore you really wonder if him marrying Arissa is a blessing or a curse because based on just those few messages partially shows what kind of character she is. Regardless of what he did, the way she is attacking him is totally uncalled for.

      1. @ HeTieShou:

        I agree with what you said here. Vanness Wu is doing ok for himself also. There is a price for everything in life. If a man or woman marries someone who rich but spoiled, selfish, inconsiderate and shows no respect for his or her partner – what good does it do then? All the money in the world means nothing.

      2. @J.H.
        Thanks J.H. and totally agree with you that Vanness is not dirt poor and going pretty well himself. It is not like he needs her in order to live a financially stable life. Sure,she or rather her family has a lot of money but so what? Money cannot buy love,happiness, class,etc… Yes,if you marry someone that does not respect you, is demanding,treats you badly,etc… then having all of the money in the world is totally worthless.

      3. Well if Vanness didn’t want to marry rich, he would’ve chosen someone on equal economic footing with him.

        But he didn’t.

        And don’t think he’s all that either. He rides his popularity harrrd. You think someone like that doesnt have an ego? Him marrying arissa is probably an ego boost to him too, esp knowing she’s rich and famous.

      4. @coralie Good point. I’m sure he knew what he was setting himself up for, given that their relationship was rocky even before marriage as readers are pointing out.

      5. Those are my thoughts too. He knew what he was in for, and he plunged into marriage anyway.
        She was a trophy wife, an asset for him – both in wealth, the power of connections money can buy and networking into another world … in short, an elevation upwards in lifestyle.

        I had already mentioned they’re BOTH needy, immature and high maintenance.

        While yes Arissa is probably an entitled spoilt brat, he knew what her personality was like, all these years of dating the princess she calls gf.

        So I don’t think the high maintenance (both materialistic and emotional)or entitled personality would come as a shock as to what his role would be in the relationship.
        Which is why I say she’s more ‘real’ than she is. She made/makes no pretence she’s a party queen, has a high end lifestyle and loves shopping.
        She comes across as the ‘take it or leave it type, that’s just who I am’ … whereas he tries sooooo hard to portray the clean Christian + the ‘look I am so cool’ swagger.

        After all those yrs of dating, knowing her family/her crowd, he knew what he was in for. He didn’t have to go along for the entire journey. He had a taste of it during their shorter roller coaster ride together (dating).

      6. @ nomad, well i heard arissa is a pretty nice girl who is down to earth? according to xiaxue anyways, who might not be the best judge on personality and character, but at least she always try to be honest.

        her cussing on a public platform isn’t all that big of a deal. it’s just that she said “fake faith,” which i’m not sure she’s alluding to vw or just her own disillusioned belief in christianity.

      7. @ coralie:

        They were younger when they met. He is an ok looking guy, but not outstanding. She is pretty, but not like gorgeous either. Sometimes people think they can change other persons. They often forget that they can’t change other people, but they can only change themselves. Perhaps they are realizing they are not right for each other. Hopefully they will try harder to work out their problems.

        I strongly believe that people with class don’t cuss – especially classy Asian women.

        I think we all want to marry someone with great qualities (smart, rich, good looking, educated, etc.) – he is no exception. Perhaps they both picked the wrong partner and they are paying the price right now.

      8. @J.H.

        Vanness is 36, hardly what I would call young. Not to mention, Arissa is definitely not the first lady he’s ever been with – which he honestly proclaimed to the public before. And they’ve broken up, gotten back together, broken up, etc many times before, so this isn’t a rash decision made by both parties to be together.

        And as to cussing, I don’t hold people to the same standard. Ppl can cuss very classily as well :). It’s about quality over quantity – expressing anger sometimes is healthy for everyone.

    3. Arissa comes from Methodist Girls = which, while not exactly known for their brains, is known for being the domain of the old rich and future society tai-tais in Singapore. The male equivalent – their brother school is Singapore’s Anglo Chinese School where they used to known more for their swimming prowess, family wealth and good musuclar bodies … rather than for their academic results.

      Maybe she is down to earth, I don’t know.
      My impression from seeing these two, and glancing a couple of times at Arissa’s blog/public pictures is that they both pretty much like attention and partying – dressing wise.

      The Indonesian-Chinese crowd, esp are loaded wealthy. Not SGD $50 million rich, but above that in assets and wealth. They fly into Singapore for shopping trips, and for medical checks at the top hospitals with the top specialists.

      They didn’t use to be local residents (don’t know if they are more commonly local now but they seem to be)and so would have to pay private school fees for SG education.

      The elite public schools in SG used to have a token amount of foreign student population from Indonesia, with a lot of pocket money. That was eons ago, during my time doing secondary school in SG.
      Even more are coming in now or have become localised Singaporeans – as can be seen in the latest Air disaster.

      1. @ Coralie”

        I don’t find the cussing a huge deal either – bec it’s fairly common among the Westernised crowd, and their age group. Even the ‘groomed’ private school crowd in Canada – hear them talking in the malls in their Scottish skirted uniforms, and it’s feck this and fcuk that. It’s the WTF generaion.

        But she seems like the shrug, I don’t give a damn kind of girl. In a way, that’s more real than the image Vanness always seems to be trying to project.

        If I am not mistaken – they’re BOTH Christians – and seem to involve the crucifix in their accessories and dressing a lot of time.
        I don’t know if she’s dissing her religion or using ‘fake’ in reference Vanness … but my take has always been “posturing” from Vanness. Not sure if I get that impression bec he can’t speak Chinese, and so it affects his acting/body nuances.

  10. Christian or not, cursing on a social network at someone is tasteless abd class less

  11. Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo should seek marriage counseling (before having kids) if they want to have a lasting relationship/marriage.

    1. They should seek marriage counseling ASAP if they want to continue this marriage. It could only get uglier IF this Arissa has the mentality of that chaebol woman CEO of Korean Air?, who felt she had every right to assault and bully a male employee because he didn’t serve her mac nuts the way she wanted.

      1. Correction- That “nut rage” woman was executive of Korean Air, daughter of Korean Air’s CEO. The younger sister is now being investigated because she tried to help her sister diffuse blame and vowed to revenge those who brought this incident to light. LOL, the mentality of some of these rich people! LOL!

      2. LMAO! I didn’t know that ahahaa. The gall of these rich people and their petty vendettas.

        In this day and age, these little things can’t fly anymore.

      3. The Korean chaebol entitled crowd are another bunch of unbelievables. Think the issue was because she was served nuts when she didn’t ask for them, and to make matters worse … those damn Macadamias weren’t even served on a plate – the cheek! Were they Royal Doulton, per chance?

        In Seoul subway station, you see the unwashed homeless cooking raw fish in recycled tin cans, over makeshift fires at the Seoul train staion and actually living there (they tuck their sleeping beds overhead in the subway ceilings).
        Then head just slightly further to Gangnam, and upscale shopping, plastic-perfect refined crowd (step out at the Gangnam station and plastic surgery ads vy with each other to run the length of entire walls) – cookies at US$5 each.

        Some people are rich (ok maybe not chaebol-wealthy), with a household of amahs (as an Indonesian private school girl called her nanny-maid) … and yet still KNOW how to wash their own cups, and underwear. Just because. Or bring your own cups/plates back at a food court, so people don’t have to clean up their mess.

        God help them if such folk ever fall from grace. Then there’re people like Lindsey Lohan (was she ever fr a privileged chaebol type background? – who complained bec her first class seat had to be switched to Coach/Economy seats … where she “just died in her Coach seat.”

        Boy oh boy … cry me a river.
        In Economy cattle class (and dependent on which Asian airline too. I gave up long ago on the NAmerican-European union mentality airlines, esp when on longer-haul flights) you can smell the food … yet not see it for as long as one hour sometimes … even as you are starving fr rushing to make the connecting flights.
        Again dependent on which airline, service varies (I get fussy through trial and error) … you will be lucky if they even remember to serve those welcome warm towels, drink and nuts (in bags) sometimes.

      4. @coralie. In a way we have social media/Internet/modern technology of smart phones to thank for exposing the shameful acts of people who have little respect for others or are just rotten to the core. You’d think people will smarten up. Yet everyday we see in the news or in incidents happening around us that there are still people who don’t get it and will go on to commit shameful acts against others.

      5. @ nomad 822. I used to think that what I saw in Korean Dramas (the unwarranted slapping of someone who was in a lower social class, the talking down on (more like cussing) people as if they were dogs, etc. ) were just over dramatics of a show. But now that I think about it, there must be some truth to this and this might just be the everyday norms of Koreans for the dramas to be continued filming this
        way. Either way, I gave up watching after a few shows because the tone of voice in their communication was just too big of a turn off. My mom says to not let my kids watch Korean shows because they’ll pick up some bad things from watching them.

  12. It was doomed from the beginning.
    You have to remember this girl is pretty much a spoiled brat since she was born into wealth. Have you seen her instagram? She lives a pretty lavish and luxurious lifestyle and something VW will have trouble keeping up with. Btw, the chick is gorgeous and never thought VW was worthy of his ‘fame’. No looks and subpar talent.

    1. Whoops. The last sentence, I meant to say his wife is gorg but I never thought VW is talented or particularly good looking.

    2. Whatever she’s angry at, she should not call her husband fake in public. Hurtful words can never be taken back once said no matter how sorry she is (or isn’t). If they are married christian, they should have known that “wives should submit to their husbands and husbands should love their wives sacrificially.”

      1. Doesn’t the bible also preach forgiveness?

        All she has to do, really, is apologize to her husband publically if she had really wronged him.

        But if she didn’t, I mean I don’t see what the big deal is. Don’t follow if you don’t like her.

      2. She is wrong and this article does not only speak about her.

  13. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I read the title and then the article and I was like eh the article doesn’t correspond to the title and then I realise I read the title wrong;

    Actual title is Vanness Wu and Wife Arissa Cheo Experience Marital Blues but I read Vanness Wu and Wife Arissa Cheo Experience Marital BLISS

    No wonder all the snide remarks and F words and what nots. Girl, keep it classy. If you are unhappy with your hubby for whatever reason, take out the wolverine claws or the catwoman whip but please spare us your public dispute over a very private matter.

    1. ” Girl, keep it classy. If you are unhappy with your hubby for whatever reason, take out the wolverine claws or the catwoman whip but please spare us your public dispute over a very private matter.”

      Funny, I agree!

    2. ??

      So should ppl never vent their frustrations online? And I don’t believe Arissa pointed out the person she was implying in her posts. You can infer, but she didn’t admit who it was.

  14. I have been a long time follower of Arissa’s blog. I think she is very nice and down to earth. You can see it through the patience in answering all the comments and stuffs while most people like her just don’t give a damn.Van must have done something really bad to piss her off.

  15. Sound childish actually. But entertaining. Celebrity life.

  16. So fast? I was just checking vaness’ instagram last week and was envious of their honeymoom pics.

  17. I haven’t really followed this couple’s news before, but they have ridden out other bad times in their relationship – so, who knows?

    At least they should go through some neutral middle-man like counseling, to put neutral perspective on their issues.
    The SOLUTION though, is their own to figure out. A therapist does NOT give solutions or answers.

    I watched Vanness in Tdrama The Next Stop Happiness (with Ady) and my take back then was his acting had improved somewhat.

    Very recently last wk, on an in-flight movie on the way back, I saw him in a HK? Taiwan? movie called Girls … his role was pretty badly delivered.

  18. sit down and work it out before starting a family. they have gone through on-off-on before getting married.
    vw should have known what his wife is.
    marriage is not to be taken lightly.

  19. singaporean girls… known to be spoilt and demanding.

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