Venus Wong and Derek Tsang Have Marital Problems?

Although it has been nearly three years since actress Venus Wong (王敏奕) and filmmaker Derek Tsang (曾國祥) tied the knot, the couple are rumored to be having problems in their marriage.

The rumor first made the rounds after a netizen discovered that Venus scrubbed off her couple and wedding photos from her Instagram page even though Derek kept the photos on his page. This was a surprising move considering that the couple celebrated their two years anniversary last September and posted their secret code “DVMMXIX” combining their initials and wedding year.

It is speculated that the couple’s marital problems emerged after the couple moved to different countries for work. Venus had been busy filming dramas in Hong Kong while Derek stayed in England to direct Netflix sci-fi series Three-Body Problem <三體>.

However, when Venus was approached for comments, the actress denied there are problems and said, “We are fine. Thank you for your concern.”

Source: HK01

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