Viann Zhang Does Not Regret Dumping Ron Ng

From dating to breaking up, Viann Zhang (張馨予) and Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) tumultuous relationship was never able to sail quietly due to the intense media interest and speculation. Although Viann publicly announced her break-up with Ron, it was not until news broke of Ron’s infidelity that caused her to cut all ties with him completely by declaring, “We don’t even have what it takes to be just friends!”

In an interview, Viann shares a closer look at her relationship with Ron and her hopes for a family in the future.

When asked if she regrets her time spent with Ron, Viann says, “I can’t really say it was hurtful because at the time, we truly loved and cared for one another. At least, that is what I still believe. We also have a lot of happy memories together, which is enough for me. I don’t regret anything because I did everything I felt in my heart! But I no longer keep in touch with him; we don’t even have with it takes to be friends! With him in Hong Kong and me in China, we are busy with our own lives. I just hope that he can live a happy and fulfilling life!

“I once considered Ron to be of marriage material based simply on how I felt when I was with him. As for whether or not I think of Li Chen (李晨) the same way? I don’t know yet. There are too many unknowns in life. Besides, we just started dating! I never thought about when to get married; perhaps I might even elope based on how I feel at the moment!

“I just hope that my future husband will take care of me and be able to handle my temper. He should also be understanding and trusting of me, regardless of what the media reports. All my close friends already started their families, so my dream is to have one boy and one girl. If I never became a celebrity, I think my mother would have already forced me into marriage and children! When my mom sees other children, she would ask me, ‘When is it your turn? See how cute they are?’ I always answer, ‘If you like them so much, why don’t you have them yourself?'”

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  1. She forgot to mention that her future husband must be able to tolerate her going through his phone, emails, and let her have his passwords and usernames to all those accounts.

    1. Totally agree and also be able to accept how their children look based on her true self not how she currently looks now. She seems so demanding that I wonder if any guy can stand her???

      I thought the way she answered her mother about having kids is a bit rude..

      1. Agree, she sounds like a teenager talking back to her mother.

      2. that shows she’s lack of discipline and gratitude if she can answered her mom in such way..

        Anyways, I bet Ron doesn’t feel regret either for losing you since she’s not 100% genuine in any terms..

      3. I don’t think it’s rude. It’s just a way of joke. Sound kinda rude if reading like this, but put it in the situation of a daughter and a mother, it’s simply a joke.

      4. Yeah, can’t blame her though as her children will remind her that she is a fake plastic doll.

        Ron miss her very much that’s why he temp. lost his mind and fooled around with Toby in front of ppl, LOL

      5. I don’t find it rude.. it’s probably just a joke.. I can imagine myself saying that too..

      6. Her mum did have some herself and one of them turns out like this.

        Words like these are extremely hurtful and V knows very well it’s disrespectful too. We’ve seen her before-plastic treatment photos so maybe she thought she’s above everyone else in her looks. Good luck to her future husband….and as for Ron, you’re so lucky to rid of her completely.

      7. Sorry but you do NOT joke like that to your mother. There are things that should not be joked about. I would never say that to my mom ever, but joking about it is even a bigger no no…

      8. Agree with HTS, Its still rude joking with mom in such way..

      9. Yup,my mom always taught me that when you joke, you have to be careful what you are joking about since there are things that just cannot be used as jokes. This is one of the cases… I feel it is sad that people often use joking as an excuse.

      10. Viann mom said: “‘When is it your turn? See how cute they are?’”
        Viann said: ‘If you like them so much, why don’t you have them yourself?

        Hahaha!!!!! What a rude way to answer your mother. I hope my son won’t talk to me like this when he grown up.
        Also, Viann, your mother is probably too old to have more little babies running around. There are nicer way with nice words to answer your “mother”

    2. Considering what is now known about Ron, can’t say she was wrong in her suspicions.

      1. Doesn’t justify Ron’s cheating ways. He could’ve dumped her if ron thinks she’s not good enough.

      2. Veejay,

        agree, both are no goodies haha…. one flirt, the other a playboy jerk? haha

    3. Yes, it was rude to answer the mother this way. I have friends who said similar to their parents when they pressed them into having a child and now having problem conceiving. Somehow, i do believe we should watch our words especially speaking to elders.

  2. im glad she finally
    dumped ron too…at least Ron is set free happy for him

  3. Happy for Ron that she dumped him. Or maybe it was vice versa?

    Stupid woman. Why is she still in the news? =.=

  4. Somehow, I can’t reconcile the woman’s face which is always looking frozen in every picture and her actually speaking and saying something. For me she always seem like those mannequins, no speaking but she does speak or write a lot. I can’t reconcile that!

    Of course she has no regret dumping Ron. Much to Ron’s fans’ relief, if she said she did regret, imagine Ron running to her. She says she acts according to how she feels. Tellingly, she is a very emotional person isn’t she? She seems 100%^ into everything. And yet… I can’t reconcile this face with 100% of anything!!

    Move a muscle Viann. When taking picture, SMILE!! Can you even smile? Or is she some 3D RPG avatar and all these news are just fake news?

    1. lit a fire near her face, i think you might see some changes or movements…

      1. Please don’t bc I don’t want more emission of co2 into the atmosphere, LOL

      2. I don’t want the smell of burning plastic to pollute our environment…

  5. gosh! I’m getting tired of her news… She is not even known before being Ron’s squeeze and even after breaking up she is still milking it for all its worth. What a blood sucker! As for Ron, he’s gotta be the least smart one in his batch of siu sangs n he seems to be constantly courting women n scandals. I’ll say, ENOUGH of these two!

  6. I thought she and Li Chen already broke up? They’re still dating???

  7. Veejay, her face may melt when you light that fire as too much of it is plastic!

  8. I’m sure Ron can say the same thing about you too honey.

  9. Man this girl is annoying I don’t care if there’s news about her drama, plastic face, movies whatever.

    But must she always talk about Ron? Sorry but she sounds like someone that isn’t over her ex boyfriend! She always always brings him up! Even if the reporters ask can’t she just not comment?

    1. Cheap PR for her and she’ll still do it in 2013., digging up more old news.

    2. she should tell everyone way she broke up with her 21 day bf when she was saying he is perfect maybe because he isnt popular like ron ng

  10. When my mom sees other children, she would ask me, ‘When is it your turn? See how cute they are?’ I always answer, ‘If you like them so much, why don’t you have them yourself?’”==================

    So let me picture this:
    Viann mom said: “‘When is it your turn? See how cute they are?’”
    Viann said: ‘If you like them so much, why don’t you have them yourself?

    Hahaha!!!!! What a rude way to answer your mother. I hope my son won’t talk to me like this when he grown up.
    Also, Viann, your mother is probably too old to have little babies running around. You don’t have to get married to make your mother happy, but you certainly can answer her question a nicer way with nice words to your “mother”

  11. poor ronnie more news but i still like ron cos hes someone that knows how to have fun

  12. Ohh Ronnie boy, one regret to have flirted with you, and one don’t regret to have dumped you. time to stay away from girls for awhile.

  13. lazy evn to cmment. she jus won stop talking abt ron.. gosh if u miss hm so jus say it. stop tryng get hs or ours attention.

  14. this girl is just milking the thing all we know shes a **** she breaks it off we ron and she dates another guy for 21 days.. i already forgot about her until here she is again talking about ron… cos she thinks talking about ron will get her some where she wants cos ron ng name is popular and well known thats what she thinks

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