Viann Zhang Splits from Li Chen; Hooks Up with Wallace Huo?

Viann Zhang (張馨予) and mainland Chinese actor Li Chen’s (李晨) one-year relationship has ended. An insider revealed that the relationship already ended in August after Viann fell for Wallace Huo (霍建华).

Possessing a voluptuous figure, Viann’s recognition level rose after dating Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Li Chen.  She made a successful crossover from modeling to acting, appearing in television dramas The Patriot Yue Fei <精忠岳飛> and Yu Zheng’s (于正) upcoming The Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶>.

Rumor Queen

In August 2012, on Chinese Valentine’s Day, Li Chen publicly acknowledged Viann as his girlfriend, vowing to protect her and cherish their love. The couple had met and fell in love with each other at Du Chun’s (杜淳) birthday party last year.

Many netizens expressed that the relationship was fated to be doomed, as Viann was known to have a fiery temper and was a clingy girlfriend. In August 2012, Li Chen expressed his unhappiness in the public backlash towards his relationship, and gifted Viann with a heart-shaped stone while stating his everlasting love.

Meanwhile, negative rumors continued to surround Viann. Before she became an actress, rumors surfaced that Viann was a “sofa lady”, referring to her job as a hostess. Claims later followed that Viann had actually married a rich man in Changzhou in her early career. Viann clarified the rumors with Li Chen’s support.

A Relationship Separated by Work

An insider revealed that many obstacles eventually caused a strain in Viann and Li Chen’s relationship. However, they appeared together lovingly in the public several times, while promoting Distance to Love <到爱的距离>. In the midst, they also revealed they had plans to wed this year.

Although they could not spend this year’s Qixi festival together because of work, Li Chen admitted to talking to Viann on the phone as well as sending her a bouquet of flowers on that day. He even made plans to gift Viann ice cream moon cakes for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival although they would be apart for work again.

Viann’s Breakup Announcement

After a year-long high-profile dating relationship, Viann announced on September 9 that she and Li Chen have broken up. Viann wrote amongst a private circle of friends, “I thank you for your companionship and trust when I was defamed. Ever since I came to Beijing, every show and job that I took was from my hard work and I am continuing to work hard. Love is between two people. No matter what the problem is, it’s only one side of the story. You all step on, you all scold. Right, you’re a good man. I’m a bad woman. You should rejoice that I am not holding you back anymore. People who are not involved in this, you should take care of your own problem first!” She then followed up with a photo of her in tears, with an encouraging message to herself.

Reporters noted that as early as August, there were already hints of a breakup. While Viann and Li Chen used to travel to work in the same assistant car, they have since commuted separately. In late August, Li Chen was also spotted drinking until the wee hours with a group of his friends, while appearing sullen and in a bad mood. He also shared posts that “he wanted to go home, but didn’t know where to return to.”

Wallace Huo Enters Picture

Although both parties have yet to reveal the reasons behind the breakup, an insider spilled that it was because Viann fell in love with Wallace Huo and even checked into a hotel room with him in Hengzhou. When Li Chen confronted Viann, she allegedly admitted to the tryst and asked for a breakup.

The insider further added that Li Chen actually gave his blessings to Viann and Wallace in a private Weibo message. However, upon Viann’s request later, he removed the private post and replaced it with a depressing public message instead.

Li Chen is currently in the United States. Although Wallace and Viann have allegedly dated for more than two months, Wallace has not made any public response yet. Wallace’s manager denied the rumors and said, “Of course not.”


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    1. Another mainland actress SL_ T…..just can’t get enough of sleeping around yet and has to publicize it too……….

  1. i think the wallace part not true at all! there’s no way wallace will have so bad taste to pick viann among many other better women around him! wonder if someone is using wallace to get publicity!

    1. For once I agree with you but you never know. Men are shallow and as long as the girl looks good in their eyes, whether it be real or not, it will attract them. However, whether they are truly dating or will it last, no one knows…

  2. I am not vomitting blood because it is not true. Remember Yu Zheng is king of stirring interest and why of all women it so happens 2 unconnected people connected by Yu Zheng one with an previous series and the other a new one coming up suddenly got this so called gossip? And it could be Wallace Hoo instead of Huo. Wallace never admit or deny a relationship rumour.And fan forum says “The media, SINA, has just made an apology for posting wrong info and causing great disturbance to Wallace. ” though I have yet to see a link to that apology. So Viann, he ain’t yours, yet. And don’t blame her. How many series or movies she does in 6 months or even a year? A pretty big one is coming up, needs to drum up interest in her. Tellingly she did not announce in poetic fashion in her own weibo or something, so it means it ain’t true.

    Assuming it is true, it won’t last. My bet is Wallace is dating someone either in the industry BUT more discreet or his assistant or his assistant’s assistant. Point is he is dating. That I am quite certain.

    1. By the way the Joe Chen rumour is still ongoing eventhough kinda established it was Louis? Maybe they have rekindled their romance and by they it could be Louis or his lookalike Wallace.

      1. “Wallace’s manager denied the rumors and said, “Of course not.””

        Strange, I thought the reply was no comment?

      2. indeed strange. the hkchannel version manager reply version should sum up to ‘no comment’ but now the manager said openly ‘of course not’. well at least this time the manager at least respond to this horrible rumour rather than keep quiet and let viann getting the hype

      3. Could it be 2 different interviews? First was no comment, that is until he got confirmation and so then he says of course not? Or it could be of course not first until he got the memo that these 2 were doing sexy times together and so became no comment?

      4. Managers lie through their teeth as well so their words and responses are not trustworthy.

      1. I hope but I really don’t know. Even when they filmed together not a rumour, at all. And he is super open with lunches and dinners with Yang Mi, Liu Shishi and gang so no rumours there. I don’t think so. Better question is Ruby Lin but I believe also no. Joe Chen is still ongoing and suddenly all quiet about Louis Koo so maybe there is some truth there but he said in interview he doesn’t want to look back, so that may be a red herring to steer away from the real focus which is Louis which is still ongoing.

        I like Tiffany. They looked especially distant in pictures so maybe… could be!

        Jayne, is there such an apology from SINA? Better add that in if it is true. Kinda unprecedented if there is.

      2. Funn,
        I didn’t come across info on an apology from Sina. Hmm…may have to wait until further pictures come up regarding Wallace’s love life.

      3. funn you found the link and article to ‘sina’s apology’ already or not yet? why don’t you ask the wallace fan forum?

      4. I asked the fan so far no link yet. If I see it I will update. That’s why I am not sure since usually they never apologise.

        But I am pretty sure it ain’t Viann. Oh Wallace get away from China’s kardashian!! From what I read above, relationship seems purely sexual. Kinda not Viann’s character to not talk about it. Wallace has said many many times he won’t divulge his love life; perhaps he learned some lessons from the Joe part of his life? Or just stubborness? I think he will save everybody a lot of trouble by just admitting he is dating and who he is dating. All these nonsense about protecting family, friends is just.. nonsense. That part I absolutely disagree with the stars unless they’re embarassed to admit to the relationship which one wonders, why be in one in the first place?

        Be that or do it like Daniel Craig and wife. No twitter, no weibo, no facebook, therefore whatever they do is their private life. Nothing like I twitter my fans and then say this is my private life and then goes on to announce the marriage and yet assert cries for privacy ala you know who.

      5. I have a feeling he is not dating Tiffany but I can be wrong. None of us know anything for sure so lets wait and see.. Time may tell all….

  3. I am trying to think if Viann worked with Wallace before.. or some fashion shoot… or common friends (other than that most hated producer). I am trying very hard…

    1. whether you like it or not viann and wallace common link is yu zheng

      1. So was the other actress and yet he is connected to rumour queen because of a rumour of what her ex said and all that stuff. Take it with a pinch of salt. But I will say this much; Wallace is like every other man. On surface, Viann is one hot girl and this is a woman admitting to that. There is a certain attractiveness to her mannequin looks and her inability to emote. I don’t think she can get him to run around like Ron though. So worst case scenario, I will say this is a purely physical relationship. I don’t see how this can be deeply emotional, especially for Wallace unless he has been hypocritical in his replies and musings about love, women and relationships.

        As for Viann, no doubt she throws herself into relationships and when she resurface after the honeymoon period, she then realise guys don’t want to really commit to her the way she wants hence the heartbreak. Like Taylor Swift who writes about her disdain for her ex with songs, Viann does it with blogging. She is too vocal for a guy who wants to be able to go to his favourite shop to eat with friends. Hence my worst case scenario. Anyway so far fan forums are not killing themselves over these rumours.

      2. @Sel fi wu,
        What the heck???Sorry but your comment makes no sense. Just because they both acted in Yu Zheng productions does not mean anything..

  4. Damn this girl’s PR team is amazing! They always manage to tie her to guys whose fans will go CRAZY at the thought of her dating their idol, lol.

    And what is it with this girl anyway that makes fans go nuts? Yes, she exudes “bimbo” but so what? Is it because if a guy dates someone like her then it sends a message about the guy? A message that fans do not like?

    1. Maybe should ask the guys. Her ex seems very much in love her when she dumps them e.g. Ron Ng, Li Chen.

      Maybe they likes her aggressive sexiness… Maybe they like it that she can walk away from it all without qualms because she always gets someone else…?

  5. More fool to Wallace if this news is true. Anyone attaches to her is bad newsw. Ron Ng should count his blessings that he is out of it!!!!

    1. I agree and Wallace does not know what he is getting himself into. Ron definitely should count his blessings and lucky stars that he is free from that plastc chuckie doll.

  6. If it is true, she will look very manly stand next to Wallace. Lol

  7. i really do not see Wallace and Viann as a couple tho. he is so low key and she is … well.. attention seeking. Imagine his reaction when she posts pics of herself lying on his bed onto weibo.

    even if this is tru,e they won’t last due to character clashes.

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