Viann Zhang Washes Away “RON” Tattoo In Tears

Hong Kong tabloid magazine, Sudden Weekly, leaked Ron Ng’s (吳卓羲) explicit sex messages with a mysterious woman on July 26th.  It was reported that Ron was dating the woman at the same time he was dating his busty mainland actress, Viann Zhang (張馨予).

Viann responded to the incident on her Weibo blog in anger, “I found out about the truth today! I want to cry, but there are no tears! Why did you have to treat me like that? Thinking back, I really did let it all go. That girl who ran to the tattoo shop to get a tattoo of your name? She’s dead! As for me, I will rise from the ashes because I met the right one. After I wash away the tattoo, I will start my life all over again.”

Yesterday, Viann allegedly sang her sorrows away in a karaoke bar. She confirmed with the reporter that she will remove the “RON” tattoo from her waist, making a clean break with Ron.

Ron Wanted to Marry Viann?

Speaking about her love tattoo for Ron, Viann said, “I got that tattoo 2 years ago. I thought that he was the right man, so I had it tattooed at my waist.” She also disclosed that Ron also had intended to tattoo her name on his body, but he never got it done.

Viann revealed that Ron had called her recently and expressed intention to get married with her. She said, “He kept calling me these few days, saying that he wanted to marry me.  But I rejected him. He explained that the phone sex scandal was all fabricated news, and that he was afraid to go out to work. After the news was exposed yesterday, he did not call again.”

Travelling to Hong Kong next month to promote her new movie, The Lion Roars <河東獅吼>, Viann said that she would remove her belongings from Ron’s apartment. ”I still left many of my belongings at his house, my cat and other things. I may retrieve them…I don’t know. Maybe I will get a friend to retrieve them. I do not want to see him again!”

Viann Recognizes Ron’s Voice in Steamy Audio Clip

Last night, Ron returned from Macau and was asked about Viann’s tattoo. He replied that he had not seen her “RON” tattoo at the waist before. When asked about his relationship with “Miss X”, Ron responded, “I responded already and will explain this matter at the right time.”

When asked why he did not want to clarify the phone sex scandal personally, Ron said, “What I said is useless now. I do not want to talk so much now. I definitely did not date her (Miss X).”

However, Viann Zhang told the reporter that it was indeed Ron’s voice in the steamy audio clip. She said, “I had listened to that audio clip. I recognized his voice! I have completely lost hope in him. I won’t change my mind.”

Crying umpteen times in this heartbroken relationship, Viann said, “I cried for him many times. My heart is dead, I have to let it all go. I will not reconcile with him!”

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  1. He has not seen her tattoo???? Come on Ron…..your lies are getting you nowhere. No point in trying to deny anymore when all the evidence is against you.

    1. LOL poor Ron is not good at answering controversial issues.

    2. I think she asked someone to draw it with a pen, hence it will be easy to wash away after taking a picture 😀

      Too bad she dumped him they belong together. She is manipulative and he is easy to manipulate, LOL

      1. i so agree with you.

        i really have enough of this woman.

    3. maybe she is the one who is lying. There is no tattoo and she is only making it up to gain more symphaty

      enough already

    1. Yah also think she’s taking advantage of Ron’s trouble LOL but Ron can’t refute that voice. Poor Ronnie.

      1. Yea, I also believe that she is trying to milk this as much as she can while she can… What a bad thing to do…

  2. LOL she’s slick! When Ron is getting attacked left and right now she’s using this opportunity to get some attention!

    1. This Barbie doll is enjoying the attention. She’s joining in with the media in attacking Ron.

  3. Is that tattoo real?

    Yeah she is milking the cow badly as for Ron I hope TVB throw him in cold palace for good, LOL

      1. Yea, I looked more closely at it and it looks like it is drawn with a pen…

  4. Where is this tattoo? Why Ron dun noe about it? Or he forgot already?

    She will milk it, but if there was a cheat, she is still a victim. However, Ron has bigger trouble to worry now more than Viann’s milking story.

    1. She said it’s tattooed on waist?
      Maybe hes busy looking at other parts. LOL

    2. Agreed. Ron must be busy negotiating with Miss X

      1. We will soon hear online how Ron begs for mercy, LOL

      2. Cant really say. Ron can use $$$$$ to make Miss X deny what she said earlier

  5. As I understood Ms X is rich and I don’t think she wants money, or lots of money could change her mind, don’t know. Ron might pay his entire life just to have her merci on the radio, and he will be fine again with the life attached to Mr X if she loves him.

    I first feel sorry for Viann, she’s the victim but now I have a second thought, I feel she now want to take advantage of Ron’s problem to receive more attention, poor Viann, back to cheap PR again.

  6. I have tattoos and hers looks fake. Why are there blobs of ink in the O and N? If the tattoo is real, then she should get a refund.

    1. I don’t have any tattoos but have seen many of them and hers looks really cheap and fake… I bet she just drew it on in order to sink Ron lower and to get free publicity for herself…

  7. i thought thy were just dating for a year… how cme her tatoo two years

  8. Tattoos are such a bad idea. Here is another example as to why. 😛

  9. Thank goodness Ron & Viann is over. Let’s see when will she come out to promote herself using Ron’s name again

  10. Girls like her should be ashamed that they have to use these types of tactics to gain attention.

    1. She’s craving for attention, so she don’t care about ashamed or not 😛

      1. Totally agree and some people just have thick skin. As long as they get what they want, they don’t care what means they use to get it…

  11. lol at the Viann hatred… considering it was Ron that two timed her and used her for nothing more than his own enjoyment -.-

    1. LOL. Who told Viann to have big boobies and PS image? TVB fans don’t like this type of girls. They like the clean ones.

      1. I don’t like the “PS doll” girls either… but she is still a human being and was still taken advantage of. She’s definitely not my cup of tea, but I can still sympathize that Ron took advantage of her.

      2. Even if she was taken advantage, look at what she is doing now??? She is now taking advantage of Ron’s troubles just to get something out of it and I don’t consider that a good thing either… IF she was a truly graceful person, she would just shut up…

      3. She’s taken advantage but now using Ron’s dumbness to publicize herself

      4. HeTieShou wrote : “IF she was a truly graceful person, she would just shut up…”

        Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Ron made his bed, now he has to lie in it. If his fans are upset that these women continue to talk about him in this way, then they need to focus their anger on the reason WHY they are talking this way… Ron deserves the anger for his philandering.

      5. I am actually not really a fan of Ron and do not excuse him for his actions, however, the way that Viann or any his exes are acting is not any better. In fact, I think it is just as bad if not worse…

  12. Tattoo’s quality looks bad. Meh. But did she say she got it two years ago? Didn’t they date for only two years? Why would you get a tat of your bf’s name, let alone get it so early into the relationship too? Smh.

  13. as if she has that tatoo shes just saying she has it to tell people how much she loved ron

  14. If the tattoo r new ig might b black ink!!! Then it will turn to green ink!!! That is just a draw on kinda like INDIAN STUFF!!! Poor girl!!! Leave the exees aling;)

    1. While the ex is in trouble, it’s time to milk publicity! LOL

  15. Today, there’s news that because the jeans Viann wore were too low-cut, they saw the “Ron” Tattoo on her waist.. LOL
    Funny, how before this, when she wear revealing clothes, no one saw anything!?!?!
    DRAWN ON!!!

    1. Thanks for the news Nicole!! Ok, so now I suspect even more that the tattoo is fake and just got drawn on…

      1. Exactly… She often wears revealing clothing so that is really strange how no one saw anything all this time…

      2. um is the tattoo in the back of her waist like a tramp stamp? then she’s got a really flat ass. i don’t know why hong kong ppl always say lor but they like bor more. 99% of Chinese guys likes boobs and not asses. It’s only the amigos n black dudes that like asses.

      3. That tattoo is fake. She wants publicity and attention

      4. Ron should draw “Viann” on his forehead and tell the press how much he loves her 😀

      5. She always wear long dress, revealing her breast, I didn’t think she go to any public events wearing jeans or short. Therefore, it is possible that we might not see her tattoo. Viann likes to show her breast, her dress revealing, but just reveal the upper part, not the butt part, LOL!

      6. If chinese likes boobs and ass, she will probably get plastic ass too. LOL
        She wears long dress to events, but I’m sure she wears jeans or shorts for daily filming and events, so definitely fake tattoo .

  16. tvb sui sang is getting attack left and right. What is TVB really trying to do? Im very curious.

    1. TVB give them up and promote KC, KM and Ruco LOL. GJ2 already got benefit from the breakup!

      1. Not talking about Ruco because he isnt up to the standard of promotion yet, but KC and MM really need more promotions? Really?

      2. 620 latest move:

        1. Ignore Ron
        2. Talk about Bosco’s bad past
        3. LF? Not a big problem to him. Pass.

  17. I believe her, I really think she did love Ron and really want to work it out with him. Even when she busy, she still find her way to Hong Kong to visit him.
    I believe Viann, too bad that she and Ron didn’t work out, she did really love him.

    1. She may loved Ron, but she loves attention more 😛

    1. This one was an old pic. From last year in an exhibition.

      1. In that case, she lied. Or it’s in a very secret part of the body :P.

      2. Thanks for the photo and yea, I am not shocked that she is lying just like we have all suspected.. Who is she trying to fool??

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