Vincent Zhao Ousted From Donnie Yen’s “Special Identity”; Risks Career Suicide By Spilling Dark Secrets

When it was first announced that Donnie Yen (甄子丹) will be fighting against martial arts superstar, Vincent Zhao (赵文卓), in their new movie, Special Identity <特殊身份>, kung fu fans all over the world were ecstatic! Donnie will be fighting a talented martial artist of his own caliber! Vincent had agreed to film Special Identity because he looked forward to  the “awesome onscreen sparring” with Donnie. A real-life heated clash quickly resulted between Vincent and the production crew. On February 29th, Vincent was unilaterally ousted from Special Identity, sparking the actor’s heated entries on Weibo announcing his intent to spill all “the dirty secrets,” even if it meant career suicide!

Vincent Zhao Acting Like A Big Shot?

A marked departure from his past heroic roles, Vincent Zhao agreed to play a villain in a first-time collaboration with Donnie Yen, who served as Executive Producer and Action Director of Special Identity. Since filming started in early February, rumors circulated that Vincent was acting like a “big shot” on set, possessed a poor attitude, and filmed with a posse of 7 people, which interrupted the filming progress. Allegedly, Vincent got upset over script changes, which may have reduced his screen time, and refused to respond to filming notices earlier.  Donnie Yen responded that script changes were normal during the filming process, especially if the intent was to produce a better movie.

On February 29th, the production crew of Special Identity announced in a press release that Vincent Zhao had mutually agreed to step away from the film, citing incompatible perspectives towards creative development.  Andy On (安志傑) was rumored to step in for Vincent’s role in Special Identity, a casting change that was estimated to cost the production $6 to $7 million Yuan.

Vincent Zhao Was Threatened To Keep Silent

Apparently, Vincent Zhao was as shocked as the public by his “mutual agreement” to step away from Special Identity. On March 1st, Vincent released a personal statement to dispel the rumors reported in the news. He declared that he loved the script of Special Identity and had looked forward to collaborate with Donnie Yen. Vincent claimed that he had never refused to respond to filming notices and was respectful and collaborative in contributing towards a successful movie.

In addition, Vincent expressed in his personal statement that he and his management company have not agreed to officially resign from Special Identity. It was an unilateral decision made by the film’s production crew.  The night prior, Vincent received a rude e-mail from the production crew, asking him to pack his belongings and leave the hotel before 12 noon, on grounds that the crew had “overspent their budgeted funds.”  Citing his own respectful and collaborative demeanor over the course of his 20-year career, Vincent declared that he possessed the right to pursue legal action over the media’s reporting of false rumors which affected his reputation, as well as the source who fed the media with the misinformation.

According to Vincent, he was threatened to remain silent over the recent unfolding of events, otherwise he will be put on a “black list”! On his Weibo blog post dated March 12th, Vincent wrote, “I ask that the people who are eager to black list me to courageously step forth! I am waiting for you!”

With his reputation at risk and the support of many industry insiders, such as Yuen Wah (元華) and Yuen Biao (元彪) vouching for his integrity, Vincent decided to reveal his side of the story in an explosive interview, which will be released on Thursday, March 15th. Vincent professed that it was not an easy thing to reveal the truth, but he did not wish to be buried by the increasingly negative gossip.

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Jayne: Wow, explosive statements made by Vincent Zhao. I anticipate hearing about his side of the story in his upcoming interview. There appears to have been a lot of false rumors which were reported in the media earlier as well, perhaps to paint Vincent in a negative light, claiming he didn’t want to play “second fiddle” to Donnie Yen among other claims.

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      1. Let the truth be known and allow Vincent and Donnie to voice as martial artist/actor as who have put them in the boxing ring.
        Both are no bigger than eachother, just donnie is well for Ip Man and Vincent for Wong Fei Hung does’nt make them any better than other Kungfu Stars.
        Yuen Wah 元華 and Yuen Biao 元彪 are great actors and martial artists, very much grass covered pearls of the orient!!!!!

  1. Before this movie, were there any complaints about Vincent being hard to work with?

    1. Nope! None that I know of.
      They trying to ruin the man reputation as a actor just because he didn’t see things their way. And they wonder why Hong Kong movie industry is not what it use to be. I say let man say whatever is on his mind!

      1. Exactly my point. This guy has been in the industry for 20 years and just suddenly got so much bad news for one movie?

    2. None that I know of… I heard many good things about Vincent so was VERY shocked to hear about this big mess.

  2. nOOOOOOOoooOO!! Sweet mother of rice this would of been one great martial arts movie :(((

  3. I think Donnie is having second thought about being on the same screen as vincent, let’s face it donnie yen and his Botox face is no match for Vincent.

    1. That’s illogical to say. If Donnie had doubts recommending Zhao to the investors then he wouldn’t have chosen him for the part in the first place.

      If there’s any party to blame, it’s either director Clarence Fok and the production company behind the financing of Special Identity for the unneeded script changes.

  4. This I gotta see. They could resolve this by a friendly match in the ring right?

  5. I am a bit lost. So it is Donnie Yen vs Vincent Zhao in war of words?

  6. Maybe Donnie didnt like it as Vincent is better looking with a better body?

  7. Who win or lose doesn’t benefit the audience! It’s a huge SHAME that both of these so respectable artists could end up so bitterly in filming just 1 movie.

    Is it about conflicts of money or female issue? If it’s about both fighting over a gal, I understand and even encourage both “sochai” to do so. It’s humiliating that both could fight just over this trivial money issue…..

    1. Did he or did he not use botox? I have always thought hes good looking..LOL

      1. I guess you have not seen the photos where he face looked stiff…

  8. that’s his name, vincent zhao.
    he was in the master of tai chi with rayomnd lam.

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